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November 15, 2010 || 6:26 PM

I am really sorry sorry & sorry for not blogging for so long. After O levels, th next day, im sick already! UNTIL NOW OKAY. BOO. ): . okay. i know. excuses -_- . I know i shouldnt be procrastinating. ._.

Good news. GOOD news !

on 14th October 2010 , i have officially....


Saw so many crying faces.I know all of you sure say "aiya, you sure cry one." BUT, i did not. Pretty proud of myself . heh. Its not im not sad. Its tears? ._.

Here's ms yue , my emaths teacher & Mr lee, who taught me for four years. Unbelievable. HAHAHA

At th ceremony.

I've learnt a lot during these four years. I have fun & happy times, i also have times when im unhappy. But, this is where i learnt to grow up. Everything started at 1E3.2007. Everyone was like a stranger to me. Th only person i think i knew th most (so far) at that time was this guy..
Say hi to Syafiq. I knew him since primary ONE. Can you believe that? We've been in th same class for eight years. Scary i know.

And here's my class. 1E3&2E3 2007/2008. Although th classmates were kinda unfriendly ._. , but overall , they're nice people! Many teachers may dislike teaching this class, but we can be v united, we can be v fun too!

Upon being a part of 1E3'07 &2E3'08 , i've gained dearest sisters/girlfriends..

Jocelyn, Yingjie & Yvonne.

Here's Edna , th tallest one (from E2). And yvonne & Me (unglam) & Yingjie, sitting down :)

Yingjie, me & jocelyn ^^

Xinying (from E1) behind us.

And so my results suck so much that i ended up in 3E3'2009. But then i stubbornly appealed & appealed, finally got into 3E2'09. Made many friendly & caring friends! >:) .

Take a look at my two sistas - Serene & Huijuan. Two ladies who pamper me alot alot alot (Y).


Here's Miss Yue. YES. SHE'S TALL. My emath teacher. I always talk during lessons, and she always call my name :/ . But she's really a fun person lah. She often ask me & a group of ppl go CONSULTATION (drill maths work), but she end up forgetting me. LOL. She's patient when trying to explain to you a maths sum. So, thank you miss yue. :)

Here's dearest Ms Chia ! ^.^
She's really v caring & nice okay! She taught me physics last year. Thank you ms chia, for being such a caring teacher. Appreciated. Y .

Okay. I know im evil to make Mr Tan bend so down down down. BUT BOBIAN. I PETITE >:(.

Thank you Mr Tan. I wont forget what you'd told me. I enjoyed your physics lessons, even though i still get F9 for physics lah. LOL. :/ . Hope you'll be happy working at th HQ there! :D . And thank you for everyth! :)
Here's dearest mamaGoh! Th high pitch voice teacher. heheh. She taught me geography in sec 1 & sec 4! I enjoy her lessons cause i wont feel like sleeping. And she's always patient & nice because she always give us consultations despite being so busy! Imagine she have to take SEC 4 & 5 ! Unbelievable. Stay happy mrs goh! We love you ! :D
And Hi Mr Mazlee! Our P.E teacher. He's from Bukit Batok Sec . He taught Jasmine(cousin) last year ! LOL. Then this year came to our school. He's a fun guy. W lame jokes too. HAHAHA.
And Hello Mr Lee. Th teacher who taught me history during sec 1, 3 & 4. And Literature in Sec 2 ! I always say he's lame. LOL. Heheh. Okay, Mr Lee, i reallllllllly did study for my history okay!!!! >:( . This teacher is awesome because he's sweet enough t write a song & dedicate to us, students call WISH. :D . Thank you mr lee for these four years of teachings & encouragements. :)

I'll definitely miss...

Emaths lesson w Miss Yue:

Core geography lesson w mrs Goh:

Social studies lesson w mdm Azizah:

English lesson with mrs barnwell:


Here're some of my v v v awesome friends that i have.

Hi Rayyan! Sad that i only know you late this year. LOL!. Fail. >:( . But thanks for being such a joker by repeating whatever ms Magesh said. HAHAHAHA.

Say Hi to PeiYong , a.k.a my Prom Date ! HAHAHAHA. He's a fun guy lah. LOL. HE'S INTO THE VAMPIRE DIARIES TOO! YAYness! . Vampire diaries hardcore fan :D

And this is th v v v ee-ree-tay-ting JEREMY.Lim. I love irritating him because he wont get angry. hehehe. " If only your last name is GILBERT not lim.." HAHAHAHAHA. Thank you for being such an awesome friend. Studying w me, teaching me Chemistry, Physics , History and yada yada~ . And thank you for never fail to make me laugh like one mad person. HAHAHAHA.

HI SYAFIQ. Yes. my classmate for 8 years, and knew him for 10 years. God. HAHAHAHA.

Stay happy okay syafiq! Im glad that in th first year in YI, at least i have someone whom im familiar withhhhhhh. HAHAHA.

Pebbles! Another petite girl . Hahaha. Many people thought im taller than her, but th fact is... >:(

I remember earlier in sec 1, me,her,shereen& yingjie would always take pictures tgt. And then when in sec...2 & 3, we disliked each other, conflicts lah ah. girls. -__- . But in sec4, mature le mah! Maybe we used to have alot of dislikes about each other because we dont understand each other. But now, okay le. ^^ . Thank you pebbles, for always being there for me when i need someone. BE HAPPY & STRONG, GIRL :)

Here's two awesome guys.. Jason & Johby!

Okay, th two of them are tall. i was trying to look th tallest, but, fail. T_T .

So we thought of taking it another way. ...

AND STILL FAIL .__. . Okay whatever. Thank you Jason, for being such a good friend. Although you always bastard me, but you'll always teach me maths and science patiently. Thank you! And Johby... later. HAHAHA.

Say hi to teresaaaaaaaa :) . Thank you tere, for always being there for me, giving me advices. You know what? Dont worry for me. I will learn to be smarter & more independent. I learnt my lessons. :) . Thank you hon. Im really glad that i have you in my friends list. Verrrrrrrrrry. Keep in touch okay. I still need you in my life oneeee!

Hi Billy ANGGAKUSUMA! My best working partner! hehehe. I'll miss this sayang of mine, who always do funny funny stuff & always be there to back me up during presentations for Life Science. Thank you billy, for always being there for me. I'll miss webcam'ing w you alot okay! x)

Hi Johby. whatever i wanna say, i wrote in your book already. ^^ . You're really a very awesome friend. I'll remember every nice & fun thing you did. hehe. You're th first to realise that i can cry & laugh at th same time. HEHEHE.

Hehe. This is Joevenn, my brother! hahaha. He's v violent one >:( & loves disturbing people. But a v emo guy too... So hi joevenn. remember, this sista will always be here to lend you a listening ear like before :) .

This is lovely elizabeth! :) Thank you lovely, for being such a sweet friend. She's like one of th most considerate & kind girl i've ever met. Thank you eliz, for always being there. :) . Stay happy!!

Look this mad woman. HAHAHA. Desireeeeeeeeeee , D'ree , Duck , Fish, Big Bear . HAHAHAHA. This is desiree, one of my best sista. She's always there teaching my CORE GEOG, playing w me, laughing w me, and listening to my rantings. Thank you desiree, for everyth. She's th one who planned my birthday celebration. I love her t th max alr. I'll miss sitting on your lap okay! Y !!

My daughter, CLAUDIA ! She's like me, we cant cook, we cant do housework. HAHAHAHA. Thank you claudy, for teaching me so much things & being there for me. She's also kinda suaku like me. HAHAHAHA.
Puiteck Huiyu ! :D . I have two HuiYu-s in my life. Yan Hui Yu (6k06) & Tan hui yu ! Both v awesome friends. Pui ah pui~ We have difficulty linking each other, must jiayou okay. HAHAHA. Everytime both of us tries to hint hint something to each other, it always fail . i dont know why. ._. . SIGH.
Miss saffire ng xin ying a.k.a ms Zi lian kuang! Stay happy, positive. will always be here. I still love being th naive me, cause at least my life will be happier. ._. . Anyway, thanks for always being there for me. Really. :D .
Look at my awesome ladies.
Chinyen, my kuku. hahaha. Knew her since sec 1, she's like.. th first person (except syafiq) i knew, cause why? SHE'S FROM ZHPS ALSO. LOOOOOOL. Dear vivi, i still keep all th letters you gave me once in a ....while. haha. Thank you for always being there to listen to me. Stay happy!

My best sista, AMANDA CHINGGGGGG :) . Thank you ahjie,for everyth. You know what? We can always leave offline messages to each other. Never fail to be there for each other. We dont talk alot in school, but who knows, we know each other so much. hehehe. Ahjie, stay happy okay. Always here for you like how you always do ! :)

BoonKeat! Although he v evil one, but he's a v awesome guy lah. Thank you for always giving me advices & being there for me, giving me encouragements & teaching me so much. Really lucky to have a friend like you.
EINSTEIN! Here's baoru. hehe. I sit w her during emaths lesson. Ms Yue always scold us for talking. hahaha. Th more we tio gan, th more fun we get. LOL. x_x . Most funny thing is, she thought that Albert Einstein is an artist, & so do Thomas Edison. HAHAHAHAHA. Laughed so mad during maths lesson with her. But she never fail to be there for me. God. I'll miss maths lessons , really.

Much thanks to everyone who encouraged me, & who're always there for me, who contributes so much fun & laughter & happiness in my life.
Thank you 4E2.. for everything.

And those who signed on my uniforms,

Drew by HuiJuan sista

What im up to all these while?

V awesome . Hardcore fan of them. AHAHAH.

DANNY OOI wants me to post his name here. i dont know why. Anyway, OI DANNY, TAKE CARE OF YOUR WOUNDS & STOP BULLYING PEOPLE OKAY. Tsk. Happy liao not? ^^