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One month before O levels
September 25, 2010 || 4:22 PM

I wanna mark this post. When i get back my O level results next year, perhaps i'll come back & read this post. If i did well, i'll laugh at myself for being so dumb. If i did badly, i'll hate myself for making a second regret in my life (for not studying hard, at least) .

So now im left w one month's time. And im not studying. Totally screwed up :> .
No more motivations anymore. Its either i just give up and go be a cleaner next time (perhaps no cleaning company wanna hire me cause i cant do any housework at all) , or maybe end up doing sth at least i like (which is kinda of an impossible thing) .

Like what desiree told me , i totally agree. Just study hard for this one whole bloody month and i dont have to study these irritating books which comes from the poor dead trees.

Ima v v v lazy girl . I have to buck up. Now, or never. I gotta force myself now. There's no time for me to go find people and i cant take more 'brainwashings' because THERE IS SIMPLY NO TIME. boohoohoo.

I shall MIA from blogging until the end of my god damn no life O level examinations. -PUI-

Bye humans. Y

September 19, 2010 || 9:23 PM

Updates about flora:

Playing w her that day.
Caught her "sun-tanning" that day.
Updates about yesterday: Glum face ):
Met up w Huiyu & Alvan at BPP ytd. Ate @ Long John . Alvan went off w his friends, me & huiyu headed to Starbucks to study emath & chem. Alvan came later. Began slacking..

Drew on alvan's hand :/ .
Huiyu kept running back home to take things. LOL. Then we began to recall primary school times..

Miraculously, i remembered their names. But i doubt i'll recognize them when i see them? :/ . Huiyu's still keeping her Journals and diaries. And the newspaper that had Kailing's news. lol. Read th article, looking at th headline photo. We were talking about, if KaiLing's still alive, what /how will she look like now? :S . Good Old Times. Reading th article & seeing her photo, cant help it but feel upset . At times, we felt like calling her house & know how her grandparents (grandma especially) is doing.. She left us before we took the class photo. Sigh..

September 17, 2010 || 11:01 PM

Happy sweet sixteenth dearest Ednaaaaaaaaa :>
Its awesome to be friends w you.
*big bear hug* .

September 09, 2010 || 8:49 PM

What im looking forward...
Okay. their thursday = our friday. Time difference mah! :/ . HEH

Okay. the "3-D TOUR" we had on Tuesday..
Sat w Huijuan sista in class. Playing w my stitch :>

Look at her smiling like one evil witch. She was like "HIAKHIAKHIAK, I CAUGHT YOU STITCH" . >:(

So after class, a group of us stayed & played w the 3D specs.

My dear sistas Serene & Huijuan :>

And the always there for me Teresaaaaaaaaaa :>

September 07, 2010 || 5:06 PM

I dont know how retard & silly i can be. But check this out, this photo is taken during core geography class, maybe a day before teachers' day celebration? Tsk.


Im wearing Xinying's Geek spec. I dont know. I got so high & my photos, i got all sorts of uhm.. faces . HAHAHA. Here're more :

Will blog part one first. Took a number of photos today. apparently dint have it all yet so.. teehees?

Went sticky hunting on Sunday, after my emath tuition. YES. I FOUND IT. I was smiling like any other happy girl all the way after buying them :> .

And this.... idk when i took this. Teachers' day celebration, i think. :>

Primary school clique meetup
September 04, 2010 || 9:33 PM

Went Zhenghua primary today early in the morning. Security guard allowed me in. He was sleeping manxz! Tsk. Met Mdm Toh. She looked so pale now, and older :/ . Had a good chat w her. Every teacher love our batch th most. Mdm Toh used to treat us as her precious. Doting us. But apparently (EXCEPT ME OKAY), only one or two of her precious will go back to visit her. I feel that she's kinda disappointed.

Time passes so fast. We've graduated from primary school for FOUR years already. 想当年..we're still small kids, quarreling & arguing over silly stuff. And now, we're all busy preparing for the upcoming N & O levels. Told Mdm Toh after my O levels, will go back to help her. So good right me! :\ When I left zhps for fajar to meet Gina, I got myself to take the route i used to take home during primary school days. I thought of how me & my clique often walk home together.

Met Gina at around 10+ . Ate breakfast at McDonalds :> Headed to BPP at around 11+ . Met Xitong at Long John Silvers. Then here comes TzeRong & Sengkok. Then waited for v long manxz! Then here comes Mdm ong. Xitong headed home. Then came Angle, YanYou, XiuFang & HuiZhen (Dont really remember this girl anymore, although we had chinese lesson tgt) Then came Kelvin & XinPing! Chit chat within ourselves and then Angle, Yanyou, XiuFang & Huizhen left. So does TzeRong & Sengkok cause they went for basketball. Then Huiyu came! So does Xitong (She came back. LOL) .

So left with Me, Gina, Xitong, Huiyu, Xinping, Kelvin & mdm ong! So we continued chit chat & headed to kopitiam, they all ate except me & xitong. Then we headed to swensens for ice-cream & then mdm ong left. Th 6 of us slacked awhile , around 6.50+ , then they pei me walk home. *shy* HAHAHAHA.

Apparently, i do enjoy the meetups i had w the clique. Even though we meet up as a group twice or even thrice a year ONLY, but every meetup , we will have so much laughters & craps. I dont have to pretend , I can pour my rants to them. I dont have to think and worry if i'll get betrayed. I can laugh happily. I can be a happy girl. Unlike primary school times, now we've all grown up. We're no longer childish kiddos who argues (seriously) over silly & trival matters. Instead, now, we've been there for each another, and we know that we do have true,good friends.

O levels hurry end. I wanna do whatever i wanna do. I want to go for dance. I want to slack with my friends . I want to be a stress-free girl . I wanna be a happy girl again! :>