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August 27, 2010 || 10:03 PM

A quarrel between friends, when made up, adds a new tie to friendship.
-Saint Francis de Sales

Life is boring and sucky these few days. -.- . O levels coming in 7-8 weeks time. *screams* .
Everyone's working hard. I can't possibly sit down and relax already. BOOHOO.

Inhuman man kills dog by slamming it 10 times on floor but no one stops him
August 20, 2010 || 6:09 PM

CLICK : Inhuman man kills dog by slamming it 10 times on floor but no one stops him

Danny just asked me to read this at STOMP.
Inhuman people. Cruel like shit.
Animals also have life mah. Is this man sick or what. Need see a psychologist one! PUIIIIIIIIIIIIII.


End of prelims today. *smile wide wide*

August 19, 2010 || 9:50 PM

The VAMPIRE DIARIES is gonna have a new book!

" The first installment, Origins, will be released on November 2. Bloodlust, the second title, will follow on January 4. "

*smile wide wide* L.J Smith you're like the best already.
First 4 books on Elena.
next 3 books (The return) on Damon
Last twobooks on Stefan.


Borrowed The vampire diaries THE RETURN Shadow Souls today. super thick . OH NO.

Collection of O level mother tongue results
August 18, 2010 || 7:54 PM

Went to school to collect my O level mother tongue results.
I told myself, if i get a B3, i should be v happy already, because all along i've been a B student.
Everyone was so nervous .
When the teacher came to my table and i told him my name, he told me "congratulations, A1 & Distinction for oral " . I screamed. One word - unbelievable.
Called momma, momma dont believe also. -.- . She was so calmed , and kept asking "you sure anot? " -.- . I know i suck at chinese, mummy feel that its pure luck. I agree too. Im thankful that there's th moderation, bell curve. :> . Im thankful that the paper was difficult. Im thankful towards Ms Yap. If not for her, i wont tell myself to TRY and stay in Band1 class for a week and, i wouldnt be able to improve so much. Thank you ms yap. (L) .
I felt relieved. Gonna concentrate on other subjects already :> .

PS/ Prelims ending soon! (Y)

August 14, 2010 || 7:52 PM

After night study in school last night, after sending huiyu home , D, momma and I ate dinns at the coffeeshop beside our condo.
D helped me carry my schoolbag. He says v long never carry for me alr. LOL.
I felt like I was back in primary school. D had to work, so seldom fetch me home from school.
As usual like what my maid will always do, My D will carry my heavy machiam got hundreds of gold bars inside schoolbag. I dint felt anything then. Now, i carry my own schoolbag. I feel that time passes so fast. And now, ima 16 y/old girl who will be taking the (stupid) O levels in about(or less than?) two months time. D is like, of course, older lah. Like me.
I dont know.

Life's a climb
August 12, 2010 || 4:46 PM

Listened to this song, to brainwash myself since apparently i can't find anyone to like, talk to me & tell me what to do. Totally lost. I dont know what can I do now. Im supposed to be hardworking, chiong study for prelims. But i chose to stop myself. There're so many things that may knock me down, bring down my moral. AND i know, if i dont pick myself up, no one can help me. I dont know whats holding me. ugh. -needs brainwash badly- .

Ehistory & Physics paper 2 tmr. Shiok. Goodbye physics -.-

August 11, 2010 || 5:56 PM

Like what I'd always believed in. When people say things to bring my moral down, or make me feel demoralised , or even despise me, i dont fight back & prove that they're wrong. In fact, i let them do it. I'll just feel demoralised, but i dont do anything. Perhaps i was wrong. I shouldn't be doing this. I dont aim to be the best, the top , or anything. I dont want to be a part of the competition between people. I just want to live normally, I dont want to think things in a complicated way. So what if my results aint as great as others, at least I dont feel so tired for thinking what should i do next to do better than him/her/them . There are people who says things that you might not like to hear, such as trying to demoralise you, but what they meant was to motivate you. This works on most people, i think. But definitely not me. I wonder why too. Maybe im weird or sth. i dont know. haha. People always say, "as long as you did your best...... " . What is ' Best ' ? Define it for me. O levels is starting in like , less than 10 weeks time? I dont know what i want now.

Prelims starting tmr (for me.) .
Geez. Not worried, couldnt be bothered, dont care.

Emath paper 1 & Social studies tmr.

August 10, 2010 || 9:53 PM

Taken last thursday, i think. Desiree brought her violin to school.

Study session with Jeremy, Syafiq & huijuan today @ condo's games room.
7th month starts now. Slept at parents room last night :I . heh.

Sick and tired of everyth.
August 06, 2010 || 11:45 PM

Been upset since ytd.
I've made the effort to work things out - my sciences.
I understand the theories, but i just cant work the questions out.
I feel stupid. Like a complete moron. Everyone have to repeat at least three times just so i can understand. Tell me, where to find someone more slow than me?
I dont need anyone to despise me anymore, because I, myself am despising myself.
Dont motivate me by trying to demoralise me, it just worsen things. Or shld i say, i welcome people trying to 'bring me down' , or.. lower my moral? -.- . Idk. I just wont fight back to prove to them then they're wrong to look down on me. Instead, i'll just let them despise me.
THIS IS ME. I dont like what im feeling now. I DON'T.

August 02, 2010 || 7:53 PM

Quick updates abt what had been going on :


Idk friday or thursday (last week's lah) . Been crazy drawing spongeB nowadays. Tsk.
Ytd, waty (ex ex...maid) sent some stuff for FLORA from taiwan.
Damn cute please ._.

Hi dearest ms teh ^^ .
Okay. Been busy staying back in school to study chemistry. Tired. ): .
Last night, around 8+ pm onwards , whole condo's lift not working already. Then around 11+ , every unit's electricity all cut off. No air con, no fan, NO LIGHTS. Family and I searching for torchlights, candles.
Dont dare to go sleep, mummy pei me . LOL. 2am+ then got electricity. like wth lah. No fan, no aircon. Can die manxz!