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O levels' Mother Tongue Paper 1 & 2
May 31, 2010 || 6:17 PM

Sad case. BOOHOOHOOHOO ):):): .
I kinda screwed up paper 1. Anyhow whack smth to write.
Paper 2 was manageable, i think. But i gave away marks at multiple choice.
Auntie huairen told mummy if i dint get A , let me retake paper on November.
Gaaaaaah .
Runny nose is sickening.
Hai me cannot concentrate. -.- .

Lunch w Desiree , Joevenn & Kengpeng :) . Cab'ed down to west mall find aunt, jasmine , momma & auntie huairen :) .

D came and fetch us home. :)

May 29, 2010 || 5:39 PM

Talking rubbish w serene sista.

♥Serene. The peacemaker & also the peacebreaker. :) says:
*jkjk la , LOL sure got present for you dey .

Christazy, says:
*i want a vampire boyfriend
*LOL ;x

♥Serene. The peacemaker & also the peacebreaker. :) says:
*smth realistic , please XP

Christazy, says:
*Im being realistic already
♥Serene. The peacemaker & also the peacebreaker. :) says:
*where on earth can i get a vamp boyfr for you ?

Christazy, says:
♥Serene. The peacemaker & also the peacebreaker. :) says:

Christazy, says:
*Mystic falls
*got damon, got stefan
♥Serene. The peacemaker & also the peacebreaker. :) says:
*-.- get back to reality , there isnt vamp anymore
Christazy, says:
♥Serene. The peacemaker & also the peacebreaker. :) says:
*seriously what you want for your birthday ?
Christazy, says:
*皇天不fu有心人, 只要用心去找就会有.

♥Serene. The peacemaker & also the peacebreaker. :) says:
*hao hao , you go find yourself . haha . very good eh , practice chinese

HAHA. full of nonsense.
Chinese paper 1 & 2 on monday.
Im not ready.
Ooooh. Went to th clinic @ batok today. Dr Goh. New Medicines. ):):): .
Fever gone. Sore throat gone. Vomit gone.
Runny / blocked nose. Cough now. UGH.

Sick. D:
May 28, 2010 || 10:05 PM

I never feel so miserable before. ):
From 6am today, every one hour i will wake up & rush to toilet. Blocked nose make me suddenly cannot breathe properly. what the hell. -.- . Fever . Since i ate the Antibiotics ytd, i kept wanting to vomit. But cant. Im stucked in the toilet for so long. The moment i stand up, i feel so giddy. No energy to walk or even sit up . Went Fajar again to find the doctor. Dint go for consultation w th doctor. The doctor says maybe its th side effect of th antibiotics & got th nurse to give us th medicine for gastric & ask me to eat along w th antibiotics. Ate at the kopitiam beside. I cant swallow th porridge. Miserable piece of shit -.- . Luckily mummy brought 3 platic bags. LOL. In case i vomit mah :I . Then i end up really went outside th coffeeshop & started vomiting. I think its the gastric juices, yellow one -.- . Cant blame me. I dint eat anyth at all . Felt so much better. But i hardly ate anyth. Mummy bought bread. Went home. Started vomitting again. In th car i keep holding the plastic bag lah -.- . Disgusted .__.
Then throughout, i keep wanting to vomit. Mummy dont dare t feed me th antibiotics cause we think that i've alr vomitted th medicine for gastric out. LOL. ._.
Tried sleeping. Mummy gave me bread & drink th oat thingy. But i keep wanna vomit laaaah. Holding th plastic bag, i really got th i-am-dying-face -.- . Trying to vomit , but cant. Cant eat anyth. Feeling giddy . everything -.- . Mummy worried like shit ._. . Oh. whats good is flora was great :) . Each time i run into th toilet trying to vomit, she'll come & stand outside th toilet wait . Mad.
Uh. yea. So aunt was telling mummy on phone that i shouldnt be drinking plain water. That causes me to keep wanna vomit. Gastric flu? ._. . Then uhms. Mummy really worry . I cant walk anymore. D drove her go find aunt, get aunt's medicine for th, stop vomitting one :) . Im alone at home. Huijuan sista texted me, i no energy type anyth, call her instead. LOL -.- . Fell asleep w/o myself knowing since im feeling giddy anyway. Parents came home & mummy woke me up & fed me th medicine. Help me to go to parents' room & slept. Woke up, im better. dont feel like vomitting anymore & i can eat already.

So, im better! Whether i will vomit again or not is another issue because NOW, i feel like vomiting. Monday's O level chinese paper 1 & 2. Idk what to do liao -.- .
Initially planned to go pray w mummy one. -.- .
might go see the doctor @ Bukit Batok there tmr. Boohoos :( .

Sick ):
May 27, 2010 || 10:03 PM

This kind of car is like so rare now. No doors. Zip one -.- . Cute or what. HAHAHA.
Sore throat, nose blocked. What else? Luckily no fever, yet only -.-
Monday's O level chinese paper 1 & 2 , so many people are getting sore throat, INCLUDING ME.
People like fangyu, desiree, rachel , priscilla , etc etc . So many lah. All having sore throat. Sad.
Went to see the doctor @ Fajar ! Medicine.. -.- .
I cant eat anyth one lor. Difficult ): .

May 24, 2010 || 8:21 PM

Xin Ying gave me these two postes today. THANK YOU V MUCH MS SAFFIRE. You really made my day! :) .
Went round smiling like an idiot, kept telling people "Quick! Ask me why im so happy!" LOL. ._.
Chinese intensive these few days. kill me please! ):):):
Happy birthday Lum Miao Yu steadstead!
You're Sixteen now!
Stayhappy & cute ogays! (L)

May 20, 2010 || 7:46 PM

Common tests results suck to th core.

English : 25/50
Emaths : 69/100
Physics : 26/80
Chemistry : 26/80
SS: 19/25 History : 11/25 . overall : 60/100
Core geog : 32.5/50

Okay. Upset. Pissed. Disappointed. what else? BOOHOOHOO.

May 18, 2010 || 2:17 PM

Happy birthday Miss Saffire Ng Xin Ying ! :)

Hope you like th small surprise celebration ytd :) .
Stay Happy & strong! (L) .
For more photos:!/photo.php?pid=4064632&id=593275100&fbid=398876175100

More merchandises?,default,pd.html?adid=C
So crazy over this Vampire Diaries thing. ._.
PS:/ Life's good when you dont have to go school! :I

Twilight cast on oprah
May 15, 2010 || 1:45 PM

Weeeeeeh . Part 5, w a short clip from th twilight saga eclispe movie sibei cooooooool .
Twilight faster air! >:( .

May 14, 2010 || 10:12 PM

I dont know why people can be so unfair & cruel to animals.
After chinese mock paper, Me,Huijuan,Elizabeth, Serene & Kengpeng went to the coffeeshop outside school for lunch. Saw this cat sitting below serene's chair. It looked unwell. It lied down on th floor, th limbs like weird weird one. Eliz & I decided t call the S.P.C.A . I hate the coffeeshop aunties . They keep saying "die liao lah. " Damn . Upset, angry, pissed & irritated.
Me & elizabeth stayed and waited for th S.P.C.A people to come, while the rest went back school for physics. Waited for 1 hour plus please. The cat was moving. but it cant stretch? -.- . Thn when th S.P.C.A people came, t auntie kept demanding th guy to take th cat away. But th guy said th cat had been sterilised before. And it can stand and walk, so its healthy. -.- . UNFAIR. Just because it'd been sterilised , they cant take it away. But me & elizabeth apologised for wasting their time. The auntie at there kpkb,want the cat t be taken away. Th guy tried talking to her, she bo chup. -.- Whats worse? i told th auntie "auntie, if they take th cat away, th cat may be put to sleep!" GUESS WHAT SHE SAID? "let the cat die then" . Animals have a life too. They dont deserve to be put to sleep just because they stay around the coffeeshop ? Jerks. Cruels Saddists. I dont understand, how can she say something like that. AND EVEN SAY THINGS LIKE BRING THE CAT FEED TIGERS. What an ass.
Dont animals have the rights to live too? Humans..
Back from night study . I dont even dare go toilet lah. Hold pebbles & billy darn tight :I . during break time, we went to th uh. room behind canteen there. Suddenly th krishna off th lights, i jumped. chua tio leh tmd.
Dinner with Kengpeng, Billy, Johby & Pebbles. Mummy came to fetch me. Treated everyone dinns/drinks :) .
cab'ed home.

May 10, 2010 || 3:39 PM

To everyone taking examinations tomorrow: and JIAYOU :) :) :)
Emaths paper tmr.
Goodluck me. -.-
Chemistry paper, potentially fail.
Core geog, maybe just pass.
Physics most probably cmi too.
What else... :\

May 09, 2010 || 3:37 PM

Hi. Dreamzarmodio is back with our SALES!
And also, do follow us on TWITTER !


heh . Okay. tuition tuition tuition. Not gonna blog for th rest of th week due to examinations.
Oh. good news (for me) . During friday, i cant watch The Vampire Diaries episode 21. I was so angry & pissed off . Last night, i decided to try, again. I MANAGED TO WATCH. So happy. VERY happy ! :I .

Good luck to everyone for your common tests/mye. :) . weeeeeeeeeeeh :D

Hi .
May 05, 2010 || 8:34 PM

Happy sixteen Jeremy Lim :)
Ty for always teaching me history & chemistry& physics.
LOL. High blood pressure rising i know ._.

Sway thing that happened today;
At canteen, huijuan eating. i was sitting opp her, eating, too. AND TALKING. lol .
Then. huijuan dropped her chicken into her bowl of CHILLI lao shu fen soup.
yea you got that. The soup just splashed onto my uniform AND MY WALLET.
*screams 1 million times*
Uniform mummy washing now. Lucky got serene's cardigan :) .
Was kpkb'ing about th thing. Duh. LOL. Then huijuan sista keep apologising. But nvm nah. she also dont want deh. Tsk.

Happy thing;
My chinese miraculously improved! Paper 1 will pull my result down i know *roll eyes*
But i really tyco like shit please. Multiple choice, i chose th words i dont know one . LOL. :\ . Random shit.

May 04, 2010 || 8:58 PM

Just saw this video. By2's dance sibei li hai one please ._.

Today's english... first qn i do wrong already. :I
Why dont we have paper 1 !? ):
SS/History. History i suck. Stupid cuban missile crisis. LOL :\

May 02, 2010 || 3:59 PM

Hello humans! :)
Watching STAR AWARDS now :)
Going to bath soon. Then physics tuition.
Today's emath tuition was changed to yesterday. 3 hours somemore okay.
Im craving for lollipops :/
Ytd dinner @ Lot One.
Mummy bought me new schoolbag. *smile wide wide*
While going home, saw zhixiang ahkor. O: