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April 25, 2010 || 10:21 PM

I know i owe y'all a lot. im sorry. *shows guilty faces*
You cant blame me for everything you see.
Internet suck & its lagging. I spent i-dont-know how long to upload th photos & videos!
24 April (Saturday)
School ! 2 hours of chem , 2 hours of physics. Life suck . Just admit it. Tsk. Like machiam having picnic nia lor. our table full of food. Tsk.
Afternoon/evening, 2nd kor (QingWei) 's friends all came. 21st birthday mah. But celebrate 1 day earlier lah.

Hello brother! I hope you like my 'gift' for you :)

Once in blue moon. Family photo :D

Raymond, Jasmine(Whose birthday is same as Qw!),Karen,Rianto(Her boyf),Uncle(behind D), Daddy, Me , Aunt, Qw, QLong, Mummy.

Teacher Jenny's daughter , Adeline, teacher jenny, mummy, auntie silvia, qw,uncle,eldest kor's god parents & him.

Ya. Cliques.

Uh..poly frends?

And meet ALICE! I knew her online & she's QW's kranji junior :)

After cutting cake, Cousin Karen & her boyf danced their latin. They alr forgot alr loh . Tsk.

Sunday 25 april 2010


Happy birthday 21ST CHUA QING WEI ,


Dinner w cousins & aunt & uncle @ West mall at MAYIM :) .


School suck as it always does. Other than i've been unlucky, all's normal .
Took this wed before school. Chinese prelim! Meow. goodluck me.
Emaths consultation ms yue aft paper 2. So many of us squeezing at th table, hot like shit.
Did maths till scare liao k!

Yesterday , 29 April :
Happy birthday Aloysius Poa!
Dearest TaiGong, hope you enjoy your day! Stay happy & Dont be so pessimistic okay! Inherit this kind of thing to me! HAHAHA.
Guess what. I dreamt about BRINGING NEWSPAPER TO SCHOOL FOR RECYCLING. wtheck. I dreamt that i forgot to bring newspaper & i even remember talking to weixian telling him i'll buy newspaper aft school & give the school. LOL. AND THEN I EVEN DREAMT OF MS YUE AT THE STUDY CORNER MAKING ME CONTINUE DOING MY MATHS QUESTION which we hadnt finish discussing ytd. WTHECK. Do too much maths alr. im sure. Tsk.

Happy sixteen Alvan Choy!

Is what huijuan sista thought for me.
Christina + Crazy = Christazy
Met Ms Tay after school at bio lab. Talking about DPA and poly courses ._.
She waited for like going an hour for LSS juniors (those who're goingfor biotech fair this year) , but they dint come. One word for them. Irresponsible. How can they do that! Me & billy were like, aiya, our batch better. HAHA.
Met Gina @ 3+ , Studying at Bukit panjang plaza's Long John Silver's .
I was doing emaths okay! Random shit.

Before going home.

Hi G :) .
We dont look alike. we dont! :\
Internet suck nowadays. I cant even watch my vampire diaries peacefully w/o those lags.
Oh. school's having loads of people getting sore eyes! ):
Okay. Really really long post. Emath tuition tmr afternoon.
eww. -.- Okay. Goodbye!

Unlucky day.
April 24, 2010 || 4:36 PM

Hi humans :) .
Chemistry & Physics extra lesson today.
Hi huijuan sista :)
Hi ducky :)
Ya lah, lao niang tip-toe one. -.- .
huijuan & des :)
Today sibei sway i know.
I left home w/o bring my wallet. damn .
I decided to take bus 178. I regretted, to the core. Cause i took at the opp bus stop from the usual one i take 963 home. So ya. 3 buses of 963 left, then here comes 178. Then traffic jam make me went boohoohoo. Replying huijuan's sms, i MISSED MY STOP. So pissed. I STILL THOUGHT I TAKING BUS 963, happily thinking i can alight at BPP. but is 178 mah! Then if i miss the stop at ten mile junction, i might as well go woodlands alr. Lucky got ppl alighting. So quickly alighted. WALKED home from ten mile junction. Was whining and screaming -.-
Later 2nd kor's friend all coming. Celebrating his bday 1 day earlier. woooh.

New baby (L)
April 17, 2010 || 9:15 PM

D came and fetch me after my two-hour chemistry extra lesson. Kept whining in car that " I WANNA EAT HASH BROWNS " . ;X . D keep say eat other stuffs first then he bring me go buy. :x . Then after that went teck whye there eat. Then finally...

I get to eat my hash browns! Happy only :I .
Home. Help D did his stuffs.
Went west mall w mummy for dinner. Met Jasmine, aunt & uncle. Mummy bought me & cousin a ring from wattin each.

Me & Gina really twinnies ! Im serious. Both of us tried to buy rings from wattin. But dont have our sizes cause the sizes of th rings v big ): . But i changed to a smaller one. But still loose. sian.

Mine (L)
W my watch :) .

Two new bling bling babies :)

Oh.! I ate U.D.D.E.R.S w cousin ytd too! Shared this w her.
Yummy. :) .

Last session in Life Science Society Club.
April 14, 2010 || 8:54 PM

For more photos, go on to!/album.php?aid=52691&id=1077032556 .
Today we, sec4s had the two hours managing the club. First we had Fatimah finalizing her stuffs for life science. Then then began the whole thing with Yvonne,YingJie,Jocelyn,Edna & their group's presentation on soap-making.

Next is mine! pH indicators using red cabbage. I know i screwed mine. I dint prepare for the presentation. I was so nervous till tremble manxz! -.- . One of the worst presentations i've ever done. Sorry ): .

Followed by Billy's presentation . One word : Awesome! :)

Then we showed a video of what we've done for the past year & months. All the pictures. Billy represented all the sec4s to read a reflection me & him had done. One by one thanked the teachers for grooming us .
Mrs Tan, Ms Tay & Mr Chow , thank you for the encouragements all these while. We learnt so much so much under your guidance, from a person who couldnt present well to someone who can do a presentation confidently :)

Next is Mrs Tan giving us one by one a card/note w a packet of Vitamin C (candy). LOL. Let us stay healthy till O levels. HAHA. A group of us shared money buying cake.
Grouped photos, eat cake, played, chat.
yea lah. i cried -.-
but ms tay also comfirm trying to control lor!

Concluded the whole thing and then took more group photos :).

The very first group i mentor'ed !

Best working partner :) The one who always back me up whenever im stuck at talking something. ;x

Then left with me,johby & billy & ms tay. Ms Tay talked to us one by one. I feel so god damn lucky lor. In primary school & secondary school, i have a teacher who understands me & ms tay told me exactly what mdm ong told me when i graduate from pri school. Tsk.
Took photos at staff room. Camera man : Ms Lin :)

We're the best working team! :)

Bus'ed home. reached home around 7.30pm .

Its pretty sad that SuZin cant join us today as she's sick.
Get well soon aye!

Billy, Johby, Suzin, Edna,Fatimah, & MS TAY :)
You guys are the most awesome people i've worked with. Its great to be able to work together with you! :)
Okay. ending this post with...
Life Science Society Club 2010. Most lively club ever ! :)

April 09, 2010 || 8:32 PM

Blue's mine. Yellow's desiree's. xD

After school, 2.30pm met ms tay for the trying of our experiments. Me & johby did our cabbage indicator thing. Billy did his .

Have you seen this?

Its call RED cabbage .I know its purple in colour. BUT ITS CALLED RED CABBAGE AND I DONT KNOW WHY.
Whining and complaining about the blended cabbage. disgusted. Anyway, 2nd time, I CUT THE CABBAGE DE K. So proud of myself! xD
Obviously the hand's not mine. Johby says im slow. So he took over x( .
Okay, look at this. Cabbage juice!
Ignore the mentos at the side. LOL.
Red for Acidic, Purple for Neutral & Green for Alkali :)
Ever seen coke being boiled?

Test of acids/alkalis.

Billy anggggggggg.

The most right test tube is the pH of egg. COOL RIGHT!

Johby had loads of photos in his camera! So yea.
I just finished watching The Vampire Diaries episode 17 .
So god damn upset. Stefan's addicted to Human's blood now. Feel like crying lor!