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March 28, 2010 || 8:31 PM

What have i been up to? hmm . Im crazy over english shows now.

yes. The Vampire Diaries! :) . The storyline is like oh-my-goodness its so god damn good please ._. . Its novels & the tv episodes are similar, but not by a lot. So you'll go gaga over their novels AND the episodes because you wont know whats happening next. *smiles wide wide* and guess what! episode 16 is coming next week! gugugaga!

and alsooooooo~

YES. GLEE :) .
Tze Rong msn'ed me uhhh, like few days ago & then he intro'ed me this show AND I KNOW ITS POPULAR LAH KAY. So searched for a website to watch took me damn long please. Uh. i started watching 2 days ago. 26th march :) . And i've finished watching th 13 episodes of season 1 . Dont know when season 2 is coming. O:

Am feeling really tired and sleep and uh. whatever . D's watching Discovery channel now. What dinosaurs thing -.- .
Morning went t the cemetry t pray grandfather. Me, D, Mummy, Korkor , Aunt, Uncle, Jasmine & Raymond went. Karen nve go. 2nd kor got work . Kor as usual were like crapping ~.~
I spammed using the lotion in th car. But the weather v hot please. everyone sweating like -.- .
Uhm. yea. Aft that headed back to Batok. Me & kor ate & then kor drive me home. Cause we both wanna bath since we both cant stand the sticky sweat -.- . Parents still chit-chatting w aunt & uncle . I think weather gone so hot that, even if we dint on the water heater , the water is still hot even if the tap points blue. -.- .
I got so tired & decided to take a nap! But time passes so fast that i forgot i've got tuition and ya da ya da, daily routine. -.-
Okay. End of posting. GOODBYE HUE-MENS :)

March 27, 2010 || 11:15 PM

Hello hue-men-s :)
I woke up quite late today. went for lunch at bangkit w D and mummy. Then go home, cause having emath tuition at 2pm since tmr not free. Then uh. spam watching GLEE :) . Fast ._. and downloaded th soundtracks. Next up! The vampire diaries soundtrack perhaps. But there's a lot of songs manxz! help ):):): .
Okay am so tired now. good'a'bye :)

sports day
March 26, 2010 || 8:16 PM

Hiiiiiiiiii :) . D sent me to clementi sports stadium & then uh. ya. Sitting down and etc. Borrowed th cap (on th pic above ^^ ) from David. :D . Playing w Yuncong's iphone and uh. crap a lil w people and eating tidbits -.- .

Serene sista, w her medal :)
Okay. whatever ya da ya da happen, dont remember. but i know im bored throughout.
Before dismissal ;

Heh. then ya da ya da. Went for lunch w hj, yc, andy & melissa & ruiquan.
Yuncong - me & hj's maid for the day. :D
Yea. ate @ the mall idk what issit call. Then uh, ate @ Mos Burger :) . Andy & melissa left aft awhile. then everyone waited me to finish my food which i dint. LOL. Huijuan kept biting yc's stuff. HAHA. Walked back to stadium there de bus stop w yc & hj . Tired till keep my mouth shut throughout alr -.- . Then uh. bus'ed 963 back home :)

- watched the vampire diaries episode 15 ler :) . next episode coming out NEXT WEEK :)
- I can watch GLEE already! :)

March 24, 2010 || 6:26 PM

Happy birthday Jason! :)
Stay happy & smart & nice okay! :D

Core geog lesson, mrs goh was busy w some..things. So.. No lesson!
And arhm... english was alright. recess, too. LOL. helped so many people buy. Sat w Jason, zigui & co. Amath, i completed my chinese hw, which i owed ms yap gazillion years ago. :I. Chemistry, LOL. Mr wong start calling me "miss chua". ~.~ Chinese was al'right. Assembly boring like shit. Then went for chemistry LSP. did chemical calculations, so far so good, and I MEAN IT :D
Went for LSS. okok lah. dint do anyth lor -.- . Stepping down on 14 feb :( .
Talked w billy aft johby left -.- . Uh. D came and fetch me home w mummy :) .
My lunch for today issssssss, CEREALS + MILK :) .
Okay. really dont know what to blog anymore.

14 FEB, last session in Life science society, gonna do a presentation w my all-the-time partners johby & billy. AND IM EXPECTING MYSELF T NOT SCREW ANYTHING UP SINCE ITS THE LAST ONE ALREADY.

March 23, 2010 || 7:50 PM

I felt so fustrated today. i dont know why :I .
Cab down to BPP since i've missed bus 963. got so pissed for no reason. Text Gina, cause she said she's going BPP today anyway. Went t find her & went for lunch together! Always last minute thing. HAHA.
We spent like i dont know how long just to decide what to eat. LOL . Ended up on KFC. Talking & talking as usual. :).
Then uhm. ya. Left BPP around 4.30pm. When we were about to leave, Jovin texted G that he's coming to BPP. TOO LATE. Tsk.
Then ya. rot all th way. Figuring out on iTunes . Tmr chinyen may be coming t help me w it! :) .

Life science tomorrow. waaaah .
Core geog homework undone. Gonna do it now. boohoo ): .

March 21, 2010 || 9:03 PM

Hi !
March Holidays ends today ): . School tomorrow. gawd.
Seriously speaking, i've been wasting this whole week. Really. I hadnt done any revision.
*shows guilty face* .
al'right. i hope school starts well tmr! :D .

Oh, wish me luck for Chemistry SPA.
Am gnna avoid all questions asking "hey, how's your SPA? " , "How did you do? " . NO.
Im so gonna ignore those questions AND walk away.

Im gonna find kor's itouch. Asked him for it, he just said "idk where i put already. you want you take and use lor. im not using already. " . -.- . I cant even find it ~.~ .

qingling dont panic. qingling dont panic . qingling dont panicccccccck ):

March 19, 2010 || 8:45 PM

Mummy force me wake up & then yea. zzz.
I refused. But my phone kept ringing.
First was aunt. bugging me t wake up. next is i-forgot-who. Then cousin called. bugging me wake up, then i forgot who again. SCREW ): .
Headed to West mall for lunch first w mummy, aunt, karen, jasmine.

Oh god. Its mine its mine! Collected my DVD at POPULAR :).
Then karen left after she finished eating. we waited for jasmine's aunt t come. The 3 aunties chit chat awhile, then we mrt'ed to People's park :) .
Walk walk walk walk walk. Me & Jas wore the same high flats :D. legs got so tired please. Oh, ate desert at,

My mango sago :

Then yea. walk walk walk walk walk. Saw this stall selling :
TWIST POTATO ! Have you seen it before? i dint. ): . Its nice !

Hot hot hot!

Everyone took a bite.

Okay. walk walk walk walk walk damn long lah -.- .
Then mrt'ed back to west mall.
Sakae sushi for dinner :) . Dint eat a lot. Salmon sashimi ♥
Cab'ed home. then okay. thats it.

March 18, 2010 || 5:17 PM

Twilight saga New Moon DVD is out now! At TS. (the cd shop) . And i was so pissed off because i dint preorder from them. POPULAR will only get th goods THIS EVENING. ):):): ! .

Skipped tuition ytd & today. And i can still claim that ima good girl. *shows guilty face* .

And i bought this :

Idk when was th last time i ate this. But i remembered i ate this w cousins & brothers when we were younger. Haha. Got donald duck one. But i like PLUTO more :) .

Today's core geog lesson was al'right. Rivers & Coasts makes me feel bored. zzz. Emily & I went outside school t buy potato chips& gummies during break time & shared w th rest :D. Zay's umbrella, we had so much trouble w it. HAHA. hmm. Aft that jiu cab down to west mall find huai ren, mummy, cousin, aunt & uncle. ate & ya da ya da. cab home. uh. nothing to write already :) .

Im re-watching the vampire diaries.
8 more days to episode 15. :):):)

March 16, 2010 || 10:10 PM

Eh... Hi! :D
Today's kinda boring. i did my history essay homework, which i anyhow bomb one answer in. At least i tried :P . Tsk.
Did a lil chemistry.

Boring day. I wanted to go and have my hair cut today. End up never. ohwell, maybe tmr or smth. The earlier i cut, the earlier it can start growing again mah! :I .
No physics tomorrow. cool -.- .

Went west mall w mummy , aunt, cousin(jasmine) for lunch. Met cousin (Karen) . Karen & I went gaga over the topic - The Vampire Diaries. The show & the novels . HAHA. we were like discussing throughout lor. Since the novel & tv episodes got so much differences, of course there's a lot to talk! :I .

& lastly.
happy birthday YanBing :)

ps; 10 MORE DAYS t the vampire diaries episode 15 :)

March 15, 2010 || 5:23 PM

hello everyone :)
SS seminar today was al'right. Ms Magesh's lesson was fun! :) .
Damn sian laaaah ):
March holidays machiam not holidays for us. O levels, YOU SUCK! :( .

March 14, 2010 || 10:22 PM

Hi humans!
I woke up automatically for emaths tuition today! So proud about that. LOLLLLL. :X.
Okay, here it goes.

Madam Lin brought me candies. (i dont like them . not nice ;x ) .
After that headed home, then went BPP for lunch w mummy & daddy. Went to try the beef noodles . We dint try from the shop before ever since it opened (which was not v long ago ;x ) .
Expensive yet alot. -.- .

Waiting for mummy to order food. :I .

D now then realised my phone's camera is 8.1 megapixels. zzz.

Oh. i brought my GUESS baby out today x) . Gonna have big big whinings about this at the bottom.
Went for tuition.

Damn funny. when we wanna use huijuan's phone, suddenly got flash. we both chua tio, keep laughing. LOL.
After tuition, pei her go CITY CHAIN @ west mall buy watch. TMD. I SAW THIS GUESS WATCH, CHIO ONLY. WAAAAAH. Damn regret for buying my current one . T.T if can change, i want! D: ! argh !#$ ^&*() .
Okay. Social studies seminar tomorrow. Sian only -.- . ARGH!

March 13, 2010 || 7:28 PM

Hi everyone!
Felt so weird today. Its been so long since i've been lying on my bed for so long manxz! Cause why? No school today! Been getting headaches or getting dizzy nowadays! No idea why O: .
Not going for dance anymore until end of O levels either. sian sian sian! March Holidays are here! Shall really spend some time doing revision!

Oh, ducky, look this photo. LOL. I think weixian took it. HAHA.


Just had dinner w mummy @ plaza.

My new baby Y

Flora keeps licking & asking me for 'sayang' -.- . She just wants me to feed her its snacks mummy just bought nia lor!

Eclipse trailer's out!
March 12, 2010 || 3:10 PM

Report slip :

Eng : C5
Chinese: B3

remarks: Qing Ling is proactive in her studies and is a well-behaved student. She needs to learn to moderate her temperament to be calm in facing problems.


Im feeling al'right now. It feels so good when you have someone who understands you.
I know y'all care, thats why i dint rebutt when y'all "lecture" me.
feeling like a huge burden is retreating :) . yay.

March 11, 2010 || 6:20 PM

I dont like doing SPA ! ):
screw everyth. -.- . Just not my day!

i know i'd shouldnt be crying since its over.
But thats me.
I cried because i got so panick over that freaking experiment.
screw bunsen burner. screw O levels.

Be a nice person, stop reminding/repeating to me about the stupid SPA exam. I DONT WANT T THINK & CARE ABOUT IT NOW.

March 10, 2010 || 7:27 PM

Hello everyone! :) .
Im having Physics SPA exam tmr! Scared only~ ! ):):


March 09, 2010 || 7:59 PM

I've pre-ordered Twilight saga New Moon DVD!
It comes w a notebook & a A1 poster ! x) .
I also bought The Vampire Diaries novel. Cousin Karen wanna buy book 2. So i took book 1. exchanging aft we finished reading. x) . I wanna get the whole set of th novels! :X. Volume 3 not out yet, ): .

March 07, 2010 || 9:05 PM

Stay happy ^^

Performance @ Bukit Batok CC at night. like damn long & sian lah. Practicing the last part outside.

W yiqian ^

JiaYi, Me, Priscilla & Jingwen x)

Jingwen! :D
Today ;
Woke up, prepared. went off to YuHua CC

Make up, changed. LMAO. Me, YunKai & YiQian got locked outside th staircase when wanna take short cut go toilet @ downstairs . LOL.
All's done (except applying lipstick)

Yunkai < .

Group photo.


Oh, CCK pri & ZHENGHUA PRI came t perform too!
Guess what, when i untied my bun, i looked like mad girl -.-

D came & fetched me & mummy. Went home, bath & then went for physics tuition. V tired ! ):
Not going for dance until end of Os' . :( .