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February 26, 2010 || 3:10 PM

I know im not a good girl for not posting for like how long? -.-

So much tests coming and going ): .
Tmr , yes, TOMORROW. Im having chemistry test. its killing me. screw chemistry. i hate you to core.

Hadnt been sleeping well lately. ):
Mummy's down w sore throat , serious one ._.

i dont like school!

February 22, 2010 || 7:47 PM

I promised Billy i'll post about him.

Thank you for talking to me on th phone last friday till midnight. Morning call me to wake up, even when i end up not going. And you're like sleep-for-less-than-5-hours ? What else? uh. Ya. Calling me to check how im feeling th next day. Then yea. I hope i dont sound v sick that day. K.

Gina's having history test tmr too! :D
I've a new friend in tuition class now! x)

February 17, 2010 || 8:53 PM


Supposed to meet serene at 10am at batok int, but i woke up at around 9.30am. jumped up. screw my phone's alarm for not ringing. I quickly got changed and wash up and went off. Dint even make my hair and all that k. Then waiting for 176. serene still at home. -.- . Somemore gonna be late. i went like "had i know i should have stayed at home longer!" -.- . Then waited for serr damn long lah, yuncong keep calling me, rushing us -.- . Then like, waiting at bus 173 there @ int , th moment th bus left, serene reached -.- . I folded my arms, then stared at her. she keep running towards me and went on 'sorry' -ing -.- .

Cab down t huijuan's house downstairs. met yuncong, went up . Greeted her parents. sit down there w yc like idiots because hj and serene were in th room! -.- .


Then went west mall , met yuquan. Ate @ Mos Burger ,

Serene likes this photo most, cause we're th same colour as her. LMAO.

then go arcade instead cause movie too many people lining up -.- Imagine serene wearing CheongSam , ddr'ing. LOLOLOL. :X . I kept taking photos w her, because its like ,ima 21st century human, she's 19th century human and huijuan's 20th century human. LOLOL. Then yea. met rachel and then headed to Jurong East MRT there slack, wait for Boonkeat they all.

Me ley ogay!
I like taking photos w serene, it makes things like a 19th century woman(HER) and 21st century girl (ME)
Rachel, me, serene :)
Me & Huijuan!
Uh, yuquan on th phone O:
-.- .

End up we went to mr daryl koh's house first. So near to my house ! :I . I know who's mdm koh alr! She's teaching in ZHPS ley! :X . Richelle(?) damn cute luh!

then cab down to bk's house. everyone gambling. I was hestitating t carry Ginger (his dog) . But yaye, it sat on my lap guai guai one! :D. It looks like flora, thats why. Toto's cute tooooooo :););) . Then aroun 5.30pm, went off w pebbles & serene.

Headed to Chinyen's house. Ate at her house & then headed off to my house! Kor's friends were here , none-of-my-business. they talked to me, i just stare and went off -.- . Took so many photos laaaaaaah w vivi :) . Oh. She became my guinea pig by lending me her hair to trying curling it w my hair straightener. aint she sweet?!/photo.php?pid=3389891&id=826127903&fbid=320221122903
Go in & start browsing (click next) -.-
Some photos:

Around 9, cy left & i went bath & slept!

I woke up RELUCTANTLY. Really tired please ): I dint even pay attention in class !
Ate @ kopitiam outside school. Then went back for Life Science society. Still deciding what project to do w johby -.- . Being judges for two groups. They're like so much better than me lor! :I . Finally! I get to ask questions. Everytime do presentation is people ask me question , NOW MY TURN. YAYE xD . Then waiting for Jeremy & Syafiq for their amath, but they dint finish and went home because i was grumbling alr :I . RAINING. LOL :I. both blamed me because i kept screaming and it rained -.- . I wanted t cab home de okay! They made me take bus. ): . Lucky rain stopped and there wasnt even any sign that it rained at my side -.- . Went home, bathed. ate. and ya :) .

What a long post ! Happy reading humans, if you have th energy to -.- GOODBYE & HAPPY CNY :)

February 14, 2010 || 10:33 PM

Happy birthday Flora chuaaaaaaaa doggy!


I woke up around 12+ . Mummy go play the chinese new year songs so loud, to wake everyone up. First thing i did was go greet mummy & D, for ang pao :X . Thn bathed, then start getting changed, dry my hair, straightened it . Korkor came into my room as me straighten his fringe for him, -.- . Changed my wallet, bag. and then earrings. Then headed off to aunt house! we 3 siblings took korkor's car, while D and mummy drove another car.

At the lift w Daddy :):) .
Then reached aunt's house downstairs. Waiting for D and mummy to reach mah, so 2nd kor wanna go t the 7-eleven buy cigg i think. then me and kor ask him shun bian buy us milk tea. He grumbled, say its $2.00 , we say its only one dollar plus. After he buy and came back, he say "you two very smart lor, less than $2, but $1.90 mah. " . LOL. Reached aunt's house, greeted them, ate lunch. Then uh, start playing Twilight and New Moon boardgame w Jasmine! :)
At her room.
Playing w kor's no-lens specs. :D .
Then aft that did some blogshop's stuffs. Watched twilight dvd, watch cousin, aunt, mummy, korkor mahjong, eating CANDIES! :) .
Dinner @ MacDonalds. -.- . Then headed home. Playing w 2nd kor. -.- . He keep hit me ): . :X .
Dont knw if going out tmr. O:

February 13, 2010 || 3:37 PM

Helloooo :)
Im gonna post about ytd first!!!

I walked throughout th cross country w emily :) .
After i bus'ed home, i met Gina at BPP first. When we decided to buy Bubble Tea @ sweettalk , we saw Xin Ping! asked her t join us. Saw Hiznur ahbeng at kfc. went to scare him. HAHA. Then waited at taxi stand there, sat at staircase, waiting for alvan choy and andy goh! damn long loh. ): . Saw aaron too! heh. Then meet them alr, headed to LongJohnSilvers. Waiting for mdm ong & evan (her son)! at least one hour waiting for them. XinPing kept bickering w andy. LMAO. Then XP left, Mdm ong and evan came. chit chat, play w evan. then mdm ong left first , around 6+? We spent hours in LongJohnSilvers man! Then headed to minitoons buy candy, then they 3 pei me wait bus then send G home? :) .

Went west mall w mummy for dinner w cousin(jasmie & karen), aunt, uncle. Went arcade play DDR w Karen! heeeeh. then cab'ed home!

Woke up, prepared myself, then D sent me t west mall.
Met ms teh. then had lunch :) . Ty ms teh for th treat :D
Chit chat alot, then headed to bus stop. bus'ed home. Later going for reunion dinnerrrr :) .

February 10, 2010 || 9:10 PM

I just dint bother that much anymore.
Today's presentation. i dont know how i did. but i dont care anymore. :I .
Throw face jiu throw face. hmph ):< .
Pairing w Johby for internal sharing in LSS , presenting next week? (:

Hungry like an idiot. I ate one small pkt of koko crunch while on th way to school today.
Until 6+ going 7 thn eat dinner. zzz. no lunch , no nothing . im starving ): .

Friday's got one more day ahead. Planned already: Aft sch, go home , bath , meet Gina,Alvan, Andy& maybe gavin @ BPP. wait for mdm ong. then aft that straight away go for dance :):)

February 09, 2010 || 7:23 PM

Last call ; DreamzArmodio Season Sales for tops/dresses/bottom and Early Bird Promotion for Twilight Merchandises. Grab them now before u miss it! All sales are ending on Chinese New Year (14 FEB 2010) Go into NOW!

I passed my elective history, miraculously.
Uh, so was chinese. like wow. -.- .But i failed combined humanities overall, which i was feeling neutral about it. :I .
Physics test tmr. Dont know what th hell im doing. I just dont feel prepared and right. ): .
Buck up ley qingling -.- .
Sekali Mr goh come talk to me again .___. . No. i dont care. im not gonna drop any of my science subjects. Thats that. But okay lah, he says he aint trying to ask me drop my subject. alalala . :I .

English paper also game over alr. zzz . After tmr's physics paper, another round of tests will be after CNY. ):):): !

Okay. Shall go try to memorise as much as i can for physics now.
Wenxin; i'll at least PASS for you see lah kay :I .

February 08, 2010 || 9:52 PM

Hi humans :)
I've finished reading "The Hollow" just now !
fast. Its like no ending one lor. -.- . Abbey just learnt about Caspian's a ghost , and that's almost about it? -.- . Better have book 2 :I .

Im proud about my core geog test 1. Not confident about test 2 alr ._. . ugh.
My chemistry test more zai , 15/30 :I .
I failed Social Studies. O: . 8/25. Whatever~ .
Then.. i think i'll screw up today's chinese compo random. And i thought of a better & simpler story , linked to Hi My Sweetheart. damn it. Too late to rewrite, which makes me pissed off w myself.

Meeting Gina, MADAM ONG, alvan, maybe andy,gavin & shaun on friday :))))) .

February 07, 2010 || 11:20 AM

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :)
gosh. I realised i hadn't been blogging regularly ): . Bad me ): .
I've bought this book recently. Am at chapter two now :I .
In one week's time, its CNY! :):):) . Im thinking of removing my tagboard ._.

PS/ Dreamzarmodio's SALES will END by NEW YEAR'S EVE.

February 04, 2010 || 5:38 PM

Everyone's like so excited to hear me say story during chinese lesson. -_- .
I just talked about kai ling..
I wanted to tell everyone to cherish people around them, and not when you've lost them THEN you cherish them.. it'll be too late. I thought i wouldnt cry, but i did. very silly huh. Where got people say story can say till cry. zzz.


Tmr i've got chemistry, english (summary) , emath test. wooooooh.
Gonna find one day next week go back zhenghua pri! :)))) .

busy like beeeeeeee.
February 01, 2010 || 6:36 PM


Screw tests >:( .
I dint complete today's SS test. 98% gonna fail -.- .
And for tmr's E-history test, 99.9 % i'll fail it. I dont know what im studying -.- . So what if i can memorise th facts, as if i will know which of them will be needed to answer whatever question its gonna ask. pui. -.- . I've thought about it, perhaps i'll not care about Combined humanties so much. This whole week's full of test. damn it -_- .

If my core geography fails, something is wrong with me and i'll ignore geography -_- . Wth. Im like "eh, you got a lot of subjects to heck care hor" . pui -.- . zzz. Okay. Wont come blogging for th week. yaye. AND screw exams because i can't watch my last episode of Hi My Sweetheart . -_- . Yayness. I think after i finish doing my homework, perhaps i will ask around what chapter 6 history is about. Its not that i dint pay attention, i just dont know how to tackle the , uh, whatever you call it -_- .

ps/ Happy belated birthday Daphneeeeee :)