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January 28, 2010 || 7:44 PM

Im enjoying core geography :):)
I feel so proud of myself when i can answer questions. HAHA :X

I dont like physics SPAs ): I suck at practicals -.-
Today mr goh came talk t me about my subjects, friendly-chat , he claimed. Whatever. I have to admit th fact that i was kinda rude, i kept turning away & pass people their papers when he wanna start a new sentence :I . I doubt he even know my name, but when he tell me those things i dont wanna hear because he doesnt know any shit about me -_- , perhaps thats why i have that face -_- . Perhaps he's being nice. -.-

C.I.P on next wed, -_- . I rather go for sec 1 orientation for LSS loh. :I .
Friday tmr! So fast ley! :X .

January 27, 2010 || 6:38 PM

I finished (somehow) reading 'Who moved my cheese' which aloy lent me.
I learnt some things...

  1. the fear you let build up in your mind is worse than the situation that actually exists.
  2. th fastest way to change is to laugh at your own folly

not just these lah.

Thank you Mrs Tan, Ms Tay, Johby & Billy for th encouragements :)

i knew i have to learn from my mistakes by looking at th video.
but i chose to run away .
screw you ql, what a noob.

January 25, 2010 || 8:07 PM

Mine ! :) Jasmine bought one of each toooooo. Heh :):)
School was tiring. Monday blues, boohoo ):
Presentation for Korean students tmr. Nervous only ): .

January 23, 2010 || 10:28 PM

HI :) .
I went school today for1 hour of chemistry ._.
Ee Boon Keat keep hitting me! >:( .
I ate mac @ BPP w mummy & auntie jenny.
I went home & sleep till 4+ .
I went bukit timah there eat w cousin & family.
Karen's boyf came, Raymond's girlf came. Celebrated Raymond's bday in advance :)
Went Old Town there drink coffee, then bus'ed down to Ten Mile. Buy things, walked home w mummy.

Happy Birthday Teresa :)

January 21, 2010 || 10:07 PM

Thats chocolates & im hanging one or two on my phone! :I .
Just came back from ShengShiong & im trying t memorise some chinese for tmr's spelling. 99% failing :) .

January 20, 2010 || 8:45 PM

Cab home w priscilla. Screw that taxi driver.
Aft pris alighted, i asked if can take th route in the campsite when i heard him saying about what, stop at bus stop (for pris to alight) sure alot cars, then i sugggested. He said okay, see th gate close alr not. Then on th way, he keep kpkb, say what "dunno will kenna caught not" , i said wont? HE JITAO SAY BACK "I kenna caught you also dont know " is a pissed off tone. Tmd, cowbay sia. AS IF I STEPPED ON HIS TAIL. Then sua. Cab fee, $7.85 , i paid $10.00 , he gave me $2.10 NOT $2.15. I know im kicking up a fuss here for that freaking five-cents. Eh hello, if he has a better attitude, to save the trouble, i'll just ask him change me $2. BUT HE DINT SAY ANYTHING & GAVE THE STUPID ATTITUDE K. Cowbay. Eat my 5-cents. Give you lah kay. IF he's so scared of getting caught, WHY WHY WHY did he still agreed to wat i asked? He could have just told me its not allowed isnt it? Why must he wait till WE'RE HALFWAY then start grumbling like a small kid ? *pui* . And i dint kp that uncle k. -.-


2 history essays,
1 SS essay,
i dont like writing essays because they're hard AND I DONT KNOW HOW TO DO.
Dont care alr. Anyhow bomb liao. better than never even try -_- .

January 19, 2010 || 5:38 PM

The Vampire's Assistant
January 18, 2010 || 9:37 PM

Watched this w YiQian & Jasmine cousin .
Its great & funny. haha. But im staying faithful to twilight! Perhaps im used to watching love stories. :I . But really, the movie was great, too :)

January 14, 2010 || 5:59 PM

Hello humans :)
School was al'right today? :) .
CCA day on saturday, am not needed t go -.- .
Ytd WENXIN came back school for idk why. She claims that i screamed like as if i dint see her for millions of years in her blog. bhb right! But she says one thing correct! "cute lah ok" HAHAHA. :X

happy boh wx? Post about you liao ley! Be honoured k Y

ps/ idk if you'll be reading this; Remya !
Darling! how are youuuuuu? Aft collection of O lvl results, can't even contact you ): .
Contact me soon k! >:

January 13, 2010 || 9:24 PM

I feel like im having slight headache for almost every day. Shit -.- .
After chemistry SPA @ around 5pm? headed up to Biology Lab for Life Science Society. Suddenly got involved in presentation for next wednesday ._.
Reached home around 7 pm? I missed 3 bus. they're full! screw it -.-

Today's great. I hope tmr will be better !

January 12, 2010 || 4:45 PM

Twilight merchandises prices revised ! Don't miss them ! go to..


Im thankful that i've such great friends who loves me soooooo much :)

January 11, 2010 || 8:33 PM

IMM ytd. Met Cousins - Karen, Raymond & Jasmine. Aunt , uncle, Rianto korkor, & mummy
Raymond keep using my phone zilian -_- . Karen & Rianto korkor left first. Left 3 cousins, we were fooling around at Daiso.

Dinner @ 7th storey. PISSED* . How can they make SIX people squeeze into ONE freaking small table? W two small pots, and so many ingredients? They said they cant. Making us squeeze jiu sua. Say cannot have two tables. Pure rubbish. They even put our plates at th table beside us. Isnt it th same as giving us two tables? We got so pissed off, until raymond hang up his phone w his girlf, then started roaring alr. jitao "get your manager here. I pay for one more person, i want two tables. " The waitress jitao dulan, but no choice, had to give us extra table. Tried talking to them nicely if can get us another table, they just said no. cause alot of customers etc. rubbish -.- .


Gratz to everyone to got great results for O levels :))))))
They really graduate already! ): .

ps/ falling ill soon. shit -.-

Flag day
January 09, 2010 || 7:00 PM

Sorry chinyen for not gg w you guys. Orchard's far :I .
D sent me t school. Went doing the flag day thingy w billy, baoru, eliz, kevin , kengpeng. Uh, bus'ed down t Timah, they wanna go find Leddin first. Then after that jiu go timah there deh market, then collect funds, eliz's daddy & ahma came :) . Ate tgt. then uh, collect some more $ awhile jiu bus'ed back t school.
Went home > west mall w momma, aunt, uncle & jasmine. Waited for Marcos cause' he buying things from blogshop -.- . He very slow please. -.- . Then jiu go in west mall walkwalk,saw zhixiang ahkor! Then momma want go this fashion, and i bought another dress :I . then after awhile 2nd kor came & fetch us home.


Twilight merchandise early bird promotion! Grab them @ ! Not only we have that promotion, we're still having our season sales! Dont miss them!

Not my day!
January 08, 2010 || 10:03 PM

I dont like today.
I feel so suck, dumb, and loser -.- .
I dont like everything around me. I dont like myself.
Thats that.
Only during dance training, made me felt better. but after that, more things came. what a day.

thank you vivi.

January 06, 2010 || 8:15 PM

Im giving myself unecessary stress. I really am!
Everyday got this feeling that O levels are coming soon .
im gonna fail, im gonna retain, im gonna argh -.- .
Sucks to be Sec 4. Sucks to have to sit for O level. Sucks to be like that -.-
Got so fustrated. yucks. -.- .
So much events coming up. ughs. ): .

i need to be alone..

First day of school 2010.
January 04, 2010 || 7:14 PM

First day of school's tiring~
Morning assembly makes me sleepy.
Class interaction nothing much. Recess went t find Mr Lawrence Tan w Baoru & Xinying. Then went for Chem SPA for that 1/2 hour. Talking. Then Recess again (according to normal timetable) . Then Chinese, English & then A math. Spent my time w talking w Eugene & Wenxin :):) .

Ty wenxin keai for your files :)


i have to overcome exam fears!

January 03, 2010 || 9:35 PM

Happy Birthday Yan Hui Yu !
16 y/o ler wor! Can go watch NC16 movies liao, shuang hor? :D
Stay happy & cheerful aye.
you know we love you :)

Last day of holiday. sucks. I spent it on tuition & tuition -.- .
Did a very silly thing in physics tuition. Ask huijuan .
School tmr. eww. -.-

I just remembered i dint update my FYE'09 results :

Eng: B4
Chinese: A2
Emath: C6
Chem : B4
Physics: C6
SS/History : B3
C geog: C5

Heh. Okay. i borrowed notes from huijuan. gonna go copy now & return her. BYEBYE :)