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December 31, 2009 || 4:59 PM

DreamzArmodio 's gonna get twilight merchandise in! Comes in limited stocks only! Dont miss them ogay! :) .
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December 30, 2009 || 7:59 PM

I bought another pair of heels again. $29.00 ! , actual price $49.00 deh ley. :) . I cant upload photos. dont ask me why. :< .
School's starting on monday. SIANNNNN~ . ughs.
watching 3 菜1汤 @ chnl 8 now. 2 member of 5566's here! :D

December 29, 2009 || 7:47 PM

Jasmine brought her dog (Baby) came over t our house. Very shy. Male. Flora wanted to make friends w him, but it doesnt wants to. End up both dogs very scared to get near each other -_- .

Watched Alvin & the chipmunks 2 w Billy, Judi & Fathih. I LIKE :D
DreamzArmodio 's having its SEASON SALE now ! Items are all discounted, really cheap now! Get it before its' sold out ! Don't miss them! :)

December 25, 2009 || 6:13 PM

Donald Duck's X'MAS SONG :

12 days of christmas :

Chipmunks' X'MAS SONG!

I dint see santa around ): , did you? O:

|| 12:39 AM

after christmas, its new year.
new year = start school'ing again = O levels
O levels = need study = NO FREEDOM.
sucks. ):

Alvan Andy Chinweng Elton Gavin Huiyu Sengkok Xitong & Me!
December 17, 2009 || 8:58 PM

Hello ! Woke up at around 11+ ? 12 ? :I .Headed to coffeeshop downstairs. Ate abit only. Went home, waiting for group to text me. Went down to LRT interchange meet SengKok & ChinWeng. Very long bo see them alr! Chit chat abit, waiting for Alvan & co- , xitong to arrive until rain falls -.- . Alvan,AndyG,Gavin,Elton came next. Then waited for XiTong. Then walked home, yea. Then talk awhile, jiu bring them go Gym.

Hello XT & ChickenWing (ChinWeng) .
Th guys using gym only.

Andy & Alvan were running. The rest audience only -.- .
Gym dont suit us both girls. So, zilian & zilian & zilian is all we did!

Gavin really funny. LOL.
XT put her hand to show him mini! LOL.
Headed upstairs/rooftop for swimming pool. Only alvan swimming, everyone waiting, cause why? Nobody brought clothings for swimming -_- .
so, me & tong zilian'ed again. ._.

(I switch my wallet into cookie monster again! :X )
Oh, & Elton Left halfway, meet girlf i think~.
Wanted to get th guys take photo w us. First target: CW!
And he refuse to take w me! He says if SK takes w me, he'll take picture w me! Sooooo...

Say HI to SK ! :):) . He refused to take w me at first lor, keep say "dont disturb me, i want to sleep" , then i pull his sleeves . LOL :I . Then buey tahan me then take w me de :X
Next, XT took w him :)

Okay, CW, here we come!

FUNNY OR WHAT. HAHAHA. He was grumbling @#$%^&*()

XT wanted to show her size vs CW size. LOL. -_- . CW keep disturb her anyway~ . -.-
Waited for Alvan & Andy finish bathing, jiu go home . They played poker cards for less than 10 minutes.

Then jiu watched TWILIGHT ! Then really nothing to do manxz. Mummy ordered KFC & Canadian Pizza. Everyone ate. still left alot ._. . XT says she wanna leave first. And i shun bian go fetch HuiYu come! :) . Then end up, me & HY made XT stayed! hehe. Then went home. Jiu chit chat, Twilight. HY as usual, talking her "cold jokes" . lmao. A lot of laughings. And craps also. Around 7+, all jiu leave ler. Sent them downstairs :) . No group photos ): . But, anyway, thank you everyone for coming! :D

December 16, 2009 || 4:01 PM


Mummy woke me up early today , 10+ ? -.- . Woke up, prepared, waiting for aunt & cousin to reach . Headed to Teacher Jenny's house. Chatted w Adeline. She really has th patience to do diy works like making earings, and other acessories. -.- . Headed to BPP for lunch. fullllll ): . Went POPULAR w cousin & teacher Jenny (Adeline went off first to meet her friends) . Looking @ books & vcds :) . Then went to find mummy & aunt after buying groceries. Then went home :) .


Meeting pri school friends tmr! All coming my house ._.
Some of them has school, cant come ):):): !

December 13, 2009 || 9:22 PM

Idk whats wrong w camera! my phone keep make me look pale -_- >:(
Ytd Jasmine stayed overnight at our house :) . Morning jiu go work w 2nd kor le :O .
Also, Friday @ HangTen bought tees again! 60% off ley~~ . :I . Dont crave for Sakae sushi alr, ate too much these few days ): . Dance training kills me. Screw warmups. Muscles are aching. 6th March having performance. Maybe performing 2 dance O: . Promised mummy i'll stop dancing after th performance until end of O levels. She just keep saying O levels coming. As if
I will make use of that 3 hours study/can study alot of things within that 3 hours -.- . Screw O levels. -_- . Huijuan came for tuition today! *smiles wide wide* . Did electricity and all that. Finally know how to use formula. But sad, me & huijuan dont know th concept. -_- . Next 2 lessons on Magnetism. Lucky no link w other topics (Teacher say de) ^^ . Think i'll sleep early today. Today woke up around 8+ , watched MTV ASIA , cause got repeat the Twilight 2 hour special :) . Really bored now. 2 tuitions today, but nvm. Now no tv shows to watch. B.O.R.I.N.G = weekends! :( . Okay, whatever it is, done w posting, so, too'das!

December 10, 2009 || 10:31 PM

time check: 10.36pm .

I'll let pictures do the talking what happen uhm, around 15 or 20 or 30~ minutes ago!











Sweet only~ >:)

Mummy dont know how t really use )x

okay, im too ugly ): .
Anw, hope you enjoyed yourself today aye! Once again, happy birthday! :)

|| 3:57 PM

Happy Birthday Jasmine.T (not 6k'06 deh) ! :)
Happy belated birthday ChewMei aiai (091209)
Went Takashimaya around 12? -.- . then walkwalk awhile. First stop - BURBERRY ! Wanted th wallet, but end up dint buy :I , cause wallet no sale , only selected bags ): . Walk for around 1 hour or so :I , finally decided to buy a bag from Bonia . Lucky got vouchers :I . Used up th vouchers, headed to eat @ the FOOD VILLAGE :) . Waited for 2nd kor & jasmine come. Finished eating, go walk walk awhile again w mummy, bought another Fion Wallet @ 70+ bucks X.X while jasmine pei'ed 2nd kor cause he want smoke. -.- . Then 2nd kor & jasmine left. Me & mummy went to buy cake, then cab'ed home. Later gonna have dinns w Jasmine also. :):) .

Found this news in the msn today O:
Twilight hunks contribute to rising crime rates in the US

can see can see? Doesnt matter -_- . Click Here to read !

and another one!
Twilight cinema bans fans kissing Robert Pattinson cutout over swine flu fears
Click Here to read more..

1. Are fans attracted to Robert Pattinson & Taylor Lautner OR the twilight story itself? -.- .

December 08, 2009 || 6:27 PM

Found this @ youtube. Th girl so lucky ): ! *envy*
Went Lot One early today, ate @ Siam Kitchen . dint finish. too much >:( . Walk walk, mummy bought another Bonia bag again @ BHG ! Saw Kerencia! Then bought a Minnie soft toy @ Gift A Name. Not for me :( . For Jasmine (nt cousin). Her birthday's on thursday! :) . So nice of me. Hoho. will pass her later when she comes! :)

December 07, 2009 || 5:53 PM

Hiiiiii :) . Quick post. i dont care. Here are photos taken yesterday at tuition centre.
SHE STEAL MY PHONE. >:( . No. we're using th same handphone model ! :D

uhhh. i dont like my face -.-

Still got pictures w her okay! See the wall, so many people vandalise -.- .

Im in a normal mood today. Not very happy, not very sad, not very angry.
E-maths tuition around 12+ ? Came home, then uh. rot -_- Just helped mummy clear & pack th DVDs./VCDs/CDs. Look at th shelf.

Full already -.- . that LITTLE space. Doubt enough, cause why? Still have dramas w korkor, YiQian and whoever that borrowed dramas from us -_- . Mummy clearing th things at th top, so that can put more :I .

December 06, 2009 || 8:42 PM

Woke up around 12+ . Washed up, woke jasmine jiejie up. Then wait for her get ready, headed to Lot One w her & mummy. Ate Sakae Sushi :) . walk walk awhile. Jasmine bought me candies @ Mini Toons! *smileswidewide* . Then went Aries that awhile, 2nd kor jiu come fetch us already. Watched K.O 3an Guo. then go bath, then prepare &headed t west mall w mummy meet Huijuan & her mummy. Walked to blk 626 for tuition. th terms&conditions, omg. -.- . The tuition really boring. -.- . They're at Practical Electricity already manxz! Next week going to Magnetism. SOMEMORE CHEE HUI JUAN NOT GOING ): ! Ate @ Burger King . Mummy & auntie huai ren & yiqian pei'ed me. then cab'ed home. Kor's back from Batam! :)

|| 1:35 AM

Hellooooo :)
Time check: 1.34am . :O
Postponing tmr's e-math tuition to monday instead. :) . Evening going for Physics tuition! :I . Okay, quick post about today!

So tired today ): . Imagine my body's aching, from my neck all th way t th legs ): . Screw dance. ROFLS :I . Okay. thats all for today. Goodnight :)

PS:/ Hoping to get 2nd kor bring me watch Twilight saga New Moon again! >:)

December 04, 2009 || 9:21 PM

Went for breakfast @ block 163 today w D, Mi & cousin. Was supposed to meet Adeline (Teacher jenny's daughter) for swimming at 1pm. But sad, raining ): . Went ShengShiong @ Ten Mile junction. Bought a lot of things. -.- .Then went home, Huai ren auntie & aunt & yiqian @ our house alr :I . Then me & jas watched Winx Club: The secret of the lost kingdom @ youtube while YiQian played my handphone. then finished watching, watched Zhong Ji Yi Jia (w yiqian) while jas & aunt went home. 5+, headed to Yiqian' house, cause she go take her things & then headed to CC for dance training. Really shocked to see juniors from Zhenghua pri school. The Ruoyan or whatever also there (th one mdm ong say same as me) -.- . Really sian'ed diao. zz. I dont like th kids luh. Too bad, i've got no patience w kids like them, so i got so pissed w them -.- . Even pamela they all also dislike them. zzz. MOREOVER, GUESS WHAT. when we were told to lean again th bar there... she said "huh, i stand beside her ah? *POINTS ME* " , and then switch place w her friend. wakaos. p5 nia kpkb so much. guailan !@#$%^&*() . I hope th next time i go back zhenghua, i wont see her face. tmd -_- . THEY SPOILED MY DAY.

Th candy kor bought for me. and he got on my nerves too. He deleted/lost my psp games and everyth. idk what he'd done. HE REFUSED TO GIVE ME AN EXPLAINATION TOO! >:(
IN CONCLUSION? I've got so much things that spoiled my mood. Thanks humans -.-

December 02, 2009 || 10:31 PM


last night teacher jenny came w her husband t pass me O level books and references for me. Still got more to come :I . room no space alr. ): . Nothing t say alr.

Mummy found me Physics tuition! :) & huijuan sista's joining too! She's now my sista, classmate & tuition'mate! :D .Now need find Chemistry tutors. -.-

done w reading whole of Twilight saga Collection ♥
December 01, 2009 || 4:24 PM

So proud of myself! I've officially finished reading my four books of Twilight saga. teehees.
Ytd Jasmine jiejie came & cooked. O: . Mi Fen Guo :O . she cooked alot, but not bad lah. :) . Still nice. Korkor bought me a candy. Shock tio. Cause morning he still saying me, eat junk food so li hai, eat rice like will die like that -.- .

Went Fajar , ate at Mac today :) .

Korkor's going Hongkong on friday or thursday ): . Gonna bug him buy me things! :X . okay. toodas'~!