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November 29, 2009 || 6:25 PM

Heh. part 1 & 2 :) .
Watched Twilight saga New Moon yesterday evening w Jasmine (Cousin) & YiQian @ Lot One. Screaming & kicking my legs because of th ending. The people were also shouting "walao" , "wah!" etc, immediately standing up & leaving. LOL. Tuition'ed today. Finished reading Eclispe. Now working on Breaking Dawn. IM FAST! :D . eight days only. :/ heh.

November 27, 2009 || 10:27 PM

first thing first.
Just learnt about Mr Leong "have gone home to be with the Lord".
Rest in peace Mr Leong. Thank you for being a great teacher. When you came to teach us physics in sec1, many of us took time to accept you. When you became our form teacher in sec2, you've been really great. Patiently teaching us E-maths. You'll not be forgotten.. I'll work hard for E-maths.


Ytd swam w YiQian. She stayed at our house till around 11? or after , watching dramas online.While i read my Eclispe. &, today .. nothing much. Went Causeway Point w 2nd brother, Jasmine jiejie (Not cousin) & mummy. Oh, bought a top & short @ west mall early today. Had udders. :)

November 25, 2009 || 8:22 PM

Just recieved SMS from Pamela (From Chinese Dance @ CC ) , No Dance training on Friday due to Hari Raya ): .
I've skipped a total of 3 trainings by then O:
Woke up really late today. Huai Ren & Yi Qian came .Went BPP for STREETS :) . Ate & then headed to NTUC as mummy buying some groceries. She cooked Spaghetti today :) . Let YiQian used laptop to watch 海派甜心 . She's been laughing. I read New Moon. Am now at chapter 12. wow. Jasmine finished New Moon. MAD WOMAN. Finished in two days, (or one & half? ) . >:( .
Okay. nothing much to post already. Goodbye!

November 24, 2009 || 7:54 PM

Bought another Sembonia (?) bag today. :I .

Today was feeling really tired. Not even in th mood for shopping ._.

PS/ Happy birthday Uncle ! :D

November 23, 2009 || 11:14 PM

Really. My mood was al'right until just now.
All my fault. -_- .
I guess part of it was due to PMS. thanks hor period -.- .

Planning to finish up Twilight (4 more chapters) and start on New Moon book tomorrow .

November 22, 2009 || 5:29 PM

Webcam'ing w huijuan sista now :) .
Woke up quite early today. Met auntie irene & her husband & her son @ lot one. ate, then they decided go IMM, mummy want go there buy flora's things too. Then halfway, cousin they all coming, so met them . Then after awhile, we left. Uncle drove me & mummy home. thank you :) . Oh, Jasmine bought twilight saga series too! comfirm happy only.
Oky. nothing much already :) . Bought new file for next year's use. can fit into my comoditee baby perfectly :) .

Shopping spree!
November 21, 2009 || 10:26 PM

Woke up around 12+ , then mummy finally decide t bring me go Takashimaya shopping! High only. faster prepared myself. Bus'ed 171 to orchard , near Tangs. walked to Lucky Plaza awhile, then went Takashimaya . Ate. Then started walking around. Mummy bought a set of wallet & a small coin pouch w it. Then bought two belts. One for brother each. Really cant find anything that appeals me. So decided go find a top for daddy. went round and round the mall, finally found two comoditee bags. Each at $39.90 only ley!. :/ .

This was supposed to be sharedw mummy. But Mummy says she dont want. yay :) . Mine!

Mine okay , i chose this. Love at first sight :/

My two new love :) .

Okay. Cab'ed home. Reached home around 6+ ? Daddy was at home. heh. Bathed while mummy fed flora. Headed to BPP for dinner. Before that..... went Popular to get...
















Twilight saga collection books. Happy only. Got this another version, its follows the movie one. Its shorter, but i find it not worth it. Cause the movie one i can get DVDs. While the original one i can read from this collection. heeeeeh. Love you mummy.

And this! uh. few days ago... 2nd brother bought for me. eh, too sweet :( .

Okay. end of post for today. GOODBYE :D

November 20, 2009 || 8:47 PM

Hi! :D
Woke up around 12(+) ? -.- . Prepared and headed downstairs waited for auntie beecheng w mummy. Went th temple dunno at where de. See if grandpa's the the name or what there already not. Then ya. Ate @ Holland Village w aunt,uncle, jasmine, mummy, auntie beecheng, yiqian. Then headed to Rail Mall @ Timah. Nothing much already. Dint go for dance again -_- .

flooding :/
November 19, 2009 || 5:08 PM

Went Bukit Timah earlier on w mummy, met aunt, uncle & jasmine. Ate & the weather started t rain heavily. Ended up got this flooding.

Many drivers had to get off the car. Students took off their shoes & crossed the road. The water level reached the knees of adults! scary right -_- . first time see :/ . You can even see dustbins (at roadside) lying on the water, being carried away by the heavy rainwater! When the rain slowly gets lesser, water go into drain , walked to take bus 173 . saw kathlyn! :> . Headed to market @ Batok. Asked the hair stylist if i can cut my fringe like jasmine's. two-way one leh! Can treat as bangs or side fringe. cool only. He say i should wait till around next month, let my fringe grow longer first :( . wait loh~ :) .

Hi twilight! :) . sian only. can only go watch on 4th November cause' jasmine got school on th 3rd ): .

November 18, 2009 || 10:21 PM

Woke up @ 9 am
was still sleepy . but ya. -.- .
prepared & headed to take LRT to lot one . *was kinda late* . I walked slowly because i'm having cramps ): . pain like no need $ -.- .
Reached Lot One, really need find somewhere sit down. YingJie was eating ice cream somemore -_- . Yvonne's late cause she wasnt sure where we were supposed to be meeting. LOL. yingjie only mentioned "meet @ Mac " , but never say where -.- . Bought tickets first. Went Pizza Hut , waited for yvonne & placed our orders. Tomato soup sucks :) . four of us drank really little , and thn we stopped consuming it -.- . Okay, walk walk awhile, then headed t cinema already :)
When got the advertisement on TWILIGHT saga NEW MOON, me & yingjie went high alr. :/ .
Okay whateverrr :> . 2012 was al'right. just abit draggy ._. . Bus'ed home after that :) .

November 17, 2009 || 7:52 PM

Got up the bed at 1.30pm . PRO RIGHT :)
Lunch @ BPP.
I want shopping !
Okay. i played w my hair today by using the hair straightener/curler. whatever you call it. -.-
Tried curling my hair & end up chose to straightened it. HAHAHA
I guess Flora played too much ytd, and had muscle cramp early morning today. Went to pet shop w mummy & bought her medicines/calcium. The pet shop owner said its because of the joint in-between thing, cause never treat properly, so will keep pain. :/ .

So long didnt have her photo up. Found this :

Cant remember when i took this. but i used webcam to take one :/ .

Camwhore time! :>

1; HAIR at normal state.
2; after curling & straightening & curling & straightening, final result -.- . GAWD. -.-

Meeting Yingjie, Yvonne & Jocelyn tmr :>
i hope i can wake up early :/ .

November 16, 2009 || 10:35 PM

Meetup w 6k06'ians cancelled. ):
Wah, holidays are really boring & no life.
Really dont know what to do -.- .
3rd dec dont need see twilight saga new moon already. Cousin's got school. :< Perhaps will watch th movie on 4th, afterwhich i'll head for my dance lesson .

Trying to send the video of the dance performance to my cousin (Karen) .
Rewatched twilight earlier on. :/. heheh. Cant help it :I
whatever it is, feeling really bored now. argh!

Meeting jocelyn,yingjie & yvonne on wed :)


November 15, 2009 || 4:54 PM

Happy birthday 22th korkor ! :)
Morning woke up around 11+ ? :/ . really rotting before heading to b.batok meet aunt, uncle & cousins. Had mac w jasmine, then ya. headed to shop&save find th rest. then cab home. Sunny day today ): . Just changed blogskin. & tada! im here t post >:)

November 14, 2009 || 10:21 PM

Okay. proper post today;

Woke up around 11am . LOL . been waking but around 11-12pm recently ^^ . whatever ..
Was like damn hungry please ):
When mummy finally woke up, i was so engrossed w watching K.O 3AN GUO episode 38 which was released just today online. So yea. told momma ltr then go for lunch. Took bus 176 to BPP, meeting aunt, uncle & cousin (jasmine). Ate. then went arcade w cousin. Hadnt bought new slippers & mummy says later go west mall buy when we go for dinns.
Really rotting at home afterwards. Jocelyn called me up, quite shocking. hahah. Going out w them on Monday for movie " 2012 " . Okay. sorry Jeremy & Ryan for not joining you for movie today. :/ . wasnt interested. Tried to ask jocelyn they all watch other movies. but whatever. -.- . Hope i can wake up early on monday :/ .
Cab to west mall for dinns. Met aunt, uncle & jasmine. Karen & Rianto(her boyf) came afterwards. Headed to koufu to eat. Hear them chit-chat lo, what else? Then headed down to Bengawan Solo for teaaaaa. :) . Mummy bought me a bracelet from SK >:) . Love you mummy.
And oh ya, i dint buy any shoes CAUSE it doesnt suit me AT ALL >:( .

PS:/- hope uncle's leg can recover soon!
- Cant wait for 3rd dec to watch Twilight saga New Moon !

November 13, 2009 || 7:32 PM

I want watch Twilight Sage NEW MOON !
LOL. like getting in love w th movie like that -_- .
starting thought twilight scary. LOL. Watched dvd w cousin, then go crazy alr. :/ .

Done w watching Rolling Love :)
dint go dance training today. boring.

i dont like today's rainy day ):

November 11, 2009 || 11:07 PM

Happy birthday Amanda Ching! :D

Someone's 16 alr worrrr!
ty for always being there femme. :)
I know what day loh! busy whole day luhh, sorry for not texting you laaaaahs .
Love you okie Y
Stay happy. Im always here for you :D

November 09, 2009 || 3:47 PM

Happy birthday T. ZHI XIANG
16 alr, grow up & be more matured okie :D
Stay happy & stop acting cute (HAHA).
Dont always think things far far uh, very no logic :/ .
and study hard! When you come back school then give you present ^^ .


ytd's performance was okay... i guess -_- .
will post video & pictures maybe tmr or what.
bye :)

November 07, 2009 || 9:26 PM

Should not have chiong K.O SAN GUO part 2 so fast ): .
Now end up chiong online :/ .
Performance tmr night.
Stage so big, can faint ): .
good luck me tmr. :D

November 05, 2009 || 9:34 PM

Hello :)
Im currently at cousin's house after dinner w family .
korkor bought me U.D.D.E.R.S ice cream, yaye :D
QW mai jealous oh! :X
Dance training tmr. :D

Addicted to watching K.O 3AN GUO :)
worse is, im so so so so much loving Xiu :)
Okay. enough alr. Having elective history & core geog lesson tmr.
one word - sian :(
I want watch my k.o 3an guo ):):): .
Lets see.... end school at 2.30pm .
doubt will have much time to watch my drama cause dance training's starting at 5pm ): !
Ohya, mummy finally bought "rolling love" 翻滾吧!蛋炒飯 dvd :):) !
*smiles wide wide*

November 04, 2009 || 6:31 PM

Finally got K.O 3AN GUO part 2 dvds :) .
got part 3 also. need wait ): .
Went for core geog just now. Neutral.

November 03, 2009 || 6:45 PM

Done with Zhong Ji Yi Jia , Zhong Ji Yi Ban & Zhong ji san guo (Part 1 ) .
Cant wait for mummy t collect part 2 ):):): !

Madly in love w

Chen De Xiu !

heeeeeh :) .

November 02, 2009 || 7:27 PM

Super pissed off , angry, pekchek.

Dont even talk to me now.
Because i'll scream at you.