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October 31, 2009 || 5:29 PM

Happy birthday S. YING JIE !
Stay happy. we're always here cheering on you oh :)
Enjoy your day aye . :D

Zhong Ji Yi Jia is making my tears keep rolling down >:( .

October 30, 2009 || 10:01 PM

I hate dancing w LONG skirts ): .

finally watching drama in th tv in my room :)
arm pain now. bye.

October 29, 2009 || 3:28 PM

Sorry Elizabeth lovely ):

Finally its last day of school for 2009.
Am relieved :) .
Today's aint good.
dont feel good, dont talk to me.

i HATE people judging me when they dont know me well at all.

October 28, 2009 || 9:10 PM

Last day of school tmr! YAY :DDDD !
im sick and tired of physics SPA & its true >:( .
First period went dental w xinying. Scared like mad ): . The dentist is my neighbour! LOL . he lives in the same condo as me! but idk which block is he living in O: . He's quite nice :D .
Then Chemistry, mrs lam showed us videos. quite funny. hahaha. Then skip skip.
Life Science , lol. laughing w johby & billy. HAHA. Dr Wayne from Ngee Ann poly came t talk t us about BACTERIA. haha. Went w billy go fetch him & then after his talk bring him go bio lab see our equipments. Okay . 2nd korkor came & fetch me.

chionging 终极一家 now .
episode 32 :)))))

October 27, 2009 || 4:38 PM

I thought i lost my baby Guess wallet last night. I left it at the shoe shop after i bought my dancing shoes.. Mummy scolded me like hell & i cried -_- . Lucky today morning mummy tried going Bangkit & see if the owner of th shop got keep, and yes. it was there. thank god.

Sakae Sushi for lunch w auntie huai ren & yi qian & mummy :)
School is really boring. -.- . other thn physics SPA,i think its a waste of time t go school.
Parents-meeting session is coming. sian'ed. -.-


Watch this part3 to part 5 . damn touching, till i cry -_- .

October 26, 2009 || 8:10 AM

24 Oct;
Happy birthday C. Keng Yong ! :)
Stay happy & grow up lah :/ .

stopped watching zhong ji yi jia halfway,
switched to hei tang ma qi duo
heheh. Cause mummy rented th dvds. cause not worth it to buy -.- .
So ya. gonna finish watching them today & then go back t zhong ji yi jia :)

HI :D .
guess where who what when how am i !
Im in schoool! its first lesson now - E-maths :) .
Having class at the computer lab O:
Ms Yue gave us free access for half an hour. how nice :)
Todays' lessons: E-math , Physics (SPA) & English . *sian*
guess where who what when how im sitting with!
im sitting w Serene Pang! Huijuan's beside her! :D
Guess where who what when how im doing!
im blogging, duh . Bored ):
Guess where who what when how will i be switch off this computer?
When its 8.35am (class havent even end! >< )
Guess where who what when how am i feeling now?
Bored like mad & im so uber sleepy ): .
Enough of "guessing" -.- .
Really feeling so sleepy. i wanna go home, watch my hei tang ma qi duo :D .
Okay. enough of updates. too'das !

October 23, 2009 || 10:48 PM

Happy birthday yvonne!
stay happy girl.
Dont ever think low of yourself. :) .
Outing w fathih, billy , kevin. Brought YiQian along. movie'd. Finished the popcorns which was supposed to be shared w billy. LOL :X
Had U.D.D.E.R.S ! *winks* .
Arcade & cab'ed home. pissed off w the taxi uncle. He drove another way, telling me its a faster way. wth -.- . then end up 5.30(?) liddat then reach home. I LEFT WEST MALL AT AROUND 5PM! -.- . Then got traffic jam, he keep talking to himself , just this three words. "damn" , "shit" , "fuck" . No more -.- . mad guy -_- .

Dont feel like talking about school. Dint go class chalet O: .
Today chinese dance started earlier. 5pm. ended around 9.07 pm. mad. Just to rush one new new new new dance. -.- . Heard that we'll be performing on 8th november @ the community club itself. (-.-) Gastric pains ): . Okay. nothing else. bye :)

October 21, 2009 || 9:37 PM

School's whatever. happy cause i passed english. woohoo! :)
Soap-making session was al'right.

Overall products. Billy's , mine, suzin's .

Soaps by us :)

Me, Johby & Billy were fooling around in bus. hahaha. I bite johby's finger cause he kept disturbing me. LOL :/ . heh.
Went home w Billy. :)
PS: Yvonne's birthday tmr! :D

October 20, 2009 || 6:39 PM

E-maths: 51/100
Chemistry: 44/100
Physics: 43/100
Combined humanities: 62/100
Core geography: 59/100

Im super ): . I failed my double pure science. CooooooooooL !!
E-maths, passed. WOW..
gampua sad now. I dint expect Emaths to fared so LOW.
chemistry & physics , scores are so much more than what i expected.. but..
i just dont feel happy.
I spent my attention on physics, end up giving me a F.A.I.L .
i dont wanna drop my science.
its not easy to come t 3E2 ,
if i were called to go back combined science..

super moodless now. DONT TALK TO ME. tyvm.

October 19, 2009 || 4:43 PM

School's starting tmr.
super scared & nervous. why?
getting results tomorrow.
i just hope i dont fail too badly & pass my english.
Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. ): . i just want a pass in english ):
Havent even touch the book review :/ .
help ):

October 18, 2009 || 4:38 PM


Happy 16th birthday dearest keai :)
Sorry for wishing you late >:( .
Will get you your gift. i dont care >:)
Nahr. here's one short "letter" .
Thank you for always being there. Just like what you told me in MY letter from YOU to ME on my birthday, its okay that we've drifted, but its NOT okay if we stop talking/crapping tgt ogays.
O levels' coming, i know its stressful D: , but tell yourself, all these will end soon, mug hard for the last time & O lvl will end :) . Do study hard & go to a course that you want to. After graduation, die die must come back visit ME ^^ . dont give up oh. im always here :) . dont forget, im just eight numbers away.
whatever it is, i love my keai !



Madly in love w this song.

October 17, 2009 || 2:53 PM

Tags replies:

13 Oct 09;
youradmirer ♥
: ihateyou , cause you don't love me anymore !
Dont rubbish!
x.tong: baobeih , relink me alright ? (: luvsyou !

14 Oct;
yingjie: long time nvr tag you .hahas
Thank you :)
Gina's: Don't have meh? Ha.
Never! :X
huijuan: relink me !
samuel: HI qingling ... step yi ge .
Go away. LOL.

15 Oct;
JANICA: didn't see you for 1000000 years already !
LOL!. madwoman. xD
MiaoYu: tagggyyy. Im gonna redl audi LMAO.
LOLLLLL. hahahaha!
VAVARLY !: Jieh ! Cheer up, exam over . Now is to RELAXXXX ! :B
ya. -.- . but next thing is, get back results -_-
♥, HUIMIN: BooHoo ! Exams aree overrr :D
like finally -_-
x.tong: baobeih , missyoudammuchie deh D;
YAAAA . same! >:(

16 Oct;
LGGGG! YAYE :D . me miss you >:(


October 16, 2009 || 4:00 PM

So effing pissed off w th dvds.
irritating shit -.-
I realised something was wrong.
Most episodes, the last part was cut off >:( .
pissed off already !!!

October 15, 2009 || 4:40 PM

exams are over!
comfirm failing :
chemistry, physics & history ! >:(
chionging dramas now.
screw ytd's weather.
okay whatever.

终極一班, here me come!

October 13, 2009 || 7:36 PM

- Chemistry paper dunno how t do, never complete. game over .
- emaths paper 1 & 2 were easy. but i failed to complete paper 2. i hope i dont make any careless mistakes. i dowan fail again ): . easy paper always kills me ): , i dowan pull own class results T.T
- Social studies paper, source based killed me.
- History, no need say. game over.

After tmr's physics paper. IM FREEEEEEE :D .
good luck to a-maths students :)

October 10, 2009 || 11:52 AM

Morning :D .
its raaaaining meows & woofs (cats & dogs) . LOL. ._.

I watched Powerpuff girls movie @ youtube. COOOOL!

okay. going off now.
gonna study core geog today & chemistry tmr. >:)

October 09, 2009 || 5:57 PM

Maths paper 1 is killing me. to you is easy. to me is throw marks away ):
Social studies, im dying on source based. woohoo. what a failure i am -_- .
3 more days of exams & toodas'!
Im so dead now.
Chemistry & geography on monday. zzz.
either one shall fail more badly cause im spending lesser time on one of them. :/
And ya.
i cant wait for next friday to come!

October 08, 2009 || 6:19 PM

before i go mugging..
Today's chinese papers. Gonna do very badly, fail (?) .
Thank you weixian for bother t help to make me do one passage before paper2 :)
Thank you ms teh for the strap. I'll study hard! :)
okay. Gonna go memorise SS already.

October 07, 2009 || 4:23 PM

Chinese paper tomorrow. sucks.
After this post, will go MIA'ing till the irritating exams are over. So,
miss me people! :D
Mummy dont allow me go OBS camp on November. cowbayyyy! i want go lah.
Always say when i grow up, if no maid, i sure die.
Then LET ME BE INDEPENDENT lah. Say what i must learn, learn what shit when you forbid this and that. -___- .

Im fearing exams ): .
help ):
i guess before i finish studying, i'll end up like ...

gee. -.-
Im looking forward to next friday.
Cause i can go for dance traiiiiining already.
okay. im off now.
miss me people. :)

October 06, 2009 || 7:00 PM

School's tiring. sick & tired of going into class. =.=
Ms Teh came YI again today! :)
After school go find Ms Chia. dunno for why im chosen for OBS camp on November. Dont know if parents gonna let me go a not. O:
Cab home. Saw koonhua meowmeow. -.- . Mummy bought me kfc for lunch. ate & watched tv awhile, go for tuition :)
Lin lao shi bought me CHOCOLATE :D
I was whining that im tired, she asked me eat choco, will be more awake.

And yaye. i was better. LOL :S . Argue'ing about maths again. LOL.
Like "I KNOW I KNOW" . -.- .
Came home, bathed . Mummy just passed me Lip SunBlock, which she bought for me today.
idk why but thank you mummy [heart]
Some pictures..
HuiJuan drewed on my hand few days ago.. ^
And here you go, i know you miss it A LOT. :)

Hi baby! (Not bear.) . And oh, mummy called her 'meimei' now, cause each time mummy calls ''MEIMEI!'' , she'll run to her -_- . supposed to be me one lor! >:( . But im still calling her baby. teehees.
and oh, this.
Mid-autumn festival ): . mummy hung lanterns @ the balcony. cute right. i ask her arrange in red, yellow, green , so that will become traffic light , but she say ''doesnt matter one lah '' . ): !
Okay. nothing much to talk. may be doing emaths today & tmr :)
But still,
im sorry for being a burden to the class, pulling down your class results.
im sorry that i joined 3E2.
you know i could do the sums,
but you just preferred looking down on me,

October 05, 2009 || 6:31 PM

Happy birthday Elizabeth lovely!
Hope you like everything today & the gift! :)
I dowanna talk about lessons BEFORE A-maths.
During Amaths, as i just kept my physics TYS book, i heard someone from upstairs shouting "MISS TEH! " . i looked up, SAW MISS TEH! I thought i was crazy. She's supposed to be in China -.- . BUT, OMG. TAKING A CLEARER LOOK, REALLY MS TEH. LOLLL! *shock + HAPPY* . Went YO hub w her find wenxin&co. haha. okay. blah.
Then went back study corner, chit-chat w huimin & peijun.
Then went for physics spa, huimin & peijun pei'ed me. :D
Then ya. bla bla. -.-
Then after school went for physics extra lesson.
after that go out school deh bbq pit celebrate eliz's birthday.
Hope she enjoyed everything. Other than getting flour on my hair, and a bit of choco on my shirt, im in the most perfect condition already. HAHAHA. everyone's got cake on their faces. xD
Will post photos when i got from them :)

October 04, 2009 || 5:37 PM

Nice, i like (:

Woke up today, then go batok eat. bought new tube O:
Then yaaa. etc etc. cab home :)
Went Games Room, tried studying, end up felt sleepy. came home.

October 03, 2009 || 9:49 PM

happy mid-autumn festival!

This year dint get to play candles ): , do you?
Mummy just lit & hung 3 lanterns at t balcony. haha

New books for th day ): ): ): !
i want study companion bodoh ):
Okay. lazy to blog much, sooo .. BYE :D

October 02, 2009 || 4:31 PM

I hope i dint screw today's papers..
After exams,headed to west mall meet aunt & mummy.
Waited for Jasmine t come @ Sakae Sushi :)
Then when leave, wanna go eat U.D.D.E.R.S , saw desiree & johby duckies.
Then ate U.D.D.E.R.S tgt. laughed like mad -.- .
Des & johby keep saying me & jas same one, talk very loud. HAHAHA.
bus'ed home.
and.. ya :)

super great @ dancing lah omgzzzzxxxx -.- should see should see!

October 01, 2009 || 6:11 PM

School's alright except its tiring ):
Stayed back for Physics consultation .
Pissed w Abdullah so much lah.
cowbay -.-
Im soooooo tired now.
English papers' tmr! *screams*
Time suddenly passes so fast ):
Good luck all :) .
ps/ happy birthday zigui :)

im sorry for being so irritating.
im sorry for being noisy.
im sorry for being childish.
im sorry that im always there to lend you a listening ear.
im sorry for being dumb enough.
im sorry for being who i am.
im sorry for trying hard to know more about y'all.
im sorry for everything.
im sorry for thinking that friends accept who each other are...

if there's true friends, pigs can fly & birds can oink.