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Webcam w HuiJuan sista!
September 30, 2009 || 9:13 PM

Lets not talk about school :)
Just ended webcam'ing w huijuan.
Let pictures do the talkings.
"Hi. im gigantic ! "

Made her tie same hairstyle as me. cute right LOL.
Okays. Friday's start for FYE. boohoo.
Irritating exams, irritating subjects & irritating school :(

September 29, 2009 || 8:34 PM

school's okay. throat hurts! ):
Uhhhh.. dunno what else to say.
Pizza for lunch. LOL. pro right -_-
Watching 芳心有李. Fann's marrying Chris today! :)
dunno what t say alr.
byeeeeee :)

September 28, 2009 || 4:10 PM

Hi :D
School's okay. sore throat ): . runny nose ): & headache. ):):):
only NOW im sweating. woohoo -.-
i named my orchid xiao hua. LOLLLLLL. random -_-
go study le. bye.

FYE : faster come & faster go please. you're i.r.r.i.t.a.t.i.n.g !

September 27, 2009 || 2:36 PM

Last night/evening's temperature: 37.1 d.celsius
Today morning's : 37.2 d.celsius
Now: 37.3 d.celsius.
Damn -.-
Going school tmr. zz. comfirm sleep one -_-
i havent finish emath & core geog. zzz.
concentrate too much on physics. -.- .
okay whatever. i hate getting sick.
Hope tmr wont so sway high fever & go home.
me want pass FYE ):
okay. bye (:


Elmo's song! youtube'ing then found this video randomly -.- .
fever's gone :)
Runny nose still ):
okay. going off. BYE! :D

September 26, 2009 || 2:01 PM

Pictures of ytd @ physic's consultation;

Today morning woke up due to blocked nose making me cannot breathe properly. ):
Then ya. watched tv all these.
Then woke mummy up. then bring me go see doctor @ batok's market.
Need wear mask , even though i've got no fever ):
SEEEE. first time wearing. weird. plus th mask is BIG ): . but fun :/
Ate. zzz. crying like one small girl at coffeeshop. why?
forced myself to swallow, then cried & throw temper like one princess or da xiao jie -.-
Then ya. walk walk. Guess whats this:
tada! mummy bought me this pot of orchid. yaye (: .
still thinking to give it a name.
i've got Flora & Fauna. Now what? *thinking*
Okay. so tired now. Dint expect that my muscle dint ache & cramp as much as what i had expected earlier. but still, pain ): .
off to study now.
gonna finish reading up physics & core geography *boohoo*

September 25, 2009 || 9:54 PM

Im falling ill.
Having headaches & gastric pains these few days, and NOW ):
I dowanna talk about school today.
but, i love miss chia. HEHE. she's really nice. :D
then ya. rush home. bathed & got change. headed to Bukit Batok CC @ west mall there.
YiQian joined chinese dance w me!
Okay. first time there, im alr so high. So far, got along well w th seniors. (cause only got 2 seniors!)
Jiayi (zhps junior) was there too! :) .
Stretching sucks. 3 years w/o practice , now do again, can die.
Learnt new dance. Quite easy. lol . but i dont like the song. >:(
Legs are tired. cant even stand properly please -.- .
The 2 seniors danced for TEN YEARS. wth . i only 5 years. sooo, add another 5 years makes ten!
And ohya. i dint sweat. zzz. weird. legs are pain, backbones too. I've got sore throat today ):
I cant imagine how im gonna wake up tmr. Back will be stiff , legs will get cramp. plus sore throat . die. -.- . Mummy gonna bring me go fajar tmr see chinese physician ): .

i dint study 2 hours today. will make up tomorrow.
which means, 4 hours of study -_- .

you know dancing was my passion.
you know how happy i was
when you allowed me go join.
but you made me disappointed today..

September 24, 2009 || 9:48 PM

This is her assistant here..
Ms, qing ling is currently busy physicsing,(study physics)
school according to her is no life...
nothing much to say!!!

September 23, 2009 || 6:44 PM

Currently feeling: tired.
Currently listening t : 留下来 - fahrenheit
School's very very tiring. No energy.
Recess kept asking bugging zay nyein tell me stories. LOL. tonight no need sleep alr -.-
Dont feel so enthusiatic in doing LSS projects anymore.
Bad gastric ):
Laughed like mad girl thanks to johby . ate a total of 16(?) of sweets :X . sorry johby.
and sorry kengpeng, really dint mean to kick your leg so hard x.x

since you dont even know why im not talking to you,
good luck then.
im not gonna do anything anymore.
even though i meant well by CALLING YOU because you're late .
AND i even waited for you, while having a very bad gastric.
All i got from you was a hangup.
Since you're so happy w that new member of your clique,
and need me no more,
Cause you never thought of how i felt.

September 22, 2009 || 4:55 PM

Was soooo tired please ):
okay, last night 2nd kor came home, but his friends were here too!
Marc keep scare me! >:(
Then i go sleep, they mahjong. zz.
Then ya. dint sleep well. i kept waking up in the middle of th night ):
Morning woke up, whole body aching, especially th legs ):
Reached school, like omg, hj, serene & desiree also leg pain. LOL!
Okay. whatever. very tired please ):
After school , walking w Janica & her friend. Really cannot stick w Janica one, WILL LAUGH TILL GO CRAZY D: !
1. We both taking turns tying shoe laces cause it got losen(dk how to spell.)
2. Walking halfway, saw this big thing flying towards us, screamed & pulled janica, she scream also. LOLLLLLLLLLLL!
3. Crossing bridge, she drop my file or smth, forgot, she scream. LOL .
cant remember th rest. really like one madwoman laughing -.- .
Okay, reached BPP, then ya ya ya . ate. Saw tong's friend again. -.- . then walk walk . then home :)

ps/ chua keng yong has got gigantic hands & loves scaring people >:( .
and happy belated birthday (ytd) trevor! :)

September 21, 2009 || 9:01 PM

Hi billy :)
okay morning woke up , rot like -.-
Then fed Flora. waiting for kengyong ahkor reach B.Panjang. then walked to BPP.
Then yea. he keep rushing me AND spam sms my phone, texting "haha.." . lame.
Then ya. Ate KFC . he keep rushing me. zz. saw auntie xiaoling & angel (her daughter) ...
Then yea. walk home, then go take keys for games room, went there study. Ahkor taught me & keep "faster do " zzzz. ): .
Then blah blah. 5+ alr. went home. hahaha.
Then ya. 2nd kor & marc then go work? then ya. i alone at home. D & mummy went th friend's wedding. zz
2nd kor reached.friends came. zz. he keep force me eat pizza. zzz.
okay. bye :)

September 20, 2009 || 8:44 PM

Woke up , rot. tv :/
Went Causeway point w momma & auntie jenny :)

Bus'ed down there, then walk walk . bought a new dress. shit. im wasting $ on dresses. WTH. i've been buying a lot. omg. strange. O:
Ate & went walk walk. Metro! Omg. SALES! Was eyeing on pollocini (?) bags. No. i dont want GUESS bags anymore >:) . Carlo Rino also not bad! LOL :/
Then yea. Dint buy anyth from there, but bought what weird tonics & chocolates (L) . :) .
Then then then....... bus'ed home(?) .

New dressssss :)
Complaining w the weather. then ya. went swimming. GUGUGAGA. then go home, bathed. Online'd. Then ya. Daddy called , me & momma go downstairs , then headed to Bukit Timah there eat. CRABBIES (L) :) . Thn daddy go smoke , then he ask me ''girl ,whats that ah? '' . cause alot people. THEN I SAW " U.D.D.E.R.S " . SCREAMED. LOL . mommy bring me go buy ^^
Okay lame. Went hillview take letters, then came home. Daddy go work alr. heh.
Korkor says th desktop @ my room can work alr. zzz
i want laptop, i dowan desktop -.- . ):
okay. whatever. Before i say goodbye, show you pictures of what you MUST miss :)

*ewwww ewwww ewwww *

not abusing *innocent* , she loves me. no choice.

and if i take away my hand, she'll become like this ^^

goodbye :)

September 19, 2009 || 5:12 PM

i owe you too much photos. sorry. lazy & dunno where i saved it to ._.
I found this : .. ... ....

So unglam. uhh, playing w desiree's bag. LOL. still got another one w huijuan being extra. HAHAHA. Okay lame.
Tuition'ed today. hmm. raining ): .
uhhh. ya. then home. momma sleeping, i dint wake her up, until 1+ , i go to her room say "mummy, 1+ alr. " She scold me for not waking her up . zzzz.
Ordered Mac delivery :)
ate. youtube. fed dog. bathed .

i need to buck up & start revising. -.-

ps: Happy birthday rachel ng ahjie! :)

September 18, 2009 || 3:57 PM

OMG OMG OMG (L) . pause th auto-play music & listen to this, NOW >:)

and this this this!

13 more days to EOY. *worry* . i hadnt start any revision.
High chance of failing: chemistry, physics, core geog & english :)
yay -.-
okay. im not going for chinese dance again today. next week! next week! >:) .

Stay happy & grow up lah. so lame :> .
Got your present alr lah kay. tmr then i settle w you whatever you suan'ed me today :)

- Tmr's rachel ahjie's bday! :D
- 3 more days to trevor's bday!

September 17, 2009 || 9:11 PM

I got the rights to talk here!!!
Thank you qing ling for the timetable!!!

September 16, 2009 || 9:15 PM

Bye. chey~.

Morning woke up, kor drove me t school. Then yea. Assembly was okay. Lent billy calculator. Amaths was okok, rotting w joevenn they all. Then Chemistry. Physics , free period. rotting w hj, serene, zay nyein , wei xian, jocelyn & yj . Played moments of truth after doing core geog -.- Then Social studies. did work. OPEN BOOK TEST? -_- . Then assembly. Playing w Fauna (pencil case) . Ate at reading terrace. Then went for LSS. really boring like shit -.- . Then bus'ed home w jocelyn. laughing like mad. HAHA. then liddat loh.

bored bored bored.

September 15, 2009 || 8:10 PM

Morning woke up, Daddy drove me t school.
Etc etc. History, dint bring file. LOL. 9 of us need get 10 signature from teachers, but kp need get 14. LOL. Chinese was boring. time passing so slow. sat w priscilla. I thought i heard bell rang, i asked pris, she told me never. I THOUGHT I INSANE ALREADY. but really got ring loh! -.- .
Double free period, doing homework given by mdm azizah & mdm junaina. Then Interaction. Then went market. Cab home w mummy ^^
Home. youtube'ing all the way. -.-
tired . bored.

YAY! PLURK'S KARMA : 81.00 !

September 14, 2009 || 7:12 PM

Woke up kinda late. rushing like madwoman -.- .
2nd kor drove me to school, as usual, nagging like a granny :x
Thn yea. wasnt late like i-dont-know-why .
Thank you billy for th b'gums :)
E-history was so-so . Then English. LOL. Emily acting like madwoman, playing my fauna (pencil case) . She did all weird things & tortured fauna! >:( . See, she tagged me @ th tagboard. SHE'S SICK ! >:) . hehehe.
Recess w huijuan & sereneeee. Then Social Studies. First thing was disturbed by johby. >:( . Then jiehui go indirectly shoot me -_- . Crapping w kengpeng & we both last (core geog students) to finish th essay! LOL. >:) . Then Core geog. okok lor. When walking to E-math , zay nyein & weixian talked about history, where mr lee said what, japanese used to be quite short, what eat what burgers what thing, they're taller. LOL. THEN WEIXIAN & ZAY NYEIN SHOOT ME LOH. Say what, im maybe a japanese or what weird thing, should eat more burgers to grow taller -___________- . ROAR! . okay, E-math lesson, did worksheet. chiongggg (: . dint finish, too boring. Then went caltex w jocelyn & yj. ate cup noodles. Then went back school cause got what Singapore poly thingy, IN THE END GO TAKE ONE BROCHURE NIA! -_- . Cab'ed down to BPP, find momma & auntie jenny. Then walk walk, mommy bought ; 終極 一班 , 終極一家 & 敲敲爱上你 dvd! :D ! teeeheeeeee >:) . Ohya! i saw xitong! O: . Okay, lame -.- . Walked home. Mommy prepared steamboat for dinns! yayyyy :) . Just finished eating.
its been so long since i got to eat dinner w family whereby everyone's at home. Flora come extra also! O: . hehe.

i want exam faster come,
i need buck up .
after exams,
aim: chiong finish all dramas. LOL :/

September 13, 2009 || 8:56 PM

Happy Birthday Mummy ^^

Woke up super early, tuition'ed . then yea. came home, went batok market w mummy to see the chinese physician.Dint really talk cause, I dont like the doctor. -.- . Then yea. medicine sucks >:) . Headed to BPP, ate , walked home. Then rot. fed flora, rot, bathed, watched powerpuff girls on youtube, fahrenheit on youtube & by2 on youtube :) . Then bus'ed down to west mall. god, i thought i was th last to reach, but it turned out that im the first >:( . Then helped cousin (Raymond) buy his peppermint milk tea. Waited for all to reach, ate at Mayim :) . Then walk walk abit, cab home. Now blogging & need prepare for school tomorrow.

Time flies like butterflies,
especially when you're having fun.
im still in my holiday mood.

September 12, 2009 || 9:46 PM

Hi . morning woke up, went toa payoh w momma. lrt'ed to pending, met auntie jenny, bus'ed to toa payoh. ate. walk walk. then home. Rot , did homework. went west mall for dinner. now youtube'ing again :) Okay, post more tmr. too'das.

September 11, 2009 || 10:37 PM

Hello! Morning woke up quite early. Then played psp in room till 12+ . LOL. momma thought i sleeping -.- . Okay, Lot One for movie w cousin. Ate w momma, aunt & jasmine. Then walk walk, then yea. Then movie; wanted to watch 'G-force' , but then vouchers (2nd kor bought last time during outing w sheryl & co. ) is valid only for $8.00 tickets. zz. So watced '' Aliens in the attic " . Not bad ley. LOL. ._. Went home by LRT . then yea. bathed, did abit of geog, ate , youtube alr.

Still love them most :) , Y

September 10, 2009 || 6:55 PM

Hi :D
Morning woke up by the thunders )':
Okay whatever.
Went westmall w aunt, momma, cousin :)
Ate and then go mac (hot chocolateeeeeeee) :D
bus'ed home.
rot at home till now.
i'd completed my SOCIAL STUDIES homework ^^

i cant stand this lappy anymore. Keep having music playing from nowhere like I-DONT-KNOW-WHY-EITHER. kor dont even wanna take a look and just say "normally if got sound, means going spoil already. even if spoil, is also you spoilt it. " . zzzzzzz. everything me -.- . Li hai lor! >:(

September 09, 2009 || 5:40 PM

Dint go for physics today. Ytd alr fainting -.-
Cramp'ing like shit now -.- . Going to do hw alr.
and ohmysky, im loving yan ya lun so much please >:)

September 08, 2009 || 5:46 PM

Morning woke up thanks to alvan's morning call. wapiang, so early please -.-
slacked . bathed & headed to fajar.
Then went Mac w xitong cause' alvan went home get changed.
Then ate, then talk talk, wait for mdm ong return call. Then go help her buy food.
Then walked to zhenghua pri OUTSIDE gate 2, waiting for mdm ong so long lah ): . Saw Instructor Ng , she almost couldnt reconize me ))): . Then yea. SHE TOLD ME THAT HER DANCE LESSON @ BUKIT BATOK CC FREE DE LEH! . Then was chit-chatting and laughing alvan & tong.
Then when mdm ong finally reach, headed into hall. So many juniors. -.- . Then i know who was the "twin" of me, the water tap - the girl(RuoYan) who quarrel w gavin. LOL. zzz . she quite cute ley xD
Then, went dance studio, staff room chit chat. then all that.
Then yea. went hall , walannnnn. the ruoyan guailan me -.- . I almost shoot her back de lor. -.- . Xitong also buey tahan. LOLLLLLLL! Okay, till 3+ , left. pei xt walk till her there, then alvan pei me walk to lrt there. OHYA OHYA OHYAAAA!

ALVAN SCARE US when me & tong go toilet >:(
we pranked gavin & andy that xitong was hospitalized . HAHAHA. mdm ong also kept laughing. HAHAHA.

im losing interest w physics.
i cant do it.
damn -.- . Mommy just agreed t let me join the dance (if th timings not late) ,
i know i cant afford to do badly for EOY, cause' i'll lose them...
GAH. DAMN IT -.- .

September 07, 2009 || 7:51 PM

Okay, not gonna say th trip to sungei buloh until got photos :/
Nahr Billy Anggakusuma, :

but because of your irritating'ness, people laugh :)
I love recieving kinderjoys! *hint* . HEHEH! *giggles*


September 05, 2009 || 10:15 PM

Morning wokeup, finish washing up, wanna sit down eat biscuits, tutor came alr -.-
Then after tuition, went market @ batok. Met aunt, uncle, jasmine & her aunts w momma.
then ate & walk walk & went home.
Went to fajar, met aunty jenny. Walk walk, mommy go rent dvd - 搜神专
Home. Then after awhile, went fajar again. Go find th uncle @ vcd shop, modify my psp :))))
Then went BPP, ate mac & then bought flora's snacks.
Then came home. Then yea. :) . Fed the dog & now watching dvd :)
before saying goodbye:


Report book's back.
September 04, 2009 || 7:16 PM

Results are here:
English: C6
Chinese: A2
Mathematics: C5
Chemistry: C5
Physics: C5
Combined Humanities (SS, HISTORY): A2
Geography(Revised) : C6

first time fail english test. The stupid kuku results for english never add in one component, so yea. next term then they'll add in...

Gah. so unhappy & unsatisfied w my results; ESPECIALLY MATHEMATICS & CHEMISTRY.
Okay qingling, you seriously NEEDS TO STOP BEING SO CARELESS, you dumbass -.-
aloy showed me this.
gugugagageeghee. i want take this course in poly please ):
1. dont even know if i can pass my O levels. (LOL!)
2. Emotionally unstable humans like me can meh -.- . (shit you loser ql -.- )

gaaaah ): . Holidays finally here! But screw it.
1) Holidays not like holidays -.- . need go back school for lessons. D:
-Monday: Sungei Buloh trip for geography , to me is seriously go feed insects nia -.-
- Wednesday: School for lessons.

2) Homework are stacking like mountains & volcanoes. zzz.

Tuesday, chances i'll bring that THICK & IRRITATNG physics book out along is high -.- .
okay, too'das.

September 03, 2009 || 6:15 PM

Bus'ed home w jocelyn. Got this bunch of guys, older thn us. walan eh. want say us jiu say lah -.- . Need go one big round, purposely anot. Plus, seriously, please grow up lah. Just because you're tall & big size, say people short? Sorry lor, dont be jealous over my petite size, because' you aint skinny. Even if you're not talking about us, please lah, dont be so irritating k. need PURPOSELY stand IN FRONT OF US anot? . ohmysky. -.- . Ugly people makes the most noise. HOW TRUE! :) . Im not pretty, im not nice-looking, but at least i dont do things PURPOSELY machiam you like that okie? :)

Im so tired. ):
I wanna give up on studies alr. -.- .
I wanna go back 3e3 instead -_-

September 02, 2009 || 9:05 PM

im so sick and tired of everything.
I wanna close my eyes & sleep, w/o having to think so much.

Happy Teachers' Day !
September 01, 2009 || 10:18 AM


Okay, gonna list teachers' names down :)
Primary school:
- Mr Ee
- Mdm Ong
- Mdm Toh
- Ms Neo
- Mrs Chong
- Mdm Lim
- and all who taught me before :)

Secondary School:
-Ms Teh
-Ms Tay
-Ms Chia
-Mrs Lee (no longer teaching alr ): )
-Ms Yap
-Ms Seet
-Ms Yue
-Mr Yen
-Mr Darren Tan

i spent th whole day ytd watching powerpuff girls on youtube -.-
Okay lame. LOL :/ .
Cant wait for september holidays to come. I wanna go back see chinese dance >:(
Okay, tonight got dinner (?) at fajar. lol. th praying thing. o.o
soooo, might be posting again ltr.
too'das. :)


PPG :D .