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August 31, 2009 || 4:16 PM

Super bad day today. What nice people huh. plan things then last minute do stunts? Next time want meetup, please dont come up w problems can bo?

So pissed off today. Tio pangseh'ed like shit -.- . cowbay

Happy teachers day to all great teachers : Ms teh, ms tay, ms chia, mdm ong, mdm toh, ms neo, mr ee, ms yap, ms yue & etc. :D
Miss Chia told me something. O: . I promise i'll not give up easily :D .

Watching some powerpuff girls videos. LAME I KNOW -.- . but it makes me happy :D

i need cut down eating junk food.
August 30, 2009 || 10:15 PM

I woke up quite early. watched tv, online'd
Today rain'ed whole day sia -.-
Then Went BPP. ate . met auntie jenny & her son, joshua :)
Then went home. STILL RAINING.
then rot at home,
then went lot one , met auntie jenny again. went to eat korean food xD
Then walk walk awhile.
then home.

I guess i ate too much junk food ): . stomach upset )):


haha. joevenn ng came behind me & shouted "dog" -.- . i wasnt shocked. o.o
Ms teh sent me th photos alr. yay :D . im so ugly please ):
ugh. tmr joevenn pei'ing me go staff room. yaye! :DDDDDD

Meetup w pri school co. again tmr! woohoo! :D

August 29, 2009 || 7:46 PM

Morning woke up,nothing much also
momma pray finish, jiu bus'ed w her to batok's market.
Ate mac w jasmine
Then walk walk abit, jiu bus'ed home.
Then tuition'ed at 1pm
Then came home.
bath, etc & then did some homework.
Now watching Journey to the centre of the Earth

PS/ why cant school dismiss earlier on monday !@#$%^&* I want go back zhps lah -.-
GOING BACK ZHENGHUA SEE CHINESE DANCERS during sept one-week's holidays w alvan & Andy ^^
Andy!(although you wont read this) , say hao dont bball w alvan, but pei me le hor! >:))) . teehees.

August 28, 2009 || 3:06 PM

Failed english.
9 people pass nia .
mother scolded me cause she say is because i never study, never read newspaper.
crazy -.-

BOON KEAT says on my bday, he'll buy me crumpler if he can find people khup $ ! :D

HuiJuan,Serene & Rachel ahjies:
Stay happy. I hope after what happened today, we've understood each another more?
I'll be here always deh okies? :)

Gina twinnie:
TwinTwin, cheerup al'rights :D
Cry finish, everything will be okay :)
We this group (Tong,me, alvan,gavin & andy ) will be here ^^
Okay, now everything's fine.
If he treats you bad, let go. okay?
I dont want you to be like that anymore.
Not worth it. Okays?
we (L) you :)

August 27, 2009 || 8:06 PM

Raining today ):

After school, reached home around 3pm.
Then went to find gina & xitong.
Then waited for alvan.
Then went into bpp , waited andy at taxi stand.
Ate at KFC. Gavin came.
Then headed for library. Tong left after awhile.
LOL. we're a bunch of loud kids. then librians keep coming talk to us. LOL.
then gavin very funny. LOL ._.
Gavin then scare me. screw you -.- .
So yea. Then done w mdm ong's card, we all left. Pei'ed gina go buy her food. lol.
then walked home :)

Came home. bathed.
sms'ing andy now. finding people disturb in msn.

August 26, 2009 || 9:22 PM

School'ed. passed chem & physics.
i hate myself -.- .
keep doing careless mistakes.
screw duck damn me -.-
Life science was irritating. idk why. so pissed off. not serious, sua. Dont need do some LAME jokes or act cute please. cowbay. Help you do research liao, explain things to you, mai listen, then shoo lah. cowbay -.- .
Bus'ed home w chinyen, she came my house. hahaha. talked alot of things.

Vivi; Thank you for everyth. Really. (L)

Then phoebe & her momma came. Then we walk to bpp. chinyen take lrt home. Bought two tank tops, dresses (L) . Then 2nd kor came. Went ''streets'' to eat. Then momma bought 2nd kor a bag, he happy liao. xD. then me & kor keep starring @ mirror. LOL.
then i say ''eh, we both dont look alike sia. ''
then he jitao reply "of course lah, i so handsome, you so ugly "
okay. then he drove us home. think he go out alr. :/

Meetup w gina, xitong, alvan, andyG (& maybe gavin) tmr. :DDDDDD

August 25, 2009 || 6:43 PM

22 aug:
Met Rabbit (Jane) before going to Shelly's house.
Took LRT. Then JieYing came and fetch us from the LRT to Shelly's house. Jane almost forgot to write the birthday card.Wrote it at the void deck before going up. LOL.
When we reached, we went to Shelly's room, cause outside got alot of her relatives.
Then me and Janewent out to eat. eldest korkor came shortly.He keep bully rabbit -.- . Force her finish his food. zzz. After eating, we went back to Shelly's room. I kept playing jane's phone games.
Pei'ed rabbit went out to buy bubble tea. LOL.Came back just in time for photo taking and cake cutting session.

PhotobucketMark, Rabbit, Yangmehmeh, idk who , idk who. Shelly (bday girl) - PANDA , bambi (me)
Went back to Shelly's room and played w jane's phone again.Waited for Junhong(bearbear) , 2nd kor , KoonHua (meowmeow) and ShengRong (worm) to come before leaving.Daddy then came and fetch me & rabbit home.
PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket YangMehMeh & Panda

Photobucket Rabbit & Panda
Photobucket Bambi & Panda PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketedited from jane's hp. MACHIAM NEOPRINT MACHINE LOH -.-
Went home with CUPCAKES :D
still got alot photos one! >:(


i dont wanna talk about ytd .
I'll take it as i failed SS, cause' i dont need marks given like that.

August 23, 2009 || 8:44 PM

I'll wait for rabbit (jane) to give me th codees .
fun @ shelly's bday party :)

Morning had tuition
irene auntie came w her family.
taught her son english -.- .
he DINT EVEN LISTEN. *pissed*
Watching 当狗爱上猫. crying like mad. BAILEY DIED ): .
Spent my day updating blogshop & editing blogskin for cheehuijuan -.-
eyes popping alr. LOL.
teehee. okay. Bye :D

August 21, 2009 || 4:00 PM

Morning woke up, prepared & headed for school.
boring speeches.
First session w zay nyein. okok bah. LOL. triangles -.-
Then suzin's pigeon hole principles . quite fun. :D
breaktime in class booth. ducky was playing violin :)
LOVE STORY! :D I like her 下一个天亮 :)
Then went for andyL's session. take the lead. lol. no comments.

Cab down to BPP.
then ate w aunty jenny & momma.
rained heavily
2nd kor come fetch us.

August 20, 2009 || 4:27 PM

Sorry for not coming online these two days cause' class tests are killing tonnes of my braincells.

Tuesday :
Cant remember. studied SS.

happy birthday jocelyn :)
So many tests! kill me please.
Life science, Benjamin came back.
lol. boring. did revision nia.
Bus'ed home. chiong study.
slept quite early :/ .
Kengyong ahkor keep laugh me >:(

he spammed call me 10 times. LOL :/
2nd kor woke me up @ 5+ . then yea.
he drove me to school :)


dying -_- . Just came back. lol.
Idk why. nowadays lappy keep auto got music play. wth -.- . DAMN IRRITATING. i cant find where it came from somemore. *dulan* -.- .

August 17, 2009 || 3:59 PM

so many tests coming.
duck dog cat meow wolf woof ROAR -.-

Today: physics test. (I SCREWED IT UP. THANKS :D )
wednesday: Social studies
thursday: history , e-maths & chemistry (damn)

Somemore, tmr need stay back cause going through chemistry paper.
Wednesday got life science
Okay. chuaqingling needs to buck up -.- .

Gina twinnie;
thank you sweetie, for the sweet post :)
i swear i love you.
Meetup soon. <3

PS:/ i miss gina, xitong, huiyu,alvan , andyG , gavin ; chin weng & ryan :) (cw & ryan is they ask one. LOL )

August 16, 2009 || 11:12 AM

so many tests coming.
wtheck -.- .
bangthewall D:
Ytd was uber boring. ohyea. after blogging, i watched ANOTHER CINDERELLA STORY. :) . Messaging andy.G . lol. sorry andy! for falling asleep :x. & cheerup ^^
i miss primary school times. alot. ):
playing catching everyday -.- , falling down (LOL) and girlfs will always bring me go sick bay put medicine, then i'll pull their hair all these. LOL :/ . I miss times in class with mr ee/mdm ong. ):
But im happy enough that we're still tgt as a group :
Gina, Xitong,Huiyu, alvan, gavin, andy and MEEEEE :D
morning woke up. -.- . Momma's relative came O:
Then yea. tuition'ed @ the games room at another block -.- . Collect key from the security guard. the indian one ask me " girl you sec 2 ah? '' . ROAR -.- . Then end tuition, went BPP. Jack's place :) . FULL -.- . Okay siannnn. andyG go sleep already. pig -_-

i want meetup w primary school co.
i want sleep
i dont want tests.
i dont want school
baaaaaah! -.-

August 15, 2009 || 6:59 PM

Tags replies
Shermine: BLAHHHH. your ostrich lah. :D
Ariffin: [: . I'll lend you my ear one k! :D
qin : YOYOYO :D
Ching ♥ : Hi! No. i thought you fly to other planet liao! So long never talk to me >:(
- Gina: Hi twinnie. Yes. i need pass you your bubble shorts too :D

I woke up super early. Prepared myself, daddy sent me to school too early, so on th way decided to go outside school de coffeeshop :D . then go meet jocelyn & went into school. Went market. Then Batok mrt. Then back to market & then school. *tired* . Aunt, uncle, jasmine's aunt & momma donated alot ^^
Then yea. Bus'ed home. then jasmine, aunt,uncle, jasmine's aunts, niece & nephew came. Auntie silvia & yanyan came after that. me, auntie silvia , jas & her niece and nephew went swimming. lol. taught the two small kids how to breathe in water & the kicking one -.- .
Okay, then went into steam room. then after awhile bathed. lol. cousin go home take clothes first, then i bathed the two small kids. FIRST TIME PLEASE -.- . Then yea =.= . then home. Went BPP. ate & jas's uncle came :O . walk walk awhile. Home :)
Now going do chem homework.

So much tests going on next week! >:(

what else ah? LOL -.- . *sianed*

August 14, 2009 || 4:27 PM

I cant upload my photos. -_____-
nvm .

August 13, 2009 || 1:09 PM

Dint go school today :/ .
Headachhhhe ): .
Went fajar just now! Went to see th chinese physician cause' nowadays gastric verrrrry pain.
Then yea, MEDICINE sucks :)))) .
Think going tio sore throat already. ZZZ. walao -.- .

August 12, 2009 || 7:48 PM

thanking these people for ytd :)

Thank you so much so much for teaching me chemistry on the phone. Im sorry that i comfirm fail this time ): . Thank you kengyong ahkor for the morning call, staying awake cause know i will go back sleep (idk really anot. LOL) . but, after hang up th phone, i really slept. LOL :x .

Okay, school sucked. im tired like shit, but LSS killed my boredom :) . Bus'ed home alone. :) . Not staying at hillview alr :). So yea :D

August 09, 2009 || 5:10 PM

Im finally back home :) . Stayed @ new house for two nights :)

7 aug:
- I forgot details. i only rmb at night, teacher jenny (ex-tutor) came w her husband to new house. Me , aunt , momma & jasmine were @ BPP. lol. :) . Watched HOTEL FOR DOGS vcd :) .

- Tuition'ed.
- BPP meet momma & aunty jenny.
- Lot one w momma :)
- Bought new schoolbag ^^ . Realised same design as ducky. ROAR >:( . But my one no board. WALAOOOOO! -.- . look like turtle. !&*())!@#$%^&*( . But desiree's from dickies or smth. -.- .
- Stayed @ new house. watching YOU'RE MY DESTINY all the way :) . im at part 3 now :) .
- IMM w momma, aunt, uncle & jas. :)
- Home. watched YOU'RE MY DESTINY
- Slept quite late O:

- Woke up super early. Korkor off my air-con. ~!@#$%#$%^&*()-
- Rotted. TV all the way till 11 plus.
- BPP, met aunty jenny again. ate @ THE STREETS again -.-
- Bought new hair straightener,curler, idk whats th name. but its good leh :/ . Cause' it also moisterises your hair. $200bucks :X .
- Home. Completed that irritating chinese compo. Im left w english compre & social studies. *sianed* .
- I cant watch YOU'RE MY DESTINY cause no dvd player. shit -.-

August 07, 2009 || 11:50 AM


boring in school. tired. headache ): . Then yea. I PASSED MATHS. screw it caused i made careless mistakes, as usual >:( . I went new house. and i saw jiaying or smth. I was on walking on th bridge, when she saw me from th new house, she shocked. LOLLLLL. Bathed & watched you're my destiny :) . But after awhile, she, marc & 2nd brother went off le. Then i continue watch lah. fei hua :X . Then went market meet aunt & cousin. daddy go work or smth. Then ate. went home :) .

No internet seriously SUCKS TO THE CORE ! >:( . imagine i woke up SOOOO EARLY. -.- . Homework & schoolbag is at new house ^^ . I need a new schoolbag. PLEASE ): . Okay whatever. Miss teh's flying to china today! >:( . idk the time. Bon Voyage miss teh! :))))
blaaaaah. Idk do what now. GRR. I WANNA WATCH 'UP' -.-BOOHOO ):

i've took my first step.
now the next,

August 05, 2009 || 9:31 PM

August 04, 2009 || 6:26 PM

Just done w doing miss teh's gift :)
Miss teh, must remember to keep in touch okay.
i dont care. I DONT CARE >:(
Be happy, healthy & come back whenever you can. >:)

okay. back to normal posting.
Slept alone in my room, DUH.on floor D:
Morning woke up, prepared & school'ed.
Passed history, Failed core geog. 7/25 :) . Still can so happy. zzz
No. i hate emaths. pissed off. D:
cab'ed down to west mall find aunt, cousin, momma, aunty huairen & yiqian :)

i feel like giving core geog up.
im not a core geog student. GRRRR.

August 03, 2009 || 10:02 PM


School's boring, irritating. Emath test tmr. shit damn duck dog boohoo!

August 02, 2009 || 9:54 PM

Morning woke up.
Headed to market for lunch.
Went new house. watch one episode of 命中注定我爱你 :)
cab'ed down to west mall for dinner w aunt, unle & cousin :)
Walk walk awhile, bus'ed home :)
Now shengrong (worm), junhong (bearbear) & another stranger at my house waiting for 2nd brother come home.

Melvin(MooMoo), cheerup.

August 01, 2009 || 10:02 PM

so tired now. tuition tomorrow. *sianed*

i wanna be happy, just like before.