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July 31, 2009 || 5:02 PM

Im fine now people, i guess. Dint talk so much in school also. Billy ang, stop trying to make me cry -.- . Ordered BOF's notebooks from xinying :) . yayeeee. but 1 month. walaooooo ): . is super LONG deh can ): . Just hung up th phone w benjamin. Maybe next (next?) wed he coming back yusof. yay :D
PS:/ I hadnt cried enough ):

Some attention-seekers simply loves bitching about people. This is one thing. Whats worse is, they think TOO HIGHLY of themselves. No. Stop dreaming. If you have so many question marks, and sooooo unhppy, TELL ME. there aint any need to tell the whole world. What if i do the same? HOW HOW HOW.

July 30, 2009 || 8:06 PM

Thank you BaoRu,ChanChai, Jason, Johby for coming :)
Baoru & suzin for the huggies :) .
I dont understand why we lost. zzz. but its okay. I know we've done our best. Dreams come true eh -.- . I dreamt about we lost, then really lost! >:( . But good thing is, alot people came to visit our booth :) . Going to find Mr Chew tmr w biotech team...

Miss tay; thank you for all these while. Sorry that we dint win. I know you're so upset too ): .

i want do again! like what you said, we finish another project this year, next year send for competition! >:( . -sigh- . Not in the mood now. bye.


MR chew... both the same like to make long speeches~!!

still have more w miss tay :)

thank you trevor & sorry for eating all ur chocolates. haha. he gave me th chocolates, i stopped crying alr. LOL billy ang made me cry again -.-. a-hole. LOLLLL.

Biotech fair'09
July 29, 2009 || 8:27 PM


I dont have the pictures. lost USB cable. shit -.- .
when got it from peeps will upload ^^ .
Today's presentation was okok lah :/
Nervous at first. x.x

Wanna thank the following people:

Still, i still need to find people to go tmr ):
I really hope we'll win. We did soooo much better than last year :)
But, yay. Its over.
Results' out tomorrow. *excited*
We've done our best. sooo, YAY. WE ROCK :D

July 28, 2009 || 8:44 PM

Been staying back in school for last struggle of biotech fair till 7+ these two days.
tmr's th day.

Billy: sorry! D:

July 26, 2009 || 1:56 PM

Gone to LiveJ. :)

continue tagging :) . will reply tags :D

July 19, 2009 || 8:14 PM

Morning woke up. tuition. then ate abit. then ppl come view house. head t new house w momma. bpp next. then home. sushi for dinns again. LOL then yea. rot. ): .
school tmr. GAAAAH -.-

July 18, 2009 || 8:49 PM

Blogging now.
i dont have pics for ytd. ):
nvm. kenna niam like shit -.- .
Bus'ed down to ngee ann. giving a stupid sian'ed face. sorry ):
then yea. got lecture by th science thing. then, played games.
first was the box thingy. Then scrabble. then i think is water & then the game where all groups came tgt. very kuku caterpillar walk & passing polky sticks by mouth -.- .
Then they got change, then all giving those "cheers" . HAHA.

Joevenn's famous for his :
& everyone will say "JIAO"

ROFL. then korkor waiting for me in th car freaking long. he keep niam me lah -.- . zz. i stupid lah kay-.- .

stayed overnight w parents & flora @ new house. today morning woke up, bpp for lunch. bought alot things :)
(L) my new watch & earrings :D .
sushi for dinner :)
thank you li qi sweetheart for th blogsong code (L)

July 15, 2009 || 7:11 PM

School's tiring -.-

morning woke up, prepare. bad hair day ): . damn. raining somemore ):
daddy brought me t school . Then yea. A-math, slacked w joevenn they all. hahaha.
Then Chem pure, sleeeepy -.- . Physics, hmm.. gotta self-study ):
Then recess'ed w jocelyn & yingjie. Then core geog, laughing like mad thanks to kengpeng. xiasway~ . OH YA, TH MAP HOR, CHINA THERE GOT THIS MOUNTAIN CALL QIN LING
was like shit you people =.= . Zay nyein says he wondered what does it look like, does it look like ME? short -.- . ROAR! >:( . then ya, whole class laughed.funny horrrrrrrr .
SS, nothing much. rot. -.- . Then assembly @ homeroom. zzz. racial harmony thing. zz.
Aft school, rot awhile, go life science. plannings. then go home ler. :)

Ngee Ann poly on friday. weeeee~

July 14, 2009 || 8:14 PM

today's super tiring.
i dont know why.
history, i just wanna sleep.
then chinese. worse. the new teacher so weird. LOL.
Then recess. then english. Social studies. johby & jiehui indirectly shoot me -.- . i really tired till closed eyes.
Then C. Geog. boring. Ritual, chitchat w xueyan & her co. hahaha.

2nd korkor came & fetch me. headed to west mall. Then find aunt & mommy. went to buy sushi cause' very hungry. korkor say i very scary. eat so much ): . I NOT FULL YET LOH. went new house, ate 1 pkt maggie . LOLLLL :/ . like pig sial ): . now at home. IDK. I JUST FEEL LIKE ROTTING & SLEEPING.

July 13, 2009 || 8:39 PM

SCHOOL'S BORING ): . im in LSP for e-math now. lucky i've got rachel ahjie >:)

if you can have a wish, what will it be?

July 11, 2009 || 9:39 PM

No. i dont wanna move house now.
cowbay sial!
ytd we moved some stuffs into new house, then i holding th dog + trying to hold th door open. COWBAY, this malay guy SAW ME TRYING TO PULL TH DOG COME BACK, then he go near flora. OFCOURSE IT WENT TO HIM & SMELL. THEN TH GUY DIAO ME !@#$%^&*()_ . nothing better to do or what?

the neighbour living JUST OPP US, another guailan one. bad to maid, not my problem. so what rich? big ducks liao lah?! children only give innocent face. COWBAAAAAAY.
i seriously comfirm + chop, when move there, COMFIRM NO PEACE ONE! cowbaycowboo. why? adults already. sibei dao. my problem? children give what innocent face -.- . small kids big lah? G.U.A.I. L .A.N
roar! im super dee dooper mama momo gugugagagheeghee pissed off . SO WHAT PEOPLE LIVING IN THAT CONDO IS RICH? DUA LAH? MY DUCK LAH -.-.

went swimming @ jurong east w cousin & her neighbours again :) .
yes. obviously im just back from new house. w a darn angry & dulan mood. zzz.
now better cause' JANDI'S CHECKERED BAG ARRIVED! *smiles wide wide*

July 10, 2009 || 7:08 PM

Morning woke up, headed to school. whatever.
school's boring. but today's time passes fast. haha.
went dismiss , then rain -.- . getting bigger somemore. *grr* .
went round finding ppl pei me wait cab.
FINALLY~ , joevenn ahkor say he pei me. YAY! So yea, peiyong, zhiwei & joev pei'ed me walked out. so many ppl waiting cab sia -.- . then saw one cab go in th hdb there, faster go catch up. thank you people :D . Reached home, bathed. bus down t market. saw hj ahjie. then went to eat. cab home again cause' momma bought ALOT of things -_- . Then yea. slept. :/ . audi . rot.
going school tomorrow for e-history. *sianed* .

July 09, 2009 || 10:14 PM

busy like a beeee ):
school was boring. duck loh -.- . home, audi, go new house, watched WHY WHY LOVE. grrr. -.-
irritating. MUAHAHA. tmr's friday! which means, weekend coming~~ *smile wideeeewideeeeee* >:) . nothing t do sial -.- . rot.

idk her name, JiaYing I THINK :/ . if you're reading this, send me th photos taken ytd ley! D: . MUST OGAY :D .

July 07, 2009 || 6:42 PM


mingxian, idk what to post for you, neither i doubt you see. HAHAHA. but still,
stay happy & be more matured. HAHAHA. Stay funny & handsome(ya la, let u happy awhile. LOL) . Next gathering must come meet us kayyyy! :D
now my turn to give you a LONG LONG post aye? :)
You're officially 15! and, yea. we knew each other at th age of 11. which meannnnns, this is th 4th year of our f/ship. I know it'll last lonnnnnng.
We used to be a bunch of retards. playing catching everyday. Fooling around in class. HAHAHA.
Yes, we LOVE quarrels during those times. idk why. Even till now, i still treat you like a best friend. Confiding you & all that. I (L) you kukumany okay. I still remember, we always fight in bus. HAHA. then ur ducknails. LOLLL. even when bus aunty come, we still in th pose. LOLLL.SUPER FUNNY. Remember we used to go Mac before going back school for supplementary lessons?hahaha. And had a cowbay great quarrel w th guys. hmm, thats when 6k suddenly drift so much. overtime, back tgt again. so laaaame :x . Also, you once cause' of me cry. LOL. i'll never forget :/ . Thank you twinny, for always being there for me. Lending me a listening ear. I love bitching w you. idk why. LOL. cowbay'ing w you, talking back w each other. HAHAHA. But remember, im always here. Just eight numbers away. Text me when you need someone. I'll be there, just like how you're always there for me. :) .
Me (L) Ni okay. remember. &, last long w your boy k. AND, stay pretty yo. Stop ur ahlian'ness & PLEASE STUDY HARD. Want be ahlian also must be one w good brains lah. LOL. not saying you bodoh. is asking you study hard :) . you know i love you :) . Fate brought us to be great friends, i'll cherish this. Because' i cant afford to lose more f/ships.
I love Gina Goh B.N twinnnnnny Y
duckies, be jealous >:) . gina, touched boh? i know you do :D

July 06, 2009 || 6:15 PM


woke up, etc etc etc -.- . bathed. went downstairs ate. dint finish. then go home. bus'ed down to west mall. met hj ahjie. then pei her. boonkeat & pebbles came down from arcade, went mac, ate & talk. then me, hj & bk headed to serene house. slack -.- . then kengpeng came. slack again. LOL. all talking -.- then done physics powerpoint le, jiu go home w huijuan :) .
watching ToGetHer :DDD

July 05, 2009 || 11:25 PM

its 11.25 pm now. im ducking sleepy ): . zzzzzz~
Morning woke up, then rot. then went new house AWHILE & home. west mall today. ate. Watched "Transformer" w aunt,uncle, cousin & momma :). Then buy sushi , cab home. raining ): . reached home, ate. bathed. & headed new house. then now sleepy like duck. i watched "ToGetHer" at this home & rewatching "why why love" @ new home O:
okay, super sleepy. BYE DUCKIES :D

July 04, 2009 || 10:08 PM

morning woke up early, headed to new house.
then aft that went swimming w cousin. i swam 13 laps :D . then when go back, then auntie silvia came. went swimming again -.- . then playground w cousin. wthell. butt pain -.- . then yea. went into steam room. okok lah. sauna @ here de better -.- . then aft that bus'ed home. fed th dog. went downstair. then back home. rot. slept. cause' too much chlorine went into my eyes, seriously everyth i see is blur one -.- . i wore specs . thn went bpp just now w cousin, aunt, uncle & mummy. ate,walkwalk . mummy bought ToGETher ! ILY MUMMY! :D . & another drama. hmm. now home ler. laughed like -.- . :/ .

July 03, 2009 || 10:52 PM

yes, im back :)
oh-dumbdumb is baaaaack :)
might go back to thlastdanc-e . nobody knows :)
Okay im sorry for not posting. not in the mood cause' my mood got spoiled like no need $ -.- .

1st july:
happy birthday bernard! :)
after school, lss meeting. thanks judi for waiting for me :D . then headed to west mall find billy & co- . pastamania~ . Thanks sayang for th treat. then cake. headed to th hdb there de carpark, rooftop. all throwing cakes & all that. I CANT UPLOAD THE PHOTOS~~~~ . then yea. hope billy likes the present :) . Then bus'ed home w kengpeng.

2nd july:
school is BORING. went new house again. hmm. forget alr. -.-

happy birthday billy a.k.a sayang :)
school'ed . sian sian sian. jocelyn & yj taught me a little bit of a-maths. *smile wide wide* . headed to west mall for sakae sushi w mummy, aunt & cousin. then down to U.D.D.E.R.S for ice cream. then mom & aunt go buy groceries & then we share cab home. chit chat w jeremy awhile & headed to new house. now then come back. oh yea, I'VE FINISHED WATCHING 霹靂MIT . HAPPY ONLY~ . me (L) yalunnnnnn! :DDDDD .

im NOT gonna give in this time.
you stepped on my tail real hard.
so yea, no. not gonna give in anymore O:
i dint know i can be such a bitch. hmm,
dont force me show you whats a bitch.