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May 31, 2009 || 9:57 PM

Rot at home like -_-
Went westmall for dinner. hehs.
then full like shit now cause' ate sushi (went to buy :/ ) .
& pictureeees :
Hello baby! :)
okay. Y'all ask me have th new tops go along w th kuku skirt.
weird like shit can -.- .if i wear that, i'll be from another planet -.- (:x)
& lastly
i love my hizriani lesbo :)

|| 4:22 PM

I am rotting ): . All i did today was eat & audi . nothing else. damn! ):< .
Tagged by lum miao yu :)
Cant copy? Msn me & i'll send you :)

★Are you single ?Yeap
★Are you happy ?lol.
★Are you bored ?SUPER
★Are you fair ?ah?
★Are you Italian? Got brains?
★Are you honest ? Quite? :S
★Are you nice ?Better thn you. :)
★Are you irish ?ah?
★Are you Asian ?tsk.

★Full Name :Chua Qing Ling (Not putting ''Christina'' in alr O: )
★Nickname : hais...
- Water tap
- Cry baby
- Water cooler
- Dragonfly
- Kiss bell (very dumb)
-Christuna (STUPID.)

- qq ( by billy -.- )
& cant remember alr. :)

★Birthplace :Singapore :)
★Hair colour :Black
★Natural Hairstyle :idk.
★Birthday :17 June 1994 :D
★Mood :current?
★Favourite Colours :Black & white.
★One place you like to visit : idk.

★Have you been in love? O:
★Do you believe in love at first sight? No?
★Do you currently have a crush? -_-
★Have you ever broken anyone's heart? maybe? :X
★Have you ever been hurt emotionally? idk.
★Have you ever had your heart brokened and when? yes & dont kpo.
★Have you ever liked anyone but is afraid of telling him? hmm.
★Are you afraid commitment? uh?
★Who was the last person you hugged? uhhhhm...
★Who was the last person you said i love you to? HAHA.

★Love or Lust ?Love
★Hard liquor or beer ?Liquor
★Cats or Dogs ?Dogs
★A few best friends or any regular friends ? idk
★Creamy or crunchy ?both? D:
★Wild night out or romantic night?romantic night
★Money or happiness?Happiness
★Night or day?Night
★IM or phone?Phone.

★Been caught sneaking out?no?
★Seen a polar bear? idk
★Done something you regret?ALOT.
★Bungee jumped? ?
★Eaten food that fell on the floor? idk. maybe, when i was like an idiot -.-
★Finished an entire jaw breaker? ??
★Been caught naked?IDK.
★Wanted an ex gf/bf back? O: no -_-
★Cried because you lost a pet? YEA. that one dnno bird or chicken -.-
★Wanted to disappear? very.

★Smile or eyes?BOTH.
★Light or dark hair?anything
★Hugs or Kisses ?o.o
★Shorter or Taller?taller -_-
★Intelligence or attraction?Both
★Topmen or zara?idk.
★Funny or serious?Both
★Older or Younger?Same age or older .
★Outgoing or quiet?Outgoing.
★Sweet or bad?SWEET!

★Ever performed in front of a large crowd?YES
★Talking on a phone longer then a hour?yeap
★Ever tried walking on your hands? LOL
★Ever been to a rock concert? YES!
★Ever been on a cheerleading team? uh?
Ever been on a dance team?YES YES YES!
Ever been on a sport team? ah?
Ever been in a drama play/ production? in class one counted? -_-
★Ever owned a BMW...?CRAZY ! LOL.

★Last phone call you made? Xin Ying , but she dint answer -_-
★Last person you hugged? no idea. dont kpo lah!
Last person you hanged out with? FORGOT -.-
Last time you worked?I am not allowed to work
★Last time you IM-ed to? ????
Last person you texted to?Huijuan!
Last person you went to movie with? Huijuan,boonkeat,andy,yuncong & one more idk one -.-
Last person/thing you missed?Idk
★Last website visited?Miaoyu's bloggie :)

5 Person to do this Quiz:
1. Sheryl!
2. Wenxin!
3. HuiJuan
4. Hizriani

& lastly,
good luck to all who are taking mother tongue 'O' level papers tmr! :) .

May 30, 2009 || 1:02 PM

Yesterday went BPP eat :) . Bought two tops:

heeeehs :) . Then yea. SKIPSKIPSKIP . -.- .
Today woke up. watch tv, etc etc. Went market :)
Ate & went mac awhile thn 2nd brother come fetch me & mommy. heh.
And still,
Thank you L.MiaoYu steadstead , for helping me pass my irritating story in audi :) .
&, last night, i realised i had this skirt, bought frm OSMOSE. until now havent wear -.-

SEE, yellow -.- . I still cant find any top t go w this skirt. arghhh! )':

cant copy? TAKE FROM HER BLOG! :D

1. Which is your favourite colour out of red , black , blue , green , yellow ?
2. Your 1st initial?
3. Your month of birth?
4. Which colour do you like more ? Black or White?
Black? :x
5. Name of a person , same gender as you.
6. Your favourite no. ?
idk -.- .
7. Do you like flying or driving more ?
Flying :X .
8. Do you like the lake or the ocean more ?
9. Write down a wish . (a realistic one)
Realistic? er, be happy I want my bday comeee faster! :D
.When you're done, scroll down (Don't cheat)
Q1.Red - you are alert and your life is full of love
Black - you are conservative and aggressive
Green - your soul is relaxed and you're laid back
Blue - you are spontaneous and you love kisses and affection from the ones you love*LOL*
Yellow - you are a very happy person and give advices to those who are down

Q2.A-K: you have alot of friendships and love in your life
L-R: you try to enjoy life to the maximum and your love life is soon to blossom
S-Z: you like to help others and your future love life looks very good*of course i love to help others lah .

*Q3.Jan-Mar: This year will go very well for you and you'll discover that you'll fall for someone totally unexpected
Apr-June: you will have a strong relationship that will not last but the memories will last forever
July-Sept: you will have a great year and will experience a major life-changing experience for the good
Oct-Dec: your love life will not be great , but will eventually fing your soul mate

Q4.Black: your life will take on a different direction, it will seem hard at the time but will be the best thing for you and will be glad for the change
White: you will have a friend who's completely confides in you and would do anything for you, but you might not realize it

Q5.The person is your best friend

Q6.This is how many close friends you have in your lifetime

Q7.Flying: you like adventure* can like that say lo
*Driving: you are a laid back person

Q8.Lake: you are very loyal to your friends and your lover are very reservedOcean: you are spontaneous and like to please people

Q9.This wish will only come true if you send this to 5 people in one hour.

Results ):
May 29, 2009 || 11:31 AM

Hello duckies :)
Morning woke up. then yea, headed school. met huijuan. tgt go in see teacher -.- . Mr Lee talked t mommy, and Ms yue talked w huijuan's daddy :)

English: B4
Chinese: B3 [ 0.2 MORE MARKS JIU A2 LE LEH! >:( ]
Mathematics: C6
Chemistry: B3
Physics: C5
Combined Humanities(SS,HISTORY): B3
Geography: B3

Class position: 32/40
Level position: 92/159
L1R4: 18
L1R5 23

No As . :) . Huijuan, i also got c6 -_- .
Then slacked& ate in th canteen w huijuan. Then Gisela & rin jae came :)
Then talk talk. Like left out rin jae x.x
Then went to YO hub outside wait for making IC -.- . SO long. then go hall. then they ask us to go YO hub again. wth -.- . After that all done. went home :)
Bored like -.-

HOLIDAYS ARE HERE! YYYYYYYYYYY ! hehe. Rotting at home. Go school for CCA & one SS lesson. nothing already. ROT . nvm. L.MIAOYU & HIZRIANI ; I DONT CARE. MUST AUDI! i miss times when we're audi'ing tgt ):

& this is for you :) ;
Im not born for you to make use of.
Stop adding fuel now. okay. Treat you as a friend, you treat me as?
Please. Dont make me fan lian w you ok.
Enough of your bullshits :) .

May 28, 2009 || 4:16 PM

School today :) . i good girl. HAHAHA. mommy ask me dont go one -_- .
Then, assembly. rehersal of th AYG thing -.- .
Then, recess. ate w xueyan ahma, siqian, niannian :) .
Then go join serene & huijuan. Talked w huijuan & bk :) .
Then go join weixian , zaynyein they all , listen to zay nyein's story: black magic .
X.X . scary lo . all say what, ghost :X .
Then go study corner there. then all go run 2.4 ):
Took th timing. alot not zhun one. Imagine four classes together, AND, 3e1 & 3e2 has to share ONE stopwatch while 3e3 & 3e4 gets to use one stopwatch EACH. -.- . Then all blur blur.
BUT, Boon Keat! i never take ur timing wrong! HAHA. 11.09 min HOR!
BK owes me one drink ~ . muahaha. When bk running towards th end point, i keep ask joel whats th time, "11 min alr?! " LOL :/ then when he finally say ''11 min alr '' . I SCREAMED "YES!" :x . hehe :/
Then go hall -.- . then go maths room 2 class maintanence. then jeremy sing. LOL.
got vid! not w me. waiting for bk or whoever send me :) .
Then go hall again. assembly. model class awards. Then dismissed. Then go for life science meeting (: . Then mommy come fetch me o.o . Then reach home. ate & now online rotting like -.-

kop from boonkeat's blog! :):) . HAHA. jeremy singing. but he's not? -.- . nvm :) . hees.

May 27, 2009 || 2:45 PM

Hello duckies, hamsters & :)
School today. O: . boring like -.- .
Sit till butt pain . -_- .
Assembly w th NPCC thingy. then, headed t com lab 1 for survey thing. then recess. super long .
went w huijuan & serene ahjies :) . Then headed to study corner slackkkk w weixian & trevor came :) . All singing. Trevor gnna fall asleep. LOL. jeremy, abdullah & etc came in also. haha!
Then 12pm, thn go hall for E-learning talk. then slack'ed. -.- . Bernard bully me! ):< . Then headed t humanities slc, mrs goh talking about core geog homeworks D: ! Then after that wait for 1.15pm , brother come fetch me :) . went market t eat. then go fetch cousin & home now!
waiting for brother finish his kuku jogging -_- . meeting him at 3pm downstairs ltr :)
Tmr's sec 3's napfa test. *envy* . I WANT TH LONG-TERM MC END FASTER ):):): !
i kop'ed this from sheryl's blog. HAHA

1. Fine: This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up.

2. Five Minutes: If she is getting dressed, this means a half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the football before helping around the house.

3. Go Ahead: This is a dare, not permission. Don’t Do It!

4. A Loud Sigh: This is actually a word, but is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A loud sigh means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you about nothing. (Refer quickly to No 9 for the meaning of nothing.)

5. That’s Okay: This is one of the most dangerous statements a women can make to a man. 'That’s okay' means she wants to think long and hard before deciding how and when you will pay for your mistake.

6. Thanks: A woman is thanking you, do not question, or faint. Just say you’re welcome. (I want to add a clause here - This is true, unless she says ‘Thanks a lot’, which is PURE sarcasm and she is not thanking you at all. DO NOT say ‘you’re welcome’ - that will bring on No. 7).

7. Whatever: Is a woman’s way of saying, “F— YOU!”

8. Don’t worry about it, I got it: Another dangerous statement, meaning this is something that a woman has told a man to do several times, but is now doing it herself. This will later result in a man asking ‘What’s wrong?’ For the woman’s response refer to No. 4.

9. Nothing: This is the calm before the storm. This means something, and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with nothing usually end in “Fine”.


May 26, 2009 || 5:08 PM

browsing through pictures in th lappy, & saw this. edited abit -.- :
Time can never turn back eh?
ME woke up at 8+ , i tot 10 plus already. then on tv, then i know -_-
Then online. audi audi. ate. dint finish -_- . then maple -.- . then mommy cook me th campbell soup (ABC Chicken soup :) ) . heh . Then, rotting -_- .
Going back school tmr! :O . missssssssed me peepoo? O:
rotting. rotting & ROTTING ):
msn'ing w emily now :) talking about today's trip t sentosa. HAHA. lucky i never go :x

May 25, 2009 || 2:06 PM

sore throat + fever -_-
Morning woke up , thn saw 4 smses, 1 miss call -.- .
then reply finish. then after awhile, go market there see doctor.
Mommy called up t th clinic, book appointment. she keep rush me faster go -_- . in th end, reach liao, my number tag is 21, th doctor is seeing number 6 ONLY -.- .
Went to eat. i ate ABIT & th whole bowl i just left there -_- . Went shop & save. zz. thn go wait for my turn @ th clinic :) . oh-so long. -_- .
Doctor says , my lungs tight again.need use th inhaler -_- . purple colour one, this time. zz. then, sore throat, th throat there swollen (o.o?) . -.- . then, etc etc lah -_- .
ROTTING alone at home NOW ):

May 24, 2009 || 10:26 AM

my sweetest steadstead :) . Stay happy,healthy,smart & cute ogay!
Christina loves miaoyu .
R-AINBOW loves ---x3_Mimi .
your @-cash present, give u long ago le hor. LOL :) .
and ,
Used to bully me in tuition last time! muahaha.
*almost forgotten that you & miaoyu are twins. LOL :/ *
Me went out for dinner w mommy, daddy & 2nd korkor. :) . nearby th new house there -_-
Guess whats this!

Can guess? O: (TAGBOARD PLEASEE! )
Then play abit w 2nd brother, then he go find friends. me , daddy & mommy went FAJAR! Daddy go find ahseng uncle :) . Then me & mommy walk walk around th fajar market there. WAAAAA. super long never go alr (?) . Th shop&save and everyth, feels so familiar , but dnno where th things exactly are. -_- . Everything changed . O.O . then wanted walk to blk 452 one leh! i miss walking th routes home :( . Nvm. -_- . Then went to ahseng uncle's house. then zz. mommy got so in loved w their plants. jieying (yang mehmeh) also at home. haha. then watched tv, daddy help repair th fridge (i think). -_- . then after that, realised that their house outside, got one pot plant, dnno what issit, GOT BIRD'S NEST! Got birds inside de leh! seee :

side view

yellow colour one o.o

SO COOL RIGHT! ;x . then headed home. slept & zz. midnight , my throat pain like. -.- . like infect dao th right ear. D: ! . cry in th night. LOL. so cute hor -_-" . Then morning wake up, online liao. mommy say MAYBE gg see doctor (again.) -.- .

YAY ! mommy just told me, on my bday, i'll not be inviting friends over already. instead. *SMILES*, she allows me go out :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:DDD ! happy only :/ going out mummum alr 8D . BYEEEE!

May 23, 2009 || 6:32 PM

i specially made this second post :)
for mr billy ang !
lets see,
ytd dont know who, KEEP WNNA BEAT ME! >:(
so bad loh! Dowan you liao! HEHEH. 8D !
I so good girl, he want beat me! >:(

hais. im gnna tell a lie. a white lie :)
Billy going back indonesia alr :( ONE MONTH ley sayang! D:
dont go ley!
my bday must come back hors! AND, life science, u also must come back! >:(

Sore throat!
|| 5:44 PM

Happy birthday karen :)
Stay healthy & happy , dearest cousin! 8)
Me is having sore throat now. (thank you desiree ducky , LOL) . -_- ,i thought wont so sway bei chuan ran. lmao. now my turn -_-

I played w roses ytd :)
From chewmei aiai <3
kinderjoy frm billy :)
still got one more. now sick. forget it -_-
Hello baby 8D ! if i rmb correctly , before i went out w bk, hj & etc etc , took this deh. LOL.

& this ^ , w daddy at th new house there deh lift :) .
My throat very pain ):
morning woke up , realised got sore throat. mummy after that bring me go see doctor. -.- . This chinese physician so much better. LOL :/ . Then go blk 283 there eat. then eating halfway, suddenly th cleaner come keep th bowl. I HAVENT EAT FINISH, she took my chopsticks already. sian. -.- Then after awhile, cab home -_-
Maple'd w devil. sian alr -_- . Going audi ltr :) .

May 22, 2009 || 3:53 PM

Dont feel like uploading pictures.
A-math. i rotted :)
Then Core geog. watched th movie ''Journey to the centre of th Earth'' . Talking to kengpeng all th way. LOL ;x . then decided go e-history class. Cause' can stay in th geog to watch -_- . talked.
then recess. ate. thn english. i passed. just pass. whatever. -_-
chit chatting w boonkeat. lol :):) . then when dismiss, walk w him, walked past th staff room, ms teh want talk to me. LOL :/ . then,yea. results. ._.
Miss Teh ; I promise i'll get better results for th next term & fye for you to see! x)
then wait for billy . he go help leddin or whoever beg for bio marks. LOL. wait so long loh -.-
Then, went for life science. me & billy went west mall buy roses. suzin & fatima went market. but in th end, we bought. :) . Then saw boonkeat, joevenn, serene, huijuan & rachel (ahjies) . :) . Then deesiao deesiao -_- . then bus'ed back to school :) . i kept complaining "i want drink water" . Billy dowan pei me buy >:( . then nvm loh! me wait :) . then after everyth done. suzin & fatima pei'ed me go buy water (L) . Not like billy. LOL :x .
2nd brother come fetch me. then watched him wash car. whatever lah. as if i know lah kay. attitude only -_- . & screw you cqw, for eating up my kinderjoy (from cousin) .


May 21, 2009 || 2:59 PM

i am unhappy.
i wnna end everyth, yes i mean EVERYTHING, now !

& ty billy for my kinderjoy!
tmr you'll have to give me another one O:
get what i mean? LOL

& ty si qian for th books 8D

me feels happier :)
After audi'ing. realised got wheel of fortune. went to see. i've got 7 chance to spin! MUAHAHAHA. got my self a dj-set & fortune cat for 30 days! *happy*
Audi'ed awhile w chewmei aiai. crapped alot. HAHA. 8)
& audi cheered me upppp 8D !
but still ;
you : i dont care how smart or whatsoever shit you are. But you've dont have any rights to boast & despise people ok. -.-! . SO WHAT SO WHAT SO WHAT ! You're just more hardworking than me thats all. SO SO SO! doesnt mean that,you do well, you're taller then big lah kay. -_- .
and you(s); i hate hearing my names in between ur chat. Try putting yourselves in MY shoes. If you're me, how would you feel? You actually told me '' also not say me. '' . so, only when say you, then you will know lah? K loh. next time anyth happens, DONT find me. Im oh-so not gnna care about you anymore. Do whatever shit you want ok. 8D

but still, i hate life.
Parents meeting session on friday.
comfirm nth good. nevermind -_-


Home sucks.
May 20, 2009 || 4:26 PM

Failed core geog (who cares) & e math (damn you).
Mommy says i made careless mistakes, very bu zhi de.
and,lastly. She said i did it on purpose.
Dont make me show you that im not gnna care about my future.
Go complain/round saying about me FAILING thanks to careless mistakes for all you want.
It semed to be so honourable to you aye? O:
In a freaking bad mood now.
Provoke me , dont blame me :)

happy w my chinese results 8D

May 19, 2009 || 5:44 PM

Hello duckies, hamsters & many more :)

Morning woke up jiu online.
Then go market thn west mall. then home.
Met up w auntie beecheng. From young i call her ''huai ren'' . LOL :/
wnna dl maple . keep show this:

shit you D:

there're so many things i wnna voice out,
yet i've never said any.

May 18, 2009 || 5:38 PM

Happy birthday xinying :D

Hello duckies 8D !
Just reached home :)
Okay, woke up at 9+ . online awhile. bathed & prepared to go west mall :)
Daddy so long >:(
Headed to west mall. thn boonkeat say they at arcade. so, took my own sweet time take escalator up there. everyone there except yuncong, rachel & alvin wee. o.o
Then see Serene & huijian ahjies play ddr. lol.
then played w bk .
boonkeat liar de! >:(
then idk played how long -.- . Sorry hj ahjie D: ! & thank you for winning th candies for me aye! You know i love you :D
Then decided to watch movie at west mall instead of lot one -.-
Then, split into two groups.
serene , rachel & th two alvins go lot one -.- . Boonkeat,hj,yc,andy,me & one more guy stayed at westmall :)
Then watch watch. dont know what th thing is about. To me, scary -.- . I keep hold huijuan's hand. LMAO. got alot dead bodies, then what, EYE BALL x.x . tonight no need sleep alr! D: !
Then finished watching, cold like -.- . Then go arcade again. DDR :) . Then bk tired liao. HAHAH :/ . thennnnnnn yea. andy & bk headed home. Then me, & th 3 people go walk walk awhile. LOL. Tricked yuncong w huijuan ahjie. LOL. ;x . Then took bus 173 & bus'ed home. (duh)

& jasmine wong wong wong ; ty for th chocolate! 8D

:D !
May 17, 2009 || 2:42 PM

Morning woke up, online & rot.
Audi awhile w huijuan ahjie & chewmei aiai & yuncong .
Thn went out . eat & go new house awhile.
Go B.Timah there.
came home :)
C.HUIJUAN : I THIS AHMEI NOT BAD RIGHT! hahaha. tmr ah. see first. IF ALOT PEOPLE, I DOWAN. ltr xiasway myself! >:(

May 16, 2009 || 11:43 AM

watched! D: !
I want a big dog like Marley next time :(
SAD SIOL D: . crying like O.O
YES. jasmine wong, VERY VERY SAD OKAY. dont suan me alr. shit you :x
i am BORED.
cant play audi. wth. keep dc -.-
WORSE, playing halfway, say detect HACK?!
damn you audi. im dont hack loh. -.-
ARGHHHH!. restaurant city now. Pet society? lazy alr. LOL -.-

May 15, 2009 || 5:03 PM

had been really studying like mad -.- .
but whatever it is, i still hate core geog :) . Feel like regretting. but i cant -.- . WHATEVER. im 101% sure i'll fail almost all -.- . whateverrrrrrr WHATEVER WHATEVER. -.-
Finally exam over :) . so, headed home w jocelyn. Then changed & online awhile & went west mall for SAKAE SUSHI <3 !
Teacher Jenny joined us. she said very long never see me & momma alr o.o -.-
Ate :)

me&cousin's deh plates.
Obviously not my phone. LOL. :/

Ordered this whatever temaki or whatever. -.- . Soft shell crab :) . NICE LEY! :/
aunt disturb me again -.- . she say, got food, also need to have water. LOL.
Mommy's turn t disturb cousin .HAHA.

Then mommy ordered this Tempura ice cream. not bad ley! Fried one. LOL. thn w vanilla ice-creammmm :D:D:D

SO, yes. Played audi w serene ahjie & hizriani lesbo :) . I suck at audi now. its boring. but, i LOVE TH ITEMS! muahahaha :/ .
Gnna chiong alot of dramas D: ;
-我的億萬麵包 (LOVE or BREAD)
- 爱就宅一起 (Together)
- Marley & Me (vcd)
& the rest i cant remember.
For 霹靂MIT , mommy say i watch finish th others thn buy >:( .
Okay. Quite some time i dint show flora's picture ehhh? :D
Machiam baby liddat. -.- .
& how did i get th mood t study? Look:
and billy, remember oh! 4 subjects = 2 kinderjoy! ; 2 subject = 1 kinderjoy hor!

May 13, 2009 || 9:12 PM

I cant fall sleep last night >:(
finally slept abit
Woke up @ 4am again -.- Study th irritating salt,bases&acids -.-
Finish liao thn went back sleep -.-
6+ , mommy woke me up. prepared for school.
Forget bring tie. Somemore is whn i reached school. cute boh -.-
Daddy nag nag -.- . then go home take tie, go school again -_-
Then learnt that th exam not testing salts?! and i spend freaking long hours just to study that -.-
whatever. *pissed*
Im gnna fail my chem. very badly this time )':
After that went home. Cause' tutor @ my house liao. LOL.
4 hours of e-maths straight. including lunch -.- .
Tired D: ! Wanted to go sleep. but nve . -.- .
Bathed' & studied. -.-
Cant get th stupid history stuffs into my brain. D: !
Whateverrr. tired like !$%^&*() ! D:

May 12, 2009 || 12:19 PM

wahah :) .
Morning woke up @ 4am. nice one? :D
Study till 5 liddat, go back sleep :/
Then mommy woke me up around 6.30? -.-
Tired ):
Prepare prepare. Daddy bring me t school as usual. :)
suddenly so nervous -_-
Assembly, got my chocolate from billyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :B
& e maths. DAMN IT! i swear i made alot of careless mistakes.
Lin lao shi sure nag me again D: !
I too generous already, always give teacher my marks -.-
Then break time, was like ARGHH. bk,kp, serene & hj keep saying about th e-maths *arghhh*
devil keep disturb me >:( . Social studies paper was okay. lol. then cab'ed home.
jitao pissed off already. -.-

Went market after blogging just now -.-
Mommy asked me if i wnna go home first, obviously i said yea.
Waited so long for th freaking bus. Alighted liao. then noticed i never bring key. LOL :/
Mommy also never pass me hers. laugh like o.o
Devil pei me sms/on phone. shit you for bullying me >:(
Mommy finally come home. zz. Started studying for th irritating chem.
ARGH. i hate chapt 7. >:(((((
I kept falling asleep. idiot loh -.-
): .
friday faster come, pleaseeeee? D: !
shall wake up early again tmr -.- .
Just now daddy off th lights, i tot got ant crawling on me, i faster shout "DADDY! ON THE LIGHTS ! " then, not ant. is those weird thing flying when got light.
Screamed like @#$%^&*() , ! -.- . Now throat pain liao -.- .
tireddd D:

i dont eat glass grow up de k.
DONT treat me as transparent. If i ever treat you as transparent, how will you feel?
Dont give me a gehkiang answer ok.
Ask urself whether you'll cry like shit anot. -.-
& i dont blame you. Cause' you've exams tmr.
So what if im slow? When you got a companion, you'll talk like big duck.
When you've got no companion, and im walking slowly, You also wait what. not meh?
You just want someone t pei you walk lah hor.
When you need someone, you'll find me. I'll be willing to pei you talk.

guess what! HOHOHO.
Cousin told me about that ass. HAHA.
Please lah girl, if you so scared t see us,yet u dowan us t know,
use ur duck brains & stop making things so obvious before i really call you up & chai chuan you.
Hais. Why so scared we go west mall?
Why got such phobia t meet us in west mall ? D: !
Dont ley! If we go west mall, i think u jitao fly to dnno where liao lah hor.
Xiaoxin oh! Sekali ur mommy @ west mall also. I SURE LAUGH LIKE @#$%^&* :D
Pretend t be good duck infront of ur mommy.
Then behind do so manyyyyy pattern )':
Hope ur mother find out soon manxz!
&,纸是包不住火的! :D

May 11, 2009 || 3:07 PM

Morning woke up, then tuition. zz. 2hours+ or 3 hours plus. not sure -.-
I today very guai! i do alot of questions. (two or more = many! :X ) .
Then yes, halfway i go room wnna take thing,shun bian check hp. so many sms -_-
Miaoyu steadstead; paiseh, u always send me chain msg, i dont reply chain messages alr. LOL :/
Tuition ended. zz. then boonkeat disturb me >:( . AND sh!t you bk, for ur blog. LOL )x
Raining )':
Bus'ed to market. zz. th bus machiam come from changi liddat. so long -_- .
Then met uncle, aunt & cousin. order food & JASMINE WONG, sh!t you deep deep >:(
Keep playing w my chopsticks, how t eat! -.- but nvm, you never play w chilli before, i understand :/ . Of course, as usual . Im th last one t finish eating :DDDDDD !
Then go NTUC. zz. then go buy SWEETS <3!

this reminds me, BILLY; my chocolates! >:)
Planning t memorise th stupid Social Studies & then at night memorise th irritating E Maths formula and so on . =.=
friday faster come pleaseeee )':

May 10, 2009 || 10:19 PM

2nd post :)
Webcam'ig w billy as usual . he says he wnna see who got broader smiles. LOL. he use tissue paper. LOLOLOL. i use my cookie monster :D.
Who's more cuter & broader? *TAGBOARD PLEASE!*
& lastly, Happy Mommy's day to all mommies' :)

|| 2:04 PM

by2-愛丫愛丫 -

落叶那一瞬间记得 多穿一件
一天过了一天 我的日记却病恹恹
多喜欢你从来不会说 多在乎你到底懂不懂
你有没有对我一点点心动 Oh~
爱我的话 给我回答
等待 是我为你付出的代价 Oh~
爱我的话 要回答
走太远 你 走太远
你的回答 听不见
一天过了一天 我的日记却病恹恹
你有没有对我一点点心动 Oh~
爱我的话 给我回答
等待 是我为你付出的代价 Oh~
爱我的话 要回答
走太远 你 走太远
你的回答 听不见
爱我的话 给我回答
等待 是我为你付出的代价 Oh~
爱我的话 要回答
走太远 你 走太远
你的回答 听不见

BY2 :D
they can dance very well loh! >:)
im not in the mood to study anymore. i DONT want to study anymore. Screw life. Life sucks. Everyth sucks. yes. i mean, EVERYTHING. :) .

went out just now. zz. Sleeping. zz. parent machiam taking turns come into my room. Dont need sleep liao loh!. -.- . whatever. going bath then study for th stupid irritating e-maths soon. but i still wnna say,
life sucks. everything sucks. SUCKS. -.- [/edited]

May 09, 2009 || 3:11 PM

Im still in th mood of relaxing x.x
Shall go study later, hope i dont fall asleep, again. -.-
Shall talk about YESTERDAY first :)
After chinese paper (sucks). Walked t market. ate. & at shop&save, mommy bought this :

starting thought what -_-

Went home after sometime, webcam'ed w billy :)

HAHA, :/ thn end le. daddy say "eh take picture" LOL. I NEVER FORCE HIM OKAY!



today morning woke up thanks to th considerate neighbours living upstairs.dnno they doing what lah, got sounds of drilling, tapping all these weird thing. like giant walking liddat -_-


idk what t say.

i dont feel like studying.

i dont feel like taking exams.


screw exams. -.- shall be studying LATER :)

May 06, 2009 || 3:24 PM

Woke up in th morning. boring dao -.-
Raining ):):):<>:( . but nvm. RAINING ):):):
Assembly @ hall. lol.
then headed for english. Mr yen's gf (LOL) relieved us :)
Then CORE GEOG. zz. me & ducky keep getting aimed. lol.
Ducky; dont so angry lah :)
We now never talk alot alr loh! ):< Then P.E . zz. rotting. NO P.E FOR ME. 5 & HALF MORE MONTHS T GO ):):): Recess & thn E math. zz. Then Chinese. Listening compre, i got 16/20 leh! *happy* Assembly is okok loh. lower sec doing th english speech. After that go back class, arrange table and all that for th exam. zz Ours is SLC, so, yea. dismissed -_- Walked t market find momma, aunt & cousin. Daddy came. finished eating & went home. Now online. lol. JunHong bearbear & daphne @ korkor room now :)
ohyea. nowadays i like getting crazy over BY2. lol. they can dance very well leh! :):) heh

不开心! ):

Bad mood you moron.
May 05, 2009 || 3:08 PM

Morning woke up & headed for school.
Assembly at hall. zz
chinese. had listening test. zz. cannot hear anyth!? -.-
Then A math. rot @ study corner.
Physics SPA. nth much.
recess dint eat. who cares -_-
Social studies. Mock-exam again. zz. Ben lai wanna rewrite. not enuf time.
Kengpeng! dont xiasway urself lah. :/
E math. nth much. Ritual. whatever.
Walked t market deh mac. & ate abit. dint finish. I DONT GIVE A DAMN CAUSE' IM NOT IN TH MOOD anyway. :)
Cab home w mommy :):)

so yea, let me pour a small part of my anger. its just a small part, mind you.
I dint step on your tail, so dont come step on mine.
u dislike me, ur problem. who cares?
Dislike me, tell me straight t my face & NOT saying about me behind my back.
Who doesnt knows you're like that?
I never say anyth doesnt mean im scared of you. it DOESNT mean, you can climb over my head.
Im not that easy t be messed w. I dont give a damn t you anymore.
Nothing better to do? Go find somebody else. (:
I should've prepared t see this coming from you, again.
Its not th first time already.
When will you stop?
how old already.
Dont be more childish thn me lah ok. -_-"

& Im nt referring to y'all.
SO, if you start assuming, not my problem O:

Dont talk t me today. I'll just flare up & start scolding you. who knows.
Im just not in a good mood today.

& jocelyn, i dont blame you. Its not ur fault. Its not bad also, having this t happen. I'll get an excuse :)

Gastric + cramp = pain ):
May 04, 2009 || 3:45 PM

Last night getting gastric pain ):
Morning woke up, prepare prepare & korkor sent me to school. & yes, still having gastric pain!):
He's late already. haha.
Reached school. found out got ss mock-exam -.-
read through. thats all. Assembly @ hall. Then everyone take out handphone,sms th school thingy about our particulars. zz . 5 cents leh! LOL :/ . not i cheapskate loh, just dowan use it for school only :x
Then left w half an hour for core geog *smiles wide wide* :D
Took temperature. 36.9 degree celsius :):)
Recess. dint eat. Gastric really very pain >:(
Then SS. zz. mock-exam. zz. thn crapping w kengpeng. LOL. xiasway . hahaha.
Then English. zz. Free period. Mr yen went for reservist :) . Ate little bit 11.45am, headed t hall for temperature taking again. 36.9degree celsius again! :D
then went t canteen, buy hot drink :)
E-math, & thn chem pure. spent alot time in th toilet. wasted -.-
Gastric still pain okie! >:(
After that find mr wong for consultation. thn lent edna my assesment book. no comments -.-
Then, walked t aunt house there take bus. zz. Then in th end, cab home. really gnna die . -.-
Gastric + Cramps = pain ): . sucks!
On th way home, xitong & gina called me, say they at west mall, ask me go find them. siao -,-
Reached home. ate & yea. Now still having gastric pain loh. eeeeeeeDIOT. -.-
Going do homework & revise for tmr's mock-exam for ss again. :(
gastric pain suckkkkkkkkkkks ):):):
hello hamsters :)
Im still having gastric pain + cramps here. stupiddddd ):
Billy ask me t write this,LOL
for always being there for me. :D

May 03, 2009 || 4:34 PM

TIRED like )x
Morning woke up, tuition. zz. then rot in front of comp. -.-
Study ABIT of chem & headed out t th market for lunch :)
bought sweets.
headed home & parents go out.
Study abit of chem again. ltr going bath & study again.
korkor's sick. ): .

updated cousin's blogshop :)
go see okie! support support :)

See this noob over here? :)
Just now in car keep beat me >:( . Serve u right for getting hit by mommy. HAHA. he go catch this weird creature, thn wanna revenge, come scare me loh >:( . heh. school tmr :((((((((((((( . remember t bring ur thermometer peopooooo :)

Long post :O
May 02, 2009 || 5:17 PM

Hello pigs,hamsters,ducks,ostrich & many more :)
Long post for today :):) .
Went B.Timah ate :) Mommy bought me 2 kinderjoys :DDDDDDDDD Went COURTS. shit you shit you :x . playing w my toy :)
can stick on shirt de leh!
see! :D so cool hor :/
Finally went home. Bathed & by th time im ready, im late x.x
XiTong & Gina reached alvan's chalet already. stupid. :/ .
Daddy sent me t bukit batok int.
Met up w andy(goh) & gavin :)
worse thing ever : i left in such a hurry until i forget t bring alvan's present :/
Sorry andy & gavin , and thank you for pei'ing me wait daddy bring come :/
Andy never complain so much, gavin keep nagging & suan'ing me. shit you :x
Walked t bus stop outside there, then took bus. lol. stupid gavin keep suan us. -,-
Andy 不认bus
QingLing 不认路.
LOL :/
Finally th bus came. alighted & met up w xitong & gina :)
Gavin passed xitong her "kotex" . LOL. stupid gavin. do things till so obvious. but bluff me >:(
Walked t alvan's chalet. lol. His cousin's 21st & another one is 17? lol. all having early celebration. But alvan's is last min, so th banner thingy dont have his name -,- .
Sat down,chit-chat.
Only me,xitong,gavin,andy&gina were invited by alvan. SEE ALVAN. WE TX YOU :)
& me,andy,xitong,gina&alvan were laughing at gavin like mad, cause gavin fell down. o.o
starting thought he too heavy. LOL :X . in th end is he move, thn got this staircase, trip & POM! LOL :X xiasway :/ pictureeeeees:
xitong xitong xitong!

me + them = good girl + ahlians ! hehehe :X

twinneh :) . we both using same hp leh! :D

Alvan help me take food. thn take so much x.x
dint finish . ;/ sorry. .___.
we 5 chit-chat while alvan was busy th whole day O.O.
Then gavin hit xitong. LMAO . see on top. her legs leh. LOL :x
then we five walked out. went opposite deh hdb there deh playground sit & talk abit. lol. them & their stories in Panjang. lmao. Went back. chalet there also got playground. GOT SWING! :X .
very long never play liao :/ went t play. screamig all th way. thanks to gavin tan -_- gina took videos. o.o . DONT LAUGH U DUCKS :/ . xiasway myself -.-
went back . Find alvan take pictures :)

seeeeeee. My haopengyou :)
You see. BUBBLES leh. :/ so kuazhang.
we went in & thn chit-chat. oh ya, gavin told us this stupid joke. twice -,-
vampire reincarnate into a living thing. got wing & suck blood. what issit?
Th bat thn reincarnate into a non-living thing. got wing & suck blood. what issit?
lailai. guess guess. very diao one -_-

its like so long thn cut cake lah. -,-
3 people's deh somemore. finally its alvan's turn. 5 people singing + his family = weird. lol. but nvm.
his cake :)
walao eh. alvan, now u know how great we all are le right!
heh. then after that, waiting parents come fetch me. 10+ alr . -,- went playground w andy,gavin,gina. xitong went home alr. so yea. playing. GAVIN KEEP BLUFF ME. SAY PUSH ME ONE TIME. stupid. :/
then walked out. ohyea. we sent sms t alvan tgt. HAHA. gavin th turtle, so slow :/
Then parents send gina home also. :)
reached home around 11+ (?) . then bathed all these. slept @ 12+ .
nice one.
Woke up @ 7am. SIAO D:
then 2nd korkor sent me t school. before tht go t th petrol station there buy drinks & pao :)
Then ate in car & went school. Saw mr lee. o.o
Then go in school. then talked w devil. Go for class. very early jiu dismissed. 2nd korkor fetch me. Got people come make th windows -,- . Th dog keep extra
After that went aunt house :) aunt help me straighten hair. LOL :):)

happy liao :)
Went redhill there eat lunch. FINALLY loh. hungry leh! then eat finish. ordered honeydew sago (L)DURIANNNN. so big de can!? got abt 5kg. .__.
daddy buy leh!
Aunt they all went to bugis shopping *jealous*
& we went Turf City :)
Walk walk, buy crabs :)
Used to eat this when i was very small. HAHA. CHEESE :)
after buying some stuffs. went home. saw people riding this small horses o.o
Now im back home. sitting down & BLOGGING. yes.
& alvan. fast fast send me th group photo leyyy! :X