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happyyyyyyy :D
April 30, 2009 || 3:08 PM


Morning woke up.. TIRED DE LOH. took my own sweet time preparing. then 2nd korkor very angry cause' he wnna sleep but momma woke him up to send me t school :x
Reached school. Rotting :) . Assembly. Principal talking again. o.o. & yea, i finished th whole bar of hi-chew. LOL :/ . but i gave one to yj & jocelyn each :) . see, im so nice. wahaha :x
English paper one, sucks. ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAYS SUCKS :/
section two, argg. dowan say alr.
first time writing so short o.o :/
Yes, i slept. LOL. very shuang leh :P
Recess. rottingggg :)
Then paper2,okok bah. wont do well one :)
Then finish alr, still got time, looking @ ants. LOL.
& lastly,
After school. went for physiiiiiiiiics :) .
Hungry loh! D: , then nth much also.
walked w yingjie. i go find momma, aunt & cousin.
yj bus'ed home. lol.
ate ae ate. WEEHEE :) .
Then reached home :)
& damnit! i still cant find my usb cable -.-

i need more time to adapt ..
Happy birthday Ariffin :)
haha. my audi fren ley!
always pei me audi :)
Old liao! heheh. JY for exams :)

April 29, 2009 || 5:13 PM

Happy birthday Aloysius taigong! :D

Morning woke up. zz. IS EARLY DE LOR. slackkkk :)
Went t schooooooooooool. Social studies is boring. jiehui keep playing w th calculator. & asking me questions. AND i seriously dont understand how he did that. -_- . Physics, went bball court & do th activity -.- . English, rotting.
Then recess. :) sucks th most. Okay lah. we're quite rude. BUT This two girls (lower sec ones) , when we go canteen, cannot find table mah, thn saw only got one-two bag. So we just put our bags there & went buy food :) . Then come back, saw this *ahems* girl . I POLITELY ASKED IF ANYONE ELSE IS SITTING, SHE SAID NO. When her friend came, this friend was rude enough to say in chinese , WHY IM SITTING HERE. & this girl who just said NOBODY WAS SITTING, she replied her friend, "idk also leh. she just sit down here " . I WANTED SAY HER ONE HOR. then th fren of hers ask me to move away. screw you lah. table got ur name issit? then jocelyn came (: & jocelyn said ''just sit'' . LOL :/ . and, th girl so kaobei one can!?
Core geog, got ''quiz'' , zz. referring to my tb all th way. LOL :x
A-math. rotting @ study corner. then Class interaction. boring. -.-

after school, went to take bus 963. wait so long, also havent come. cab down to BPP. zz. met
xitong & gina :)
Went th kopitiam eat & started going round looking for alvan's present. zz. Then keep crapping. HONG XI TONG! stop making me laugh :/ . & yes, i got th same handphone w gina ! :)
twinnehs :D
then, after that went home alr :)

going bath & study le.
tmr's english paper.
jy all :D

April 28, 2009 || 8:56 PM

second post :)
9pm fasterrrr come )':
And yeaaaa. i hadnt read up my geog. ARGGG.
dont care liao -.-
kop this quiz from glenda's blog :)

1)what's your nickname, choose one most common one.
chingling, that weird pokemon -.- ; or maybe, DRAMA QUEEN (shit you LOL)
2) who can you blame when you're in bad mood.
Whichever duck come extra.
3)how do you feel right now?
4)Do you think someone is missing you right now?
No -_-
5)are you a easy jealous person?
6)Do you pick up calls from stranger?
Yea. see which duck or hamster is that. LOL
7)did you ever talk on phone with the opposite sex ?
Yeaaaa .
8)Do you wish someone will start a sms with you now?
likeee who ?
9)Have you lost contact with someone you wish you didn't wish to lose?
10)are you a patient person?
No -.- , if im patient, pigs can fly & ducks grows 2 legs & 2 hands. :)
11)do you get angry easy?
12)most recent thing people treat you?
13)ever plan what's your future house is?
no -_-
14)who many kids you want in the future?
15)are you in love right now?

Muahaha. show start liao <3
byebye! :D

|| 4:11 PM

I cant find my usb cable.
shit you )':
Morning woke up, thn prepare prepare. went school.
A maths(free period) was boring -.-
scald by my hot water )': Pain loh! :/
Core geog super boring :/
Recess. Physics SPA. drawing w emily haha. two games of tic-tac-toe. I WIN :D
hehe. Thn e-math and thn followed by chinese.
Bus'ed home :) . raining loh! )))))))):
Today got HOMEWORKS. arggg )':
i very sleepy now D:

Meeting gina twinneh & xitong baobeih tmr :)
heheh :)
对不起. )':

April 27, 2009 || 5:08 PM

Last night cant sleep D:
sms'ed zx brother. that a-hole. LOL :B
Morning woke up at 6.40am. thought i was gnna be late. thn suddenly remember, today start school late. went back t sleep :/ . Then mommy woke me up. Finished preparing & waiting for CHUAQINGWEI. he so slow one can -_- . his lessons start at 8 & we left home @ 7.45++ ?! somemore, he needs t bring me to school :) . serve u right for getting late (if u did) HAHA. :x
Reached school. sending songs t nadiah girlf' :)
Then assembly. oh yes. jocelyn dint came. HAHA :x
Physics was okay. Chinese is boring. Recess also boring. A math. My freeperiod. pissed off w th group of weirdos. Some no common sense & heartless freakasses. Talk like so insulting. -_- &, seriously immatured. WORSE THN ME LOH. Im a girl ley u bodoh. Talk things till like that?! somemore say me for what. i stepped on ur duck tail issit? Want see my compo, YOU DONT EVEN HAVE TH FACE WHICH LOOKS LIKE YOU CAN READ. Ohwell, i understand :)
Say people,say urself. Dont be jealous w other people. :)
& yes, i did not mention ANY names. So, if u think its you, go ahead :)
cheerup trevor! :)
Then english. rotting. Then Chemistry. boring boring. :/
After school, pei'ed billy go bio lab clean up th stuffs -_- .
Then headed to e-math extra class ._.
devil lent me his e-math tb :)
did something stupid. HAHA.
After class, ordered th class photos w miss yue .
PS:/ idk why i did that too -_-"
Parents come fetch me. flora came also. heheheh :
Thn go aunt house dwnstair's den kopitiam buy chicken wings. WEE :)
5 pieces, shared w brother.
my lunch ley!:x
And nowwww. see th pink paper? LOL. i did that to jocelyn's paper too.
I hope she doesnt go crazy after reading that :/
HEHEH. cute what like that play. LOL :x
Gnna meet gina twinneh someday this week, before friday t buy alvan's bday present :)
wahaha :)

im out of th game :)
whatever it is,
im not gnna care anymore.

April 26, 2009 || 5:39 PM

2nd post :)
Headed t bukit timah awhile :)
thn cab down to market. find cousins (jasmine & tianci) , aunt & uncle.

at lift. ignore my mommy. HAHA
eat finish. me & cousins went to th th sell bubble tea there, play pingpong thingy. lol.
i got this. YAY :D .

went to buy KINDERJOY :)

Outside th CD shop. LOL. everyone playing this. HAHA.

ours :)

cousin's . she's so despo to get 60 tickets. JUST FOR THAT. ahems. th extension rod or whatever.
mineeee ! Kaleioscope :)
Then headed t aunt house. SHE SAY GOT TH CAKE GIVE ME EAT. creammmmm <3.
Im th only one in th family who eats cream. HEH
see. frm breadtalk. zz. not nice one! th cream like got th cheese or whatever lah. yuck !
Then went to cousin's room :)

& this long weird thing -,- . Cousin despo for it. ZZ.
starting tot what fun thing. in th end -_-


|| 12:17 PM

Yesterday went out for dinner w whole family. YAY :x
then went b.timah there. lol :/ alot of food. x.x
then korkor go out buy his stuffs. then me, 2nd korkor, momma & daddy go COURTS.
Then after tht 9+ go home.
Made 2nd brother change his wallet to th one i bought for him. WAHAHA :X
He so wth loh )': i tmr got tuition, still say BEN LAI wnna bring me go watch midnight movie also. somemore its till 4am+ . ARGG. i wnna wnna wnna go! )':

Morning woke uppppp . LOL :/ .
tuition teacher come liao i still sleeping :x
then faster prepare & had tuition.
lol. i realised tht th assesment book, i did less thn 10 pages. LOL :/
i seriously have to start doing them to pass th stupid mye.
raining )))))':
msning w jiahao. that vampire! HAHA :x .
talking about, in year 2012. sun gnna explode. LOL. and we all will die. LOL. dnno real anot. cousin that day also tell me this. -.-
& yea, im rotting like shit now -.-
Forever doesn't exist at all.
& i believe it too :)

April 25, 2009 || 1:05 PM

Happy birthday :
I love you all :)
2nd korkor's officially 20! HAHA. old pig :/
jasmine is officially 13! heheh
& benjamin, idk how old you are now. LOL :/ . but nvm :x. older thn me jiu dui le :X
Morning woke up very early. LOL :/
smsing w devil & zx brother :)
prepare prepare. Daddy sent me t school :)
went hall. dint really pay attention. LOL :/
very moodless ._.
Thennnn went for th first talk w sooyi ahjie. that ass. she bite me! D:
then end liao, went for th 2nd one. lol. th guy talk so soft ._.
hweehwee keep disturb me also. same as sooyi. HAHA :/
After that walked t market find momma, cousin & aunt.
ate & cab home :)
i just passed th present t korkor. heh.
& this is for you(u know who you are :) ) :
Im not born t let u vent ur anger.
its not ME who made you.
Everything also can link tgt.
thn they make you, then link t me. you my fren, can i link u into th picture too?
Early morning show ur attitude already.
Please lah,
i dont owe you anything
sometimes,i just feel like letting go;
but there are times,
which makes me hold on. /-

April 24, 2009 || 3:05 PM

Current status: PISSED! PISSED! PISSED! dont talk t me or i'll scream @ you -.-

Mother fly! D:
morning wake up, go school. zz
first lesson. a-math. rotting alone @ study corner. Went for core geog. then e history. passed my test :O . then recess & thn english. Then bus'ed to west mall. go buy movie tickets w cousin.
'17 again' . HAPPY (not now )x )
went to eat. dint finish. very full -,-
headed home after that.
okay lah. we also never check.
i very tired & sleepy lah )':
go die go die GO & DIE )':


maybe ltr post new one :)
HAHA. th cinema girl just now. bodoh. LOL :/
Cousin called them up, they say cannot exchange. then when aunt call,
th manager scare. say my aunt fierce. HAHA
noob :x .
See us small small, anyhow give lah. Then if is bigger one thn u all scare.
is you all never talk properly & listen properly & kpkb first ley.
Then now scare D:
aiyo )': . Lucky not i call. Ltr i scream on phone. MUAHAHA :X
Talk to cousin so buey gan yuan. -.
ltr can go exchange tickets. muahaha :):)
Aunt says ltr must talk nicely afterwards )x

Back. posting picture tmr :)
took bus 176. lol. thn reached west mall . go find th manager -_-
he keep sorry us. LOL :/
k lah, we also got wrong. never check.
but told him alr loh! but he still sorry us -.-
Ohya, i saw HIZNUR! hahaha :) . he dint see me. chao ahbeng. LOL :X
watched '17 again' muahaha :)
very nice ley! :B .
Watch finish, go meet momma & aunt.
saw this bag from OSMOSE. very very cute ley! panda one. comes only ONE stock . grr. go die :x . $49+ or smth -.- . Cousin (karen) came & uncle also. went kopitiam. then cousin(tianci) came. LOL. their whole family came jiu dui liao :/
Then ate.then daddy come fetch us. Then fetch them go home. daddy go eat. & now, im home :)
tmr's cousin (jasmine) & 2nd korkor's birthday.
same day ley! win liao ._.
cqw : if u still complain abt th present im giving you, nxt year u can prepare t recieve nothing frm me. LOL :/

April 23, 2009 || 4:43 PM

Morning woke up. 2nd korkor sent me t school & he headed for his school. heh :)
Chemistry was boring, so was english. and history. Recess. Then a-math. Trevor pei'ed me after he finished eating. heheh :) . Then sooyi ahjie came. that pervert ass. LOL :/ . Joker loh. keep making us laugh.Trevor laughed till cry. HAHA. :x
Thennnnn chinese. presentation. lol. -.- . Thennn free period. ms yue never come. then billy came. went to bio lab do recordings & then 2.15 pm, went foyer. all th kiasu people queuing up. LOL :/ . then we all queued. Si billy. D: , say hao u take my baggg for me loh, )x . Then stand up for 1 HR plus )': . then finally my turn. wahah. thank you shermine, letting me go behind you. HEHEH :/ . & sorry devil & boonkeat. cannot help ._. . Then walked w magesh & siti t bus stop. zzz. 963 all full. 2 times ley! -.- . *wants t cab home very badly!* , but pei siti. haha. then reached home. now blogging :)
ARGG. bored like -_-
Th problem doesnt lies w you.
its me..
im having that feeling again. idk why.

April 22, 2009 || 6:19 PM

Woke up at 6.41 am (?) .heh.
prepare prepare. then went off t school :)
then go buy 3 packets of tissues. magesh pei me. she laughing at me also. choosing tissue packets also. LOL :/ . devil help me buy candy again. then assembly. boring loh :x . English, mr yen go G.O do stuff. then all hearing desiree playing violin . HAHA.
Then headed for core geog. really wnna sleep -.-
P.E , kuku loh. i wnna run also )':
Headed for recess. i good girl. i eat finish. HEH. except th vege . BUT I ATE TH LEAVES :/
then @ study cornerrrr.. okay. dowan say so much. -.-
E math & chinese . Headed for assemly. neha cried. O.O
Thn asked billy & johby teach me e-math. johby made me laugh. LOL :/ . he actually used 'duck' & 'chicken' to make me understand. LOL.
Parents come fetch me& went market. they wnna order make th curtains. went to eat. food sucks -.- . then headed home :)
on phone w jocelyn & yj till NOW. cause' doing th stupid chinese -_-
pekchek liao. tmr do. LOL :/

sian sian sian sian sian -.-

5 more days, & i'll tell myself t let this friendship go.
i'll not cling on this f/ship anymore
so sorry tht u have to click th link urself. I cant put into blogger. damn it )x
On phone w jocelyn just now. she ask me help find song, i found this. HAHA. singing w that ass. that laughing like mad :x
now is 8+ , i havent mummum ley D:
ARGGG! )':
if only time can be rewinded. ):

tired D:
April 21, 2009 || 4:27 PM

Helloooooo :)
Woke up in th morning. today not 2nd korkor bring me t school. WHY ? :/. idk also. LOL. lala :x
Reached school, ask nadiah gf pei me go buy tissue. was choosing. LOL :/ . must see which one cute mah. she keep laughing -.- . take my candy frm devil . Thennn bell ringgg :) assembly @ hall. zz. devil lent me his e-history notes. wakaka :/. so nice of you.(or not xD ) . thank you lahh :)
Then chinese. zz. very tired alr loh )': , then a-math. rotting. heh. Physics SPA. took th test. dint study hard enuf, so yea :). gnna do badly. :o & ohya, thank you zhixiang brother for th protractor :)
Recess & headed for SS. dowan mention abt it alr. LOL :/ . E-maths ,so proud to say. i failed.
BUT, i dint expect i failed by half mark ?!. pissed off loh. i tot if i get maybe 5 marks? 7 marks?i still can happily go retest. tell me half mark more, heart break )x
Thn ritual. did retest. then finish liao faster chiong go bio lab find billy :/ .
then he help me carry back t hall. HEHEH :) headed for history test., dowan say also -.- gone. LOL :/ . devil, if i fail, not my problem. LOL :x .
Then when pass up th test paper. jeremy lim ask me pass down th message : "After this, stalin wants to see us at the study corner. " RIDICULOUS RIGHT . LOL :/ . then everyone believe. c'mon, stalin die so long liao. how to see us. LOL :/ . then when pass down this very fast sia. then jeremy faster ask we all pass down if fake de. LOL. but nobody care. tsk. serve you right. :X
Bus'ed home & this uncle, very nice loh. heheh. he knew i wanna board th 173 bus, th bus driver wait me ley. HEHEH :)
ate instant noodle, obviously momma cook for me. LOL :)

and lastly,
my nose is very itchy )':

April 20, 2009 || 9:15 PM

hello duckies,hamsters & many more :/
Quickkk post .
Morning woke up at 7+ . brother keep calling me wake up cause' he starts school today. LOL.
prepare prepare. 2nd korkor send me t school. keep nagging say ltr he late. o.o . its not th first time u late. LOL :/
Early morning, nose superrrrr itchy lah. )':
Core geog sucks :) HAHA. Recess. dint eat ;) . SS, dint complete th worksheet. after school thn hand up. HEH :/ . English . test. gnna fail alr. E-math. lol. :/ . ms yue very pissed :x . Then chem pureee :) .
after school walked t market there. visit doctor goh for th checkup.
lungs not so tight alreadyy :) , but given more medicine! D:
Antibiotics for throat, th inhaler got another one. purple colour :/ . got th new one, for nose. pills for sensitive nose & lastly, irritate me most ,long term MC for PE, guess how long?
6 months . i was like "WALAO EHHH! "
stupid. 6 months, about october alr loh. a-hole. )':
But heng, doctor say swimming can help . HAHA. but now cannot. but better abit first :/
Ate & came home :)
tmr got e-math retest. ALTHOUGH ms yue never say who fail .but comfirm + chop i fail. if i pass , smth is wrong. HAHA.
i like going sick again. damn it )':
tmr pei'ing billy do his kuku duty before E-history test . heheh. billy! i so sayang you ley! :x


April 19, 2009 || 8:13 PM

Helloooo duckies,hamsters & earthlings :) {LOL}
No tuition today. YAY :D . :/ . mdm lin sick D: . did i told you how high i was last night when i recieved her sms ? LOL :/ . but oh well, take care uhhh lin lao shi :)
Wake up, online :)
Then after that went out w parents meet aunt, uncle & jasmineeeee :)
Headed th redhill there eat. AGAIN. :/

Bought this & eat aftr that. HAHA :)
then th adults go buy their 4d or toto .IDK . who cares. got this playground. then saw this!

1: Quickly turn nose 6 times (th blue one)
2:Listen for sound
4:Listen to response
Headed to IKEA :) . Bought :
this w cousin. HAHA. finished eating. went into th thing find parents. walk walk. super boring & tiring :/
they got give this. Not star, obviously. but th measuring tape thingy lah. made from paper. alot sia. took one. then i wnna make into a star, cousin say she wnna do. let her do loh. LOL

Then after that was like went into land-of-softtoys. HAHA.
I also got take one pic. BUT OMG. TOO UGLY & RETARD. yea :)
its a doggie , mind you :)

ignore my stupid face ._.
then after that went balastier there LOOK @ STUPID LAMPS. walao )':
sms'ed billy & devil . Woke th pig (devil) up. HAHA :/ . k lahh. sorry lohh ._. ; i really very bored mah :/ . Idk we took how long at there. stupid )':
Went aunt house :) . on th way, got this monkey. HAHA. i think cannot see. too bad :P
Reached aunt's house. saw sijia & her family. HAHA. :/ .
Then went up. after awhile, go down th kopitiam ate. :)
Home :)
nowadays i keep eating D:
okays. i have to stop :/ .
ltr really fat )x

Came home, upload pic & bathed. blogging & NOW, im going do my core geog homework alr. :)
& yes. core geog sucks
Now back to here. HAHA.
i saw her today! :D
She was pretending to be sooo calm y'know. HAHA. stupid loh. actually very scared thn step one so calm. you heng th lift come alr. if not i sure walk there deesiao you ley!. LOL.
& horrrrr. when aunt call your mommy, u got shiver anot? TSK.
dont scaredddd lah. we wont hai you one :)
but you dont seem happy at all.

tired ._.
April 18, 2009 || 10:10 PM

Gnna have a longggggggg post :)
Morning woke up at 8+. I shocked siol. tot late for school ._. , jump up, take my file check what time lesson start. 9 AM . GRR. :/ . went back sleep awhile. then wake up again. bathed & ate :) . mommy help me blow-dry hair. yay:)
Headed school. slowly go for physics lesson @ slc. hah. talking w ducky :/ . 1 hour break. went outside school there, buy sweets. MUAHAHA :X . Then went playground w edna, yingjie,jocelyn :) . Desiree & emily came too :D . fun :)


ducky & elmerrrr :D

i seriously LOVE ducky's bag. * jealous* only. :/

Johby keep disturb me. :x

Times up! went back school :) . rotting @ study corner. go for social studies at hum. slc. boring. Nobody is paying attention!? LOL. about 3 to 4 people nia. TSK.
Finallyyyyyyyyyyyy, lesson end :D
Walked t market there deh mac w desiree,andy,johby & jiehui :)
ducky very hungry. LOL :/ . tsk. then devil & jiehui went home. left johby , ducky & me :)
Chit-chat. johby very diam. HAHA. later tell you why :/ . Ducky left as her daddy coming fetch her. Left me & johby. shit you . HAHA.
then left :) . Go find daddy,mommy,cousin,aunt & uncle. Then went aunt's cousin :).
Used jasmineeeee's comp .then she do homework. heheh. OH YA. I ALMOST FORGOT,

i bought two new tops :). th yellow one, SO CARTOON CAN :/
Then played diner dash and etc lah. stupid stuffs. tsk.
Aunt brought us to IMM :)

Before leaving :)
Cab to IMM. reached. Aunt buy me & cousin candy :)

6.14 pm, they all want go eat. SIAO LOH :/
Pepper lunch :) . Cousin (tian ci) came :) . ate. I REALISED, I FINISHED EATING MINE AFTER ONE HOUR :/ . heheh :x . Then walk walk. then after that WALKED to bus stop. legs tired :/ . Then took bus 176 back to aunt house there. go th kopitiam find parents. they talk talk & headed home :)
Bathedddd & msn'ing w devil now.
i wnna watch ''17 again'' x.x

April 17, 2009 || 3:37 PM

Helloooo duckies :)
Decided t study e-math this morning, BY WAKING UP EARLIER. :/
Set alarm in handphone. then i actually, OFF IT. cause' its seriously disturbing me from my sleep :/ . zzzz.
woke up, prepared & 2nd korkor send me t school :)
found out i dint bring handphone. ARGGGGG )': .

but, i still love chua qing wei Y .
cause' he lend me his phone. SO NICE OF YOU. hahaha! But, life sucks when your phone aint w you. ._. heheheh :)
Reached school. assembly. Social studies. boring-.- .
E-maths. im gnna fail it, VERY VERY BADLY. im super serious. -.-
Recess. no mood eat. gnna 喘 again, faster take th inhaler. :/
Then english & thnnnnnnnnnn E history.
stayed back. went canteen ate w huijuan&serene sisters, jocelyn & yingjie. Rachel came after that. LOL. that time huijuan drop her hp into food. today serene's turn. LOL.
then we were saying, nxt one is rachel's turn . i faster say "eh u all dont pass from OLDEST to YOUNGEST hor." , :x .
Then went find ms chia for consultation w desiree ducky, joce,yj & edna. heh. science slc :):)
Cold cold )': . Thn cab down t west mall . met jasmine&karen cousins, aunt & momma. went t bengawan solo there eat & cab home again =.=
tmr got school D:

got this very ''CUTE'' girl . sibei diao loh. HAHA. (JASMINE COUSIN, U KNOW WHO RIGHT! tsk.)
OH-SO SELFISH. ur heart blackblack oh! >:( Then see us, u keep turn & run. BUT HOW SAD, I SAW YOUUUUUU. :D . dont play hide-and-seek w us lah dey. Then keep sms my cousin ask we what time go home all these? ask if my aunt got say anything? why wor? GUILTY RIGHTTTT! stupid. u tell lie t ur momma, then better got th guts to admit. Dont scare here & there lah hor. I know you wont be reading this. i dislike you alot. idk why )': . Maybe you're too rude to th tuition teacher alr. EH HELLO. SHE'S ME & JASMINE'S TUTOR ALSO LEY. You treat her as transparent?! keep attitude her. u think u who? fly away lah duck -.- . Then so scared. haiyer! you must be feeling so scared now rightttt? tsk tsk. Dont go home w ur legs shivering like mad k :) , keep sms jasmine ask question. u scared just say lah. I reply u one ley. Come talk t me loh. That time eating w you, you keep laugh laugh laugh. my jokes funny hor? tsk. You not scare me oh? Like i scared of you. Tsk. i scared you, pigs fly, i die k . :) & stop making use of jasmine. She's a neighbour/friend of yours. not your dog.

outsiders dont ask who who who D:
mai kpo. you also wont know who deh.

I forgot about this. HAHAHA. see. mommy shifting my room de table all these. LOL. PLAYDOH!idk how many years its w me alr. ohwell. daddy buy for me one. i still remember. HAHA. As i always say, i (L) my daddy :) . Tsk . okay. i need go pompom & do my physics homework alreadyyy. :) . BYEBYE :D

Must i really make a choice?
What if i refuse?
Someday, i'll leave. its gnna be, random.

April 16, 2009 || 4:30 PM

hellooooooooooooooo :)
Early morning wake up then 喘 already x.x
Went t school .
Core geog sucks :x . PE. cannot do my NAPFA running. GRR.
Help take timing :) , alot guys failed. heh.
Recess. ate. English, Chem spa & mother tongue.
Headed for LSS after that.
Sorry billy & johby (x.x) , for giving attitudes :/
ended lss & bus'ed home :)

meeting ms chia for consultation tmr instead of today. :)
worse thing, i got panda eyes D:

idk what i want either.
think whatever you want,then.
i cant even decide what i want.
i dowanna make a choice.
thats' all i know.

April 15, 2009 || 5:15 PM

ignore my face :/

Happy birthday teo winnie :)
my romeo. Y
and always doing things t make me laugh :D
ur mistress got give chocolates? LOL.

Ytd night, korkor & friends came & mahjong. so noisy :/
Morning wake up, hand so pain >:[
Then prepare prepare. headed school :)
Social studies. test. grr . if i fail, not surprised at all :)
Physics, okok lah. ms chia asking me dont dream again. LOL :/
English, boring :/
Recess, Core geog sucks -.-
A math , my freeeeee period. pei billy go canteen. thn after awhile ownself walk back study corner. Shuyang & rinjae(?) came & pei me chat :)
Then went for class interaction. did th friendship band. jocelyn do so fast. LOL.
Then after school liao :):) . Life Science cancelled :)
Went west mall w yj & jocelyn :)
ate :)
Went to choose smth :/ . buy.
Then th shops, got alot of cute tees ley! x.x
Then after tht, we three went seperate ways. yj walk home, jocelyn mrt'ed home, & i bus'ed home :)
Korkor & his friends playing mahjong. then after awhile, all left le o.o
Going to do ss mindmaps alr.
sian 1/2 loh. :x
i just have to be prepared for that day t come.
Most probably, i'll take a few steps back.

April 14, 2009 || 1:13 PM

I forgot t post about th pic above ytd. its from xueyan ahma :) heheh.
Today morning wake up. like alr wnna die :/
Headed for school.
Morning assembly, yj keep deesiao me. LOL. say what i stop breathing alr. aku 喘 ley. LOL. the keep put her finger -,- . then i bite. LOL :/ Cannot blame me loh :x .
A maths (free period) was oh-so-boring. serious )':
Then went for core geog. test! no need say. im gnna fail. very badly. i left th whole question worth 6 marks BLANK . totally :) . see. i win alr ryte!
Then went to General office take form. go home -.-
Then momma come fetch me :)
Went caltex buy old chang kee. very hungry ley! :X . bought 3 sticks of th sotong thingy. one for me , & one for korkor each. :) . im such a nice sister loh! :/
Thn cab home. korkor came back! :):).
after a while, went th bukit panjang that side eat :)
keep talking rubbish loh. LOL. went home after that. heh.
super super long never went out tgt as a family alr. 5 of us ley!.
always either korkor not w us. all both brothers not w us. (:
happy only. heheh.
i think now jocelyn & all having chinese. heheh :)
tmr got ss test. GRR.
prepare fail alr -.-
Went westmall that side . daddy see doctor. lol. then ate. CHUAQINGWEI keep disturbing & teasing me. shutup lah qw D: . playing in th car :) zz. momma keep scolding us. LOL. heheh.
i dowan any of those.

April 13, 2009 || 9:42 PM

Tagged by amanda ching :) *laughs*

Write the names of 21 friends you can think off the top of your head,
And then answer the qusetion.After doing this, tag ur 21 friends to do the same.

1.AmandaChing 2.Ariffin(audi) 3:Andy 4.crystal 5.desiree ang 6.hizriani 7.jane wong 8. kerencia 9.liqi 10.lum miao yu 11. sheryl 12.teresa 13.vavarly 14. trevor 15.wen xin 16. zhixiang 17. billy 18. kevin 19.jocelyn 20. yingjie 21. emily

How did you get to meet 7? - 2nd brother they all working. HAHA
What will you do if you & 15 never met ? - no fun ? :X
What will you do if 20 & 1 date ? - Laugh my ass out. LOL.
Have you ever seen 17 cry? - No. HE CRY!? :x
Would 4 & 16 be a good couple? - LOL. idk :x
Do you think 11 is attractive? - super! :)
What is 2's favourite color? - idk. LOL
What was the last time you talk to 9? - forgot :x
What language does 8 speak? - human language.
Who is 13 going out with? - ask her urself
What grade is 12 in? - ?
Would you ever date 17? - 'darling' alr. ROFL.
Where does 18 live? -idk. -,-
What is the best thing about 3? - caring . (why dont ask whats th worse thing!)
What would you like to tell 10 rite now? - i miss times when we keep talking during tuition. LOL. What is the best thing abt 20? - She is smart
Have you ever kiss 5? - Nope.
What was the best memory you have with 21? - hmm.
When is the next time you're gonna see 6? - A very good question. :/ no idea.
How is 14 & 12 different? - one guy one girl -,-
Is 19 pretty? - she got black heart. LOL. jk :)
What was your 1st impresion of 11? - SMALL & CUTE. LOLL
How did you meet 20? - 1e3'07 .
Is 1 your best friend? - my dearest ahjie :)
Do you hate 12? - No! :)
Have you seen 18 in the last month? - zz. almost every weekdays.
When was the last time you see 16? - Today.
Have you been to 5's house? - Nope.
When's the next time you're gonna see 10? - No idea?
Are you close to 13? - hmm?
Have you been to a movie with 4? - Nope )x
Have you gotten into trouble with 8? - Get scolded by th instructor? LOL.
Would you give 19 a hug? - HAHA.
When have you lied to 3? - ._________.
Do you know a secret about 9? - no?
Describe the r/s between 12 & 18 - good friends? (idk )
What's the best thing about your friendship with 9? - my dearest sweetheart :)
What is the worst thing about 6? - She love son of a ostrich & ducks. LOL.
Have you ever had a crush on 12? - LOL.
Does 14 have bf/gf? - Think no?
Have you ever wanted to punch 1 in the face? - No. i love her dou lai bu ji ley. :x
Has 21 met your mother? - dnno :x
How did u get to meet 15? - school :)
Did you ever physically hurt 3? - Throwing things at him counted? LOL .
Do you live close to 7? - Take bus? LOL.
What's 8's favourite food? - no idea -,-
What kinda car does 1 have? - dnno ?
Have you ever travelled anywhere with 9 before? - nope.
If you give 14 $100 wad will he/she spent on? - dnno. buy sweets? LOL.

do if you want :)

3rd visit t doctor D:
|| 4:53 PM

Hellooooo :)
let me post about YTD first :)
went bukit timah there ate. Momma bought me this handphone strapppp :)

SEEEEEE :) *happy only*.
Then then, go home. studied chem :)
went west mall in th evening downgrade th dnno what thing. got 2nd brother new phone. We looking @ phones outside. i point to him say that one my handphone. he laugh me say lousy phone. then daddy got him th FREE hp. HAHAHA. th sony ericsson one. stupid . LOL :/ Then went bukit gombak for dinner. headed home. watched tv. LOL. campus superstar :/ . Then 2nd brother deh friends came mahjong. i go sleep :)


Today morning wake up. prepare & headed school. zz. in th car, i tell daddy i like going to 喘again. LOL. then reach school. first lesson, physics. really 喘 . zz. fever somemore )': . Chinese. test. GRRRRRRR. dint finish. :) . Recess. dint go eat. A-math. rot.
Miss Magesh bought me this pao. OMG LAH. iloveyou miss magesh :)
Headed for english. no energy do work -.- . Chem test. goner :) . after school go find miss yap, continue do chinese test. compo. then gave up. really dnno -,- .
Walked to market, find aunt :)
She super diao one loh. she know i walk very slow. but today i reach earlier. thn, i call her again, say after this patient, my turn. LOL. then she faster rush down. LOL. hahaha. She bought me a small bag & bottle of sweets from candy empire :)

heheheh :)
th doctor say my lungs very 紧. gave me those thingy. those asthma deh people use that thing -,-
Next week or smth need go back checkup again )':
Core geog test tmr. gtg revise alr.
tmr going home after core geog test D:
doctor say go for test jiu hao -.-
ohwell ._.
im off now . BYEBYE :D