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March 31, 2009 || 7:26 PM

Hellooooo :)
today woke up myself. LOL. 6.30 am (: . Not bad lah. go back sleep again. LOL. then momma come in wake me up . zz. Changed. When tying my hair, very pissed off. zz. School'ed (:

Social studies. New teacher came in. Mr yeo (:
Zz. class was super boring. my eyes keep wanna close -.-
Chinese. gahhh. :)
Recess. zz. th auntie give alot rice & vege. siao :/ . dint finish. (obviously.) :/
Core geog. YAYAY. NO CORE GEOG. *smiles widewide* . ICT test. HAHA. :)
Sitting w xueyan ahma, siqian & niannian (:
English, did compre. E maths. lol.
A math, my free period. Talking w edgar :) . LOL. he joker only. irritating HAHA.
Chinese test tmr )':
mind you, its CHINESE. god.
90% sure i'll do badly/fail :)
ohwell . -.-

im off peepoooooooooos' :)

March 30, 2009 || 5:21 PM

Xue Yan ahma (:(:
Hellooooooooo (:
ytd dint get t go IMM )':
Fahrenheit )x
Szeqin, mai sad. LOL. :/
Okay, back to today. ohwell.
Morning woke up. super tired ._. . Prepare prepare. like so early D: , watch tv :/ Go school. like dnno why, today by right no need sing th national anthem. LOL :/ nvm.
so, physics pure. my eyes really wanna close alr loh )': , went toilet wash face ._.
Recess. & Chem SPA. grr. boring )':
2 hours somemore ley. z. Then english. & e maths. lol :/
After school go find miss yap. for consultation. aiyer. too guai liao. LOL :/
Go home alone. lala. Mommy go out w aunt.
Me & flora at home. flora sleeping. zzz.
everybody , must watch ogay! [/edited]

March 29, 2009 || 4:20 PM

even if dont let me get autography, AT LEAST, let me see them lah )':

Woke up early morning. Waited for everyone. Korkor not at home. due to some reasons.
Went to fetch aunt & family. Had breakfast & headed to th choa chu kang cemetry there pray grandfather. lol.
daddy drove mommy, aunt & uncle.
while second brother drove me& three cousins. haha.
Finished everything at about 10 plus? Went bukit batok blk 283 there deh kopitiam there, ate & headed home. Weather sucks. sun dnno so big for what :/
Went down swimming (:(:
Ohwell, saw marcos again. zz. I dint give him a damn. Attention-seeker, th more u want attention, th more i wont give :P
Came up & bath. Rotting now )':
Raining! D:
everyone's sleeping at home. zzzzz )':
Pei me talk ley people )':

March 28, 2009 || 5:49 PM

Current status: Hungry!

Okay. im blogging now. im seriously bored & hungry )':
Im HUNGRY. oh my qingling, i cant believe that you this kind also will hungry. oh well, YES. i am hungry )':
So, today's full story :
- Woke up kindda early. online & rot.
- Went bukit batok , west side i THINK, ate. & bought things to for praying tmr. lol. Bought kinderjoy. see see, my toy. (: . heh. Daddy go do work awhile, home (: . Was like, waiting for daddy cause', i wanna go swimming. grr. Finally (: . And, i keep make till my leg, th swell there. zz. Today not so pain alr (: . But th bone swelling, still )':
Come home, bath & im rotting rotting & rotting.
buey tahan. Im seriously gnna change blogskin. grr. im still finding ): , so yea. grr.
i need entertainment now, NOW NOW. very badly .
Finally finally changed my blogskin.
This is common (or issitnot? idk )
Was finding & finding. And i've change th colour cause' th original one not nice deh (:
The codes make my eyes wanna pop out. Too long never play w codes alr. HAHA! [/edited]

|| 2:57 PM

Tagged by andy th devil. lazy dao now thn wanna do. cause' im waiting for daddy :x .

1. Besides your lips, where is your favourite spot to be kissed?
cheeks (:
2: How do you feel when you wake up this morning?
3: Who was the last person you took a picture with?
cant remember.
4: Do you consider yourself to be spoiled?
somehow :/
5: Would you ever donate blood?
I will, if im not scared of pain :/
6: Do you have good friends of the opposite sex?
yea (?)
7: Do you want someone dead?
8: What does your last text message say?
do you meannnnn inbox or sent messages? LOL :/
9: What are you thinking of right now? idk -,- 10: Do you wish someone was with you right now?
11: When did you go to sleep last night?
A very good question. idk.
12: Where did you buy your T-shirt that you are wearing right now?
forgot :/
13: Is someone in your mind now?
14: Who was the last person who texted you?
15: 10 people tagged to do this quiz
1) AmandaChing
2) Sheryl
3) Jane
4) Zhixiang
5) Xi Tong
6) Shelly
7) Billy
8) Gina
9) Jiahao
10) Hizriani
16: Who is number 2 having a relationship with? (Sheryl)
Marc !
17: Is 3 a male/female? (Jane)
Female (:
18: If 7 and 10 gets together, will it be a good thing? ( Billy&Hizriani )
I cant imagine it. HAHA.
19: What is no.1 studying? (AmandaChing)
No idea. LOL
20: Is number 4 single? (Zhixiang)
Yeap. (?)
21: Say something about number 5. (xitong)
My dearest baobeih. Ahlian but loyal to friend (:
22: What do you think if no.3 and 6 get together? (Jane&Shelly)
are you kidding me?
23: Describe number 9. (JiaHao)
Idk. Like to tempt people alot -_-
24: What will you do if no.6 and 7 fight? ( Shelly & billy)
they dont know each other.
25: Do you like no.8? (Gina)
Yes! my twinneh (:


Very sian lahhh. )': Tmr fahrenheit going IMM @ 3pm . )': . i wanna go. grr. Tmr going pray grandfather also. o.o . (: . Lazy to upload pics. tmr maybe, or tonight. HAHA :D

March 27, 2009 || 5:38 PM

suck day )':

Chinese. Physics SPA - two hours of theory. sian sian sian! Recess w xueyan , niannian & siqian (: . English. Headed & stayed @ study corner. waiting for miss teh reply my sms. So yea. joevenn come scare me lah hor. then i hit my leg on th stupid chair or wherever it is. pain like grr. Cry luh. duh. asshole. go die lah. )': .
Andy taught me chinese. one sentence. and chinyen kuku take over. in the end she say she not sure. LOL. haha. nvm(: . went to find miss teh. Physics consultation. & cab down west mall find aunt , momma & cousin. Ate sakae sushi. Home (:

AND NOW GOT ABIT SWELL LE LAH. ( cantseefrmhere).
Mother just now go hit th swell somemore.
wth. pain lah bodoh. )':

March 26, 2009 || 3:57 PM

Chinese as first lesson. Ms Yap, eh no. mrs lim is back from her honeymoon (:(:
Did comprehension. lol.
P.E , free game. played badminton w edna, jocelyn, yingjie, weixian, syafiq & zay nyein (:(: .
Recess. ate. English. did speech (: , not bad lah. LOL :X . Core geog. lol. after that, i seriously jitao no mood. )': Elective history, free period for us. (: , lol. Starting really no mood. screw it )': Trying reallyyyyy hard to control my tears )': . Sorry to all, for my attitude ._.
Chem SPA. Mr wong was late. he forgotten about us. LOL. haha. Then dismissed. Walked to market there deh mac, ate w cousin. Mommy & me cab'ed home (:

不认识你(们)的时候 )':

March 25, 2009 || 8:48 PM

i cant upload th pics into th lappy. )':
First lesson, electie history. mr lee went for reservist. Free period (: did some work. lol. Went for recess. DAMN EARLY LOR! 8.45 am. siao -.-
Chemistry, english. haha. when bell rang @ 1045, all start packing up. LOL . haha. then took class photo. Mr lee came back just for this. LOL. and went back alr. haha. My hair is very messy deh )': . Core geog. grr. k. im useless lah . A maths, free period. winnie winnie also free period. LOL :/ . ZZ. wth. she keep making me laugh. LOL
Assembly. and, went west mall eat, bus'ed back school for life science. (:
Only one team is sent for biotech fair'09 . im involved O:
So went home after discussing stuffs. then, walking, then gnna rain )':
saw a big big big big big spider , crawling on its spider web. its hanging on th tree. GRR. HAIR STAND* . wanted take pic, cant see. grr. then edna & jocelyn want make me go forward. shouted "NO" LOL :/ . then walking walking, jocelyn crossed th road. haiyer. bad citizen. not like me :/ . then wanted ask jocelyn careful. then edna suddenly put her hand straight asking me stop. the face. LMAO. i tot got th spider or what sia. then i scream very loud :/ . in th end is a dead bird. LOL. very very scary )': .
cab'ed home (:

March 24, 2009 || 7:20 PM

Today, woke up, school'ed. DUH[?] :/
Core goeg :/ . A maths. GRR. raining heavily. z. cold cold )': . Lucky i brought one jacket. heheheh :P
Chinese. zz. Madam goh take over :/ . Was thinking she'll sure say my fringe(side). -,- . In the end, never! :B . Miss yap, i mean, mrs lim! was away for honeymoon. :) .
Recess'ed . English. Was super heng. with huijuan sister. HAHA. cause' doing speech, by, RANDOM O.O" . Nvm. So yea. Physics SPA. And, Ritual (: .
ate & went to computer lab 2 for th idk what thing practice. nxt tuesday or what got test on it. no marks deh -.- . Asked teresa alot questions. LOL :/ . thanks love (: . Helped jocelyn, xueyan, siqian & xiuquan (for him, is left 1 min lor, cantblame me) do th last part -.- . im so nice y'see! :D
Then bus'ed home (: . Grr. was acting like a dumbass.
To jeremy: SEE! TODAY I WALK SO FAST! i first ley! :P


March 23, 2009 || 9:14 PM

Nothing much. School'ed. changed ez-link card. sucks only :/ . Idk how it was with devil andy, but yea. -,- . Parents fetch me and, z. Many homeworks )': . Happy advanced birthday, jason (: Shortest post ever. hahaha.

once again,
while browsing through my contacts to find someone to talk t,
i've got no one. still (:

March 22, 2009 || 8:35 PM

Hello duckys (:
Morning woke up. Tuition w lin lao shi (: . was damn tired uh )':
Then rotted. Went Aunt's house dwnstair deh kopitiam AGAIN. -.-
Soyea. ate. Aunt, Uncle & Cousin came down. So, they talk talk. i want buy ice-cream. zz.

Dont think i enjoy this so much, as if i get it easily. ITS NOT okay.
When walking, got one cat, zz. Keep scare me & fierce me for nothing )':
Then i scared lah. duh. Keep ask jasmine come save me. GRR. )': . Not i dowan run. is, th cat keep following me. zz. I like cats, but im scared of it. Possiblity of me, in my previous life being enemies w cats is very very very high (:

Went market (: . Took my the the passport photo. Mommy lost it. so yea (: , you know, outside th shop, got the the thingy, 20cents, then got 5 pingpong balls one. LOL. me, mommy, cousin & aunt keep playing. grr. Aunt's luck is sibei good deh lor. Keep winning (:
So yea. headed to turf city. buy things & headed home (:
School tmr.

March 21, 2009 || 9:05 PM

Hello earthlings (:
i woke up @ 12.30pm , thanks to jasmine wong for waking me up. so yea. Rotting. then gg 2pm or smth lahh, headed t aunt house downstair deh kopitiam makan makan (: , aunt, uncle & cousin came down.
raining )':
Went Bukit Timah, walk walk. They all want see plants, so, me, daddy & cousin go mac (: (:
Uncle , aunt & mommy came in. grr. Uncle eat our fries , keep snatch my mayonaise )x .
Still ask me go take 2 more pkts. when i come back, my mayonaise all gone. GRR )':
So yea, went Courts. lol. Daddy bought 2 new electric fans & mommy buy one slow cooker. (:(: . Went home. Aunt keep disturbing Flora. lmao. Watching tv. Then went bukit gombak. durians, (L). heheh. Mommy owe me deh. Who ask her, aunt & cousin, when i @ jurong east doing flag day thingy, they ownself go enjoy eat durians )': . Had dinner & sent them home & im home right now, just had my bath (:
Mommy say tonight must sleep early alr. Tmr got tuition. GRR. i keep thinking that today is friday ): cant watch my 爱就宅一起! ):):

March 20, 2009 || 7:24 PM

Ytd 12 am, go bukit timah w parents & flora buy pratas (:
Reach home , ate & sleep (:

woke up aroun 11+ LOL :/
Went market, bring the bedsheets for washing. then headed BPP w aunt & uncle.
Jasmine wong go friend's house project. sian.
Ate @ kopitiam. walkwalk (:

Bought this. marshmellows w chocolates (: bought 2 sticks (one is w strawberries) @ $3 . (:
Mommy bought this for me (: . (L)
So yea, im rotting right now.
You may or may not see this. i dont give a damn.
I starting never even come disturb you right. Like which duck will know if you're using sengkok's msn. -_- . Keep insult me for what? Keep call me ur dog. Then say you're my master? Please lah, IF , im really am dog, and you're my master, i'll sure run away & rather let car bang & die also dowan have you as a master. Simply throwing my face. Say people flat. Better thn you, want to be flat also cant :P . CW ah CW , You're still th same as in p5/6 . sigh. Somemore, everything you say, nobody is asking , thats th most pitiful part. Xiasway to have an ex-classmate like you manxz! Next time you provoke dao jasmin tay , dont come find me for help k. I wont help you. Serve you right for always getting attitude or whatever by jasmin. And please understand this, who started scolding who first? O: . I'm sorry for my faults. But sigh, you this kind, when will you think that you're wrong? NO. NEVER. I cant find any words to describe you. Sad. And, although this doesn't concern gina, my fault. But, she starting never say/scold you ley. Your friend come extra scold us for what? Say he our master? Please lah, say me lousy dog. Ohmy, who's th dog barking down here? next time if you ever provoke jasmin tay again, dont ever find me for help. Cause' i will NEVER help you. (: . You simply deserve it.
I asked you t talk nicely. this is what u gave me:
You know that i can make you believe in love and sex and magic says:
buay sai leh knn buay song come find me
Christina' ♥ says:
kaos. u talk to me, jitao shoot me vulgarities ley.
You know that i can make you believe in love and sex and magic says:
You know that i can make you believe in love and sex and magic says:
i alwayz tok like this
You know that i can make you believe in love and sex and magic says:
u dunno meh
Christina' ♥ says:
i dont. cause' everytime u talk to me is ALWAYS you go provoke jasmin tay & you come find me for help
You know that i can make you believe in love and sex and magic says:
yea good point
You know that i can make you believe in love and sex and magic says:
but now sh is outta my life
You know that i can make you believe in love and sex and magic says:
we dunno each other anymore
Christina' ♥ says:
Yea, so when need help , talk so nicely lah hor?
Dont need help, guailan lah?
You know that i can make you believe in love and sex and magic says:
KohChinWeng, having such p5&6 classmate like you, simply throw my face. Only know how to make use of people. Im so disappointed w you. You're just a heartless ass. 6k06' having a student like you, xiasway. I wont curse you. Still ask me go find you? Siaoeh, you want find trouble sibo?! I dowan ley. How? Beg me lah. Even if you beg me, i wont give a damn. I dowanna be like you, being a letdown to mdm ong & mr ee. Can you believe it? You're once a prefect in ZHPS. xiasway on you manxz. Im very very disappointed w you. How i wish you're not in 6k06, or me not in 6k06 at all.

March 19, 2009 || 9:06 PM

Posting again , for today(:
Woke up, prepared. went to find aunt , uncle & cousin at .. .. .. .. .. WEST MALL. yea. west mall :X . So... ate & daddy go work & mommy bring my lappy go repair. Went Library @ Jurong East , awhile nia. LOL. i see books i will fed up. idk why ._. So yea, we decided to go Jurong Point. LOL . :D .

heheheh :B . Then reach le. walk walk. Took neoprints w aunt & cousin. lol. Then mommy came (: , walk walk & met w elder cousin sistar(Karen) . Had dinner @ kopitiam. Then go take neoprints again! :D . Mrt'ed to bukit batok & cabbed' home (: Went down swimming w daddy (:
And yes, i bought this top @ PUREMILK when walking w mommy , cousin & aunt (:
cute hor. $23.00. GOD. I'VE TO STOP BUYING CLOTHES :/ . my wardrobe is full of clothes & messy like .__.
so, yea . TOODLES! :D
I've changed?

|| 12:36 PM

Mommy's GUESS wallet. its mine mine mine! *.*

m)phosis slippers (L)
Ytd's flag day.
giving these cute stickies (:

and saw this, dnno what bird or duck. LOL :/

March 18, 2009 || 9:03 PM

Morning woke up & bathed.
Blow-dry my hair &, yea. STRAIGHT. GOD, im lovin' it! (:
But idk how to tie it. Its not thick & the fringe -_- , mommy just pin it all up. LOL :/
Its 10+ and daddy is still preparing. Somemore need wait daddy EAT HIS BREAKFAST. grr )':
10.30+ , left for Jurong East, went to buy one small small popiah & headed to mrt station meet cos-. zz. Got our tins & wow. tiring )': . Tio pangseh'ed like duck lah. whatever. Dont want wait only. Whatever. dont wanna mention it already. STANDING OUTSIDE THE TOILET @ MRT STATION. LOL . But not bad lah hor. Collect alot ley. Very heavy x.x .
Ate icecream. LOL . finally 4 pm, mrt'ed home. At first wanna go IMM eat w yingjie, but retards like me who dnno th ways, -,- . so, yea. Reached home , ate smth. Bathed & audi awhile & thn slack. 8+ dinner again. dint finish. im full'ed up. -_-

March 17, 2009 || 6:34 PM

Hey duckies (:
Woke up & audi AWHILE. 1 round .__.
Ohyea, changed my ign. R-AINBOW . (:(:
Headed to idk where. then go SIM LIM, sending the lappy for repair. screw it )': . No audition.
But momma lost th receipt. LOL. so, find help here & there. Havent bring th lappy for repair yet. I THINK? its with daddy. ._.
Then had lunch. yuck :x . Daddy dropped me & mommy @ orchard and he headed for work. Eh nono. me & mommy walk to OG there first, buy new wallet : GUESS :D . actually in love w one white de, super nice, but expensive like hell. about $80 ? -.- . Got another one instead (: , offer deh. LOL :/ . Then head to find daddy @ kopitiam THN EAT (: . :/
Then at Orchard, walk walk here & there .__.
Looking @ bags & wallets. LOL :/
heh. Bought a pair of slippers from m)phosis (:(: . Ate @ burger king at around 3pm. Then mommy say her friend at upstair. LOL. so decided to go & find her. lmao. She open salon deh ley! SO, i asked if i can cut my fringe CAUSE I SERIOUSLY CANT STAND TH CENTER-PARTING :/ . So, also cut abit behind. lol. LENGTH still there, just that not so thick alr (: . I like this friend of momma. heh. She gave me a candy ley! :X . So yea, went back to to OG (Orchard de),Mommy bought one wallet. again . i forgot th brand's name. For herself. duh. So her new GUESS wallet is mine! (: . Th one i bought, im keeping for next year thn use. LOL. cny :X . k retarded (: . Then walk to cold storage & buy this and that. Cabbed' home (:
I'll upload th pics when i get the lappy.
*prays hard i can use th lappy today thn tmr thn send for repair.
Daddy's comp is hard to use. -_-

March 16, 2009 || 4:33 PM

saturday, 14 march (:
Yes yes. Looking forward to night time.
Had dinner @ idk where. think is Kallang. lol.
Headed to airport. (:
Sheryl & marc's parents came. (:

EH SHERYL, only pro ppl can make till liddat k (:
So yea. Finally see them (:
Marc suddenly kenna caught. he dnno bring what thing lah o.o .
So, we all, junhong & family & sheryl all waiting. lmao. Marc's mommy very worry lor . x(
Then after that all go home (:
2nd korkor on th way told us stuffs that happened in china. god. They got into accident -.- . Its like, very very heng nothing happen lah. Car spin for at least 4-5 rounds? O.O
Then brother gave me 3 stuffs :D
Happy happy :D
A big teddy , a weird thing & a hat. hee :D .

Sunday, 15 march (:

Tution'ed in th morning (:
Say hello to my new teddy (:
idk whats this. still figuring :/
I bet you cant guess whats this :P .
TADA :D. hat (:
Went for lunch @ 2pm. everyone's hungry. -_-
Botak Jones! LOL.
i think we're like JINX lor. Go there sure rain big big one .__.
reached home around 4 pm. Playing in car w second brother. He hit me till red red lor )':
Keep say me stupid. .__, Andy number 2 . LOL. :/
OMG. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT. LOL. I LIVE FOR 15 YEARS, HE FIRST TIME BRING ME OUT. LOL :D . Went home, changed & headed to JunHong's house. LOL. Then, KoonHua, korkor , junhong & his brother mahjong'ed. me& daphne sit down there watch/chat (:
Then about 7+ or 8 idk. Went to fetch Marc & Sheryl. LOL. they very funny -,-
Then go makan. Then they go smoke, i drink my milo. LOL. Marc anyhow only. ask me take th cup along (cause i have finish drinking) , then drink finish, put back. LOL . Then off to Lot 1 (:
Watched Dragonball. Not bad lah. but zz. ending sibei diao -.- .
So went to slack with them. Th guys want smoke again. lmao.Then decided to go koonhua's house downstairs. I sit @ another side cause' i buey tahan th th smell. zz. Sheryl come pei me. LOL. sheryl another lamer. NOT JUST ME OKAY. Give names to soft toys & all that. (:
So yea. KoonHua meowmeow went home. So, headed to Marc's house that side. lol. Met WeiQuan. lmao. They're SMOKING again. at least 2 sticks @ there. zz . scary one lah -.-
Reached home @ about 12+ . Shower shower & POOF! goodnight (:
happy birthday yanbingggg
Woke up @ 12+ . nice one (:
Raining )':
Went market. ate & go buy groceries & home.

W/o a reason,
im unhappy.

March 14, 2009 || 4:08 PM

Once again,i cried myself t bed last night. -.-

SO yea. woke up in th morning. online & headed to Ghim moh w parents. Had lunch & walk walk awhile. haha. it changed so much & guess what? i'd realised late-popo had passed away for 4 years & late-ahgong had passed away for 13 years. LOL. so fast .__.
So walk walk & walk walk. I can barely recognized the place. But idk why, got th feeling, i know how to walk through th place. LMAO. dont tell me use legs. lame :/
Went Shop&Save and bought this:

So cute. LOL .

Its nice & i got this toy. heh :B
Im rotting.
help )':
Entertain me.

March 13, 2009 || 5:14 PM

Winnie winnie :D
School'ed. Spring cleaning. sian.
Collect report book.
English: C5
Chinese: B3
E maths : B4
Chemistry : B3
Physics : C5
Combined humans (SS+HISTORY) : A1
Geography Core : A2 .
damn unhappy about my english. whatever. dont care alr.
I'll work hard for nxt term.
After school headed to West Mall. Walk walk with mommy. Bought new top (:(: . Met up w cousin & aunt. Headed t Sakae Sushi ate lunch. Home (: Holidays. yea. sian'ed.
*prays hard got present. LOL* :X
Miaoyu steadstead: cheerup (L)

March 12, 2009 || 6:59 PM

Current mood: bored.
Listening to: Barney's songs @
Heyo :D
Mommy woke me up today, k its obvious. LOL. but this time is different. haha.
2nd korkor called from Xiamen! YAY :D
Talked abit & passed phone to eldest korkor (:
Prepare myself. Daddy bought Mac breakfast home. haha. ate. Was superrrr full ._.
Korkor sent me t school & he go for his army (i think).
Was closing my eyes during principal's talk. ROFL. ._.
Disturbed kevin. LOL :/
E maths : Ms yue never come :D. free period :D
Chemistry SPA: almost everyone never do hw. nice one. LOL
Core geog: did filing, test coming soon. sian.
Recess : ate.
English: did speech. haha.
Physics pure : sat w weixian. lol. nothing much.
Social studies : si jiehui & johby duckies keep deesiao me .__. evil. ROFL.
Parents fetch me & headed t aunt house downstair ate. Cousin & aunt came & sent them to market as cousin going t th doc . kelian. LOL.
Im listening to barney songs now in
HAHA. so cute leyleyley! :B

March 11, 2009 || 9:18 PM

HEY DUCKYS! Im backkkkkk from camp :D:D .
I'll just do a quick post. :D . I hadnt got the pictures from instructor Syaf D: . but nvm.

Day One
Woke up. Prepared & headed to aunt's house downstairs ate breakfast w parents. Mommy asked if i wanna take jacket. I said no. In th end, she went up aunt's house borrow jacket.LOL. So yea. its cold. lol.
Reached school & assembled (:
Headed to hall for briefing. Ate and etc. Ohyea, we were split into 2 groups. haha. Our class deh name is EXCELLENCE. So, split into EXCELLENCE 1 & EXCELLENCE 2 :D
Our instructors/trainers are Glendan & Sean !
Got this thingy, as a class, we have to go around neighbourhood find junks or recycled thingys, then make into a mobile cart. Must be able t move. LOL. So yea. Went round & round.
Got quite a number of stuffs. lmao.
Went back school & headed to campsite at around 12pm? Btw, its raining heavily, which means t say, cold )':
Reached campsite. Put our backs at th hut. Then went for lunch. lols. Was having difficulty in swallowing them. GAH. not nice >:( then headed to our dorms. Guys sleep downstairs & girls sleep upstairs. LOL. okay. Not enuf beds so we girls headed t. another dorm. z. Went up. Its like ohmy -.- . k nvm. put our bags and etc etc lah :/ Due t. not enuf bedsheets, guess what i did. -.- . I laid my poncho(raincoat) & lie on it. GOD. so weird lah kayyy. Instructor Syaf called me "Poncho girl " LOL. haha.
Headed down meet up w class. Started on making the cart. Some did cheering & some did the painting of th flag (: . lol. ME, yes. ME. was made guinea pig. SIT ON TH CART -_-
Quite scary at first. LOL. okay. so , yea. DO DO DO. then dinner. then played Blind Mice Trail (or smth). Everyone will be blindfolded except for th one infront who gives direction. haha. scary ._. . Then etc etc , supper & headed to bath. No time. god. dint bath. Poured alot powder on myself. eww x.x . 2330 pm, lights off. god. Cant sleep. Noisy + z. no comments. lol.

Woke up & washed up. z.
Oh yea, our dorm deh toilet deh door auto lock'ed. nice one. All went downstairs. zz. idk why. ROFL. dont scare me ._. . Went to assemble. Morning stretch. can die. LOL. grass is wet and gahhh x.x . pushups sucks. LOL. my arms gnna drop :/ . Had breakfast. Headed to dorms get stuffs. Lol. k prepare prepare this and that. z. Then play some games. haha. Got team challenges where e2 & e1 played tgt. Played the water thingy, where girls hold the bottle (with alot holes),guys and some girls go take water. Guys too out their shirts to store, some use mouth, some use hair & hand. haha. Cool. Played longest line too. e2 won :D . Got the lifting spirits game. Where we are splitted into our 2 groups. Then we must make sure all the people can go over th "electric fence" (rope) . lol. OBVIOUSLY, guys sure need go over first. LOL. BoonKeat crossed first. th girls began to go. haha. Johby & junjie's leg red daooooo :/
and headed to dorms & played games. Lunch & went to changed & went to play mud. YUCK.
Z. Slippery + many mosquitoes + MANY MANY x( .LOL. lucky to have each another to help hold everyone t. cross th thingy. zz. got one hole so big & scary. ._. Mosquitoes are in love with me (: Finally reached th mud place. Instructors demo. GOD. so .___. , Went into mud. play abit. LOL. then we were allowed to go into the lake or whatever it is beside it to wash up abit. haha. all at there playing water. Splashing here & there. LOL. So went back. zz. sibei slippery. Held yingjie's hand. she ask me dont hold. Ownself hold me so tight. LOL. when go down th super slippery slopes, she slip then i .. well , you know i know. but nothing much lah. hee. Went back. Instructors use th holes thn keep "rinse" us. lol. muddy. GOD. super disgusting -.- K, went back changed. No time wash up. plus, i told ya, THE DORM DEH TOILET IS LOCKED. GOD -.-!
Then go practice cheerings. Then i forget alr. LOL. -.-
Then got the race thing thing. Z. they all win le lor. got th th dnno what wheel or smth drop, never say. Then i dnno anything. sit down. haha. then start race, LOL. we move ABIT . LOL. th class beside us never even move ogay :x . Thn game over. ahaha. dnno which class won. lol. gratz to them (: .
Then when going to keep th cart, z. they ask me sit. they carry. LOL. Very fast siol. screamed for no reason. abit shock though. LOL. then all shouting "E2! E2! " :D . haha. Quite fun. Abit dint expect they can carry up th cart with ME on it. (so what if im light -.- ) . LOL. lalala. then forget alr. Dinner. Then go refill water, pee.LOL. & prepared for CAMPFIRE (:(: andddddd, only
one word to describe th campfire: FUN :) . All were like screaming. LOL. cheering, z. i think we dint really do our best loh. nvm. haha. Thn got alot activities like dancing. LOL. 2 representatives from each class standing on a piece of newspaper & dance. Cannot let th newspaper tear. LOL. Kengpeng & Boonkeat went up. LOL.hah.but, lost. haha. we're all super tired. All go chiong bath. HAHA. then go for supper & sleep. damn tired & was like " u-all-want-make-noise-i-dont-give-a-damn" LOL.

hee. Woke up early morning. super duper tired .__.
My voice like, say byebye -.-
Morning stretch was wayyyyyy muchhhhhhhh better (:
Breakfast'ed & went to pack up & took our bags down. lol.
Area Cleaning. We're cleaning HUT 2. god. th toilet is -__- .
Got 2 bats outside siollllll! LOL.
Rest of th time playing games. haha.
Played' ''simonsays'' w instructors. Then play the the "gei wo temporally go" or how do u spell it -,- . Then played bombing w th classes. LOL. E3 keep get th bomb. Then our turn. LOL. and back to E3 again. haha. Then prepare prepare. Headed back t school. Everyone's tired. most of us were sleeping. lol. then reached school. after awhile. Dismissed. Cab'ed home. lol. Jocelyn got up cab before me. anything. after her is me alr. :P.
Then bathed. LOL. I MISS FLORA >:)

Then went BPP with mommy. Saw jasminetan & her boyf. lol. Look familiar lah. Used' to be from zhps also. haha.
Saw LI ANN. omg . cant believed it. he looked so much different. but anyway, im glad he'd recovered (: .

March 08, 2009 || 8:34 PM

Woke up, tuition'ed.
Slacked. 1pm headed to B.Timah with parents.While walking, saw this cat, staring very fierce & serious @ the tree/fern. LOL.
Had lunch @ Mac, walkwalk , buy stuffs for tmr. Go back carpark, daddy tio the fine. LOL. thn, walked to the Bukit Timah Plaza walk walk. Then headed back. lols. The fine is more expensive this time. LMAO.

While walking to Plaza, saw this tree. with this thing. LOL. (:
Walked back to carpark. Headed home. Go down swimming. z. saw marcos (neighbour).
Came home , bathed & ate. Now blogging. lol . rotting ._.
Marcos came disturb me again. I seriously dont like you marcos. U asked why i talked so aggressive? i just said " to you only O: " . -.- . You like to attract attention + keep lie , who likes?
Camp tomorrow D: .
Take care urself ah! When i come back, i zoom! sms you okie (:
Dont anyhow think here & there. (:
3 days 2 nights. very very fast deh. (:
They're coming back SOOOOON :D:D .
Dont emo okie. Go out more w kexin & jess or ur parents (:
(L) .

March 07, 2009 || 10:03 PM

Happy birthday BoonKeat !
GOD. camp on monday D:
mommy made me pack. AND NOW I KNOW, HOW SUCKY IT IS TO PACK D:
Shelly & Jieying came during noon. so yea (:
Just ate panadol . headache )':
Idk why now i dislike talking to you so much.
You said you wont side him/not siding him.
But th way you say & talk,
you're doing it alr.

March 06, 2009 || 5:17 PM

Woke up at 6.58am today. LOL :/
Faster wash up & prepare for school. -.-
When reach school, they just assembled? LOL or issit. lame.
Some of us , including ME never passup th history ytd. forgot -.-
Was told to do reflection. ._.
Social Studies, did file'ing. ROAR.
My file not inside th 3e3's box. So, bought new one. JieHui suddenly very angry. LOL. scary manxz :/
After class go find mdm azizah told her about my file. She say she'll check. please loh D: , i alr buy le -.- A maths , free period for me. lol. slacked @ study corner.
Core Geog. lalala. nothing much. i only know,im hungry. LOL.
Recess was like -oh-yay!- (: (: . ate abit nia ):
English. its not boring. but, im just tired )':
Parents come bring me. Went to fetch cousin (:
Went her hse downstair deh kopitiam makan. Go her house borrow toilettttt (:
And :

This smart asssss (:(:
She do deh. LOL :/
Off to downstairs find parents. Decided t. go swimming when reached home.
Called up cousin & rushed her down.
Swam (:(:
GOT THIS WATERSPIDER(ithink) omg. so scary. LOL :/ .
then we faster push then the spider drop into the drain. :X
Come up, bathed & watching tv now (:(:

Someone's bday tmr ohhhhh~
Who ah Who ah? :\

Camp on monday.
Sian'ed .

March 05, 2009 || 7:49 PM

today was like. zz. -.-

Chem pure : Okok only :x . went through ws. sian'ed. :/
E math: dont understand anything.
After class, walked out classroom, you can see ALOT ALOT BEES flying around. OMGZ LAHHH D: . scary daoooo~ :/
Recess : nothing.
English: Ms C. Ng (: . She's quite a nice teacher. haha.
Go toilet w jocelyn. idk why i followed her go 4th storey & she went back class herself. I opened th door, step out, got one bee coming towards me, jitao run back toilet, slammed the door. LOL :/
ji scary yi xia.
was wondering how to go back class -.-
then picked up courage, slowly open door. No bees, counted 1, 2 & 3 & dashed down the staircase.
LOL. :/
A maths :free period. slack'ed w sooyi sister (:
Physcis SPA : catch no ball.
Chinese : Mdm goh. X.X . okok lah. but th homework -_-

Went to find miss yue for maths consultation ._.
Forgot what she said alr. LOL -.-

Yea, camping on monday. Idk why, its like nothing to me. ROFLS.
Figuring out how to do chinese now. 300 words. somemore aku never see/do before deh D: . AS IN, NOT THE QUESTION. is, the compo -,-!

March 04, 2009 || 9:51 PM

School'ed .
tired daoooo~

English, free period.
History, tired D:
Social studies. Completed worksheet. JieHui owes me 4 lollipops now (:(:
And left few minutes, want lie down rest awhile, kuku johby & jiehui keep singing " i believe duck can fly~ " . irritating. LOL. threw my pencil @ johby. LMAO.
E maths. Sitting with Jason. -.- He very scary. LOL :x
Chinese, compo test. sian'ed . dint complete, then after assembly go back continue. HAHA.
Assembly, nothing much. rot (:
Went t. do compo test & headed to outside school deh kopitiam eat w. gfs' .
Went walking back, a group of teachers call us U-turn. LOL. our uniforms .__.
Btw, i think my uniform most normal liao ley. LOL . nvm. went sch to tuck in. lol.
LifeSci , laughing likeeee wahhh -,-
Trevor anyhow. LOL. Then dnno why all ask me about SHIT. LOL.
whatever. crap. haha.
Trevor said gnna ask mosquitoes sit there & sit, under a microscope.
i was like, jitao shoot him " like that might as well ask you sit down there and SHIT? " LOL.
was laughing like OMGZ. LOL.
Parents come fetch me.
Bathed , ate & watched 2 episodes of 樱野三加一 (:
Tears dripping. OMGZ D:
okays. im off now. TOODLES~.

March 03, 2009 || 8:08 PM

Watching 樱野三加一 .
SS test today.
Chinese compo was postponed t. tomorrow.
Super angry with mother.
Ownself no mood then my fault -.-!
forget it.

when i grow up.

March 02, 2009 || 6:34 PM

Quick post.
Ytd watching 樱野三加一 . Dint really watch it last time. heh.
E math: Passed my both tests (: . one of it 5/10 (: . so zhun :x
Recess: Ate w. jocelyn & yj ducky (:
Core Geog : Ohmygoodness. I just passed my test(: , forgot how much i get alr. just pass jiu dui le -.-
Chem SPA: LOL. sibei high. Passed my chem. was like " i am so lucky " LOL. ji happy yi xia >:)
2 hours , tiring -.-
English: Mr yen went reservist, so, miss prima took over. LOL. she's a lawyer! OMGZX. She's quite fun lah. haha. Was dismissed @ 1.55 pm. LOL. nice one.
Daddy came fetch me go market find mom, aunt & uncle. Lunch'ed and home.
zz . quarrel with mother jus now. unreasonable & keep vent anger on me. win liao lah -.-
I seriously needs counselling. One day if u see me doing stupid stuffs, not surprised! (:(:
Studied for SS. Chinese test & ss test tmr.
After tmr, FREE <3

SHERYL! i'll pei you deh. till they come back (L)
Dont sad , emo le ah ! Loves, :D

March 01, 2009 || 5:15 PM

(Teacher(who cares -,- ) ,Marc,Koonhua(behind), 2nd kor, strnger, junhong(the small head) & patrick the tall tall one ) They're co-s.

Woke up @ 4.30 am or smth. Prepared & go changi airport with parents & 2nd brother at about 5am. . Korkor never go -.-
Reached airport, nobody was there yet (their group), go eat. Saw cousin karen & her boyf. They both stayed overnight @ the airport. LOL. then rianto(cousin's bf) went off. he's going hongkong (: Bon Voyage! :D
Then, Marc came with his parents & sheryllllllllll :D
Next was Bearbear(JunHong) & his brother & father (:
KoonHua (meowmeow) & Patrick came. Lol. they went check in & took group photos & go in the thingy alr )':
14 DAYS! D:
for exactly fourteen days, nobody will play fighting with me in car D:
Daddy sent cousin home & we headed home too.
All sleeping except me. Nothing to do so decided to go play audition. sibei sian one .__.
About 3 pm then go lunch @ bukit batok. BOTAK JONES
Raining )': Thunder & lightning D:
stucked @ there. Then go west mall there, mommy buy 4D & headed home (:
Blogging now & going audition with ryan pig :D
Sheryl :
Dont sad le lah D:
Got me pei you >:)
14 days , very fast deh! :D