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February 28, 2009 || 9:01 PM

Mood totally spoiled today. Screw it !
Tmr's 2nd korkor going china with school. his cos- are going too.
Kept pestering him , ask him buy me something. LOL :x
Poor sheryl , she's all alone in SG. Cheerup sweets (:
No tuition tmr (:(:
Getting bored wit audition .__.

February 27, 2009 || 10:09 PM

Hey duckies (:
Im featuring another ducky now :


Heh. Today had P.E . Then, A maths(free period), slacked. 3E3 came O:
Pei'ed jinrae (: .
She gave me this "special" chocolate. I dint really care , chewed & swallowed. Suddenly th th those "popping candy" thingy , WAS INSIDE TH CHOCO. all popping in my throat & i was like " GAH! PAIN! " . LOL .__.
History. whatever. No comments.
Recess'ed with jocelyn, yingjie & xinying. Core geog.
Parents come fetch.Find aunt. Go timah & west mall. Home (:
Audi audi , slack & whatever.
Went for dinner with 2nd kor , parents. Home now.
Rotting. :D

February 26, 2009 || 4:17 PM

I'll start posting from 24th feb (:
24th feb,
Free period as first lesson .__.
cant remember what i did -,-
P.E, captainball awhile, then go find chewmei , baoru & gisela play x)
Recess. Ate. Chinese. Followed by Physics SPA (:
Mr Goh cannot stand me & baoru. LOLOL.
English. & went for History test @ hall .
Th moment i stepped into th hall. Heart almost stopped beating. whatever. Gone (:
Find mrs goh for consultation. Parents come fetch, As i hadnt ate anything, off to aunt house's downstair eat. Home & chiong'ed studying maths & geog.

Sheryl, Marc, JunHong, KoonHua, mahjong'ing (:
25th feb.
Happy birthday Andre :)
Woke up around 4? or 4.30? -,-
Study study. Went back sleep. LOL
Schooled' . English, Free period.(A math) . Slacked with Weiming(Chan), Joevenn, Peiyong & andre. All suckers lai deh. LOL :X . Recess. Core Geog test. x.x . E math test. Chinese & Assembly .__. Physics' consultation wid Ms Kelly chia, went for lss. Home. Study Chem & physics.

26th feb.
E maths, got test again. WTH X.X
Chem SPA, test.SUCKS SUCK SUCK >:( . Hard like -.-
Think cant even get 10 marks -,-
Core geog. Recess. English. Physics & had test. Social studies >:) .
Was furious & cant tolerate jeremy lim & his co, abdullah -.-
Jeremy, im not born out to let u make use k. And, you simply just stepped on my tail, when you know my temper & attitude. Abdullah, fly (:
Daddy come fetch me, ate @ market there, Home (:

Aku addicted to lollipops (:

February 23, 2009 || 4:11 PM

Another duck can make IC :X

TESTS & TESTS. take my life sua -.-
* preparing to fail 90% of them alr (: *

February 22, 2009 || 8:31 PM

Morning woke up. Tuition.
Went bukit timah for lunch. Walkwalk & headed to IMM (:
Then evening, go westmall buy handphone straps. Saw ching & her co's .
Then go aunt hse awhile & went downstairs ate & went home (:
Audi'ed with yuncong ducky & the the, 'forever' , ps . dk ur name. LOL :/
School tmr. Sian only .__.

February 21, 2009 || 10:02 PM

Ytd afternoon helped korkor wash car :D
Today afternoon go to the whereever makan. Chinatown awhile & went t. aunt house & home.
Watching 爱就宅一起。 JIRO JIRO JIRO ! :D

February 20, 2009 || 2:45 PM

Tags replies:
Emily: Hello (:
Gina: )': 6k best right!? :/
AmandaChing: hees. Be honoured kay, my gift :/
Glenda: A duck calling a fairy, duck? HAHA.
DESIREE: proud hor? HAHA.

Schooled(: . Social studies, did worksheet. A maths. slacked at study corner alone. Core geography. Welcome desiree (d'uck) :D . DESIREE, YOU'LL REGRET DEH (: . Recess w. fangyu, yenting & yvonne (: Went for english. And, byebye school :P

Took bus 77, saw aunt. LOL. wanted go west mall deh. Then she dragged me to market -.- . Ate, after awhile, daddy bring me home (:
Bored manxz! Pei' me audi D:

im not fine at all.

February 19, 2009 || 6:15 PM


Cried myself t. bed last night. :D
Im much better now(?)
Schooled as usual. .__.
Chemistry Pure, mr alanwong dint come (: .
Free period. DESIREE ANG told me she's appealing to drop A maths & take core geog. Silly manz! D: .
E maths , did short test. Screwed D:
Recess with chewmei, gisela & baoru (:
English. lol. drawing with baoru. LOL. like small kids.heh
A maths (free period) . Physics SPA & Chinese. Compo test. Another one screwed up D:
Went west mall. Ate & home (:
ELIZABETH Lovely never come D:
Fever still (?)
Gah. IMY damn loads one kkkkk D:
ELIZ! faster recover & come back pei me play D:
(L) :D

Dont ask what happenned.

February 18, 2009 || 8:39 PM

Why is 6k06' better thn now? D:

|| 7:56 PM

I hate school.
I dislike being here.
Councelling please?
Im breaking down .. permanently..
This time, its serious. )':

hate me people.
I dont deserve to have friends.
What do you want now?
You wanna see me friend'less?
Take lah take lah.
I dowan make it big nia k.
I swear im sure, i dont belong to 3e2'09.
Removed myself from posting etc in their blog.
Silly me.
Oh nevermind.
I'll just pour my rants at (P)blog. (':

February 17, 2009 || 6:42 PM

Guess what's this. O.O
Daddy says, when he's young, what he ate was DARKER . O:
Its black because it was kept for many days. As in, COOKED DEH O:
Schooled. .__.
Chinese as first lesson. Next was, SS/History. Health checkup. lol.
yay (:
Recess. Social studies. mdm azizah dint come :D . Free period. Physics pure & A maths, free period for me. Ritual (:
Headed to West mall find cousin(karen), mommy & aunt. ZZ. go there, then left -,-!
Ate @ aunt's hse dwnstair deh kopitiam as daddy came fetch us & he havent eat. Ate my tookaway kfc, he ate that. TOFU. OMG OMG -,-.
Gross .___.
So yea, nothing much liao. D:
Hizriani lesbo, ignore your brother okie.
You know his always so childish (:
Stay happy okie. &, t'care ah. D:

February 16, 2009 || 5:34 PM


Schooled @ 8.15 .
E maths first. Then recess. Core Geog, ben lai free period as mdm junaina was absent. Then mr adam ask we all go class D:
Did worksheet. Btw, he wasnt' with us -.-
Then went for Chem SPA. Not SPA at all loh -,-
Its THEORY. lmao.
Then go class. Mr Alan Wong very fustrated with th school , IT thingy , laptop, whatever one. lol. one hour gone. He was running up & down. LOL.
Then, samuel they all see got pencil case outside. The window there. LOL. Dk how to say. Then, they tried pushing it downstairs. LOL. failed. Then, Mr AW came back. After awhile, he say go Lab. So, Jason tried pushing the pencil case again. Laughs. Then, his ruler also stucked. LOL.
Then, finally all drop. Went down picked. Omg, inside was those, highlighter. Spoilt deh. LMAO.
All was curious about whats inside all these. Found out its NOTHING DEH -,-!
Think is people no use ler, then, throw there. Let us all idiots go take. LOLOL .
Ohyea, got bee -,- . Me & Em. scared. . Thanks ahr emily, for scaring me O:
Then, go for English. Debates. Haha. Good work all ;D
Ours' on wednesday. GOD .___.
Went home. 2nd kor ordered canadian pizza.
I knew he wont ask me pay. HAHA.
<3 ! ;D

February 15, 2009 || 9:04 PM

Fine fine.. stop complaining my tagboard is small. I'll changed it D:
Flora's better today (:
Bought @-cash (: changing ign, cant think of any now D:
Bought items for hizriani lesbo.
Lesbo, sorry. I know i suck D:
Tmr's ur birthday, Dont be unhappy lehr ogay (:
Today went makan @ 283. Then, headed Gombak.
Bought Flora's food. Aunt hse. Watched dvd Coffin. Scary deh lor )':
Then went home. Help daddy with some stuffs. Go down gym & swimming. Home. Bathed & headed to aunt's hse downstair deh kopitiam eat. Now back home msn'ing (:
School tomorrow. Suck.

February 14, 2009 || 9:53 PM

Flora doesnt' seem right D;
Dnno what happened. she kept screaming pain pain . Should be bone prob.
Daddy insisted there's nothing wrong. ma deh -,-

February 13, 2009 || 7:41 PM

SO, schooled today.
Dint know today is an unlucky day. -,- . Dont even know its Fs day. LOL. Social Studies. LOL.
Mdm azizah with her story. Then suddenly the fire alarm comes, then mdm azizah show a "yaying"pose or smth. LOL. then all cheering. Went to the field. Talking, crap. whatever. Headed to the hall after "awhile" .
Went english. sian-ed.
Then, go for recess (: . Then, Physics & free period (A math) . Then, waited for ms teh for
consultation, SO, keep disturbing remya, priya & one sec one lss junior. She's damn cute lah. LOLOL. :X
After that, went aunt hse there de kopitiam.Then then,go her hse awhile, on the way go find daddy, zz. sway ah. saw black cat. home sweet home :D
Sheryl & marc came. Marc go his driving lesson i think. Left sheryl. Oh, she sent me th th Mr.Men theme via hp. Thanks {3 .
Then, rotting.
I'll give ur friendship day prezzie on monday<3

This is taken ytd or ytd de ytd -,- forgot. lame.

This cat trying to imitate flora. LOL

pattern same one. HAHA. It even hold mommy's leg & sleep. LOL .


February 12, 2009 || 6:09 PM

Ytd study study &study -,-. ALL SOCIAL STUDIES.
Today morning was still studying. wth -.-
P.e , played capsball (:
Changing timetable soon? sian-ed.
Lappy's lagging like no need $ siol -,- .

February 10, 2009 || 4:34 PM

my hp number : 91780134 will not be in use in 2 days time.
Please delete it (:
If you got my prepaid card de number, that'll be my permanent number.
If you dont have, ask from me. If you kuku'ly dk that i changed my msn due to the ducky messenger dont allow me to login via my , PLEASE kindly add : (: .
Kaythanksbye :D

School'ed. boring boring. :/
When they A-maths, i free period. SO NICE, 3e3's having free period too as Miss Roshini's on MC (:(: . Crapped with Chiapeng,Gisela & chewmei. HAHA (:
Core geog, okay, as usual, catch-no-ball (:(:
Parents came to fetch me again* & went west mall . Mommy go check thing, i go buy Kfc :P.
Then, told mommy specs spoil? :X . Cause' got 2 lenses mah, one missing. LOL :X
damn cute one, i dont even know i dropped it :D
Went to make new one. Dint change th frame this time (:
Gnna collect it tmr (:
HELP )':
Thursday having 2 tests )':
social studies hard like gahh x.x
Lent JEREMY.L my notes ytd, and now i want ask him give back, he kuku-ed'ly off his phone. smack you ah! >;(
Physics test. -sigh- .

February 09, 2009 || 5:23 PM

8/2/2009 (:

Weets. (: New hp <3
Thanks daddy! :D
School-ed as usual . Suck as it never does -.-!
Dont wanna talk about school already. -.-
After school , walk to market, find daddy . Headed home (:
I still cant do th english LMS. Sian only. ._.
Having two tests on thursday (Physics & SS ) , GOD. Kill me better sua. -,-
Think my CA1, wont even get a ducky A2, let alone A1 .
Mrs Wan sure will come find me .__.
I just dont belong to 3e2 isnt it.
Its not a class where i should go.
Classmates, etc, are totally spoiling my mood -,-!
Sometimes, i really wanna go back 3e3.
In the very least, i wont feel so,,unhappy.

February 07, 2009 || 5:02 PM

Changed blogskin (:(:
Been lazy to change .__.
Lappy's lagging like free-of-charge. -,-
I like this skin though, but after using it, so weird .____.
Went to bukit timah ate , walk walk. Home (:

Ytd evening, daddy go michael uncle there mahjong,
go with mommy to aunt hse, she mahjong -,-
zz .
brother also go out .__.
whatever. then, daddy come bring me home. (:
I told him that i tio fever in school, he suddenly "HUH!?". LOL. funny loh.
Most funny part, ytd after school @ home, was browsing XinYing's blogshop .
Looking at the watches. Intending to buy a watch for 2nd brother & jasmine cousin as their bday present due to they're born in the same day & month. GOD .__.
Then here it goes :
Me : Kor, which one nicer?
Bro: For girl or boy?
Me: Boy.
Bro: WA, so rich ah. Buy this kind of present for guys, then buy those rubbish for me.
Me: What lah, faster choose.
Bro: *points the black one* . For who ah? You wanna bring the guy home let us see anot?
Me: No.
Bro: *walks to his room, find eldest korkor & asked "eh, meimei got boyfriend issit?"
SIBEI gaoxiao one lor.
Reached home @ arnd 11+ pm ,slept @ 12+ (:(:

February 06, 2009 || 5:00 PM

Im here to update this dead blog. :/
School's stressful, boring & tiring.
I seriously dont understand anything lor.
Only way, go for all consultations. .__.
ql ah ql, u hopeless alr -,-

Thanks BaoRu & Elizabeth lovely today (:(:
Fever )': god .__.

February 03, 2009 || 9:04 PM

I dont understand a single word in class,
its boring,its hard, its gahhhh >;(
in 3e2, seemed to be lonely,
in 3e3, also lonely,
whats the difference?

February 02, 2009 || 4:01 PM

Ytd went Chervfrons(dk how to spell) for dinner with aunt's family &, parents. -.-
Waited for cousin & her bf like oh-s0-long :x
Today, went school. rotted. .___.
Suddenly got chinese compo test. so difficult. dint finish -,- . So if i fail, im not surprised -,-!

Saw mrs lee (:(:
Almost everyone cried when learning about mrs lee leaving. She cried too.
Yea, mrs lee, you just came into teaching less than a year, but, memories will always be there. Especially when 2e3'08 makes you mad >:( .
I cant bear to bid goodbye, comfirm plus chop, miss magesh very sad loh. )':
We shall keep in contact mrs lee! (:

-Was trying to hold my tears when leaving ):
Mrs Lee, remember the teddy bear okay! Even if it rots or spoils or whatever, must keep ley :X
Remember, we're always remembering a teacher like you. No matter how bad 2e3'08 are, you were never bear to punish us & send us to mr adam )': cause' it hurts you to see us get punished. But, i hope in ur less-thn-a-year teaching, there are some great memories too (:(: , I promise i'll work hard. Do come back & visit us more okay~! (:

February 01, 2009 || 1:05 PM

First day cny :
Went aunt hse bai nian (:, Happy bday flora (((: , 8 yr old duck. eh no, dog :X
Ate, and, they all play mahjong, i rotted :X . Stayed till forgot what time -,- .
2nd day:

Went Omni theatre, nth one lor -,-! . Walked to sci centre de mac, & daddy bought a toy car -,-! . expensive siol -,- . $13+ ?
Then, go chinese garden walk walk (: . Legs tired & my heels, gahh, no comments :X .
<< . Found these, daddy say , put on ur hair, it sticks. so cute :X

3rd day to friday , Schooled. yea,boring -,-
Yesterday :
Went bukit timah eat & headed to aunt hse. Korkor's godmama want come. say frm 10+ am become 2+, then they reached @ 4+ -,-!
Then, they came, after awhile, headed to huiyu's hse :D
Met them, & got suan like free-of-charge. whatever .__.
Laughed & talks (:
Forgot what time, Steffie gtg .___.
So, took grp photo, and, headed back watch tv & ate (:
These are what i'd missed :

ChickenWing(ChinWeng), you liddat cannot lahr. LOL .

Now these are taken when im there,
The food....
The soup with no food and...
compare it with food....
Our sparkling juice...
The girls...
(from left: [Top]Jasmine, Eline, Xi Tong, Qing Ling, Gina, Steffie
[Bottom] Hui Yu)
The Girls and Boys: (from left: [Top]Jasmine, Eline, Xi Tong, Qing Ling and Gina
[Bottom] Chin Weng (see the face again...), Elton, Seng Kok, Alvan, Hui Yu and Steffie)
same as on top.... no need to repeat lah hor??
Emm.... can I ask where's Seng Kok pointing??

After watching tv & eating, headed to th room & played truth-or-dare. Lmao. Ben lai they all want watch movie but, :X , me again -,-! Then, i left . Ohyea, andy left before we took th group photo .O.O . -,- . Its a pity dint get to see all 6k06'rians ): left @ 7+pm , & what happened after that, idk. DUH rights .___.

Daddy came & fetched me, go home, changed & go down gym thn go swim swim. .___. Then 2nd bro de friends came. Then, all gambling -,- . some playing mahjong, most playing poker. then, me, jieying & shiling (zhixin's gf) talking. :D . Thn, some left at 1+, then i really cannot tahan, and go orhorh liaos~ .____.