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A teacher I'll never forget
January 30, 2009 || 4:18 PM

Mrs Lee, dont go )':
You're such a nice teacher ):
Today after school, i actually still call ur name wanting to say byebye to you, you smiled back & waved back. I never knew it was the last goodbye ):
Mrs Lee, you've been sucha wonderful teacher, caring & nice. Each time no matter 2e3'08 is how bad & mischievous, you were never wanting to sent us to Mr Adam ): . Now you're leaving, its too shocking. ):):
Good luck, & best wishes to you. Remember the teddy bear i onced gave you?
MUST keep that okay ): I'll always remember you (:
I'll do well for my English. Like that day, you told me, try to do Argumentative essays, & i'll continue to do well for imaginative writings (: . That day, you even told me, you believe that, Mr yen will teach us those stuffs which you hadnt. sigh, i miss you ):
Mrs Lee, i really cant bear to bid goodbye, i really cant. Keep in touch alrights?
1) Sorry for not posting, will post asap.

January 25, 2009 || 7:24 PM

Happy CNY(eve) & HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO RAYMOND W. TIAN CI , cousin! ((:
Woke up @ 11+ (:(:
Then, go market with daddy, ate & go cut hair w. aunt.
ok lah, no much difference, just make it not so thick (:
Then, go home.lmao. kopitiam all like gnna chase everyone lo, all half-day o.O
Then, went home. lol.rot. Later going for reunion dinner @ cdans (:(:

Tmr's this dog's bday ((:
FLORA, you're turning 8 ! OMGZ, old liao :P

January 24, 2009 || 1:27 PM

Morning wokeup, go market, ate mac with cousin.
go home. nth alr. O:
alvan havent send me th pics >:(

I dont need friends that hate me so much.
Hate me? Just dont talk to me & come to me lah.
why at there step one innocent?
Confront me alr, still come to me for what?
You think u liddat sibei cute huh? pls lah. -.-!
Joining them, or being alone, is WAYYYYYY much better k.
at least i wont keep quarreling with you.

January 23, 2009 || 6:38 PM

happy birthday TERESA! (:
Ytd went BPP ate . Met mdm ong & some juniors. omg rytes! HEH, then, saw miaoyu steadstead (: Go find her& talk. zz. stop laughing leh =X .
Today go for x-country -,-
then, walked lo :D.
See,i so cute one, this is what i said :
" sec 1, i run & walk, sec 2, i run. sec 3, i walk. sec 4 i crawl. if i retain, then i fly "

LOLOL. ._.
congratulations to, Kengpeng , Chin Yen, Desiree, Serene , HuiJuan & TERE for winning th x-country (:
after school, 2ndkor bring me go zps (:

Met up with mdm ong, alvan, gavin & yijie(or whoever-,-). Then, angle & andy came (:(:
Went play bball, okay lah, i see them nia. LOL. Keep using alvan's hp take pic with angle :
Then, mr teo & th ahnehneh guard come chase us out. so, went gate 2 outside wait for mdm ong (:. Headed to bpp. lmao. yea, Chinese dance de juniors came along. Angle went home ): HAHA. they keep quarreling with gavin. gavin, xiasway lahhhhh. Then,go BPP, SAW HIZRIANI lesbo ((: . lmao. haha. then headed to KFC . loads of laughings lah. Then, Gina came (: , talk talk & laugh laugh. haha.
5+ mother&father come fetch me .__.
AIYA they're totally .. whatever -,- .
Anyway, i miss zhenghua siol .__.
If i like being in here, i wont even miss zhenghua k :X

January 22, 2009 || 3:34 PM

omg, wth -,-
Im having a new pimple(or issit another one, dnno th name in eng .__. ), zzz.
on above lips, another one below lips. x.x , kay, i rather die . ZZ
Woke up, go school, assemble, then, headed for Chemistry, then Core geog, took re-test. whatever. Chemistry SPA became lesson ._. then, recess (:(:
Then A maths, free period. lmao. did my english .__. & other stuffys, then go for english then history(elective), zz. dont understand . -,-! .
-jy netball girls for your tournament today! ((:

January 21, 2009 || 8:14 PM

Well . school-ed as usual.
brother keep nagging .__.
Thn reach sch there, forget take tie -,-!
then, brother keep scold me lah ._. , -,-!
Then,reach school, then assemble & headed for E maths. lalala~,
then, A maths, freeperiod .__. chatted with hwee hwee :D
Then core geog, failed my test, :D. 8.5/24 . ((: , 1/3 of 24 leyy~ . :P
Tmr having retest .__.
Then go for recess, thn, English (suck as ever) -,- . gnna fell aslp. Chinese next, lmao.
ms yap gave us a topic do write about (composition), "老师,你错了" then weixian dnno what to write, he say what , change to "庆铃,你长高了。" , SO EVIL RIGHT >:( , weixian, im short, but cute ley. LOL.
Then, assembly (: . dismissed. went home (:
Mommy bought me sushi :D
Then, study and whatever.
im sorry for being so harsh, but what i said was right , isnt it?


i swear im not Chua Qing Ling manxz! Suddenly will start to study .__. omg, -.-!

Tired :/
January 20, 2009 || 7:05 PM

Ytd study geog till can die. -.-
Then, morning work up 5.15am, really too tired, ended up, go sleep lah! :
Well, then then, prepared & go school.
Geography as first lesson, i swear im gnna fail geog (for th 1st time O: ) , -.-
Then, go for Chemistry with mr Alan Wong (: . he's as funny as ever.LOL
Then recess, ate. Headed for English. boliao dao~ .__.
SS with mdm azizah, lol. Then E maths, then Ritual .
lol. then go west mall find cousin, aunt & mom. ate kfc & went home.
Chinese sucks -.-!

-/ unhappy.
January 19, 2009 || 6:40 PM

Status: Stressed.
Ytd i kpo, go see th chinese incredible tales, ended up dont dare sleep :/ .
Today, woke up, arnd 8 liddat go school, then, thought its still early, ended up all assembly. lmao. E maths for th first lesson, Yea, so, i failed th surprised test. .__. alr unhappy le lah hor, then got one duck come dee siao me, jitao cry. whatever. Thanks huijuan ahjie, cheering me up (: , Not forgetting weixian, serene (:(:
Then, recess, then Core Geog, dont understand a single thing~, as usual .__.
Then chinese, zz. boliao de ley. A maths, i free period. Borrowed geography notes from weixian & did self-revision while eating @ canteen (: Then english with mr yen. zzzz. Boring =\
After school, walk walk awhile, then go humanities slc for maths retest. so many people in there, at 3 all go for their A maths, then i go find miss yue, then -,-! she forgot about th retest, then , after that, all met up & did th retest. I got one question, jitao careless. x.x . JITAO CRY LAH x.x . nvm, im always so suck & useless & i have never fail to NOT do any careless mistakes, dnno i cry for what manxz. anyway, thanks boonkeat, elizabeth, baoru, teresa, kevin & bernard (:
Daddy came fetch me& i straight away lock myself in th room do revision for tmr's geog test kkkk! then now,so hard lahr T.T , now take a break, then ltr chiong memorise & hope, tmr can copy & paste from what i memorise & into paper (: Geography sucks, now biggest problem : World map + drawing -> sure die -,- .
Badminton, well, its okay do lose this time, you'll still have th next round, jy alrights! Sure can do it de (:(: . JYJYJY !
Now i know,
Having friends like you all or not,
makes no difference already.

January 18, 2009 || 12:18 PM

Current mood: spoiled.
C. listenting t. : -

Yea im posting now cause' im oh-so-dulan.
Whatever, i hate home lah! Thanks to you&your attitude.

Boy, dont look so despo lah k.
Idk you, udk me, then keep ask for our address for semo. meet ur duck lah kay. -,- . Keep irritate me, talk to guys u say mai. talk to girls, u so happy. zz. 21 yr old, then give u rights to keep ask for address and so many stuffs ah? please lah , ohyea,i'd del you frm my contacts, sicko.


Mood: HAPPY (:(:

Kay hello again (: . its now 10.30 pm O:
After posting today, sent 2nd kor to work & headed to JEC for lunch with parents. Ate & headed to Jurong Point awhile, then go bukit timah there, buy some stuffies, met korkor's friend. (:
Then go home. Bathed, audi awhile & headed to to to, er, WESTMALL (: Wait for aunt & family , zz. they is super long one lor. Mommy bought me fahrenheit's 3rd album Y , heh (:(: . super happy after that. then met up they all, ate & walk walk awhile, then go bengawan solo there drink tea, then daddy came fetch us, & all go aunt house de kopitiam there drink tea AGAIN -,- . Crap crap, then home sweet home (:
Ohyea, tmr's Badminton de tournament,
Eh zhixiang kor, must win ah, rememberrrrr :
you lose = treat me ,
you win = treat me.
LOL. :B .
Jy for badminton :DDDDD

Tell me something idk.
January 17, 2009 || 8:26 PM

Ytd went to bukit timah thre de shop & save buy stuffs. then, headed home.
Ankle somehow still pain. Slept.
Morning woke up at 8+am?! i thought 11+ or what le siol -,- .
Then, legs so painful lah. th muscle thingy. whatever -,- . Then, went for breakfast/lunch with 2nd brother, mom & daddy. whatever, nice attitude. Then, sent bro to work & headed to Turf City. Bought crabbies <3>
Sian lahhhhh. >:(

My ankle >;(
January 16, 2009 || 2:24 PM

Konnichiwa (:
Headed to school , lent Siti gf' my hist tb (:
Then, assembly, then well, today is my "slacking" day
See ahh:
Miss kelly chia(Physics teacher) never come , which means, Physics Pure & SPA(First &3rd lesson) is free period for whole class. Then, 2nd lesson is A maths, i never take mah. So, rotted @ study corner .__. Then, headed to changed into p.e attire. Went to eat with hj , serene, joce , yj & ME (thats lame-.-) Then, talktalk playplay, then go for p.e . Ran 3 rounds, tiring >:( . Then , free games, played Captain'sball . Sprained ankle. pain >:(
Then, nvm loh. Parents come fetch me, go market eat . COusin&aunt came (: . Ate & went home :D .

Since you dislike me for asking you all, mix around with others,
I'll stop. Hate me for all you want. Im not forcing you.
Its just giving advice. Trivial things also buey song.
Since having/not having me as a friend seems nth to you,
then forget it. I'll wash my hands on you all.
Mixing around, but i never even freaking dint talk to you all rights.
You expect me to keep with you all?
Sorry, i cant do it.
I know i cant leave u all out, dint i came to u & talk to u too?
Ya whatever, hate me for all you want alrights.

January 15, 2009 || 4:39 PM

Dont know why, today super tired >:(
K whateverrr.
They had A maths , so i stayed in study corner study . See i really got study k.
Used MP3, then mr lim confiscate. Serve me right, i know. -,-
Then, 1 hr over, go for E maths. Hmm, okok lah. Got short test. O:
Then..English with mr yen.
Then finally, " ding dong" , recess (:(:
Then ate & headed for Physics, ms kelly chia. -,-
Core Geog is oh-so-boring. & headed for Chinese. Did 2 compre & im th secondddd t. finish :D
Then, chiong go find mr Lim. ZZ. got chewmei pei me, she zao. Then baoru pei me, cant find. Then saw amandaCHINGCHING, then, make her pei me. zz . Then found. got back mp3, left.
Then, stayed @ canteen chit-chat with baoru, yuexi, chewmei & elizzzz :D
Then go find mdm junaina for th geog stuffs.
Headed home (:
Idk how to do physics now. Die.

January 14, 2009 || 5:37 PM

BEST NEWS : My appeal for changing of subjects from combined science to pure science succceed :D:D:DDDD.
So happy lah. 3E2 now :D. Im th only one with A-maths, which means, they have A maths, i'll be having free period. Lonely. nvm ((:
I miss 3e3 though, :
Chewmei, chiapeng, gisela, qiu ling, shu fang, angeline, raee.(dk how to spell her name =,=) , whatevr. EVERYONE >;( . except for nicholas lau ((:
All say me traitor. zz. nvm lohh~ : . I'll just concentrate on my studies.

Morning mrs wan ask me after morning assembly go find her. She gave me th 7-sub combination :
Physics , Chemistry , E maths , English, Chinese, SS/History , Core Geog.
And was given their timetable. She ask me go join them. LOL. so fast -.- . They're having chemistry (: . Headed to find them. Happy till cry lah >:)
Was like slacking? ==. Then, free period for me as, they got A maths. Rotted @ Study Corner. Then, made a new, friend? Kathlyn (: . LOL. She chit-chat awhile then bell ring, me have recess & she headed for her lesson (:
Then,ate & headed for Geography. Dont understand a single word & having test next lesson after changed in timetable?!
Thank you so much teresa sweetie for teaching me (: . DNNO HOW TO THANK YOU luh (L).
Then, free period. Should be chemistry SPA one. But mr alan wong bo come, he go reservice or whatever -,- . Then go for Class Interaction. They havent work on class motto. LOL.
Then take what class pic, well, me, yj & joce so li hai, hide behind. LMAO. comfirm bo my face ((:
Somehow, i miss 3e3 :X .

January 13, 2009 || 4:53 PM

School-ed as usual. Chinese first, then Social Studies then physics.
zz. suddenly pop one whatever test u call that? yeayea. then, recess, finally (:
Then, ate with chewmei & co- . Then, headed for D&T ,
Nicholas keep dnno why, saying about RUNESCAPE? childish duck. Please lah nicholas, i've got no time to argue with u anything about runescape. Not everyone like u liddat, everyday play runescape lah xiao didi . Runescape so lame. O: Level high only. I noob then noob lor. Dont ducktalk with me -.- You're seriously sick -,-
then phototaking. LOL.
Thn, still got 1o mins. so everyone go study corner slack.
NICHOLAS LAU SPRAYED TH WATER AT ME. Nicholas, wear long pants liao leh, still so childish? No-life duck. Duck also better thn u loh -,-
Then, headed for E maths & english & waited for parents come fetch me.
they is super long one lor.
Then go fetch cousin from her school. SiJia came also. whatever .
Then, drop sijia @ th house thre , she lives same blk as cousin (: . who cares oO. then, go market eat. Rain-ed.
Think i saw Edwind? =\ . Anything lah, his co- over there. scary :X
Then headed home. Now blogging ((: .
Tmr having LSS meeting. gah -.- . Literature aint fun >:(
Im crazy about saying, " k whatevr " . zz -,-
but for SiJia that part, really whatever. who cares -.-
Duck also better -,-

January 12, 2009 || 6:36 PM

Hello wello :D
School's boring. It always does isnt it? -.-
Woke up 7+, prepare. 8+ go school (:
Then then, SS first lesson. whatever. Did th erm.. mindmap. yea (:
Then, Lit. lol. re-do my hw. =,=
Recess. whatever. dint eat. P.E , k lalala~ . Played capt.ball with qiu lin, nian zhe, chewmei , gisela & vonne ((: . Was slacking =\
Then chinese lesson. Did group work. But never finish :
Then, headed to english lesson. Did composition. Then E maths. kukumalu boring. LOL.
Then after school, chiong find jocelyn & yingjie with jocelyn. FINALLY, finished up th chinese thingy thang thang =\ .
Saw maria & cuixin @ foyer there. Gratz for your 'O' level. smart ducks >:)
Maria never fail to be th top lor . ROFLS. 8 pts ley~ . *jealous* . CuiXin also another smart smart (: . eh hello, all LIFE SCIENCE SOCIETY DE LEY~ . All smart smarts, i think i'll change th record. LOL. nxt year =\ . sekali i spoil record. HAHA. :
Think got another guy same as her? lmao.
Went market buy food & bused home.

January 11, 2009 || 12:25 PM

Ytd went for cca day. proud to say, 3 people sign up nia. cute hor? -.-! Daddy, mommy & 2nd brother come fetchy meee (: . Went for lunch, and sent korkor go work. Then, go home. Helped do cousin's blogshop. My cousin's currently looking for More suppliers. If you all know, tell me please(!) . Tyvm ((: .
Then, audi awhile. Go out. 11 liddat had dinner. zz. super late. Which means, i cant eat alr. cause' too late, & i was like, wnna vomit lor. but, nth comes out. whatever. go home, vomited abit. CAUSE REALLY NOTHING =\
Then jitao jump up bed & slept. >;(
Morning wake up, Watched wu di san bao mei ((: . Then lin lao shi came, tuition. Now watching th wu di san bao mei again. whatever.
Sooner or later, im gnna fall ill .___.
2nd post for today .
Afternoon bring korkor go work. Went makan at bukit timah. Went home, audi & whatever lah. =\ .
Helped daddy with his work . My eyes gnna pop out manxz. :
Then, just went to aunt house dwnstairs for dinner. full full ><
Came back. & now rotting. Watching my 無敵珊寶妹 (Invincible Shan Bao Mei) nownownow! then later switch to lil nyonya :D .
School tmr. sian'ed -.-
Tzx brother, see i write this part for you. be honoureddddd kkkk :DD.
Jy for your tournament (: . You say one hor, if win hci then treat drink :\ .
Dont think so much, its not the end of th world :D .
Sure win one :D .

January 09, 2009 || 6:02 PM

Its finally friday..(:(:
School-ed. D&T first 2 hours. Recess, dint eat, spend time revise & do maths.
Then, English .. whatever, emo-ed you may say. whatever. =,=
Maths, then go west mall find mom , aunt & cousins. Ate, walk walk.
Reach home, then go down swim, then come back bath, now rotting. :O
CCA day tmr (:
If you hate me so much, why are you still sms'ing & calling me up?
With or without a friend like you, no difference.
Cause you dont know how to be a friend.
You dont know how to put urself in other people shoes, so for what i tell you so much things?
I said sry, beause i was busy. Dont go home together only. 3E3 is lonely enough. I dont mind going home alone for god's sake. Its not i treated you as an outsider, its you DONT EVEN KNOW HOW TO THINK FRM MY POSITION, why make me waste saliva and make me
more unhappy about ur comments? And somemore, i never even act like i was NOT in the wrong okay. Who wants to lecture you manxz. Aint you lecturing me now? O:
Hate me for all you want, cause'd i dont give a damn anymore due to th fact that,im used to it already.. (:
kaythanksbye :D


Kpos, this has nothing to do with you, complain for all you want.

January 08, 2009 || 5:50 PM

Another boring day .
School , toom temperature taking & all those ahems =="
Thennnn, Physics with mr MARC :D . boliao, i dont understand anything, i also never wnna listen -,-
Then, Chemistry with miss liza (: . Then, Literature with mrs barnwell .
Then recess, E maths with ms kelly chia. k , sui bian -,- . Then english with miss roshini (how u spell it?) , grp work &laughing all th way lah. Then, chinese , simply OHMYGOD -,- . k suibian.
Then, go th coffeeshop outside skool. eat with vonne, joce & yj, headed back to school, then go up hall for th weird talk , CCA de. Met up with cca members. 2nd brother, KEPT spamming my phone, sms whatever. K, i rushed now, Went home (:
I havent done my D&T, help x.x
Maths quiz tmr, sian only >:(
ya whatever.
im dying >:))))))))) .

January 07, 2009 || 5:28 PM

You're officially 15 , brother (:
Grow up & stop ur duckcraps =/
Whatever, another old guy who's gg to do IC >:)
AND AND, u ytd still can say i sec 3 liao, still so childish ?
Must set good example for me kayyyyyyy. (:
Stay happy & work hard :D

I have one weird spot @ my lips there.
idk whats that, not pimple, dnno what lai de.
My mommy say uncle always tio. LOL. =\ .
whatever >:(

School sucks as before -.-
English with miss pearlyn, her last day >:(
History, lmao. under th 'hell' grp, Mr Adam (: . He's not bad lah O: .
MR LEE, IF YOU'RE READING THIS (quite sure u will -,- ) , YOU'RE NICE ALSO ((: , you also strict one X: , see when u shout, everyone will keep quiet. LOL X;
Chinese, zz, whatever. My chinese, aiya, forget it. hopeless case (?)
Recess, then Social Studies. I hate it -.- . Mdm Azizah. Okay, idk put what face. X:
Literature (Core) with mrs barnwell, normal loh ? (:
Then, assembly. Principal talk talk, DM talk talk, dismissed (:
Went West mall with joce & vonne , headed to popular thr buy a stupid book & white file for lit (:
2nd korkor called me, thn rush down meet him, buy takaway subway, I PAY SIOL >:( . Then, korkor drive (d-u-h -.-) me home. Ate, did homework while watching HOT SHOT with 2nd bro. He smartly go sleep =,= . win liao lor x;

Ytd, marc, sheryl & co- came (:
Sheryl download one cute cute msn skin for me . ;D
(L) you lah dey :DDD

January 06, 2009 || 5:13 PM

E maths with ms kelly chia, -,-
History (elective) with mr adam, mr lee & 3e4 (; . Gnna split up. dnno by how. tmr then know -,-
Chem with miss liza @ lab -,-
Recess, and headed for eng with miss pearlyn. did compo. As usual, chose th imaginative thingy ==" . Chinese, zz. moved to band 1 class with jocelyn & yingjie.
I bloody wanna cry k. My chinese so tyco & suc-k, then their standard, zz, ji high yi xia -,-
Sure cant one, still got what, san zi jing? whatever. Asked mommy go popular buy me th book, then, STAY @ HOME & MEMORISEEEE -,- . kill me -,-
Sec 3 ritual , boring -,-
After school, go home. Ate & rotting. -,- .
Did some stuffs, obvious. aiya, school suc-k to th core k -,-
No comments.
Kill me lah .

somehow, im going more & more negative >:(
QL, whr's th old you?
Th cheerful & positive dumbass. >:(

January 05, 2009 || 5:03 PM

My mommy freaking dont wnna let me use comp. yea whatever.
School tday [; ..
Class interaction, i've got no comments.
Physics w. mr marc -,- Chem with ms liza ((:
then, recess. Then, Lit with mrs barnwell , then, p.e, took height and weight O:
then, D&t with mdm hamidah -,-! . So fast got thing to do. thats why im on comp, whatever. shun bian blog (: . then, E Maths, ms kelly chia gt SL thingoo, so free period (:
Lmao. no comments.

i hate D&T manxz. I no talent , no interest. ZZ. HOW TO DO LAH x.x

January 04, 2009 || 5:07 PM

its time for you to grow up & stop provoking people. LOL (:
Make IC liao leh, *jealous >< *
Meet up soon kay, as i promised, will bu chang x;
Another one can make IC alr >:( .
I want also x;
Yeah, school tmr. cant use comp alr. s-tupid.
Tuition in th morning. OMG. i very long never do so much maths questions X;
Nah, im working hard for maths now (:
Hope th *ahems*, SCHOOL, will be nice enough , to let me take Amath + Pure Science next year. C'mon, at least let me dream lah~ . -.-
Then, bring korkor to chinatown for his work, but we all ate KFC (:
Then, me , daddy & mommy walk walk , (btw, nth to walk de LOL) , then, go to Ten Mile Junction, Then, buy some stuffs & came back (:
Mommy bought th pot of chilli plants. Tsk. Daddy & me keep suan say will die anot. LOL.
Our family record, keep fish, fish die . Keep plants, plants die. LMAO~ .
Cute hor cute hor.
Guess only weekend can play comp. sian only >:(
Btw, idk how to go skool tmr. so many books to carry. die only. I only put my chem & physics books, i cant lift th bag up. LOLOL -,- . Imagine i still have , D&T, P.E , MATHS . kill me please.
timetable & school totally suc-k k. >:(
Status: Bored like duc-k >:(

January 03, 2009 || 5:22 PM

You're officially 15 ! :D
so fast can get IC siol ;
*jealous jealous ><
May all your wishes come true & stay cheerful ! (:
Meet up real soon kkkkkk :DDDD
Ryan sow's birthday tmr. O:
Another tall ass :
heh >:)
Morning wakeup, then online, then go out. Now , im rotting. Help [!]
Talk to me people : . Entertain meeeee >:(

January 02, 2009 || 2:16 PM

Thanks judi , my dearest big-granddaughter for this <3>

School sucks totally today. Form teacher: mdm hamidah .
Lmao . New class, New classmates. zz. i miss 2e3 )':
Class alot of foreign students. lmao. Anyway, boring, sian. i dont like class )':
When mdm hamidah say what, our wish come true (th subjects combination we take, is what we wanted) , i helling wnna scream out "NO!" . Of course, i dint >:(
Sian only x.x .
In other case, maybe im just not used to it. but , whatever lah -,- At least remain in express stream jiu hao lor. In what class, i dont care. x.x .
After school, bused to cousin's school there, th take bus back (saw yj, still standing at th bus stop LOL ) Then, go market eat. bus-ed home (:
[edited] Ohyea, during lunchhh, aunt told me, when i make ic , i can add th " Christina " in (:(: .
I want i want ! >:) . 17 JUNE, FASTER COMEEEEE >:( [/edited]
Eugene, as i'd promised, if i found out you're not th spammer, i'll post bigbig, to apologise to you.
Here it is :
I know th whole thing already (i hope). Sorry....

January 01, 2009 || 8:35 PM

may 2009 be better for all :DDD
i dowan talk about th last day of 2008. suc-ks.
2nd korkor, recover soon x.x
School tmr. sian.

i did a second post cause' i dowan to ruin in post O:
Okay, my mood's spoilt . but nvm. Im gnna write down my new year resolutions :
- Stay optimistic (:
- Score well in studies
- Wont careless in th stupid mathematics again.
- I will teng my family members more X;
I only want : Family be well again. (: .
depressed ah. How to concentrate manxz!