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Im born on a very special year, on a very very special month, on a very very very special day - 170694
Im Daddy's lil princess . Crying is my way to relieve stress & express my emotions. Dancing is my passion
me hearts Fahrenheit, Twilight & The Vampire Diaries

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December 30, 2008 || 8:58 PM

a.c qingling :
eh hello. Is you come my blog say me leh.
i never even go make you leh .
btw, i know u meh? Put down name lah.
i singapore de. I find you for what sial. You think i very free? ):< .
&, i never even provoke u k. Come my blog, & say me.
oh sorry, i wont waste time on you lah. so sorry for that O:


Morning wakeup , go out with parents.
go bishan (: .
pray grandfather&grandmother, also th san gu. oO
then, go th .dnno where. thn lunch. come home. go dwn swim awhile. come back , bath & audi audi.
havent eat dinner. sian .

December 29, 2008 || 6:26 PM

Morning wakeup, thennnn, online, msn . then go out .
bring 2nd korkor go work . Then, go home. Then, after awhile, took bus 970 with daddy & mommy go collect new car. then, fetch korkor from camp.
zz. daddy let him drive, korkor kept getting scolded.
i've super long never see daddy so angry )':

To th a.c qing ling , writing this:
Why yeu soo Cheap 不要脸 :

Eh hello, u which duck here quacking.
Ducks are better thn u manzxzx!
I cheap? hai. who's cheap now here mannzx. PUTTING MY BIG NAME. Hai, i know my name uber nice lah dey. So cheapo, use people's name. Hah. i understand (= .
I bu yao lian, u which duck sia. Please lah hor, now is u ownself, bu yao lian come my blog deesiao me k. I how what does it gotta do with u O: This my blog k, i write what i want. dare put own name down lah. No name ah? sad siol )': Dont loser lah k, come deesiao me. I've got no time to spare for such retarded lame shyts like you O: . waste saliva & time.
Boji still act one big come my blog spam. Who cares btw. dont make me laugh my ass out kkkkkkkk :D

December 28, 2008 || 11:34 PM

Stop laughing about th post of my dream )x
Just now go out for dinner & bring 2nd korkor back frm work.
Dog came along.
Things super funny :
- When get up car, flora dowan sit properly, keep dnno doing what, then, daddy forget open th mirror thingy, he stop. th dog fall down. LMAO. huo gai . kept laughing.
- at outside mac there, (but nve go eat), daddy get out smoke. mommy went out. Flora thought we dowan her. Then, mom stand behind car, th dog jump to th behind( u know th backseats of car, behind got th thingy, where u can put stuffs ? ) . then, like a mouse, moving. lmao. DAMN CUTE O:


Today, im abit sot :X

|| 6:14 PM

Good evening ducks :D
Went out today. Then then.. took pictures O:
yea whatever.
so, started by, going out eat, send 2nd bro to work, go... aunt hse there, buy ice-cream , then aunt hse, & home (:
Nowadays, my dreams are super weird x.X . dinosaurs, tests/exams. god. its holiday & i can actually dream of tests x.X . QL, i think u sot alr O:
SO, im gnna share my this dinosaur dream -,-! . LMAO. btw, dont laugh )x. xiasway.
Its started ... (forgot) , suddenly got this dinosaur , pop out. going to people's house/buidings, one unit by one unit eating it or it just eat buildings by buidings. Then then, i witnessed it eating up people. omg X.X . then, I saw th dino. coming towards me )x . then, i holding to a few candys. OMG (i still rmb what sweet is that). Thn, i threw into th dino's mouth. It ate it. Then, like enjoy like that, so, im saved. yay :D . the rest forgotten.
Thats, first time dream of it. nxt day, different dream. NXT day , dream again O: . Its th continuation of it >< .
Then, nxt day, at market. WTH. GOD )X . then, dinosaur come back. This time, the dinosaur like spot checking people's house. one unit by one unit. LIKE THOSE WORLD WAR 2 LIDDAT, JAPANESE GOING ROUND .___. zz. Then, me, aunt , and everyone, tried running & escaping. LOLOLOL. then, when th dino go into people's house, we all run down. somehow, become go market there. zzz. then, got up daddy's lorry, then daddy faster drive off
No more, cause why? mommy woke me up -,-!
Okay, i know this dream is RIDICULOUS .__. , heh :D . cute people dream like that. HAHA. (x
sheryl , get well from ur stupid flu. Then pei me play soon kayyyyy :DDD

December 27, 2008 || 10:10 PM

Morning woke up, thanks to mommy. forcing me wake up.
Online, audi . Off to chinatown. Then, walk walk, eat eat. then, go aunt hse thre, thn, go down pei daddy eat. then, go ten mile junction. then, go home. daddy cooked crabbies :D
super rare O:
helped him, by, beating th eggs. HAHA. omg. ==
Then, i dropped abit. Tsk. Then he taught me , proper way of beating eggs x;
i learnt something new! :D
Then, ate. left some for 2nd korkor.
then, went to fetch him. dog went along with us.
then, darn funny lor. i hide th dog, beside me. then, korkor come in, keep talk. nve see flora O:
Tsk. stupid. =X
Go home. eat crabbies again :D
now msning with miaoyu steadstead. going audi soon? O:

December 26, 2008 || 10:14 PM

Gosh, i've got serious stm.
day time, forgot what i did .
OH , remember le.
Morning woke up, got ready. Headed to west mall . ate.
bought a new clothes (: .
Then, mommy go buy things. then, go home :D
Audi & audi , msn & msn -,-
Dinner. then, off to turf city.
zz, i hate going out @ night.
always make me cant watch my tv. SUCKS )':

Miaoyu stead offline liaos. zz. >:( .

bored ):

December 25, 2008 || 9:54 PM

Santa~, im waiting )':
Woke up @ 10 plus. Then, online AWHILE, off to market.
ate . walk -,- . then go home.
Then, online , audi. whatever .__.
msn-ed with laoda & papoo. boliao. two kukus, gnna pangseh me ;x
Then, bath, then, after awhile, left for dinner , at thomson. Th dog came along.
Ate finish. Thought enough time come home watch my little nyonya. in the end, go fetch 2nd korkor. stupid -,-
then, bring him to bearbear's house. thn, mommy go buy thing.
9.47pm , reached home. watched last part nia. suc-k ):
8 days more(?) to school reopen. sian diao )':

December 24, 2008 || 11:30 PM

santa claus is coming~
Today ben lai should be going ice-skate with elder cousin sister (karen) & her bf, and th younger cousin (Jasmine) .
In th end raining O: .
Woke up at 11.50(?) am. ((: . i rock lah dey :B
Then, got prepared. then, went to meet aunt & cousin?(jasmine) -,-
Then, decided to go BPP for lunch (: , DELIFRANCE .
Then, walk walk. wanted to go J-Square buy a bag, same design as jocelyn's oO. but, white in color Y . But, it was th last piece & abit dirty , dint buy.
i was always so sway one -,-. forever got last piece x.X
then, went home. EHEH, no. -,- . daddy want go drink coffee, so, i followed aunt & cousin go their hse, mommy & daddy go th kopitiam :]
Then, me & cousin go her neighbour's house , YanJie. see her hamsters :D
cute :DDDD
Then, mommy called. went home (:
Then, online awhile, audi audi. around 5? or smth lah, bathed.
went orchard with daddy & mommy. Met with aunt, uncle & cousin again (:
BTW, we took bus (: . Feel weird when daddy take bus with us. LOL x;
Aunt, Uncle & Cousin took MRT. orbi x; . too many people. LOLS.
So, we went into TAKASHIMAYA first (: . saw th MYUK BAG - " GET YOUR OWN ATTITUDE " , th white & pink colour <3>
Then, walk walk, met up with aunt, uncle & cousin , then, walk walk O:
Went 4th story, th sports & etc there, saw KAPPA de bag (: . niceee :B .
Bought & bought another pair of white shoes, bought it (: .
Daddy bought shirts too :D . I've never really seen him buying shirts -,- . nevermind.
All happy jiu hao :X .
Then, bus-ed to bukit timah. btw, alot of people lah, then, rainy day today, my heels & feet got tio by mud & water >:( .
Then, ate @ bukit timah. 10.45pm -,- .
Jeremy lim, u still got th cheek to ask me for presents, WHEN U THIS KUKU NEVER BUY ME ANY O:
Then, bus-ed home. Now blogging. :D.
All i want for christmas, :
1ST : peace & happiness.
2nd: Fahrenheit's 3rd album & set of dolls (:
im greedy ):< . Santa, grant me them, O:

December 23, 2008 || 5:42 PM

Current status: tired ; feel like crying )':
Currently listening t. : -
feel like crying )': . dont know why. hai.
*silent mode.
Paper & laoda's blog is alive. heh :B

December 21, 2008 || 9:13 PM

18 Dec :
Elder cousin sistar came (: . swim swim. then, she go home.
forgot th rest.

19 Dec :
Went fahrenheit's concert (x .
I'll let pictures do th talking first :D

Heh. okay. i'll say story.
Starting, the pictures, quite small, cause' th camera dnno why , cant zoom totally.
Then, until th Liu Li Yang come sing, then can =,=! .
Then, last part - encore , no battery. WASTED LAH ):
20 dec
Forgot =,=
Went IMM with aunt, uncle , cousins & parents.
Then, walk walk . nothing much ? =x
Got PSP [;
sian, sharing with korkors. im nice okay :D