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October 31, 2008 || 9:47 PM


( We wnna be Jane - RABBIT )

( come, kisskiss XO )

( one gong gong , one so evil ): )



NOW THIS IS WHAT I CALL : " 人小志气大! " x)
MooMoo came so late. zzz. Then, well, dont know why, cant install photoshop.
But anyway, thanks moomoo :D
Had dinner @ Botak Jones. -,-
Shelly help me do image :D
kept playing with webcam (: , changing th camera settings xDD .

|| 3:20 PM

Happy birthday YingJie ! :D

my dearest crazy :D !
you're officially 14 !
love ya! {33

Shelly now @ my house ;D, Moomoo coming ;D


October 30, 2008 || 4:49 PM

ytd went t. JE to find shelly , thn daddy & mommy go bpp buy printer ink or smth, thn we went off to FAJAR for dinner. Ahseng uncle & his wife joined us. Jieying my darling yang mehmeh kuku siol , nve join -,- . Then, nvm . 11+ thn left. Dropped shelly @ her house downstairs and went home. Reach home about 12.20 am :D.
Woke up. Online.Unable t. audi due t. th stupid patch., ASS HOLE ! .
then, online msn find blogskins . Havent found any i wanted. Lazy t. do (:
Runescape :D . Im back t. it, but its uber uber boring one can =,= . zzzzzzzzz !
Msning with no one now ): .
♥ People, talk with me ):
♥Play with me ):
♥Sms me ):
♥Talk on phone with me ):
its always easier t. comfort people
more than comforting youself (?)

October 29, 2008 || 6:28 PM

im bored.
audi'ing is updatinggggg so , cant play.
whatever ;D

Went West Mall today . Ate Sakae Sushi :D
bus-ed home with aunt ,mommy & cousin (:

October 28, 2008 || 8:55 PM

People, im back t. posting (:
Morning woke up, thn daddy drove me & mommy go school hand up option form & find mrs wan. Mr chew came also =,= . Discussed about ME appealing t. go A maths class next year (= .

Went t. th nearest coffeeshop outside school find daddy. ate abit & mommy allow-ed me t. join joce & girlfriends t. Jurong Point :D.
Daddy drove me home & got changed and rushed t. Bukit Batok int . Joce , Yj & vonne got into th car, thn off t. JEC there, daddy pass something t. MOOMOO (melvin) :D .
Then off t. NGEE ANN POLY, pass 2nd korkor his stupid things.
Then daddy drove me & gfs t. Jurong Point. THANKS DADDY!

Went PIZZAHUT :D . dint finish =,= .
Then~ , SHOPSHOP :D .
Then ,
Jocelyn suddenly lost her wallet. So helped her find.
Then, Jocelyn & yj went home first. Vonne pei-ed me :D
77th street , ARCADE, and TOY 'R' US &&&&KIDDY PALACE!!!
Yvonne made me throw my face ):

Daddy came t. fetch us (:
Thn , bring vonne home & went home :D

i'll let pictures do th talkings~ :D ;


@ Kiddy Palace (x
Monkey, Erwin & PIKACHU (pika!)




@ TOY 'R' US :D
Pictures for th past few days :

new heels, bought last month @ bpp? X=

I wonder who took yvonne's pic. LAUGHS. (last day of school {?} )

October 27, 2008 || 2:51 PM

yvonne showed me this ): .


omg. my tears dripping )=

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October 26, 2008 || 11:26 AM

Check this out ! :">Baby Songs

This is from jane's (rabbit) de music playlist . LOL. hahah! :D
jane jane, i kop some songs ;X . dont minddddddd )': . of cause' you wont,
cause' u know u love me. YAY! :D

October 25, 2008 || 11:03 PM

Tday nothing much happen =,=
Morning 7.59AM woke up =,= . I thought its about 10+ =.=
Then, online & audi-ed all th way =,=
Eldest korkor bought takaway home (: .
Audi-ed .
Then 8+ go out eat with Daddy, Mommy, 2nd korkor (=
Had, Prawns+Oat , CRABBIES! , fish & sambal sotong (:
yumyum. played with 2nd korkor. LOL. =,= . in th car & after eating. hehehs.
BITES x3 . & slapping! ;D . its fun ogay~ hee ^^ .
Listen radio & back home :D

tmr having tuition -,- .
Thats how boring my life is!


October 24, 2008 || 8:18 PM

Watched HSM 3 today @ west mall (=
not bad ? X;
3.4 - 4 stars :D

|| 9:38 AM

Tags Replies :
Samuel : -,- . this skin i better =,= . FONT NOT NICE, idc . (x
Judi : awww, i 'll miss you de!
*^_^* : I did badly ):

This post is for YESTERDAY
PS : pictures are still with Nadiah girlfriend )=

WHOLE MORNING is assembly =,=. Gratz t. all awardees & sports thingys X; .
Went t. innovation room meet mr leong due t. flunked maths )= .
Mrs soh like so shocked t. see me -,- .
Then, go back class with Nadiah gf (= .
Then, spring clean~~ .
Then recess ((:
Then Go back class, got back report book :

English : A2
Chinese : B3
Mathematics : C5 (58 marks ROAR!)
Science :A1
Geography : A1
Literature : A1
D&T : C6
Music : A
Project Matahari : A .
Total : 769/1000
Percentage : 72.6
C.Position : 13/38
L.Position : 50/150
L1R4 Aggregate : 6
L1R5 Aggregate : 8

I will be appealing DIE DIE for A maths. Starting cry like dnno what. Then, elson tell me i just need 2 more marks t. B4 , can appeal , i shock siol . " 2 MORE MARKS? " i look @ th book, then, i ask abigail sweetie " i 2 more marks t. b4 ah? " then they replied me a "ya" thn i was like - Then i cry for what? =,=" .

Sorry Miss Teh )= . Did really Bad ))= . REALLY SORRY )x

Seriously, as this is th last day of school !, I'LL MISS everyone )= .
bUT, its not th end of th world, so , CYA PEOPLE NXT YEAR ! :D

October 22, 2008 || 3:38 PM

Hey yo dudes & babes ♥ !

But, you're not th main subject. Yvonne is ♥♥♥


So, today go t. school, then, assemble & went off t. bowling. Some go kayaking , rock climbing , target shooting , but BOWLING got th most people ;D .
2e1 , 2e2 & 2e3 is taking one bus while th rest .. idk ? -,- . Random pics taken on th bus!

LOL. My face look retarded -,-. I love my eyes . LOL X;

Finally! we'd reached th destination - near west mall that club. zzz. During my bday (celebrated with kors & jies ) there play. zzz. Th coaches talk talk talk, but never really pay attention. listen th important ones (t. me ) LOL. Then, dododo , zzz. =,= . I DINT TAKE TH NUMBER 6 LOR, I TOOK 8 :D . Then, after that, got 15 min (or 50) t. play ourself . I STRIKE ! ;D . so lucky. at first i tot " AIYA, 8! " i turn around loh, then WeiXian & Serene suddenly scream & point . LOL. -,-" . Ohyes, i was grouped with WeiXian , Joce , Yj & vonne ! . Then, suddenly, got 2 pins, auto fall. YAY! ;D . But our lane (Lane 4) so sway, th thingy keep stuck or siao =,=" . But, i won weixian though he strike-d too. ( HAOLIAN! ) xDDD . Then, after that, got quiz. zzz. Our answer so ridiculous. LOL ;D .

So far, its enjoyable :D . Went back school. waited till 1.15pm then can go home =,="

Tmr's last day of school )': . Time flies like butterflies. LOL, so fast de. ><" . Never Mind, its not th end of th world x; . Next year still can see each other (: . Tmr getting back report book , zzzz. NO FACE T. SEE )= .

October 21, 2008 || 4:33 PM

I dont wnna talk t. YOU (:

October 20, 2008 || 3:19 PM

Hell0s. Today had inter-class games.
grats 2e3 ! :

-Soccer for getting first (:

- Bball boys for getting 2nd :D
-Captain'sball girls for getting 3rd ^^

& 2E1 & 2N2 for too (= . Great job!

Wednesday is who de bday ahh? 0.0 . heheh. who ah ? X;
Today after th inter-class games, walked round th school find ppl t. sign th book for yvonne ^^
Find zx find till can die. go round school so many times. WHOLE SCHOOL ogay. -,-" .
forget it. zzz. anyway, found other people & teachers. ^^ .
Mr Lee, too bad idk when ur bday ley~ heheh X; . MY BIRTHDAY also no ppl sign for me. LOL!

Sheryl & Marc @ my house now -,-. watching hot shot dvd. zzz. Flora being a naughty doggggg, keep crying -,-" . asking for Marc t. sayang her. LOL =,=" .
Ate monster lollipops ((: .

Ps: Still unable t. login t. .

October 19, 2008 || 9:56 PM

tmr, slacking =,="
Not involved in th inter-class games.
anyway ,
JY FOR 2E3 ! :D

October 18, 2008 || 2:04 PM

Im writing this post it just cause' dont wnna put tgt with th post for wenxin. (:

Blog stalkers :
Pls get a life man! Come t. my blog, i write what i one, since you dont like, dont come then?
I'll understand if you're just passing by t. visit my friends' blog. But, read my blog, then kpkb behind me for? As if me & you sibeih close like that. Not happy siam lar.

Im thinking if i should lock my blog. I HATE STALKERS who reads my blog & go round telling people. Dont they have eyes to read themselves? puis!.

|| 10:09 AM



^ , see that? MSN DONT ALLOW ME TO SIGN IN. my other msns can. idiot! so unfair man! ):

People, add me this msn for now ogay? :

wenxin ,enjoy ur day babe!

October 17, 2008 || 11:24 PM

aiyerrr , sian. SOMEONE'S BIRTHDAY COMING . old pig ;D

oi keai,
promise me 3 thingyy :

1) enjoy urself tmr
2) smile!
3) Be prepared to be an old pig & BIRTHDAY BASHES (ON MONDAY!)

|| 4:37 PM

Kill me -,-
i wonder why th A. hates me so much. stupid -,-
That time, he say cannot drink soft drinks/sweet drinks in D&t workshop, studio . Did he say in front of him or his soul & body in front of me? -,- .
D&T lesson, first one hour, i drank th lemon tea in YO HUB. cause' i thought can. When HuangYue & Abigail came in, HuangYue still drinking, i thought can right? wth. -,- .
then, i drink my lemon tea luhs. then, when i keeping, A. saw thn scold me like hell -,- . Say what, " you again .... " , " very hungry issit ... " wpiang. Then, i stop liao leh.
Go t. D&T workshop, ppl charboh-ed class, i nve say anything, for what i care?. i seeked permission go toilet with yvonne. I really did go. is just walk another round back X; & saw wenxin, so go find her ask her about th bear. I DINT TALK FOR LONG. sumpah. cause' who wnna gets into trouble sia? -,- . I think th teacher tot i wnna run away. LAME LAH. my bag in th workshop, run to where? =,=" . then, i went back liao. then, thirdly, yvonne ask me play th turning with her. Workshop no space, outside lor. -,- . Then, i thought can, cause' i saw ppl at outside also. And th teacher bo chup? -,- . Then, yingjie & jocelyn go tell teacher? wth. Then, cher nve see me & vonne turn, CAUSE' WE STOPPED. then, we saw him come out, we walk away. but then, i say turn back leh!. Then A. say what: " first u drink sweet drink , second go toilet for so long , and now you're playing inside.. dont test my patience okay ... " . LIKEE DUH. -,- . thanks yj & joce -,- . tio-ed like dnno what lah!
then. I very polite, i said "sorry teacher " , yvonne just went back into th workshop. LOL -,- .
Aiya, nobody likes him. ALTHOUGH i got fault. I know, but he so unreasonable one -,- . First lesson he come, no toilet. siao. say what according to rules. wlan. whats th stupid use of th toilet man! Then, nvm. Magesh say tht time she very cold, requested to change th air-con degree thingy lah. A. reply her saying no, cause' scared students bring th air-con controller home. =.=" . Th most weird answer lor . But, this thing doesnt concern me. Who cares? -,- . Everyone in class dont like him de lor. I want Mr Yusri back! )': .

Even i got fault, i dont believe where got teacher, dont allow students do this & that de. And somemore hor, nothing to do, HOMEC students can be released, D&T students (us) leh? Must struggle & bear with it for 2 hours. -,- . Heng today last D&T lesson. I SWEAR I WONT WNNA TAKE D&T next year. geez! . What an unlucky day.

Im sway enough t. have friendslike you.
cause' you two know that th teacher alr bth me,
then all th more u all do these? -,- .
ytd stuff, have you all ever put urself in my shoes? No.
You just think, SO?
but if its you, i swear, you'll cry like dnno what.
But forget it, i'll treat it as, you're just a transparent.
You aint' a great friend afterall,
oh, have you ever been a great friend?

October 16, 2008 || 4:42 PM

heheh. im so proud t. say tht i passed (:

HOT SHOT part 2 dvd is out! wee~
still have part 3 -,-
audi-ing & watching hot shot. :D

anyways, i know im hope-less. BUT God! . T.T . i'll chiong my heymaths ( th one which lost , & aiya. long story , NOT I NVE DO OGAY! . ) , I swear! If i can get to do A maths & pure sciences next year, i'll
I wont let it pull down my overall. I wont allow myself to drop them. I WONT. ): .
T.T . stupid school )': . ITS NOT I CANNOT DO OR DONT KNOW HOW TO DO, its simple because i careless & nve think properly. Stupid brain i got ); . i want T.T ): .

October 15, 2008 || 2:50 PM

So far, failed maths & chinese.
cried whole day.
Momma super angry,-,- .
Think exam very easy. wlan eh.
Gnna tio cane? -,-
who cares? also not first time kenna whack. lame.
Eye & head pain already. bye people.

Happy birthday PHOEBE!
October 14, 2008 || 12:11 PM

Happy birthday PHOEBE!
weet u weet~ :D
23 year old le. OLD LIAO.
heheh stay cute ogay~!
enjoy ur day missy~!! :D

4 more days to SOMEONE de birthday liao~.
aiyerrr, who ar who ar? so curious right. sian lor

im bored )'=.
SOMEONE PLAY WITH ME )= (msn games? X; )

Edited :

Tmr getting back exam papers. rofl. Pls dont let me get back )'= . I dont wnna a heart attack. Someone sponsor me tissue paper tmr? )= . Especially :

Literature , Chinese, ENGLISH & MATHS ...

aiya, just dont want ALL th papers. if i fail, i can go die already. GAWD. T.T

October 13, 2008 || 3:06 PM

I wnna de-stress. T.T
so much things are happening at one go.
i'll go crazy man!

|| 9:15 AM

but, now can slack. WOOTS.
alot pictures , but lazy to show all. xP
Here are what i've done during th past few days & what happen :
1) during last monday, ms teh gave a bar of chocolate. (= . THANKS MISS TEH {3 !
2) Literature paper was DIFFICULT ><" , geography was ogay ogay, physics quite easy, biology ogay ogay~, Mathematics - hais~~ chemistry today, okok?
3) Got a new MP3.
4) MOST IMPORTANT , HAIRCUT ! heheh. 6k'06 peepoos, cannot imagine right! heheh. yes, i really did cut it, SHORT. oinks :D . nevermind, abit regret, but then, i'll let it grow long long back :D
OKAYY~ here's a list what i'll be doing & chiong-ing :D
1)CHIONG 命中主定我爱你!
2) WAIT FOR 蓝球火 PART II DVD out !
Last saturday @ market saw MR EE & his son. GAWD. HIS SON SUPER DUPEE CUTE ;D
but anyway,
can can slack, better slack, result come out, prepare joss sticks & etc for me ogay! :D

October 01, 2008 || 11:20 AM


gah. i wnna go i wnna go!! ;D