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July 31, 2008 || 9:54 PM

Editing pictures all day X=
msning and etc.

July 30, 2008 || 8:24 PM

after school, go aunt house awhile. cousin having tuition -.-
Then, go home. lols. nothing muchhhhhheeeeee :D

im - BORED

July 29, 2008 || 4:06 PM

tere: helloo!

27 Jul 08, 15:53
YINGJIE: I AM NOT KUKU FACE , HAHAS , but sorry to keep you waiting
lols. update le :D

BEN: LOLh.. the kids are so cute.. and u are there to scam them isnt it? laughh. =DD
LOL. funny uhs X=

MT: yoyo... see u like so busy like tat ooo.... ... wat time wanna meet lei???\
Nowadays alot of tests mah X= . dunno leyys X=

SIUHUI !: LOLs cute cookie monster :P
SIUHUI !: tagged

hahas. thnks ferr th tag. LOL. yes :D

Kev: Hihi!! Came to tag!! XD
vavarly: Tagged!
thanks ferr th. tagg :D

Jocelyn : stop th spamiing lah =.= .

Yingjie ; will try de :X. thanks

Yesterdayy :

Bus-ed t. school
Suddenly got bad bad gastric pain~!
gahhhh~ . pain pain leh D;
Go for literature class. =.= . gastric pain-ed like shit . =.=
Mr lee tried to ask me go home, but i dowan X=
Friends all said my face as white as dunno what -.- . I look-ed like a Zombie =.="
Thanks weixian, yvonne,mr lee, chinyen, judi & people ferr. th concern :D
English. mrs lee nve come D;
Mdm sandy wong to0k over. l0ls. did essay D;
Recess. Ate something. Feeling better :D
Samuel's baqq alot alot of sweets leh! X=
Help-ed him pass one pkt of mentos t. chinyen weet u weet~
Maths nothing much? -.-
English again. zzz. Did worksheets. LOL -.-
free period. sian. Biology. miss lim never come. diao. yingjie , too bad, have to go her mrs or mdm yeow de class. X=. me, joce & vonne thn go t. outside de kopitiam, buy bubble tea. go playground slack. yuexi & co- came too. heheh. play see-saw widd yuexi fun :D
Go for assembly. diao leh adam X=
then, go for lss. heheh. did nothing lor. pei remya & jaya go find mrs goh. X=
heheh. then, go back bio lab. lols
then, go find poster. matahari de. WE'VE LOST IT :DDDDDDDD
bus-ed to west mall. collect new specs. :D
Met mommy & daddy. go home :D

& oh yes,


Today :
School-ed as usual :D
sorry chinyen, for forgetting abt there's geog hw. thn, make u cry D;

Geography as first lesson. zzz. playing with joevenn as usual. Haha!
Then, P.E. played badminton & captainball. heheh.
IT, did nothing. zzz
recess, ate. LOL. english.
Mdm sandy wong took over again. Mrs lee nve come. went AVA room -.-.
With class 1E1 too i think. did essay again -.-
Chinese. lols. sian one.

Samuel Chua ! u dont come talk t. me i tell you. u this boxim kia! :D

Then, met up with gfs' :D
Thn, go maths class. on th way up, something happened.
got into maths class. cried like dunno what shit lah leh loh D;
Maths test. easy :D

Then, bus-ed t. west mall with yvonne. saw sooyi & her bf? hahas. then, yvonne pei me go buy takaway KFC . :D. chatte awhile. bus-ed 173 home :DDDDDDD.
Just finished my stuffs.

Tomorrow havinqq maths test. diao lah! =.= .
Havinqq chinese letter-writing test too~~~
SIAN~~~~~! D;


i've tried to savalge this friendship,
issit becuz of my efforts aint enough, or issit, you just cant even be bothered about this?
I really thought that our friendship is the bestest friendship i can hold. I always believe that, no matter what, you'll still be there for me. Oh tell me, that, you dont wanna hold on to this friendship anymore, and i'll give up. I really put in alot of eff0rt on just t. salvage me & your friendship. You seemed to be, " so? " . I feel like, giving up savalging this. Or should i , just , continue being normal friends with you, instead of being close friends like before.?

July 26, 2008 || 8:34 PM

mommy woke me up around 9? 9+ wake up. get ready. online-d awhile . then, bath, got ready. bus-ed down to market. met mommy , aunt cousin. Went MAC . dint eat finish :D
bus-ed 173 to west mall. thn mrt-ed to jurong meet yingjie -.-. Yingjie th kuku =.=. bluff me say she reached. i reached thr, she tell me she just got up th bus. ROAR
go popular see see. met jocelyn. then go popular buy th materials. then, waited for yvonne vonne ;D.
walked to JEC, kfc eat. then, go t. library. -.-
me & jocelyn go photoshop (mrt station thr) print photos. due to too long, zzz. went back. finished with planning. thn, ask samuel pei me go mrt station. heh. he passed me 2 pkt of sweeetttttsssssssssssss ~ . heheh. xiexie lah samuel :D. monday return u :D
then, go back library. zzz.
then, they all pack up le siol! zzz
funny part
jocelyn wnna kick me. LOL. i go grab her leg & pull X=. she fell down. heheh!
i nve pull hard hard. i just pull abit leh! then, th floor is carpet carpet de :D
then, 5+ , do abit only lor!
then, left :D.
Lost my spectacleees . mommy scold me like shit! =.=
thanks yvonne vonne for pei-ing me go find :D
msning with daryl didi and ivy ahmeih. LOL. they cute luhs!

July 24, 2008 || 9:32 PM


Last night widd Taiwan ahmai/ahyi & cousin :D.
After school , buy takaway home.
Got one ahma , wlan eh, dressed like .. O.O. too bad, she elderly LOL. went home. aunt called me, said alot of news LOL. was super reluctant t. go home at first X=. heh. then, reached home. Greet taiwan aunt(ahmai) , & th popo =.= .
Ate my food. LOL. dint finish. heheh. as usual :D.
Then, ate. attempted th maths. LOLS. so difficult lah! ass ! X=
then, go down swimming widd cousin. oh ya, her name is Yi Ju . i guess X=

Y.J dont know how t. swim. LOL. so she just play widd water, i swim swim {: .

Then, go up home. then, bathed. prepared. Went out for dinner. , widd aunt & uncle & cousin.
took this shots:


th popo & ahmai :D
cousin took this =.=

me & 2 cousins. heheh
went t. th farfar thr , go find engmai popo. LOL. she just had operation in th eye i guess? -.- 10+ ,
left. Then, sent th maipo home, ang mo kio thr i guess. Thn, 2nd kor took over , drove us all t. Bukit Gombak thr. Go t. th stall, got alot of durians. heheh. Ate them. Daddy bought th mangosteens too O.O. nice lah {=
Went home.

Ahmai/ahyi & me :D
tday chinyen dar nve come D; . sick. GAHHHHH~ rest well sweetheart!
Yvonne vonne~!


D&T test. GAHHS. difficult =.= english so bored =.= recess. lols .maths. =.= . Fooling around zzz. but eheh! i did my work le :D Geography. did group work. last lesson widd mr lim.
WLAO. MR LIM! UNFAIR SIOL. I NVE PLAY TH CORRECTION TAPE WIDD JOEVENN LEH. is , i want lend frm him, thn he playing -.- so i just pull it lohs D;
PAP. lols. go bio lab accompany yvonne vonne do th plant thingys. =.= . tooks pics & fooled around widd yingjie & jocelyn. :D

did this just now . heh!

LOL. korkor came back. DIAO LAH! korkor tmr going NS le. heheh :D. HE'S BOTAK . wahahah X= . look so weird . X= flora saw him, she barked at him siol! laughs! ;D


School-ed. as usual. Last period was music. continued watching "drumline" . heh. its nice :D


Then, go t. staff room thr. adam walk pass. say me & 3 gurls de side hair, very irritating. wlan. =.= . then, met aloy taigong. heheh. got him help me widd my chinese work :D
do finish, go art room, do painting. then, chiong bus 77 t. west mall. buy th stuffs. then, cab-ed t. th jurong thr.
then, ate. then, slack

got th class. LOL. 17 students. had partayyyeeee :D

4.30 pm, went off. -.- .
THANK YOU YVONNE! for tripping me =.= . Fall down. WLAN. diu lian!

my knee now PAIN PAIN PAIN.
then, go JURONG MRT thr. got one student. come me & yvonne here. talk to ask, thn :
Th-qirl : " do u have any religion " (or smth)
ME : " dont have"
Yvonne :" Buddhist & Taoist. but i dont believe it anyway"
FUNNY LUHS. wlan -.-
then, home :D.
updating blog! heheh