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June 30, 2008 || 9:23 PM

Happy birthday DESIREE MEIH :D

I'd broke down
June 29, 2008 || 4:28 PM

I give up.
I hate friends.
I dont wanna have friends anymore.
Whatever i do is wrong.
Whatever i say is my fault.
I've never thought of your feelings? yes yes. i never. i never
I've been taking people for granted ? oh really?
I've been giving attitudes. Omg ,

I dont wanna have friends le luhs!
I'll wont talk much to them* anymore.
Ohstopit. okays!?


June 28, 2008 || 10:26 PM

Just read this from Jane's(rabbit) blog :D

Smart man + smart woman = romanceSmart man + dumb woman = affairDumb man + smart woman = marriageDumb man + dumb woman = pregnancy

mart boss + smart employee = profitSmart boss + dumb employee = productionDumb boss + smart employee = promotionDumb boss + dumb employee = overtime

A man will pay $20 for a $10 item he needs.A woman will pay $10 for a $20 item that she doesn't need.

A woman worries about the future until she gets a husband.A man never worries about the future until he gets a wife.A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend.A successful woman is one who can find such a man.

To be happy with a man, you must understand him a lot and love him a little.To be happy with a woman, you must love her a lot & not try to understand her at all.

Married men live longer than single men do,but married men are a lot more willing to die.

A woman marries a man expecting he will change, but he doesn't.A man marries a woman expecting that she won't change, and she does.

A woman has the last word in any argument.Anything a man says after that is the beginning of a new argument.

Old aunts used to come up to me at weddings,poking me in the ribs and cackling, telling me, 'You're next.'They stopped after I started doing the same thing to them at funerals.

cool eh? xD

|| 6:55 PM

*( What do you think of this ?)

" i may not be perfect, but im always me"

"good girls are bad girls that never get caught."

Morning woke up by mommy. she asked me if i wanna go and join aunt & family go watch the performance of my elder cousin sister's - latin . , at first want de, but mommy say daddy today at home, so, not going D;. aww. nvm (:

Went for lunch at fajar :D. then, daddy bring me & mommy to bugis there, thn, daddy go find ppl do stuffs, thn, me & mommy go shopping :D Bought many tops :D. i love mommy! . then, went off meet daddy, then, after awhile, went home. Shelly & melvin come, thn, got changed, go downstairs swim swim . Marc, koonhua , junhong & gf, dickson . also atthere swimming. Kaixiang nve swim. Jun hong de gf, didnt swim de, but he go pull her down xD. Forgot to take my goggles, lazy go home take, swim without it :D. Then, online, msning widd zhixiang & glenda xingan :D.Going off for dinner lerh sweeties! {3

glenda : xingan uh xingan , cheerups okays? dont think too much luhs! dont be second qingling hor , i'll smack ur butt! X=

zhixiang : u crazy guy X= . Dont so kpo lah ley lo xD cheerups too!

June 27, 2008 || 5:50 PM


School-ed as usual :D. Chinese, as first, bored D;. Then, P.E. badminton. widd, jocelyn, yingjie , yvonne & weixian. Okays, laughing like idiot. xD. then, maths, JOEVENN took my chair D;. shared chair widd jocelyn, conclusion : in the end, sat on dha floor. =.= . Recess, ate. Then, biology. The guys were so.. yucks. =.=" . Then, lesson finished :D.

Took bus 174 to west mall , widd jocelyn & yvonne.
Wlan, jocelyn's evil! at the bus, she wanna alight, thn, the bus suddenly stopped, she gnna fall, she pull me, in the end, both "fly" LOL. then, she pushed me back =.- , knocked onto the side thing . wlan. somemore got a loud - BANG!. diu lian. X= Yingjie dint alight widd us, D; . Went kfc widd jocelyn for lunchiie. Yvonne go home -.- . Met aunt =D. hahas. Then, eat eat ..

Then i ate le thn tell me. keep feeling like puking. ROARS! D;

Bus-ed home. :D. Then, played with Flora ;DDDDDDDDDD.

She's damn naughty de cans?!? X=. keep barking at me when i refused to give her the toy D; . BLEAHS! xP
then, online.. something happen D;.
im unhappy,
im sad,
i hate my life,
i hate myself for being myself.

June 26, 2008 || 7:38 PM


June 25, 2008 || 5:58 PM

okay, i've zilian-ed already :D
Went to school as usual. Music, mr seah nve come , study corner :DDDDDD
Maths for second period, okays, joevenn kor keep disturb me. ROARS! :D
Recess next, then, Biology. nothing much -.-
Then, school ended :D . 11.15pm :D. due to teacher's meeting of ??? -.-
Go find mrs soh, taught them how to do wikispaces stuffs, went to market thr buy takeaway - MAC :D. bus-ed home :D
kathie : okays :D
gina(: : hais, you ah! hopeless :D
YINGJIE=D : yes i know ;D
Huijuan : relinked :D
joey : not sure.
wenxin : where got change. i edit :D
STEFFIEEEEE: omg! i wont :D
tricia : jieh, okays .. :D
kelvin : WAH! 你真是个好朋友哦! 放心,我会还给你的. You're sucha good friend of mine oh! Dont worry, i very auto & good de, i'll return you them all ;D

June 24, 2008 || 9:35 PM

Hellos! =.=
Morning, wake up, go school. Timetable changed again =.="
Dhen, hadd D&T for first period. Mr Yusri leaving soon D; >,<
So, new cher teach - Mdm Hamida (or how do u spell her name?)
Okays, its boring. She talk talk talk , i dunno yawned how many times =.="

Mother tongue next. okays. Super boliao. Group work -.-
Then, literature. LOLS. nothing much -.-
Then, recess... =.="
English next. LOLS. Mrs lee :D
Maths as last lesson, lols. Mrs lai. oO. okays, think that, now she aint that bad? last year different , cuz.. :D

Went west mall for lunch, widd 3 gfs' :D. Then, go back school, for lss meeting. Was late ><"
Then, after tht, finish discussion widd group, wait for yvonne to finish her maths worksheet, thn, jocelyn & yj finish their experiment. Then, pei vonne finish her thingy, go find mrs lai, passed up work, went off :D

Was boredd . Then, decided to do my blogskin thingy. faints. Tricia jieh just gavee me a webbie tuhh learn how tuhh d0 the blogskin, but dhen, wlan. dont understand. so, im using the common meth0d, - Edit blogskin , Play widd the codes , && TADA :D .

okay luhs. Tmr maybe if serene or anyone send me 2e3's class photo , i'll edit it & put onto the class blog :D

☠Unlucky uhs! );
June 23, 2008 || 8:45 PM

Super deeeeee duper unlucky. -.-
Early morning wake up, go schl....
Assemby already tio scolded by mrs S. ><>< . Everything like i never do. Only think i nve do anything, pls lorh, I DID ALOT already leh! >,<" oh, forget it. Im born to be dislike by her :D Mrs lee , is back ! && is our new form teacher :D
Mr Leong not teaching us maths lerhs D; , become mrs lai ><"
awwww ... >< . nvm, maths fail ?LOL X:

HuiJuan jieh's belated prezzie :D. the glitter like no need $ de lorh! X=
From vavarly meih :D

boredddddddddddd D;

SIUHUI ; hahas. no lahs. youh where got dumb?
Kerencia ; wahs! got so ZHUN boh?
STEFFIEEEEEEE ; hahas. i saw it :D. thanks! :D
Kerencia ; yalohs! buy jackpot so wont so zhun right!?
wenxin ; ROARS!

June 22, 2008 || 4:49 PM


awwww. Seriously, i dint hadd en0uqh fun X:
anw ,
lols. scarly i never bring ><"
Okays. Changed blogskin dunno how many times -.-
Sian luhhhs D;

Last night. went to QUEENSTOWN, wanted to go there for dinner. But too bad, no more le. =.= . So, went to GhimMoh there eat. Oh ya, koonhua maomao & dickson was widd us also. Dickson drive. Then, koonhua tgt widd him. Me, 2nd bro , daddy & mommy in daddy's car, obviously. Then, 2nd bro was like, asking alot of stupid questions, which leads mommy keep screaming at him :D
Then, dinner. Thn, mommy go popo's hse , talk to agent. Then, me,daddy & korkor at car wait. Then, dickson & koonhua at dickson's car wait. -.-
Me & korkor were like idiots. Playing in the car. He sit infront , thn, i behind. we keep, pulling & hitting each other. Then, he go pull the chair, thn in the end, we ended up BITING :D.
* so dont provoke me :D, I BITE :D
okays, its just playing okays! Then, reached home, bath (: Dry my hair, went tuhh sleep :D

Morning, had tuition. Then, go maket join aunt, cousin & mommy :D . Ate, went home :D

& aunt, T'CARE yourself ><

June 21, 2008 || 3:39 PM


Happy birthday jieh! You're officially 14 ! *just like me =X.

Loadsa loves! {3

Morning, woke up. Had tuition . Last lesson widd tcher jenny . Oo D; .

Thn, go market. bouqht 3 new shorts, & 1 new top :D .


cel : Hellos [;
wenxin : hahas. thanks for taqqing!
shi teng : hellos junior! Thanks ferr dha tag :D
Miyoko(joey) : hellos (:
emily : hahas. thanks :D
Miyoko(joey) : hahs. i've chanqed it :D
YINGJIE:D : lols. np ;D
! SIUHUI : hellos senior. erms, no? LOL. erms, when back tuhh zps, thn show me. X: . sorry. Linked- :D

June 20, 2008 || 8:59 PM

Happy be`lated bday seokyoung!

YAY! Just played the game ^ , and , solve the stuffs :D .


June 19, 2008 || 4:58 PM

BEN : you're ?
oink : yala. xiexie . BUT YOU LATE LEH!
wenxin : Love keai too!
huijuan™ : yeah. hahs.
qℓєnda : hahas. okays :D
vivian : YESYES! YOU ARE . welcome ^^
tere: hahas its okays :D. its fun doing it ! (:
YINGJIE:D : lols. welcome :D
Kerencia : YOU THEN LAO LE. its not i lao le. , is u zhang bu da xD
Gina : wahs! I NVE FLOOD U LEH!. nvm. my turn!
Kerencia : i forgot to relink you X:

I am so BORED !

June 18, 2008 || 1:42 PM

Okays, im now gnna do all the quizes i've been taqqed tuhh do ;D
1. What is your phone brand?
2. What are the last 3 digits in your cell phone number?
3. What does the 2nd message in your inbox say?
♥Ps. msg wrong ppl.
4. Who is the first person under M ?
♥Madam Lin (tuition cher )
5. Who was the last person you rang?
6. Who was your last missed call ?
7. Who is the second person under D ?
8. What does the last message in your inbox say?
♥ We at mac
9. Who is the last person under J ?
♥Jocelyn's marmie
10. Go to your sent items. What does the 10th message say?

♥wth, why leh? thn u like, dont believe. eh, d0nt msq le, i uploadinq pics. X=
11. Who is the 4th person under S?

♥Shaun LAO hp
12. Who is your Network provider?

13. How many messages are currently in your inbox?
♥ 41 ;D
14. What do you have as your background?

♥ My pic :D. taken in the lift ;D
15. Who is the second person under R?

♥Rachel LEE hp
16. Who do you have on speed dial 3?

♥ None.
17. If you are on prepaid, how much credit do you have left?

♥ My prepaid card de hp, forgot- .-
18. Who is the last person under C?

19. How many bars of signal do you currently have?

♥ uh?
20. What is your main ringtone?

♥ Wo lian ai le - Angela Zhang .

------------------------Taqed by tere ;D -----------------

Name 20 people randomly
(Boy, girl, boy, girl)


How did you meet 14? (Glenda)
` School.

What if you don't meet 1? (Aloysius)
` erms.. I WONT BE SO CRAPPY! X=

What if 9 & 20 are together? (Kengyong & Jane)
` OMG. its 101% impossible (:

6 & 17 dated? (CherSeah & YanBing)
` Lauqhs. impossible.

Describe 3. (Kevin)
` Erms.... ? -.-

Is 8 attractive? (ChinYen)

Describe 7. (Bernard)

Know any of 12's family members? (YingJie)

What would you do if 18 broke up? (JieYing)

What language does 15 speaks? (Melvin)
` COW LANGUAGE! X= . chinese/ english!

Who is 9 going out with? (KengYong)
` ...

How old is 12? (YingJie)
`13+ xD

When was the last time you spoke to 13? (ZhiXiang)
` yesterday msn-iinqq ? -.-

Who is 2's favourite singer/band? (WenXin)
` Not sure X=

Will you ever date 1? (Aloysius)
`Nopes. hahs. He's my TAI GONG :D

Is 19 single? (Alvan)
`I think so?

What is 10's last name? (Jocelyn)
`Ning :D

Will you ever be in a relationship with 11? (Jeremy)
` Nopes (: . He's just like a brother to me ;D

What's the school of 3? (Kevin)

Where does 6 lives? (CherSeah)
`TeckWhye? or .. X=

Favourite thing about 5? (Joevenn)
`Dont know. CS! X=

Now ask 5 people to do it.
` Wenxin , Aloysius, Glenda, CherSeah, Melvin .

---------------------------♥Quiz 3, tagged by tere too ------

(A) People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs and replace any question that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.
(B) Tag 8 people to do this quiz & those who are tagged cannot refuse. These people must state who they were tagged by & cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by. Continue this game by sending it to other people.

1) If your lover betrayed you, what would your reaction be?
` I'll let him explain & find a solution ;D

2) If you can have a dream to come true, what would it be?
` Everyone will be happy :D

3) What are your plans for these holidays?
`Nothing -.-

4) Are you confused of what lies ahead of you?
` Erm...

5) Favourite fastfood outlet?

6) Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?
` Depends on how you see it?

7) How long do you intend to wait for someone when he/she is late?
` Er.. i'll call them & ask when are they coming .

8) If the person you secretly liked is already attached, what would you do?
`Let go..

9) Is there anything that made you happy these days?
` hmms.. yeaps

10) Is being tagged fun?
`hahas. okok X=

11) How do you see yourself in ten years time?
` A human!

12) Name one of your bad habits.
` Always do thinqqs without thinkinqq -.-

13) Do you prefer being single or attached? `Single!

14) Would you rather to be single & rich or married but poor?
` Dont know =.=

15) What's the first thing you do every morning?
`Check handphone , think of whats happening nowadays? -.-

16) What is the thing you look forward to the most now?
`Nothing -.-

17) If you fall in love with two person simultaneously, who would you pick?

18) Last song you listened to?

19) Do you have a pet?

20) If there is a choice, which country would you want to be borned in?

I want :
- Wenxin
- Gina
- CherSeah
- Glenda
- Melvin
- Shelly
- Anyone

to do this quiz! :D

|| 11:25 AM

Yesterday woke up, then, 11+ , go down widd cousiin, swimswim awhile, thn go h0me bathh, then, get ready, went off tuhh west mall. Met cousin (older sis) , thn me, mommy, aunt, cousin sisterS , wnt tuhh SAKAE SUSHI ;D.

On the bus!
Then eat finish,me & cousin go play arcade :D. Then, went off tuhh market there , collect cake. I went home first :D. Evening went to the, aunt hse downstairs derhh kopitiam, hadd dinner widd 2nd bro, mommy & daddy. Eldest korkor go play bball.
Then, went home. 10+ , eldest korkor came back, Jieying(yangmehmeh), came [= .
Chatted widd her. Then 11+ , 2nd bro brouqht shelly & shengr0ng (worm) come. Then, cut cake :D
" Happy birthday to Christina Chua. From daddy, mom & brothers "
Eldest bro liqhtinqq up candles ;D

Okays, brother was telling me a stupid thinqq -.-
then, chat chat widd they all. Then, 12+ , they went home :D.

Presents :
Cousin ;D
Shelly & JieYing ;D
Aloysius, Jocelyn, Yvonne & Yingjie :D

Kengyong, Rachel , Desiree & ... ?
2nd brother ;D
WenXin & ZhiXiang
Serene ;D
Joevenn ;D
Thankiies for the prezzies people! :DDDDDDDDDDD.
Not forgetting your greetings too :
- Aloysius
- Amanda Ching
- Amanda Thien
- Brendan
- Bernard
- Cher Seah
- Chew Mei
- Chin Yen
- Crystal
- Desiree
- Dickson
- Eunice
- Elizabeth
- Emily
- Gina
- Guo Xiang (porcupine)
- Glenda
- Jane
- JieYing (yangmehmeh)
- Jasmine (cousin)
- Jocelyn
- Joevenn
- Judi
- JunHong (Bearbear/d0lphin)
- Kengyong
- Kevin
- Kerencia
- KoonHua (maomao )
- Melissa (pri school fwren!)
- Melvin (moomoo)
- Marc (>< )
- Miss Teh {3
- Nisha (pri school fren)
- Nerissa (pri school fren/melissa's sistar)
- Pebbles
- Phoebe
- PeiYong
- Rachel Lee
- Remya
- Serene
- ShengRong (worm)
- Shelly (panda)
- Shereen
- Steffie
- Teresa
- Tricia
- WeeLi
- WenXin
- XiTong
- Yingjie
- Yvonne
- ZhiXiang
- Zoe

erm.. i think i forgot the rest X: . So ifb i dint put eur name, tell me al'rights. X: .sorry D;.

June 17, 2008 || 3:58 PM

Im officially 14 :D

June 16, 2008 || 8:58 PM


Today woke up around 9+ (= . Then, talk on phone widd yingjie. Then, widd jocelyn. Around 12.30pm liddat, left home. Took bus 173 , thn go to keminqq primary scho0l there derhh busstop meet Wenxin keai . Then, waited for bus 66 . Wlao. so lonqq . >< . & wenxin keai keep on disturbinqq people siah. Then, i said why not take MRT =.= . Then , bus 66 finally came -.- . Boarded. wenxin was like .. walao! She go disturb the bus driver. Then the bus driver still blurblur. Then, they both can talk till so happy ? =_= . Faints.* . Then, reached. Went tuhh Mac tuhh meet Aloy taig0nq ; Jocelyn ; Yingjie & Yvonne . lauqhs*. They b0uqht me the BIGBIG COOKIE MONSTER BEARBEAR . Lauqhs*, at first i tot what thinqq siah, thouqht its s0methinqq scary X=. Then, went off, thn decided tuhh go swensens eat the ice-cream [; .

Me, carryinqq the plastic baqq , talkinqq widd aloy (=

Then, took our orders. And aloy let me listen tuh the sonq - SHA GUA
Yingjie keep on take our pic siah -.-"

Then, all ordered ice-cream. DUH, i paid >< . I only ordered a cup of hot chocolate. Aloy dint ordered anythinqq D; . Then, go tuhh JEC [; . Went tuhh take neoprints. but Aloy & wenxin dont wanna take D; .

[ I LOVE THIS BEST! ] Then, around 4+ , went tuhh MAC, sit down, drink water & chit chat. wenxin like, joker luhs! X= . lauqhs*. aloy too tired, he sleep =.=" .

{ aloy, only can see half ]: }

Then, after tht around 5 or 5+ , left. :D. Then, jocelyn,yingjie,yvonne went off first -.- . Aloy & Wenxin pei me go take MRT. I went off ler, thn they went off to dunno where oO. [; .

I really did have fun today ! :D
Aloysius taigong ; Thanks ferr the cookie monster [; . You paid the most D; . & left no $ X=. Then, when treatinqq u drink/food , you like, dowan ]; . I feel so guilty lehhs! ): . You look super tired luhs T'cares yourself al'rights? Thanks for the day anyway [;
WenXin keai;Thanks for cominqq tuhh j0iin us [; . Hope dint diu your lian X: . Thanks for the Cookie Monster pouch. * Thanks zhixiang too! & your note sayinqq somethinqq (=. Thankkies for the note. I'll try not emo :D. KEAIS'S FOR LIFE!
JocelynYingjieYvonne ; Thanks for the cookie monster too [; . You've plan the thinqqys dunno since when. lauqhs*. Thanks for everythinqqqqqqq! {3 .

Cher ; whats so funny ? -.-

Huijuan ; okays! gougoushou! {3

STEFFIE ; lauqhs. yea ;D

Phoebe ; yea ;D. dunno wor.

chinyen ; its okay {3. No need waste $$ luhs (;

YINGJIE ; Its tomorrow my dear ! -.-

DESIREE ; yay! ILY TOO! {3