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May 31, 2008 || 8:24 PM

{ thursdayy , Yingjie's grp haviinqq briefiinqq withh miss lim ;D }
{ Took it last niqqht :D }

Morniinqq hadd tuiti0n widd Teacher Jenny ;D.
Teachh teach... naggy X=. LOL. hahs. Understand the stuffs super fast ;D. I WORK OUT ANSWERS FASTER THN HER(: , but then, behind alot of careless mistakes >,<
Then, g0t chanqqed.. went tuhh dunno where widd daddy & mommy tuhh eat ;D. thn, daddy dropped me & momma @ bugiis. Then, went tuhh O.G tuhh find aunt,uncle & cousiin ;D. After awhile, went to "ICE MONSTER" tuhh eat ice (: . ordered the mango ice cream widd fresh durian&mango & the ice as usual ;D. Then, went tuhh " BUGIS STREET" tuhh sh0pp f0rhh cl0thes (: . Bought a short & top ;D.


I WANT I WANT I WANT THEM . T.T . saw them all. Mommy say, keep buyiinqq thishh type of cl0thes, waste $$ -.- . ROLFS. ): . *sad * D: . hais, nvm (: . hahs. Msging widd keviin , on ph0ne widd jocelyn. omg, keviin reply so sl0w -.- , jocelyn full of craps =.= HAHS

May 30, 2008 || 3:43 PM


May 29, 2008 || 2:57 PM

Tags Replies:

Jaslin meih ; hahas. nvm luhhs. actually iie also marhhs X=
HuiLing ; hahas. okok. t'cares too (:
SongNing ; :D
Vernice ; JY what?
shereen ; have uhs . X=
JiaYing ; jiejie ! sorry luhs. nve tell euu X= jiejie is missed too (:
ky ; ahkor :D. serious? okok ! ;DDDD
YingJie ; hahas. okay..

Last night, diaos. msginqq with ky ah kor again =.= . IM IRRITATING x= . Hahs. he sayy dunno drawiinqq c0okiie monster ferr me? xD. thanks uh ahkor! ily much luhs! but , dont worry, my ahjie* loves euu muchmuch more ;D . X=
Slept arnd 12+ X=. Morninqq, okays super tiired. =.= . 8+ , ahkor msged me. zzz. Read it, thn eye gonna close, ignored it X=, went back tuhh sleep X=. 9+ , yingjie called me. ask me some stupid rubbish. I WANNA SLEEP SIOL. she like :
YJ : Hellos QL
ME : yes? { in a sleepy tone }
YJ : you sleeping arhs?
ME : yea. what ?
YJ : oh. nothing much luhs. just wanna ask you today what time life science start.
ME : 11am
YJ : 11 arhs? oh okays .
ME : yarrhh then?
YJ : erm, nothing already. bye .

W.LAN lorh! -.- .
Then, woke up , =.=" . Bathed & got myself ready. Waited for jocelyn sms so tht i go down bus-stop take 963 widd her (: .

Bus came. lalalas~ . Went int0 scho0l widd jocelyn. dia0s. walk walk. reachh school. went tuhh the office there findd yingjie. then peii jocelyn & yinqjie go general office, fiindd Mr Le0nqq. diaos. thn, went back tuhh bio labb. diaos. we walkiinqq. Then suddenly yvonne pop out in front, ask " where u all go? " . me & yingjie screamed. zzz. scaryy siol. suddenly pop out. -,= . Then, edna , priya , peilinqq , ms lim they all gone =.=. went tuhh sci slc findd them, dont have. thn saw them sitting down @ the outside Sci SLC there derrhh tables =.= . Then, sittinqq there. diaos. ms lim talkk withh peilinqq's group ppl first. Remya went for her A maths remedial , Jaya go INDONESIA withh schooL. so left me, yvonne & edna. Then, after ms lim brief our grp, remya came ;D Then, brief brief. Nxt monday , 2nd June still need go back =.="
Went tuhh west mall after tht. Had KFC widd girlfriends (: . then went walk walk. Met RACHEL jie & Huijuan jie & kevin ;D Talk talk. hahs. Took bus 173 home ;D


May 28, 2008 || 5:38 PM

{ dont know when i to0k thishh derrhhs -.- }

Last night, went tuhh blk 233 there to eat dinner . "BOTAK JONES" agaiN!, with momma, darddy, 2ndkorkor & his friend - weiiquan . (: . Me & momma shared the black pepper chicken :D . small piece. I LOVE THEIR SALAD =D

Last night slept around 1+ ;D. Msg-ing with aloy taigong arnd 12+ , thn after tht, got quiet, alone as usual ;D . Then, morninqq, got one idiot. wth. Called me, i jump up frm the bed. ROARS!
it was who? WRONG NUMBER. she was still like , oO? nvm. suan. Then, after tht, watching tv & online =.= . SIAN SIAN SIAN one okays?!

Thn arnd dont know what time, went to bangkit { or how do u spell it? } with daddy & momma for lunch. Then, daddy dropped me & momma @ fajar. I SERIOUSLY WANNA GO HOME DE LORH! x( .
Then, bought OREO BLENDED ICE & seaweed ;D. Then, bought a magic cube.

TADA! erms, i ruin it.Now stuck ='(

Then, after tht, daddy fetch me and momma. Then go tuhh TEN MILE JUNCTION . Bought a new baqq (:

i findd it not badd narhhs. (: .
. Went into SHENG SHIONG. :D. Bought alot of thinqqys! below is one of it ;D. bought MANGOSTEENS ;D. they're super sweet & nice eh ? hahs. ((:

Hello Panda! xDD

shall end my post here (:

May 27, 2008 || 4:26 PM

Morniinqq, wake up.. then, watchh tv. Then peii momma, go downstair, at first wanna wait ferr bus, but cannot find bus. aunt took cab , thn me & momma board it too. diaos. Met alot of SEC 1s frm my school. WTH? They all go camp. Then stilL see them at hillview . diao. they all like strollinqq or what? zzz. crap leyys =.= . Took cab there cuz cousiin 12.50 needa reachh school for dunno what. So, bo biian, we went down at ar0undd 12 ? arnd 12.10. thn got the blo0dyy cabb. Then, cousiin to0k darn lonq tuhh reach market luhs! went to blk 283 makan. lolol. Then aunt brinqq cousin go school. Then, iie finishh eatinqq, help korkor buy takeaway and go 7-11 top up ez-link card. Took bus 173 home. Momma waitinqq for aunt go back tuhh market? zzz. Then, reach home. onlin-ed. Habbo-iinqq with gina ;D. ^ pictures! TWINNIES . hahas. (: .
Sian sia . =,= . so bored ):
Then just now, on phone with yingjie & jocelyn. zzz. They're like, so excited about my bday? zzz. w.lan. im not even excited, they so excited =.=" .


Tags replies :
Vivian ; darlinqq! imy too luhs! Holiday must come my hse we play ;D
Kathie ; ouh okays (:
CHERRR ; hahas. dearest ah! i also. but then, credit them for basecodes luhs x)
tong ; NVENVE! ily as much too! {33
gina ; diao. u go my links, find " jinyin " , go find the quiz. she got 2, take the below one :D
sebas ; LOLs. stop dreaminqq tht i'll give euu a 50c ((:

May 26, 2008 || 2:01 PM

Yesterday watch the 3 hrs charity shows from 7-10 pm for the SiChuan Earthquake thingy.
Many mediacorp artists & singers came tuhh help out by singing songs they've WRITTEN & answer phone calls. JJ Lin wrote a song - 爱与希望. Its a very nice song. And another malaysia singer I GUESS, wrote another song which i've forgotten the name ='(

Found this @ youtube. :D.
Seriously this suddeearthquake in SiChuan, really killed alot of ppl & made many lost their loved ones. One of them left me super deep impression, the mother, was lying dead. She lie down on the floor, the face facinqq the floor lah, then, when the rescuers turn her around, they found a baby around 3-4 months. The baby was still alive, sleeping soundly. They found a handphone inside the blanket of the baby, there was a message. They opened and read it. Its say : (translated into english) " precious, if you're still alive, please dont forget that i love you "
This message was left by the mother. Touching isnt it? The baby so poor thing luhs! so young lost her parents. Another one was, a family, they lost their two twin daughters. The mother really cried like hell! )'= . Its really touching & sad eh? Many became orphans. Many schools & buildings collapse. >< . Many lives were taken. Well, maybe its fate. But then, ITS SO SAD LARHS! roffs! Such disasters, we cant avoid it, but, it really happened so sudden. Got one guy, he was trapped as the thingys was pressing on his back. He perservered! He said that, " for the sake of his family , he must not die. He must live " .. finally, after many hours of rescuing, this guy suddenly stop breathinqq..& left the world. Its such a sad thinqq larhs! Hope this bad bad bad disaster faster end )''= .

Oh how fortunate are we eh? havinqq whatever we want now. Here in Singapore. Haviinqq nice feast & drinks and fun with our loved ones. What about the people in SiChuan? They suffering. Some are still missing? Some became orphans,widows,widowers and many ! They dont have $$ with them. No sufficient food? So please people, help them when you can ((: . They need support, encouragement & money D: .


May 25, 2008 || 5:56 PM

English : A1
Chinese : B3
Mathematics : B4
Science : A1
History : A1
Literature : A2
Home Economics : A2
Art : B4
Music : A

* Geography , D&T , taken in the nxt semester :D

Class position : 12/38
Level position : 49/152
L1R4 Aggregate : 7
L1R5 Aggregate : 10 . Hmms, quite statisfied alr luhs =.= . But gotta work hard on my subjects D;

Wynnette&- ; PRETTY JUNIOR ;D.
Vivian ; hahs. :D
Brendan ; BRENDAYYY :D. lol. web?
Vivian ; YAYE!
YINGJIE ; I know X=
Tricia ; =D

im so BORED-
hmms. later @ 7p.m , channel 8 or what, showinqq the thingyy, for donatiion to si chuan? THEY'RE PITIFUL )': . ALL MUST CALL OKAY! :D

Tryinqq tuhh find a bloqqskin! ;(

May 24, 2008 || 10:22 PM


My results, erms, dont know where report book. zzz.. nxt time thn post it up bah? X=
Morninqq woke up. diaodiao. slack slack.. thn, went market with momma & daddy by lorry ;D.
Then, went tuhh the 2 biqq biqq kopitiam. Met aunt & uncle & cousin with her two aunts =.= . Ate there, went home. zzz. slack throughout? Then, just now eveninqq, auntie BABY;liutai called, me & momma met her & meitung @ LOT.1. hahs. thn, eat eat.. suddenly got ppl call my name? dont know is my ear got problem or my eyes blind =.= Then, walk walk. Went home by cab. (:

and lastly ;
happy birthday karen jiejie (cousin) ! {33


sorry x10000000 kengyong ahkor )'=
* I SERIOUSLY dont meant it. i know im wronqq luhs >< . sorry sorry ): . dont emo & angry alreadyy leyys. I really dont know lorhs. SORRY!
& i'll go and FAN XING myself.!


May 23, 2008 || 9:43 PM

currently feelinqq : HEADACHE ):

Tags replies :

wenxin ; try?

DESIREE ; hahas okays (:


Vivian ; hahas yaye! ;D. ur momma so friendly {3

YINGJIE; zzz. i know

STEFFIEEEEEE: ahaha. laogonqq , dont lie tuhh urself alr. LOL. nvm. i nve lie tuhh euu, yea. I lie to myself. xD

shereen ; hahas, thnks (:

JinYin ; i forgot pw alr leh. paisehs.

YINGJIE; WTH. kp lahs! tmd, very dulan lehs. STILL SO LONG CANS? i never even bother about it, you all keep thinkinqq of it? bo liao lahs!

JinYin ; yea, sorry ah ):

kelvin ; LOL. ((:

Morninqq woke upp around 9+ ? zzz. Momma then called me, asked me if iie wanna have mac for breakfast & i saiid okay. Online-dd, momma came backk then she bouqht miie BIG BREAKFAST. erms, dint finishh dha breads, as usual X=

Then, slackk throughout wh0le eveninqq. HAH. MSN-ed with zhixianqq , wenxiin , yinqqjie awhile. eh nono. Before tht, on dha blo0dyy ph0ne with someone, quarrelinqq. power luhhs. zzz. sian 1/2. then, after awhile, jeremy ahkor called, thn, linked inside. zzz. ahkor super deserve a slap! X= . Then, after awhile, conf with zhixianqq & jocelyn =.=" . Nothinqq much. LOLS. Then, after awhile, zhixianqq kap, thn blahblah. whatever? .=.= . arnd 5+ , prepared myself, got chanqqed into scho0l uni. , took bus 963 tuhh scho0L , with mommy. Jeremy ahkor super BLUR , 5+ pm, he thought is 4+ larhs! diaos -.- . AHKOR DONT BLUR! xD. then, reachh school. slackinqq outside school withh momma & on phone with jocelyn. diaos. SAW A DOGGIE. hahs. look like flora, but short & fatter =X. Its so cute & friendly. HAHAS. xD. Then,after awhile, walk into schooL. Then, went to hall, outside =.=. waited for chinyen tuhh come. hahs. met her momma ;D. HER MOMMA IS PRETTY & KIND! . Then, went into hall. TOOK NUMBERS zzz. then, waited like hell for our turn. Then, had the briefinqq stuffies. lols. then, waited ferr turns. lols. Met yvonne's WHOLE FAMILY. hah. then, met pebbles's didi (:. HE'S SUPER DUPER CUTEEEE luhs! XD. Then, finally our turn.. zzz. Daren Tan keep askk about how iie behave @ home & stuffs. diaos. & skipskip. waited for daddy to fetch me & momma for dinner outside school. Daddy saidd he brinqq us go tuhh eat western food. Went to blk 233 there, @ bukit batok also. hahs. alot of ppl siol! the stall name was ' BOTAK JONES ' lols. Ordered a plate of black pepper chicken , fish fillet , & bread thinqqy with sausage hahs! the sausage bread thinqqy, ITS NICE(: CooL ehs? hahas. then, ate till super duper full luhs! went home. hahs. bathe & talk on phone with teacher jenny awhile. then here i am, BLOGGING. (:

sian 1/2. havinqq HEADACHE . So what cans? ROFFS!

May 22, 2008 || 4:39 PM

current mood : tired , of everything around me ):

Tags replies:

wenxin ; hahas. LOVES {3
Eunice ; euu also, dont complain.
DESIREE ; paiisehh luhs =x
JinYin ; hahas. yeA =X .
passer-by ; zzz. euu are?
YINGJIE ; you are what =.=


Morning, woke up... then skipskip...

SMS-ED jeremy ahkor go down wait , knn, i go down arnd 5 min later liddat, RUBBISH, he's not there. nvm. Msg-ed again. Then, called him dont know how many times lah! Waited with daddy like retardeds. ROFFS. (*shit you jeremy ahkor!) . lols

Then, went school, zzz. then, hmms. today no lessons & stuffs. had the " YOU CAN DO IT " programme. hahs. our trainers for 2e3 was the "mirrorbelle" ,dont know how to spell her name, Qiao er , & steven junior ;D
Played games & did the personality or the profile thingy. HAHS. its super accurate luhs! ;D
& i belonqq tuhh the high " I" groups. its says tht when im with my friends, i very noisy, but when im with strangers, im super shy & quiet type. zzz & im fun to be with & chatty or what? zzz
but its fun larhs ;D.
Then, last activity was the power dots! we're given a stripe of dotty stickkies each, thn hadda paste on our friends shirt there, & say somethinqq thankful tuhh encouragee them (: .
Yvonne pasted on my hair =.=" , yanbing pasted on my faces. ROFFS. & i did the same back tuhh him. HAHS.

Joevenn AHKOR had his face full withh the stickers, yanbing & friends did tht to him. HAHA

Went to hall. Then, did the evaluation f0rms & stuffs, dismissed. Went to BPP findd m0mma.

Went to eat sushi with momma & auntie jenny. Then, went to buy FEMALE TEES (: ^^
took bus 176 home. and tada! im blogging.

seriously, whats the bloody hell problem with me eh?
& jocelyn , yingjie & yvonne ; sorry if these few days i've been givinqq euu 3 attitudes. I seriously dont mean it. But, can dont disturb me when you* know im not in the bloody mood?
& Yingjie , okays, idk what to say. maybe, sometimes i really cant really understand what ur conversations are about, and thus, maybe, we aint pretty close ?
& Yvonne, thanks for beinqq there for me eachh tiime when im alone (:
& Wenxin & Zhixiang . dont get dulan for tht idiot. not worth it .. diaos. i can say, but cannot do zzz.

May 21, 2008 || 8:56 PM

{ Sabo-ed by JinYin xiao junior ;D }

-Each blogger start with 10 random facts,habits about themselves
-Blogger that have been tagged need to post on their blog about 10 things
-At the end of this , you gotta choose 10 people , list them and tag them on the blog
-Don't forget to comment on their blog that they have been tagged
here i go :

1. I've got weird attitudes
2. Im crazy
3. Im childish
4. I am addicted to computer :D
5. I dont wanna lose whatever i have
6. I love my friends
7. I dislike my life
8. I love SWEETS
9. Im a yusoffian
10. Im an ex- zhenghuarian ((:

& i wantttttttttttttttt :
- AmandaChing ahjie
- Gina twinnie
- Wenxin keai
- Desiree mei
- Jane rabbit
- Steffie laogong
- Glenda
- Amanda Yeo
- Aiying Mouseeee
- Anyone who wanna do this quiz :D

& i know my blog cannot copy the stuffs, either you
* type urself
* from my linkies, click " JINYIN " & go her blog kop =X
sorry ferr the inconvenience

|| 5:31 PM

Had my 2nd hp yesterday & the phone suck =.=.

Morning wake up, hahs! went to school in P.E attire with skirt DUH~!. We wore it to school is simply due to the stupid post-exam activities & for us! we're having an outing, to where? BUKIT BATOK NATURE PARK . wth. Walk go. zzz. Mr Fong & Mr Apple Ng were in-charged of our class. LOLS. They super funny. ESPECIALLY, Mr Apple Ng ! HAHAS. As we were walkinqq alonqq the road? The grass there filled with alot of patches of SPIDER WEBBIES!! scary =X Some people go and play with it,zzz.


As my partner is yvonneeeee.. The two gurls above is obviously , YINGJIE & JOCELYN :D They two keep talkinqq . zzz. =.= & FINALLY, we reached the BUKIT BATOK NATURE RESERVE . hah! Then, Mr apple ng & mr fong brought us walk the route, & our DESTINATION was TCS TOWER hahs!. Up & down we hadda walk in the slopeS =.=" . Then, cause' we doing the worksheets, so got alot of big gaps. me & yvonne keep tio called for the gaps. JOCELYN ALSO. hahas. then, Mr apple ng asked jocelyn go behind & walk with him. HAHAS! laughs.Then, qingling, as a great friend, HAHS, asked yj & yvonne tgt with me, go behind pei jocelyn :D , hahs! im great eh? Here comes the funny stuffies ABOUT MR APPLE NG ! XDD . He damn funny. he told yvonne :" Your bag is tearing already, you know? " , yvonne say what sia?! " oh, i know ! so?" laughs. then , mr ng say " WAH, yvonne come here .. " , yvonne wanna run away, but too bad, no use.. " HAHAS. then, after awhile, i dont know say what, thn yvonne TIO by apple ng again. LOL seriously, Mr apple ng is damn fun HAHAS. s>


{QingLing & Rachel Ng Jiejie {3 }
{ QingLing & ABIGAIL ! , for idk why she put her hand there X= }
{ QingLing & Serene Jie :D }

We're halfway to our destination to TCS TOWER . hahs. then, took a short break at the above pictures there de venue, hmms, enjoyed the serene there. Then, after awhile continue walkinqq, walkinqq...

{ Mr apple Ng playinqq his guitarrrrr :D }
{ TCS TOWER? lols }
This is super 'weird' . you know, when u look from down, haha! when you look up @ it, it actually "seem" to " move " hahas. cool eh?
{ The staircase, hahas. Serene jie super cute, she said " wah, so long, like staircase to HEAVEN }

went back tuhh school. Had recess till 11am :D HAHA. then, went to MEDIA HUB. Then, had briefing. hahas. Mrs goh came in, gave us a worksheet. WTH, SEC-1 last chapter. diao. Then, ms clarrise ng told us what to do { reflection & stuffs } , did them :D. Was with yj , vonne & jocelyn as usual. Then, laughing @ jeremy ahkor. HAHAS. Then, we all dont want do the compo thingy, so , we did poem. then, jocelyn wanna make a STUPID JOKE. hahas. then yvonne wrote it :
can see? okays, its says :

Is Jeremy
Is a shuai-ge
I can't resist it

they're so funny luhs! HAHAS. cuz ms ng gave us a paper, on the examples of making poems, then one of it is something like above , { Title ( 1 word) ; Description (2 word); Action (3 word) ; Feeling (4 word) ; Synonym of title (1 word) } , doesnt it go along well HAHAS. =X.

* ps hor jeremy. Btw, the poem jocelyn made, creative leh. =X. & it was just meant to be a joke *

jeremy's lame too! he keep askinqq ppl tuhh playy "CHOPSTICK" with him. diia0s. so oldd alr, still playy thishh =X

ZI-LIAN-ED in toiletttttttt :D. hahs. then, scare yj. LOL. with jocelyn. HAHAS. me & jocelyn hide outside the toilet there, yj come out of toilet, only shout for jocelyn name. zzz. but thn, ITS FUNNY LUHS. she keep shouting : " JOCELYN! , JOCELYN! , JOCELYN! " for dont know how many times? zzz xD .

Went hall for assembly. sian. hahs. walked to bus stop near keming pri, thn waiting for papa come, thn boarded the lorry, thn, saw 2nd korkor, he's sick =.=" { but he dont seem to be sick =X } ., thn, went to eat lunch & went home . yaye!

Tags replies:

CHERRR: hahs. ily {3
gina : really? u think V.I.P uhs?
kelvin: KELVIN DONT BLUR! i sayinqq last year luhhs!
Pebbles: LOL. happy :X
Eline: okays laogong <3> ZOE! : hellos! hahas/ t'cares too. {33
DESIREE : meimei {3
JinYin : okays :D
STEFFIE : hahas. dont lie to urself luhs
Vivian: kuku's loved too! {33333

Hais, been feeling so weird. people around me are like, so weird? hais, nvm just too cheer people up :

& Gina : Twinnie, thnks ferr ur big big ear :D
& Jeremy : ahkor, thnks ferr ur big big ear :D
& ZhiXiang : si zhu , cheerups :D . dont copy me =X. hahas. anyways, cheerups (: .

May 20, 2008 || 6:29 PM

Tags replies:

rachiee : welcome jiejie {3
vavarly : hahas. I'LL MISS YOU LOADS LUHS ><
shereen : hellos lovely {3
wenxin : HAH. wenxin is loved too :D
eliz : OHOHS. xiexie ni prettay!
Eline : laogong! ily too {3
gina : LOLs ! ALSO GOT LIE
nurul : Hahs. im not luhs cutie :D . yupps. ELMO {3
Kelvin: LOLs. eh, i where got fierce? i so good leh X= . have lah. zzz. not nve see me, is u blur :D.
STEFFIEEEEEEE: hahas. my honoureD? thn i return u tag, ur honoured also ohs? :D

Morning, woke up.. blahblah. daddy drove me to school (: , with jeremy ahkor luhs zzz. Then, assembly, sian. zzz. Went to maths class, slack, thn, had 1hr recess. hah. then, went up hall for NAPFA . sian. First station , STANDING BOARD JUMP . lols. did badly, almost fail zzz. Second station , SIT & REACH , HOHOS. so heng, got 25. LOLs. passed jiu hao XD . Third station, INCLINE PULL-UP , did 20 . ='( . sad luhs! did so badly =.=" . A i think? Fourth station , SHUTTLE RUN , zzz. starting i run @ 10.8 seconds. ROFFS !!! . Then request for re-run. zzz. in the end? inproved one sec nia. WTH , 10.7 seconds. Last station , SIT-UP, did 36 , hais, nvm. Got A for it can alr :D.
This time did quite badly . ROFFS!

Then, went back maths room, slack. zzz. saw our results. diaodiao. Went to hall for assembly. WTH. SO SIAN =.=" Can die luhs. zz. Then, after school, finally. Went canteen eat. Then went to foryer find miss lim & lss members, took the school bus, tgt with the literacy or what de ppl, MET DESIREE & others :D. thn, reached ngee ann poly , waiting outside the lecture room. zzz. Saw a gurl, SUPER look like JANE , my dearest rabbit! . hahas. Then, went into the lecture room, sian sian! me & jocelyn keep laughing , yvonne keep falling asleep. The teacher still dont know. zzz. SOMEMORE, WE SITTING IN THE SECOND ROW, first row NO PPL. zzz, =.= PRO LUHS! then got another gurl, dunno frm which school, she lying on the "table" hahs! thn , i think she gonna slp? thn the teacher call her. ZZZ. wth? =.=" . weird. HAHS. then, walk out of ngee ann, took bus 61 to bukit batok int, took bus 173 home :D .

Vavarly mei ; weixian ; syafiq & zay nyein & others went to KOREA alr ohhs (: . HAVE FUN :D

May 19, 2008 || 3:22 PM


MOOMOO's 20 this old. old cow :D
moomoo dont go eat mac ohs! xD
hahas. :D
wish moomoo happy bday, wish everyday happy happy,
& last long with shelloo pandaaaaaaaaaa ;D


okays. im feeling so pissed now. today keep giving attitudes. QING LING U SIMPLY SUCKS TO THE CORE, YOU BLOODY ASSHOLE ><
aww. im also ROFFS. i wanna scream ='(

VAVARLY MEI : tmr euu goinqq tuhh korea alr. D: . :D. Enjoy urself okays? hahs. 6 days to korea. T.T no ppl to play with me. LOL. nvm . I'LL MISS YA :D

May 18, 2008 || 9:35 PM

Morning had tuition with Lin Laoshi.=.= . she kept nagging about my results, but she's happy le bah, =.=. Then, she left..WITHOUT ME KNOWING >< . Momma dragged me to market. zzz. sian. Ate mac with cousin. hahs. full-up! ;D
walk walk. went home. Slack slack in computer. Then, on conference with jocelyn, yvonne & zhixiang. SOH YINGJIE dunno go where =.=" . Then jocelyn keep suan me, thn tio own also. zzz. DIAOS. first to suan is her, first tio own also her. Then zhixiang dunno for what keep laughing, diam lah zhixiang xD. Talk talk, thn jocelyn say wanna kap, in the end also nve one. zzz. Then, night, arnd 7 or what? Took bus 176 go BPP :D
with aunt & cousin. Ate the korean thingy, without rice, just soup. :D. then pei cousin go shop for cousin jiejie de bday presents. HAH. thn, went to buy takoyaki, went home by bus 176 again. hahs. thn, here i am posting.
SIAN, tmr no school ? =.= .
Huijuan ahjie now @ shandong . ZZZ. ROLFFS. so fast . hahs. nvm, countdown, 25th she's coming back :DDDDDDDD

May 17, 2008 || 10:26 PM

Morning, jocelyn's call woke me up again, =.=" .

Watching tv & on msn. Msn-ed with ivy mei and all.. hahs. thn went to market, met up with cousin & aunt. Then, had lunch. Went back home. After tht, arnd 6 liddat,daddy's home. Actually wanna go downstairs swim swim de, but alot of ppl. zzz. Then, went to turf city just now, For dinner. Then went GIANT , walk walk buy many many stuffs. Hahs. Just reached home. thn now quickly posting, thn needa turn in as tmr having maths tuition with lin lao shi {3
Now dickson & jun hong {bearbear} @ my hse. THEY WATCHING GHOST SHOW. T.T .. stupid luhs! i scared. just now the lady in the show scream as she saw ghost, thn i also follow i scream. CRAPS. ><
tonight sure tio nightmare . ROLFFS!

May 16, 2008 || 6:45 PM

{ ME & GINA TWINNIE!. we look alike me? =.= }


Jeremy ah kor today gave me morning call :D. Prepared & thn took bus 963 to school. Then, today no maths lesson. Went to sci room 2 for biology & physics results instead. okays. passed. But did badly ='( . Chinese nxt.. JUST PASSED. heng leh! =X. Then, recess, chatted with bernard . thn, went to canteen. No appetite. so, dint eat. Met aloy, thn told him bout my results thn, talk talk. Asked him treat me drink. xD. LOL.i say say only, thn he really treat. xDD. But im great, just wanna a pkt of milo. thanks taigong ! . Then, went for english. ah leong come. zzz. Then history, watch the rat show. FUNNY & CUTE xD.


took bus 963, lols. on bus talking with jocelyn & jeremy ahkor, zzz. then, went to plaza thr, kerencia called me tell me not going to zps alr? KNN!. wth. luhs! thn, went fajar find momma & auntie jenny. Gina twinnie say she can pei me go back zps, so, met her, thn, walk to the zhenghua pri gate 1. LOL. called mdm ong so many times, dint answer. mdm toh was on MC, miss neo also nve come. LOL. waited arnd 1/2 hr? LOL. mdm ong finally called, went to gate 3. zzz. Then, saw jasmine tan DUA CHIOBUH! lols. she's still so white >< . jealous ='( .

Then, went canteen, bought drink. zzz. green tea -> $1.10 . lols. YI sold @ $1.00 nia. hahs. thn, went staff room. Disturb mrs chong , miss neo , chen lao shi & all. xD . Talk talk with mdm ong, thn went to hall. hahs. zzz.


Okays, chinese dancers were doing warm ups, me & gina went to backstage & stuffs. Mdm ong thn got us two go help out . Then stupid gina twinnie, she got excuse , cuz she not frm chinese dance, thn mdm ong say if she go, thn scarly teach juniors wrong stuffs. thn i say i also forget, she wanna kik my butt ='( . Then, too bad. I go help out lo. THE wushu boys, sucks luhs! They're darn guailan ><

Firstly, i talk to them nicely, they dont appreciate. scolded & screamed @ them. Gina scold till sore throat =(

Then, got one boy, call alvin , knn. He talks without logic de cans? zzz.

alvin : " still needa do ah?"

qingling :" duh, if not u come here for what? "

alvin : " to learn "
qingling :" thn u everything dont want do, learn what shit? "

HE TALKS WITHOUT LOGIC DE SIA. IQ OR EQ LOW? Then, i scolded them like mad. KNN, do qian fan, will die issit? thn i super angry & pekchek, i ask them gather, thn , shouted them : "

eh, i let u all choose. I give u all 3 sec, if u all dont wanna do & practice, leave . Go to ur instructor & tell her tht u dont wanna learn anymore. Dont waste our time. You all dont wanna learn, leave, i dont even care . " .thn the alvin tot i just scolding him, he showed attitude, walked to the back of hall, sit down & cry. KNN. CRY BABY.

thn gina say " power luhs!" , thn i shouted " pls lor, i dont think im wrong " , thn, all the boys guai guai . zzz. HUMJI LARH. PPL NVE SHOUT & SCOLD THEM FIERCELY THEY GUAILAN. MAKE PPL ANGRY, THN GUAI GUAI BE DOG. zzz. Told mdm ong about it, on phone. Told her i wont wanna come & help anymore. WTH leh, find time help out, they dont even know how to appreciate it. then still make use of it. wth they want? knn. assholes. act cute. thn mdm ong kip telling me tht must kip going back more?!? thn i say see first. the wushu ppl so suck one. Just say, i ask mdm ong come, they guai guai , kenna dog liddat. zzz. then, no teachers @ there see, guailan like monkeys? DIAOS. act one. zzz. sad luhs ='(

took lrt to plaza , thn, bus 963 home :D. reach home arnd 6+ , bathed & online :D


ENGLISH -> paper 1 : 43/60

paper 2 : 38.5/50

Maths -> 52/80

Science -> 81.6/100

Chinese -> 63/100

History -> 90/100

Literature -> 39/50


tmr huijuan jie {3 going shandong. ROLFFS! I'LL MISS HER :D

May 15, 2008 || 2:15 PM


Okays. English with poorany. zzz. Had our english paper 1 & 2 back :D
Paper 1 : 23/30 for first part , 20/30 for 2nd part ='(
Paper 2 : 38.5/50 ><
OKays. Dint do very well eh? Had Art after that. Did the glass thingy. OKAYS, i finished it after school :D. Then, P.E. LOL. sian . did nothing, played badminton awhile ohs. Okays, quarreled with jocelyn awhile. LOL. She diao me, i diao back. zzz. I dont think i got much fault norhs! ><
Then, recess. Hmms, dint finish food ;D.
History nxt. Watching cartoon. zzz. Then, went for PAP. BUT, im in music de, so, 1.15 thn can leave =.=" . SO, went to art room finish up my glass thingy thoong thoong. Then, did till arnd 1.15 pm liddat. LOLs. then, went home :D
Tomorrow getting back bio, physics & chinese papers. ROFFS. scared sio ='(


just heard frm miss bonqq tht my chinese passed! ;D. MIRACLE AGAIN! xD

okays. Helped jocelynNnnnnn withh her bl0giie skin :D. Then, on phone with her , before tht, discussinqq ab0ut tmr's trip back to ZHENGHUA! with gina & kerencia! OMG! SO EXCITED ;DDDDDDD.

Now im just bloody worried ferr my biology paper. ='( . I just wanna a PASS . pretty please? ='( Momma stated alr, if i fail any subject, i'll get caned. ='( . T.T i dont want ohs! ><