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March 31, 2008 || 7:56 PM

im bored =(
Today leg so painful =[
Today was damn sleepy luhs =X . Went to school, feeling giddy and all tht T_T
Then, morning assembly, sian sian =.=. PW, HOHOS! NO NEED FIND MRS SOH! WEES~!. Thn lessons, skip skip =.=. History! MR TOH NEBER COME WOOHS! X=
Then, went to eat lunch, eat so little? auntie gave me abit of noodles, thn, dint finish X=. super no appetite =[ . Went to hall, kip laughing like sia0sia0 Oo. Then, went, dismissed arnd 2-3 ? thn, went to accompany vonnevonne tuhh find mdm zhang ! >,< childcare =".="." 4pm =".=".">
Then , did drawing & colouring & some games =D :

Then, went home =.=. HOHOS. SHIOK!. =D.
then, shit narhx.! tmr got the idiot literature. THEN I CANT FIND ONE STUPID AND BLAHS! WHERE TO FIND LONG SKIRT / LONG DRESS SIA? c'mon n0rhs! now is m0dern w0rld 0kays! =X. =.= . SUCK LAH. >,<

March 30, 2008 || 2:58 PM

Im feeling unwell n0w =(
Morning woke up , alr tired tired lia0s. thn after tuition with Lin la0shi , watched tv, thn suddenly feel giddy && wanna vomit =[
Went tuhh market had lunch, dint eat much, cuz just now super giddy luhs! =[
n0w abit bit bit hungry =X. `sian sian. tmr got scho0l lia0s =.= . WHOLE WEEK except for tuesday, the rest of the four days got HISTORY sia! sian diao =.= . =[
Then, do the social studies. SO SIAN DE LEHS! =[

March 29, 2008 || 2:26 PM

Morning w0ke up arnd 7 ?? =.= . Then, went out to west mall mrt station && met j0celyn (= . SHE SUPER LATE LAH =X. Then, took mrt to Jurong East mrt station, met up with yingjie && jeremy. Oo. Yj & jocelyn kip lo0king @ jeremy && dunno for what kip laughing sia =.- " Took bus 334 to the childcare centre again to finish up painting of dha chairs (= . On dha bus, super pekchek lahs =.= .

ALighted && walked to the childcare centre outside, met aloysius && zhixiang. Then, went into the childcare, paint the rest of the chairs :D.
Paint paint, my legs && hands all tio the paint sia =[ . Then, left abit more, thn we went into the childcare, play with one boy boy =D. kip asking him giv us hi-5s luhs! HE SUPER CUTE OKAYS!. Actually when we just started to paint, he alr standing @ the door there, lo0king at zhixiang le lorrhs.

Then, zhixiang finished scrubbing dha thingy, went into the childcare there play his psp. =.= . Then, THE LIL- BOY { who kip looking @ him } , went to find him luhs!. thn i ask the boy sit beside him. Yj kip asking him to touch his hand and all that. FUNNY LUHS! . then we ask dha boy to hit jeremy. HAHA xDxD.

Then its their lunchtime. The lil. boy super cute okays! He even request for ZHIXIANG TO FEED HIM . hahas! cute luhs! thn zhi xiang refused to. then the boy kip lo0king @ him. =[ . WALAO EH, ZHIXIANG! U BROKE THE LIL- BOY'S HEART SIA. >,< . Bad lah y0u! i felt so sad for dha lil- boy luhs. =[ . HMPHS >,<

Then dha boy kip changing his mind sia, while want jeremy, awhile want zhixiang. THEN , he says he want ALOYSIUS TO FEED HIM . xDD. cute luhs!. But then, the teacher feed him lo xD . Alousius painting the rest of the chairs alone =[ . sorry aloysius!

aww, he's so good 0kays. My super 'ah' && crappy taigong :D. &&
so sorry luhs! if u dint paint, your clothes wont tio the paint =[

HOHOS! EVERYTHING DONE!. then, carried the chairs back into the childcare.,


Left, walked to bus stop to take bus 98 to JEC, with Yingjie, Jocelyn && Jeremy. :D. Aloysius needa go for his bball training, zhixiang follow him back(: Took these shots :

Then, reached JEC, then, went to eat KFC. OMG ! we four were the most crazy de ppl le lorh! Laughing like crazy ppl =.= . everybody kip lo0king @ us =.=. Then, went to take neoprints. HAH. after taking, when we wanna do the decorations, yingjie needa leave, so, she left (= . Me, jeremy && jocelyn decorated them. WAS LAUGHING LIKE SIAO.!

Yingjie, we seriously need you! =.= . WE 3 all cannot cut straight && nice de lohs! then jeremy kip making me && jocelyn laugh! HOW TO CUT!?! =.=" . Thn, they were being so pervertic =.= . Then, took mrt back to bukit batok int, thn took bus 173 home :D .HOHOS.

especially al0y && zhixiang luhs! help us twice liao :D. Wasted ur saturday morning for this rubbish =X. ZHIXIANG, U DONT BE SO BAD LUHS! =.=. scary sia u =.=, && its REALLY scary l0rhs. >,< .

learn to take care urself lah! everytime never takecare, see! now vein swollen. 3 HOURS.! 5.30 pm horh! =.= . && not i wanna fierce with you, its, worried && concern for u thn will scold u de okays! see! im such a good friend horh =X.

&& jeremy!
shan dong ren , thanks also luhs, but then, U REALLY MAKE US LAUGH LIKE SIAOS lia0 n0rhs >,< !

March 28, 2008 || 3:20 PM


Morning went tuhh clementi sports stadium . ;D

Was told tuhh take over abigail's place, run the 4 x 100m relay. WTH! last minute derh sia. =.=". Then, hais, dulan, pekchek. got sc0lded when im not in dha wr0ng sia! =[

Then, went home with jeremy && his friends, walked tuhh dha clementi ,near MRT station there, to0k bus 106, alighted @ the school thr de bus st0p. WTH! >,< . Jeremy si beis "CUTE" de sia! >,<>

I whole person go siao siao de sia! =[ Then, waited for 963, chatting with jeremy n0rhs. Reached home, after a while, went to have lunch with jeremy. LOL =.= . super malu luhs X= , so many freaks looking at us? like idiots liddat =.=

Then, went home. HOHOS. BLOGGING NOW :D

Tomorrow ZhiXiang , Al0ysius && Jeremy joining us to help do the childcare rubbish. HOHOS :D. Thanks ferr willing tuhh help luhs ((= .


aloysius ; takecare urself lah, everytime got so many weird weird injuries =.=". Dont give urself more injuries lia0 uhhs! :D. Maybe we're meant to be loners, if u think so, but then, dont forget, loners are friend-less. You still have ur other good friends(: . CHEERUPS [:

March 27, 2008 || 3:36 PM

i guess, i received enough hurts..
i guess, i've cried enough..
i guess, i am really stressed up
i can no longer endure with it.

March 26, 2008 || 3:13 PM

Everything around me is changing. Friends , family and all that. Afterall, i found that actually im just fated to be a loner. =(
Aloysius; sometimes, i tried to cheer myself up, whenever i tried, there'll always be something to stop me for trying. I felt like giving up already...
I guess, i've changed. In the past, im someone who can endure everything, but now, i'd lose my patience.. .
I used to be able to cheer myself up?, but now ? . I guess most of you guys noticed,im much less hyper && lively already. Whenever i need someone to talk to, there aren't anyone whom i can turn to.. i'll have to bottle everything up ? =( . As more and more stress comes, i'll get pissed &&cry out. && history repeats again. I HATE MYSELF! >< . QINGLING'S SO USELESS LUHS! ABIT OF STRESS ALSO CANNOT ACCEPT. WTH IS THIS! >,<

Morning, in school, nth much =.= . ALOT OF WEIRD STUFFS! =[
Chinese class, almost tio the stupid triangle rubbish? lame =.= . Just say "laoshi, last chance lahs" , and all the crap, thn .. LOL =.=
Last peri0d- wed ritual. NTH ONE SIA =.= , do something , which i find it useless. =X.

March 25, 2008 || 3:08 PM

HOHOS. yesterday erm.. forget most of the thingy lia0s =X. went childcare centre! :D. the K2 kiddys, 6 of them, alr like monkeys =.= . I wonder nxt week when we go there, wad's gonna happen? =X.



SUPER SWAY =[ Mrs chiam dint come , so.. free period! was listening tuhh music && thn dha s0ccer c0ach c0me, i take out my earpiece, thn he kip suan me =.= .Then i say "like idiot liddat sia! ", thn he come kp0 again. IM NOT SAYING HIM LOR >,<>< .Then, went for lunch.. && POM! rain liao =.= . Then went home after a while. :D .

March 23, 2008 || 2:31 PM


Bought new pair 0f sko0lshoes (: . SIAN DIAO =.=
Whole person like, sian sian one.. got one weird feeling , which makes me dont feel like talking to0 much? =X. QINGLING SUPER WEIRD ONE LAHS >,< .
but im feeling very bored luhs T_T

March 22, 2008 || 3:09 PM

Morning woke up arnd 7? Thanks to jocelyn sms for MORNING CALL >< , so early sia!. Then tried to go back slp, no use. so, got myself wakeup. Bathe and blahblah. Arnd 8 liddat, went to take bus 173 to west mall. Then met up with aloy, zx , jocelyn && vonne vonne. Took mrt , thn alighted @ jurong mrt station, met up with yingjie. Then took bus 334 to the childcare centre. Started off with scrubing the thingy { zx && aloy did it xD } , thn we paint the chairs =.= . Everyone de hands && legs all tio sia =.=. I WORSE! MY HAIR KENNA T.T. , my precious hair. HENG AH, just now they u the dunno wad thingy, thn no more but still left abit nia =.= . Then , finish SOME of them alr, took a small break (=. The childcare ppl were nice(=. prepared some bee hoon && fried eggs for us. But then, i super dont feel like eating it =X. But , they alr made ferr us, so , ate abit (= . Then, went to the small small tidbit shop nearby, bought sweets && drink (= . Then, in the end, all like sian sian alr, so, dint continue doing . Left. =.=

{ the mess we made && the chairs we painted :D }
Took bus 98 to JEC (=. Then went to take neoprints while aloy && zx @ the arcade dunno do what =X. Then, when we decorating the pictures, aloy && zx
dunno frm where pop out outside the neoprint shop =XXXXX. =.= . Then, wanna go eat lunch de. But all the kopitiam && fastfo0d restaurants alot of ppl, thE dont have seats for we 6 ppl =[ . FINALLY, @ mac, found 5 seats de, jocelyn they all went to find one more chair. Then found le, aloy && zx suddenly say they leave first =.=". Then they left, we four sia0sia0 cont tuhh eat our lunchhie :D. then, went to take neoprint again. WA LAO! this time de so er xin! =[ . First time de nicer xD. Was about to leave , thn POM! rain! >,< . But we just went home.. duhh. Then took mrt , thn jocelyn took bus 173 with me (= . Then, reached home. bathe immediately , cuz i wanna wash away the paint on my hair! heng ar, lucky its n0t obvious && ABIT only. Then kip re-washing my hair =.= .

{my overall neoprints}

{still decorating them! when using the FIRST MACHINE ((= }
*/ ANYWAY, still needa thanks zhi xiang && al0ysius for willing tuhh c0me and help out luhs (=. THANKKKKKKIIEEEEES :DDDD. If next saturday, u all dont wanna come , thn dont bahs (= . Its okay derrrrhhs :D.

March 21, 2008 || 5:17 PM

Nowadays had been really mo0dless. Alot of thingys happened. I felt really very stressful luhs >,< , anyone mind lending me a listening ear?? =[ .
I wanna thank wenxin for lending me her listening ear :D these few days (: . Thanks ke ai. I really appreciate it (= .
Got a 2nd hp number {but its in prepaid card dherrs} , :D.
Then today, went to the cck there i think =X, the cemetry there, pay a visit? to my grandfather. LOLs. =.= . Then aunt was .. SO CRAPPY =.= . Went lot 1 awhile, thn went home. momma went to market to meet aunt , but i dint go, momma just came back not long ago, she bought me my lunch -.= . Dinner, i think going to market or wad =.=. SIAN =[ .
Tomorrow morning arnd 8+ needa leave home lerhhs. need tuhh go to the childcare again. =.= . PAINT THE LEGS OF THEIR CHAIRS {arnd 80-100+ chairs!} , thn time is so little cans! =[ , 9-9.30am we start, before 1.30pm must finish, if not continue next week =.=. Any0ne willing tuhh offer help ?? :D

*/ Im tired of having quarrels and all that. I tried to leave, but i still can't . Im soft-hearted, that's my character, its needs time to change. I wanna change too, im trying really hard, but, i'll always feel that im in the wr0ng, i'll feel guilty, even though when i know im not in the wr0ng. Someone help me pls? =[. I feel like dying .. does really hurting oneself helps to destress? Momma dont even believe me nowadays, dunno wad the helling thing happened to her. She even maligned me and say awful words. Its the first time she maligned me till like that. Yesterday when she scolding and said awful things to me, i really feel like running away from home or wadever? There aren't any basic trust in the first place! >,<
And now even i myself dont understand me. Im feeling so stressed up luhs! T.T . This week, just this week, i dont know how many times i'd cried? Hiding && being alone, and crying out? When its time for me to go bed, i'll hide in my blanket and cry till even tears also no more=X. Im bursting. Its really very stressful . Someone willing to talk to me? anyone willing to lend me your shoulder&& ur listening ear && comfort meeeee? =[ . IMSOSTRESSUP >< . Everyday got ppl die, i wonder if when will be my turn X=, but then , even if i die in the next second, i also wanna die happily! =X. I yearn for a 'tommorow' everyday , " a brand new day is a brand new start" , everything restarts! =) , but it seems to take a long time to end the day. Whenever i feel like crying, i always have tuhh cry in the night. =.= . Sometimes when talking on phone, i cant stand it, i'll cry out too. I can pretend that im alright, even i seem to dont mind. But has anyone ever think frm my angle and try to understand how im actually feeling right now?

March 20, 2008 || 4:21 PM

hahas , may all ur wishes c0me true && stay pweety always ,precious ah jiies! <33.>

&&/ still as mo0dless, but, thanks ppl, wh0 tried to c0mfort me, especially wenxin ke ai && vivian, thanks ferr everythingggg. ..

March 19, 2008 || 5:52 PM

One word to say - MOODLESS

March 18, 2008 || 2:37 PM

{gift frm wenxin :
Morning , went to school arnd 6.40 liddat ?X=. Reached skool and blah blah ~~ :D.
Had attire check today. =.=. sian sian! Mr le0ngg take damn long to finally check okays! E3 is the last class to seat =.=.
Mathematics for first period. SIAN =.=" . Wanna sleep siah! X=
Then, had english. so boring derhhs. dia0 =.='''
Then went ferhh biology =.= . dunno why, not interested. LOL.x= .
Then, went for recess. IM SUPER DUPEEE HUNGRY ): . bought 2 chickens, thn ate @ study c0rner. Zx came tuhh pass me the gift which WENXIN KEAI bought (: . THANKS KE AI :D. abit kiddy though, but.. I LOVE IT (: .
Then went for chinese. dunno why, see yin na face, i damn fedup =.= . Then went for litereature. every group took turns to pretend to start the acting. LOL. sian diao =.=". Then went to buy ice-cream.. YUM =X. thn went to market, tapao lunch. dint finish :D.
*/ im retarded, im idiotic, im sucky , im irritating, im extra, im everything!. Every thing i say, every single thing i did, to you is just an act-cute && idiotic and all that isn't it?
*/ i d0nt needa be l0ved. I dont even give a damn to it. Most of all, i dont wanna recieve any loves && concerns at all..

March 17, 2008 || 8:15 PM

LOL. today really super tired=.=.
Changed in timetable again. stupid. =.=
Maths for first period. so bored one =.="
Thn english next. MRS LEE IS SO NICE(: . haha. first lesson, we played" the thingy, we use 4 foolscaps, then each row use one. then after that, everyone took turns to write a sentence, make into a story. LOL. got one grp, wrote about nalloo && mas selamat. HAHA. so evil =X.
Recess next, hmms..nth much also? =.= . Chinese, SO SIAN =X. super angry luhs. I DONT WANNA GROUP WITH B.. , Y.. && DAREN! T.T. then super fed up luhs! =X .
History, DAREN TAN WENT FOR HIS RESERVICE LIAOS! WEETS! X=. Then at first we shuld have free period de n0rhs. then suddenly change tuhh got new laoshi - mr toh . He's quite fun also.. he teaching us SS. LOL. so bored. almost fell aslp =XXXXXX. xD . LESSON OVER! YAY! :D.
Went to vonne hse again.
*laughs laughs*
Jocelyn did something stupid X=. Then went to LOT 1 :D. ate the pepper lunch thingy again (: . then went walk walk awhile? hahs. Then took the mrt to jurong east de int. , then went to find bus go there. lol. took 333, and found out tt. we went the wrong direction. alighted @ the toh guan there, thn took bus 183 back to int, then took bus 334 to the childcare =.=". THEN!, when we alighted && crossing the road, the ppl called and say cannot go , cancelled. then we alr reach okays! then after that in the end we still went there. but dint play with the kiddys, we had a talked with mrs sim(: . Then asked thingys . Talked to arnd 6+ ? Then finally can leave =.=. took bus 98 :D. My every first time , when taking double level de bus, i sat @ the top . :D. THE FEELING SO COOL =X. was laughing @ the advertisement xDD . Then alighted @ jurong east int., thn took mrt to bukit batok int. , alot of ppl in the mrt =.=". Then , went to west mall derhh kfc withh jocelyn, she bought her dinner (: . Then, went tuhh take bus 173 . met JIAHUI. hahas.(: . Then when i got up the bus, j0celyn called me. She said bus 177 alr no more, hahas. Last bus @ 6. HAHA. X=. she then wanna take cab. , but to save $$ , she took bus 176. hah xDD. Then reached home arnd 7.10 pm . =.= . LATE =[ . haha. gonna do my bio thingy liaos. byes!

&/* ; i know im dumb and stupid. seriously, i would rather u just tell me that, rather to beat about the bush. i know that im retarded and all that. you just have to tell me. Even though i'll feel hurt, but im glad that you all will at least be truthful .

March 16, 2008 || 4:40 PM

Bleahs~xpp .
These few days kindda mo0dless =[ . Dont ask why. Morning had tuition )= . QINGLING TODAY FIRST TIME SO GUAI IN TUITION! DID ALL THE HOLIDAY HOMEWORKS IN TUITION X= . Then went to IMM find aunt, uncle && cousin. ate.. walk walk.. then saw the shop "samuel&kevin" , having clearence sale or whatever, then momma wanna buy some pants or what for korkor , then i saw got sell the backpack, then momma bought 1 for me . Cousin bought one too. (=
then cousin say she's feeling hungry, then went to STREET, (= . Me and cousin orders coke float (= . its NICE :DDDDD.

{ momma's coffee }
{My carrot cake} ,
Its nice (= . Thn when im waiting for my carrot cake, yingjie suddenly called me and told me something ridiculous =X.
yingjie : its the FACT (= . && the website you go is pian xiao hai zi one larh
xD . Then ate , then went home (= . Well, today nth much also. suddenly feel like.. wanna diam diam liaos =X. Again, Don't Ask.
Anyway, im done with today's update. tata~(=

March 15, 2008 || 9:55 PM

Im chatting with crappyA tai gong on msn messenger now. Due to my LAMENESS &&retarded mind,i made up stupid things.LOL.crappyA was laughing? i think he gonna die liao =X . cool down aloy! xDD '
Read it && tell me if its really funny okays!

✖ QingLingggg(: -- ; relink =D says:
how you know?
✖ QingLingggg(: -- ; relink =D says:
X = ???
aloysius ; ?????????????????????? ???????????????????? ???????????????????? says:
i kinapped them
✖ QingLingggg(: -- ; relink =D says:
Oo, kipnapping is a SERIOUS crime
✖ QingLingggg(: -- ; relink =D says:
aloysius ; ?????????????????????? ???????????????????? ???????????????????? says:
aiya , who cares
aloysius ; ?????????????????????? ???????????????????? ???????????????????? says:
aloysius ; ?????????????????????? ???????????????????? ???????????????????? says:
police come , i find qingling jiu ok le xD
✖ QingLingggg(: -- ; relink =D says:
* picks up dha phone &&dial 999 *
tu ...tu....tuuuuuuu........................"
QINGLING :" Hello! this is Qing Ling, calling frm msn messenger (LOL) , and i would i like to report that my friend is involved in a kipnapping thingy
POLICE :" issit?what's his/her name?where is he now? "
QINGLING : " ALOYSIU POA JUN HAO (= . and he's at home using the comp . He's finding scapegoats. "

aloysius ; ?????????????????????? ???????????????????? ???????????????????? says:
- -
aloysius ; ?????????????????????? ???????????????????? ???????????????????? says:
qingling ah qingling ! you are seriously making me laugh !
aloysius ; ?????????????????????? ???????????????????? ???????????????????? says:
✖ QingLingggg(: -- ; relink =D says:
POLICE: " OH MY GAWDDD! . do you have his address? "
QINGLING :" idk. erm..near west mall .aiya! u go search yourself "
POLICE :" Any idea? can help ask your friends? "
QINGLING :" My friends busy lah .. eh , at least i told you lor "
POLICE :" thn u dunno this and tht, how to help? "
QINGLING :" that's your problem alr. "
✖ QingLingggg(: -- ; relink =D says:
POLICE :" hey is this a prank call ? "
QINGLING :" issit?call can be prank one ar? O.O , i still dunno leyys "
POLICE :" its a serious crime to do such things. stop it "
QINGLING : " i am kuku serious. stop it ? stop what? how to stop? "
aloysius ; ?????????????????????? ???????????????????? ???????????????????? says:
- -
aloysius ; ?????????????????????? ???????????????????? ???????????????????? says:
aloysius ; ?????????????????????? ???????????????????? ???????????????????? says:
aloysius ; ?????????????????????? ???????????????????? ???????????????????? says:
✖ QingLingggg(: -- ; relink =D says:
POLICE:" try to get me all the details . "
QINGLING :" WAIT! STOP! checking and doing such stuffs, is done by police.not me! "
&& the police is S-P-E-E-C-H-L-E-S-S-
} to be continued...

&& just liddat! xD . issit really funny =.='" . This joke like,, abit cold =X crappyA tai gong is so evil! only post my part, thn all he say he nvr put. then i become the mad one, thn he became the victim =[ .hahas.anyways,tell me if its really funny okays! (=

|| 2:10 PM

Last night dint sleep well =[ . Kip waking up in the middle of the night. =.= .if im not wrong , the last time i woke up is 5+ ? Then woke up @ 10. cannot tahan, force myself wake up =.=". Then combing my hair, took some time X= . so ma fan! BLAHS! =[ . went to market. ate. Then me and cousin go walk walk slack slack,then called aunt where they are, thn ran to find them.. cuz we wanna buy SWEETS ! xD. Then my kuku cousin go and push dao me, BAMB! i fell )= .
knee so painful. BUT, no blo0d. =D Then dint buy sweets, we bought drinks. i drank :
and cousin drank:

hahas. xDD .

Tags replies:

STEFFIEEEEEE ; laogong! hahas. thanks for relinking (=

eunice ; what's the problem with that >.<
Kathie ; private blog ar?
DIAHH ; haha. okays. thanks sweetie
wenxin ; Oo ,thn dont scram lo xD. STAY!
aloy ; hais. so xin tong luhhs!
gina ; okays. thnks! (=

March 14, 2008 || 2:45 PM

Yesterday momma finally let me go have a haircut, trim it. (= . Then just now went to have hair cut. WA LAO EHHS =[ . My fringe is damn short! =[ . My hair also not nice =[. not thin enuf. blahs! && not really cut in layer de lor! =[
wa laoo0000000! SI BEI MOODLESS- uhs! >.< . T_T . i wan my fringe back X=
hais.. =[ . HEART DARN PAIN =[ . so xin tong! =[.
MOODLESS, dont wanna update much today.

March 13, 2008 || 12:31 PM

Sorry ppl, for needing to RELINK me again. Well, suddenly got the temptation to change url,sorry for the inconvenience if you update your bloggies once in a while..

Raining again. =[. SO SIANS one leyys. nowadays dunno for why the helling reason, kip raining one >,<
RAIN RAIN GO AWAY~! . =[ . Weather's so kuku cold =P . Sian sian, going to start to do my holiday assignments && homeworks =[ . dont feel like doing it. But, for the stupid sake of the marks && not staying back ! , do lo =X.
Biology anyone knows how to do do do ??? Especially on the acknowledgement thingy thing thingggggg. =[ . so difficult. okays, lets sum up the holidays homeworks :

English -- 2 editing worksheets
Maths -- the maths sums
Chinese -- Compo.
Bio -- the disease thingyyyyy
Literature -- the drama thingy,

anymore arh? i think no more lerhh bahhs =X.

Geraldine } while, if you insist. Actually i wanted to inform wanting about my previous link , goodbye--happiness , is alike to hers de n0rh, just that i kip on forgetting about it nia =X. I'll inform her asap (= . And i've changed my bloglink alr, but its not becuz of there areee ppl saying i copied or wadever , its just got a new temptation tuhh wanna changee it (=. If y0u wanna thinkk miie liddat, i cant d0 anythingg als0 rytes (= ... anyway, thnks ferr telling me that, if not i'll forget it again =( .

March 12, 2008 || 6:31 PM


{ 鬥牛要不要 posterrrr ;D. frm yv0nne }

Wenxin just sent me my picture. THANKS WENXIN ferrhh editing f0r me . (= . LOVESLOVES x33 ..
watching 鬥牛要不要 on youtube now xD . ;D , using daddy lapt0ppppp in my room, thn just recalled that yvonne once gave me the 鬥牛要不要 poster! xD . thanks v0nne v0nne <33>
today doing 2nd post liao. =.=". 2nd kor de frend came, playing mahjong and all that,... SO NOISY =.= . X= . sian larhhs! >,< .
someone talk to me =[ . someone chat with me =[ , someone entertain me =[, !

|| 4:15 PM

Eee! im so stressed- up =(
Nowadays mo0d like gone crazy =.= . Feel like making my heart DEAD -- X.X .
Then even how much stress i got, also no reaction one , no feelings. But each time wanna do it, always will wanna burst out =[ . I dont wanna have feelings ! =[. For my case, feelings i will get are stress && all the unhappy ones., might as well be feeling-less, i guess i'll be feeling so much better (= . Even sometimes when i wanna find someone talk to, also dont have dhee =[ . eeeeee~! >,< . hais, nvm. Just think positively and all will be fine, i guess X= .

March 11, 2008 || 5:16 PM

Qingling wanna die off =X. woke up arnd 9+ =X. then, watch tv and etc..
Arnd 11+ went to lot 1 with momma. Met jocelyn at lot 1 thn went to eat, (= . Thn went to take NEOPRINT . && stupid lehs. The machine so sucky! thn the 2nd machine SUCK! =X. kip sc0lding ppl "sii gkin na "one lehs! >< . Then, thanks to my itchy hand, havent decor yet, bu xiao xin go presS DONE =[ . cuz i tot its ERASE the thingg =[ . IM SO EMBARASSE =X . Then, we went to take MRT to west mall , thn took bus 106 to school . Did alot of maths prac. , can listen to music somemore de lehs! xDD . so malu! the JOEVENN NG kpo, dunno how he get see me && jocelyn de neoprints, thn he let ng wei ming they all see =.= . thn the stupid monkey kip making and gi siao us. guailan luhs =.= . feel like skinning him alive ! =X . dint finish the work, but nvm =X.
went home by bus 963 again (=.
tags replies:
kathie ; hahas. thnks (=
butterbutter ; eh, u darn GUAI cans! ask u change name, u really change =X.
Vivian ; hahas. ok, i'll try okays. thanks (=
tere ; hahas. yea =) . hope so

March 10, 2008 || 5:34 PM

*/ seriously, i only needs true friends, friends who takes things serious before they even bother to open their mouth !. Hypocrites isnt the type for me to be friends with you, I DONT DESERVE TO HAVE THIS "GOOD" LIFE .

Still sick.
Morning w0ke up arnd 8+ ? Went to school arnd 9.15 liddat. Then reached school, went for the lit, haiyo ! no comments =X. Went to the canteen with vonne . ate smth, thn saw wenxin, talk abit, thn waiting for yvonne finish doing the maths, went to maths slc for maths lesson =.- . ALOT LOT LOT LOT LOT LOT LOT of things to do! =[ . all i dunno lehhs~ =( . Walked in the rain, =[
Went home, ate. then watched " DOU NIU YAO BU YAO " xDD . Funny && touching && omg! anyways, ITS NICE~ (= . wahah xDD .

Tags Replies:

gina(: yea lorhs! xDD.

zoe hahas. yea! ur blog link ??

geokyong && jinyin hahas. linked =D

DESIREE Liar! xD . ur result so good de n0rhs. :P

♥ CHIANYIN ps narhs. xD . link-edd

aloy oO. not scary xD .

YINGJIE I dont wanna get sick de lehs =X

Ying Shan hahas. yours not bad also marrs xD .

March 09, 2008 || 1:49 PM

QingLing is darn ke lian =X
M0rning woke up, thn had maths tuition. TODAY IM GUAI OKAY! did alot of maths work =X . xD. Went to market, ate ABIT, went to find the stupid doctor again. new medicine, spray into the nose wan -.= . hais. Then went home alone. family went working again =[. nvm! im FREE TO DO WHATEVER AT HOME ;D
im so bored now =[.

March 08, 2008 || 4:25 PM

Morning woke up arnd 9.10 am ? Then feeling quite giddy =[ . throat so painful =[. Then went plaza with marmie. Called gina, met her , && go find mommie && aunty jenny xD . Then ate @ subway. me && gina go walk walk ourselves while momma and aunty jenny go shop shop themselves. Thn me and gina dunno walk around the plaza for dunno how many times. I WAN THE LOLLIPOP THE THINGY LEHS =X. went to comics connection see, biggest size of the soft toy type de lollipop is got one stick on it de.. nxt is the purse type =[. quite cheap.. but to me, still is exp =X. Nvm, i now wan concentrate on SAVE $$ first, thn i go buy one small small de =X. Thn i went to the library with gina, wanna go there slack de.. thn i go in, hp suddenly rang =X. then darn loud luhs! i ran out of the library immediately, thn is CRAPPY-A TAI GONG called me . He's home (= . talk talk awhile, thn momma come find us , thn me and gina go buy makan as gina needa buy food home ;D. Then went home by bus xD. Today quite fun luhs ;DDDD

Tags replies:

YINGJIE ; ILY too! <33
Vivian ; (: .
tricia ; nopes! ;D
DESIREE; yea =] . I wont forget eu dhees <33!
tere; where got? u ask me write smth, i sure tell u idk de. =X
DESIREE ; ahah. tikam tikam do lo =X
Ken ; you fa feng le marhs? havent thn cont lo! xD

March 07, 2008 || 5:47 PM

Got back report bo0k today =( . Did badly. For my overall marks T_T
English Language - A1
Chinese - A2 { 1 MORE MARK TO GET A1 LEHS T.T }
Mathematics - C6 =X
Science - A1
History - A1
Literature - A1
Home economics - A1
Art - B3

So far, hit my target =D. at least 5 As { A1 && A2 } && i got it ! wakaka~.
Hais, today spent my day quite lonely? but, nvm (: . Thanks vivi- for accompanying me && cheering me up <33. medicine ="[">< . Then then phone kip ringing, i kip getting shocks luhs! jump up sia! can you imagine it!??? hais. T_T.

Tags replies:

DESIREE ; yea.. but, its fun lehs! xDD
YINGJIE ; -.= " . hah. YINGJIE IS <3`ed>
gina(: ; AHAH. okays!
tricia ; okays (: . I'll relink u asap ;D
Vivian ; thnks vivi- , i've cheered up! (: . Oo, really marhs. why sad? but then his ankle okay le wad , xD . He wont care de lahs =X.

March 06, 2008 || 6:30 PM


Last lesson with NALLOO -.= . Then was feeling very sick. slept =X. Cant blame me, i was really sick luhs =[ . Mr Leong dint came -.= . Free period. LOLOL.msg with zx, wx lo. (: .
zx, U OWE ME 1 PKT OF SWEETS &&&&&&&&&&&& get ur stupid ankle recover soon (:

Then, recess. nth to do de =.-

{ my medicine && mineral water(: }

Then went for HOME ECON! <33
BAKE CUPCAKES((: . me && joevenn paired up. hahs! OF ALL THE PRACTICAL WORKS, this time we really SUCCEED ((: . At first i tot ours sure gone case.. but it turns out to be a go0d go0d go0d result! (:

{ Joevenn kuku hand! go point middle-finger. young kiddys, DONT LEARN! }
{bought 2 bottles of water, 1 empty, one dint finish =X }
Then! , dismissed again for not being in the PAP group ;D. Then, went to bus-stop, was on dha phone with zx (: . went to yvonne's house, put bags @ her house , thn went to west mall makan xD. Then, went back to vonne's house, took bags, left for MRT station && met jasra (: . Then , took MRT. hais, suan liao. no comments =X.

Then alighted @ CHINESE GARDEN de MRT station, thn walked to the childcare centre to start our MATAHARI project (= . We were supposed to take N2 && K2 kiddys, but in the end, changed in the plan.. FOR TODAY!, we taking K1s (: . At first, u see them, they like guai guai. when grouped them up, they sit down with u, they become monkeys sia! >< .

{ I DREW IT ! MR. MICKEY =X. erm.. i seem to ruin mickey's reputation! }

At first i tot inside is toys, but actually its...
CLOTHES! , for child's drama play -.=

i wore the stupid toy spec .. eee =X

Had a talk with them @ the last 5 minutes before they got dismissed && go home. Had alot of fun today. Quite tired =[ . but, its nice && fun lehs! xDD