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February 29, 2008 || 4:54 PM

Hahas. Morning woke up quite late, 6.20+ woke upp. CHIONG AR! . :D. korkor brought me to scho0L again (: . In school, hmms.. nth much before assembly. At assembly, nth also.. i guess. HAHA. :P .
First period was Music, those ppl in PAP got free period. I went for music lesson. Continued watch 'secret' again (: ITS NICEEEEE :D
English next.. SIAN! -.- . On messaging with gina && wen xin ke ai :D .
Chinese, hah. nth much. got back my chinese test paper. Passed && top ! with huijuan jiejie <33.>
RECESS.. nth.
Physics.. WU LIAO! =X
After school, went for home econ. hahs. at first me and joevenn FAILED . re-did. &&
Then was cooking happily luhhs. xDD. finished the rubbish, went to LSS, sian!
FUN!. Me , yingjie, trevor && sean was playing && laughing luhs. Played the game - truth or darE. HAH. trevor && sean kip tio xDD . Then had a briefing on the biotech fair & MY IDEA WAS TAKEN! ((: . YAY!! . =X. too hyperactive. =X .. well, thats me , (:

Then dismissed, went to canteen with yingjie, ate. Met aloy, hahs. talked a while , then walked to bus stop alone (: . Met mrs goh outside school. Had a very nice && wonderful chat with her (: . Hah. reached home, && now im BLOGGGIINNGGGGGG((:

*/ What will happen if one day i gave myself up on you?

February 28, 2008 || 5:42 PM


Qingling today 100% tired (: .

Morning korkor tried to scare me to wake up, but i dint (: . Korkor brought me to school.. talking abit. (: Thn reach school..


Chemistry for the first period. Alan wong nvr come (: . Free period. slacked =p

Then, biology. Did the experiment, got back test paper WEETS~. 19/20 (: . Zay nyein got full marks worrh :D . nvm, QINGLING JYJYJY!. Chinese, sian. Did comprehension, but, dint even bother to do =X . Recess, bought a pkt of milo.. DARN FULL. ): . Bought 2 hotdoggies also ;D . Darn full up luhs D: . English, was slacking for whole period. so kuku -.- . DISMISSED! As im not invole in PAP (: . Went west mall..but then accompanied yvonne go her house first. DARN NICE! (:

At yvonne's house de balcony took the view of west mall. cool eh? Then went down, walked to the playground and swimming po0l there.Got swing lehs! :D. dunno how many years dint played. Was playing it =X. hahas. so kiddy, but.. I DONT CARE ((: . Went to west mall, ate @ KFC. (: . Dint finish the chicken. But jocelyn ate one of mine (: . Then went window-shoppingggggg (: .

Then went back to school. Need to go for the CIP rubbish. SUCK luhhs. -.- . Darn tired, ran around the blocks && storeys just to give out the stupid flyers.

Then gave out flyers to 2 and 1/2 blocks, found out got mistake in it ): . Darn angry! At first superrr hyperactive.. then in the end.. SIAN! >< . Then went back to school, waited for jocelyn, they to0k darn long cans! >< . Then went home (: . TIRED SIA =[

February 27, 2008 || 2:11 PM

{ This is from ELINE! ;D. last year one of her bday present for me (: . Found it in my drawer. HAH. for lovers de :D }

HURHUR! ='[ . FAILED MY MATHS COMMON TEST! 1 1/2 marks more sia! =[ .So sadddddddd :( . Momma gonna get me killed. She alr. said lerhhs, if i fail maths again, i'll be dead X.X . Overall i still fail! =[ .


MOMMA'S BACK. she dint really "scolded"me . But i know, she wont be so go0d de. =X . im DESPO FOR 3 MORE MARKS! >< . Hope frm my assignments and all that can help me push up the marks? But i everytime do rubbish sia =[ . WAAA! QINGLING DARN UNLUCKY. hais , suan liao . Like wad yvonne always say :" in life u also will die, so might as well die now " HAH. Ke lian larrrrr =[ .
I guess my eyeball gonna fall out. TODAY yvonne , jocelyn && chinyen hit my eyes, AT THE SAME SPOT sia! SO SWAY cans!?! . P.E played the rugby thingy.. like in captainball style. FUN! :D. Me && yvonne was laughing like mad =X .

February 26, 2008 || 2:14 PM

&&*/ iim feeling so sad! =[. someone willing to be my listening ear && talkk + comfort meeeeee ? =[

So sad sia! >< . Morning went sko0l, got a BIGBIG SHOCK, twice , in fact.
6.12 am, korkor came back.. he woke me up by saying :"MEI! FASTER WAKE UP! 7+ LERRRHHH! ", he say till like im already late liao, then i jumped up! >< . Rained heavily today. Then i went skOol, foyer full of the weird weird creatures, then got alot alot of ants.. EWW! GROSS! =X .
TODAY'S ASSEMBLY IS 100% SUCKY! ><. where got such thing call"NO JACKETS! TO WEAR, STILL NEED GET PERMISSION FROM DM. ". Im a jacket-freak. First time in my wh0le life dint wear jacket for whole day even when im FREEZING. I'LL DIE YOU KNOW! =[ . No logic! unreasonable! >< .
Then had Home econ for first period. SIAN. =P . Maths nxt. Got common test .. hais.. no hope liao:(
Physics, mrs chiam dint came. so.. STUDY CORNER (: . Slack awhile nia n0rhh. =X . RECESS. sian sian! History. WAD THE HELL! SUPER SIAN LAHS! =X . English.. WORSE =X . ahah! =D
Yvonne now super kelian, dint bring keys, STUCK OUTSIDE HOME :D .
aloy; improve ur acting larrhhh =X

February 25, 2008 || 3:31 PM

PW become the speech thingy competition. Zay nyein was the winner. GRATS! :D.
Maths as first period. SIAN ! =[
Recess, hmms.. dint finish. 100% bored of the food ler =X
Literature! OMG! mr lee go scare me =[
Mr lee gave back our test papers. && he called my name "
Mr lee "qingling.... { he called for my name } "
I walked to the front..
Mr lee "Qingling, what is this { looks @ my paper =[ }
&&&&& saw my paper..
FULL MARKS! xDD. Scare me , but.. IM HAPPY THOUGH!
english.. SIAN! >< . CHINESE? OMG! GOT TEST! SUDDEN SIA. unfair! ><
went home. hahas. alot of things undone.. so.. im done here.. &&

February 24, 2008 || 1:55 PM

Have i done the wr0ng thing!?!?

I dont care lerr lahhs! Sound like my fault to patch back u guys >< . BLAHS!

Felt so weird, i can comfort others when they need, but why issit when the situation comes to me, i could only do nothing. i guess crappyA dint said wrong? Kip crying will go blind one day =X. I have told myself, be stronger, dont cry, but, when issit that i cant do it? I wanna wanna wanna stop these stupid lamee rubbish =[ . darn rubbish luhs =[.

Morning woke up, had tuition. SIAN ! =D. Chatted on the ph0ne withh crappyA, ((= . Ate lunch , sian! korkor refuse to wake up, thn he gonna get late ferr work, momma darn angry.. THN SHE VENT ANGER ON ME . ''W''ater ''T''he ''F''lower lahs! kuku sia. ><
Today gonna slack at home, i guess :D

February 23, 2008 || 5:20 PM

Its weekend again! <33
SIAN SIAN days come again =[ .
Was on conf. with jocelyn && zx in the m0rning. HAH.
went to market. skipskip.
Online, chat , blahblah.
SIAN SIAH! so tired =.="

eh, c'mon lar.. still use this trick -.-. pian bu dao wo luhs.. from start i guessed dao is u le && IM PRO ENUF TO SAY, i just went cbox. checked, and COMFIRMED that its you. wakaka~!IM SMART. lol.

February 22, 2008 || 6:32 PM

yesterday - 21/2 (=.
wakaka! Today only had one lesson - ENGLISH!. Then had free period all the way till 12.15 (= . Needa stay back for LSS =[ . sad sia =[ . al0ne. BLAHS!

Yingjie's TWIST -.-

TODAY - 22/2

no comments. shuld be a happy day. I DONT NEED HYPORCRITES AS FRIENDS . Im feeling unwell today =[ . guess its due to dint eat @ all =X

February 20, 2008 || 7:57 PM

Hmms, morning went to sko0L (= . Korkor kip rushing me =[ .
Then reached sko0L ,
English first period! ENGLISH COMPO. test. sian. NALLOO super crap cans? talk without logics =X .
it wrote
write a story{or wadever} on one the the topics below , shuld be around 250-300 words.
AND U KNOW WAD? Nalloo tot that the compo. cannot have more than 300 words.. less than 250 words. CRAP RYTES?
I did question 5. " do you think that being rich is important?why?". Wrote 378 words =X
Biology. hmms. dint get back bio test paper =[ .
Chinese next. CHINESE COMPO. TEST. Due to lack of time, i wrote rubbish =X .~
RECESS~. hais. dunno wad nicholas do, then whole class need to find adam =[ .
Seat outside adam's office, did the thingy.. on "how nicholas behaved in class"
, I was totally wanna write al0rtt al0rtt de cans? But think about it, i think better d0nt la. Like so evil liddat =X . Then i wrote in point form { 2 only xDD } . Left, dint really eat =[ . Hungryyyyyyy~!. Went for art next. SIAN =X. Found out hp. left 1 battery. Went for wed. ritual, my hp go off lerh =[ . Stayed back.. alone =[ . Helped out @ the lifescience workshop ;D. im good lehs LOL!.

*seriously, nowadays mood really gone crazy. I dunno why. I wanna know too. Its seems like everything is going against me. I feel that im a very detestable type. I dont know wad i want already. No mood to study, dint have much mo0d to talk. I wanna find someone to talk to, but ho can turn to?I find it really irritaing. Even now i really hate myself al0rtt al0rtt =[. Alortt alortt of friendshipp pr0blems, and al0rt al0rt of many many weird stuffs. If you guys really hate me alortt alortt, kindly dont do stuffs to show me that, you just simply can come to me and say "qingling, you're irritating and all that, let's break our friendship alrytes" and i'll scram off automatically. I wont disturb you all. && , dont wanna friends who just go for lo0ks alrytes? Its like, no one really understand me, and even wanna try to understand me without even asking me && just by guessing? im sorry. You guys dont know me. Eachtime i explained, there aren't any use., Issit becuz of being friends with me let you guys feel a big big disgrace? If it is, im sorry. Just break our friendshiip, becuz, i already know, this will happen sooner or later. Well, maybe this not just showed our bond of friendship is really very fragile,, it also showed that you guys made the right decision. I dont care even if the whole world ignore me. Ionly needs true friends && thats it.

|| 4:48 PM

Failed my maths. all careless mistakes! =[
wakao! marmie learnt about it && was scolding me till now.
say wad im no longer allowed to use my handphone @ home.
FINE THEN!. so when she's out && she called my hp. I DONT ANSWER!
She's freaking unreasonable can? dulan. In sko0L alr super unhappy. Then @ home, she was freaking noisy cans? nagging && scolding. As if her saliva alot alot alot! Wont used up de sia. -.- . Ask me go to sec 3 normal academic stream.. its like.. i dont just wanna drop to NA, i wanna go NT! DULAN SIA!. In EXPRESS STREAM, she will force me and all that. IM NOT A 100% GUAI GKIA ALRYTES! . SHE WAN THAT TYPE OF DAUGHTER, SORRY LOR.. IM NOT ALRYTES!. she wanna a 24 hours of study kid. stupid nerd person. im not . She wants a 100% guai gkia && doesnt mind to be a jailbird, sorry. NOT ME ALRYTES!. Always say i different from other people. C'mon lahs! WE ARE SAME ! WE ARE ALL HUMANS. !.

stranger ; you are?

February 19, 2008 || 6:26 PM


{credits to : HUIJUAN && QINGLING!} xDD

WAKAKA! Last night arnd 8+ went to fajarrrrrr <33>
Morning, korkor sent me to school. OMG cans? he dunno for wad.. everytime drive so fast.. then wan early early get me to scho0L. =[ . Morning assembly. O.O. SIANSIAN! =X . English as first period. slept =x. sian cans? Then Maths. Test?!? . 2 marks gone. =[ . P.E. stupid sia. >< . Jumped in the staircase, up and down. like idiots liddat. =x. Played captainball. laughed all the way =x. Recess. nth much ;D. Then, went for history. LOL. ex-link card say byebye to me =[ . Chinese next. Combined class with band 3 class. HAH. mdm zhang super dulan with my class. wakaka! .
After sko0l stayed back.. finished up work && got back ez-link card. left (= . Went to market buy makan . went home. ate.. but dint finished again =x. Talked on phone with zx.. then after that talked wih yingjie && jasra bout the stupid project >< . SIAN DIAO! art havent do =[. hais. nvm. BLAHHS!

February 18, 2008 || 5:08 PM

Today so sway =x . First period - Chemistry test =[ . Quite easy? . Next lesson was History =[ . siansian! history test. i lost arnd 7+ marks? =[ .
RECESS. hais. sad =[ .
English. sian diao. nalloo super act cans? Maths.. O.O . nth much =x . Chinese. wakaka! Jeremy sabo- me. me && huijuan jiejie took revenge! WAKAKA! . Fun siah =x .
After school, went to the childcare centre @ jurong. I 100% WANNA KILL THE TEACHER CANS??? . =[. Hais. then mrs soh dropped me , yingjie , vonne && jocelyn @ west mall. Went to mac.

Yvonne bought herself a macflurry && applepie. =D . Then zx and aloy they all came to join us ;D.
Then ate, went into west mall , went uncle tidbits ((: . Bought sweeeeeeettttttss! <33>
If you guys really thinks that im that sort of irritating, detestable and all sorts of thingy.. thn u can just come to me and tell me :" qingling, i hate you alot. i wanna break friendship with u ". I'll just scram off myself. i wont go and gi siao u guys de alrytes. There isnt any needs to do actions to give signs that im that sort of wadever lahs! >< .

February 17, 2008 || 7:05 PM

today had maths tuition with lin la0 shi again xD . Did the algebra or wadsoever u call that with the fractions ,or wadever lahs! =X Then starting the questions, all got the letter 'T' , then for other questions with letters 'A'and 'E' , i keep writing it as 'T'! ><. Thn lin lao shi kip saying me.. say i blur , && i like the letter 'T' alot , { i was pekchek okays! needa kip erasing =[ } , then say wad nxt time i got steady.. the guy's name must starts with letter 'T' , then omg sia.. she immediately took a piece of blank paper, give me names && surnames which starts with letter 'T', -.-" . dunno why wad 'Tan', 'Teo', 'Teng' and wadsoevers? Hais. she think too far liao. then say till so sarcastic cans? =[. Yingjie then called and reminded me that tmr got 2 tests =[ . HISTORY && CHEMISTRY! i gonna die off real so0n cans? hope tmr teacher nvr comes =x . Im so evil! wakaka ~ =X . Then just now reading chemistry.. fell aslp =x LOL. heng i woke up. LOL. chemistry.. erm.. shuld be counted as i finished reading up. At night, read through one more time ;D. Left that stupid subject HISTORY. I cant believe that i'll do so badly for my first history test okays! =[ . This time... i'll do worse. no needa say . =[ .waaa! sia0 lia0s. i wanna go die now cans? =/

al0y ; dont sad sad lar. ;D. cheerups (= . Dont think TOO much, al'rytes? Even if gotta think, think ABIT enuf =X . Dont stuff everythingys to urself uhhs. will BURST de =x. liddat : BOMB! . xDD. Okays lar.. enuf crapping. But bad for urself. (= . Cheerups crappyA!

February 16, 2008 || 7:01 PM

Morning dunno for wadever stupid reason, woke up @ 7+ =[ . Watched tv and all that. 11+ jocelyn msged me that she's on the bus.. went down, took bus.. late for maths class. =x . Mr Leong also didnt say anything. xD.maths class. sian sian sian! =x . Went to market. super irritated. momma kip calling me.. then bus nvr come.. wad to do? hais. Home (= .

XXL de lollipop. inside got chewiinggggggg gum xD

my drink, blank blank de.. milo is yingjie's && the last one is joce- 's ;D
@ the bus stop.. the directory thingy..

Jocelyn plucked it.. @ the fire drill thingy.. then was sitting on the grass.. she go plucked it. hais. jocelyn, rmb.. thr is such phrase in chinese :

February 15, 2008 || 5:41 PM

Today morning, korkor refused to bring me to sko0l! >.< . he late late reach home.. still dare to crap =[ . Then got daddy to bring me go. HENG! wasn't late ;D
The day starts with a show .. dunno from who.. then talk about total defence day O.O
Then went back tuhh classro0m, did the fabric. XDD. Then was 100% angry about smth. LOLOL! i got witness okays! >.<
Mr leong got us to settle down and pack out things. Then say wad fire drill thingoo. hahs. There , goes the fire drill alarm. whole class like.. super happy ? so excited liddat. LOL. Then blah blahs. xDD
Recess was 1 HOUR xDD
then physics. did the practical and all that. Look like magic siah =x
Went to canteen. ate. ;D . crap crap .. then was taking out hp. i think i was doing the sudoku. then after that got one tcher. come.. got me && yvonne give him our hp.! CONFISCATE! OMG! i als0 xia da0. alot of ppl tio confiscated. That stupid tcher still say wad if we wanna our hp back.. he throw the phones into the air.. let us catch . -.- . Then i was like OKOK?!? . LOLOL. who cares? Then in the end got back hp.. but needa write 150 words de compo . =[ . nvm! i also tikam tikam do.. wadever! xDD. as long as i got my phone back . xD .
&& zx, i saved you lehs! xDD . must repay me =x
Lifescience.. SUPER BORINGGGGG CANS?!? then i was trying to throw a small small de paper @ sean =x . hahs! first time.. he dunno sia =x . Second i time called his name.. he turned around && i threw at him lerhhs. XDD =x. Then me && vonne vonne finished our compo. went to the hall there find the dunno who. -.- . Then saw the badminton boys dunno doing wad =x . Then, looked downstairs.. cuz vonne- go down find the guy . Saw crappyA playing bball. hahs. Then vonne cannot find the guy.. mr leong suddenly pop out =x. Then me and vonne- gave the compo to him.. ask him pass to zx. O.O . xDD . Then, went back bio lab. HAIS! lesson was 100% boring cans? FINALLY! we got 15 min break. xD .
Then blahblah. did the dye thingy && I SUCCEED ;DD .
Went home.. took bus 963 again . wakaka ;D. alot of ppl . eww. i dont like =x
thats all for today.. i guess ;D
TATA~! <33

February 14, 2008 || 2:22 PM

Morning korkor drove me tuhh sko0L. he super weird luhs. -.- . Rush me go downstairs as he waiting in the car for me.. then i rushed down.. he's still eating the stupid orange -.- . Then morning assembly super sian sian sian! >.< . so many briefing. LOLOL. Then, went for chem. got a quiz ! OMGOMGOMG! quite difficult for me =x. Biology.. had a test. At first i tot its gonna be 100% difficult cans? Then in the end.. quite easy ;D
Chinese. did composition ;D . Huijuan sister! thanks ferr the small bearbear. its cute xDD
Recess.. sian sian ! hais. Then went for english. mr adam came in and blah blahs~ . -.-"
Then after that stayed back a while ;D. LOLOL.. back home &&&&&& POSTTTTT~!

February 13, 2008 || 6:39 PM

Nowadays dunno why. Mood-less =x . Got so many weird weird stuffs going on, alot of class tests and all that. =[ . Gonna go siao lerhs =x
QINGLING && ALOY , Q && A , Question && Answers for CRAPPIIES! we're the BIGBIG CRAPPERS =X.
Morning went tuhh sko0l , sian sian sian. Darren tan dint came.. therefore.. NO HISTORY TEST! xDD
P.E got one malay lao shi takeover. SIAN DIAO! DO NAPFA SHUTTLE RUN!. almost fell down=x. 12.08 sec. T.T . i wanna redo siah! the cher @ first say okay.. then suddenly cannot! bite him uhhs! =x
=[ =[ =[
hais. dunno why.. nowadays super UNHAPPY! >.<

al0y ; wenxin ; zx : thanks ferr trying to cheer me up ;D . But i guess after a while will be better ? ;D

Tags replies ;
ALOY ; okays lar.. my CRAPPY FREN ;D
melissa ; SA NGEIN! xDD . idk lehs. see the ppl lo =x
jocelyn ; SNO0PIIIEEEE

February 11, 2008 || 5:46 PM

MOOD TODAY STARTS GREAT . BUT.. hais.. end up with.. MOOD-LESS =[ .
cried. LOL. there goes SIAO SIAO qingling again =x

replying tags only.. dont feel like blogging =x

Jasmine ; xD . got ur BIG BIG FACE WORHHS xP
zx ; you mad i also havent mad uhhs!
miuting[: ; okays ;D
emily ; OMG. ! u see wr0ng lerhh lahh
Jaslin ; fine ;D. you ?Okays ;D . i'll tagg you back ;D
eunice ; HAPPY NEW YEAR~! <33
tricia ; ;D jiie~ <33

February 10, 2008 || 8:45 PM


But still, needa thank
aloy && zx for trying to cheer me up ^^

Crapping with aloy. XD . he superrrrr funny luhs :
[c=38][c=#FF0080]- aloysius ;[/c] i miss sexy zanria ! Sexy , Ingat Ka [/c] says:
who is wel ?
[c=38][c=#FF0080]- aloysius ;[/c] i miss sexy zanria ! Sexy , Ingat Ka [/c] says:
why you ask wel , come ?
✖ Kindly ignore me awhile , 100% no mood , 100% dont wanna talk says:
wel is welcome
✖ Kindly ignore me awhile , 100% no mood , 100% dont wanna talk says:
got mehs?
[c=38][c=#FF0080]- aloysius ;[/c] i miss sexy zanria ! Sexy , Ingat Ka [/c] says:
✖ Kindly ignore me awhile , 100% no mood , 100% dont wanna talk says:
no lah
[c=38][c=#FF0080]- aloysius ;[/c] i miss sexy zanria ! Sexy , Ingat Ka [/c] says:
you say welcome
✖ Kindly ignore me awhile , 100% no mood , 100% dont wanna talk says:
i ask
✖ Kindly ignore me awhile , 100% no mood , 100% dont wanna talk says:
come , wel
✖ Kindly ignore me awhile , 100% no mood , 100% dont wanna talk says:
[c=38][c=#FF0080]- aloysius ;[/c] i miss sexy zanria ! Sexy , Ingat Ka [/c] says:
[c=38][c=#FF0080]- aloysius ;[/c] i miss sexy zanria ! Sexy , Ingat Ka [/c] says:
crap again
[c=38][c=#FF0080]- aloysius ;[/c] i miss sexy zanria ! Sexy , Ingat Ka [/c] says:
rubbish sio u !
✖ Kindly ignore me awhile , 100% no mood , 100% dont wanna talk says:
hahs. cuz u crap mahs
✖ Kindly ignore me awhile , 100% no mood , 100% dont wanna talk says:
then i crap along lo
✖ Kindly ignore me awhile , 100% no mood , 100% dont wanna talk says:
[c=38][c=#FF0080]- aloysius ;[/c] i miss sexy zanria ! Sexy , Ingat Ka [/c] says:
along ?[c=38][c=#FF0080]- aloysius ;[/c] i miss sexy zanria ! Sexy , Ingat Ka [/c] says:
how long ?
✖ Kindly ignore me awhile , 100% no mood , 100% dont wanna talk says:
very long
[c=38][c=#FF0080]- aloysius ;[/c] i miss sexy zanria ! Sexy , Ingat Ka [/c] says:
then crap starts ![c=38][c=#FF0080]- aloysius ;[/c] i miss sexy zanria ! Sexy , Ingat Ka [/c] says:
how long ?
[c=38][c=#FF0080]- aloysius ;[/c] i miss sexy zanria ! Sexy , Ingat Ka [/c] says:10metres ?
✖ Kindly ignore me awhile , 100% no mood , 100% dont wanna talk says:
cannot be estimated lahs
[c=38][c=#FF0080]- aloysius ;[/c] i miss sexy zanria ! Sexy , Ingat Ka [/c] says:
then go measure
✖ Kindly ignore me awhile , 100% no mood , 100% dont wanna talk says:
measure ? use wad?
[c=38][c=#FF0080]- aloysius ;[/c] i miss sexy zanria ! Sexy , Ingat Ka [/c] says:
weighting machine xD
[c=38][c=#FF0080]- aloysius ;[/c] i miss sexy zanria ! Sexy , Ingat Ka [/c] says:
measuring weight x=
✖ Kindly ignore me awhile , 100% no mood , 100% dont wanna talk says:
weighing machine is to measure weight
✖ Kindly ignore me awhile , 100% no mood , 100% dont wanna talk says:
[c=38][c=#FF0080]- aloysius ;[/c] i miss sexy zanria ! Sexy , Ingat Ka [/c] says:
you use the scale ,
[c=38][c=#FF0080]- aloysius ;[/c] i miss sexy zanria ! Sexy , Ingat Ka [/c] says:
10 kg is 10 cm
[c=38][c=#FF0080]- aloysius ;[/c] i miss sexy zanria ! Sexy , Ingat Ka [/c] says:
✖ Kindly ignore me awhile , 100% no mood , 100% dont wanna talk says:
u might as well say pluck out the scale.. then measure the length
[c=38][c=#FF0080]- aloysius ;[/c] i miss sexy zanria ! Sexy , Ingat Ka [/c] says:
also can !
[c=38][c=#FF0080]- aloysius ;[/c] i miss sexy zanria ! Sexy , Ingat Ka [/c] says:
x)[c=38][c=#FF0080]- aloysius ;[/c] i miss sexy zanria ! Sexy , Ingat Ka [/c] says:
qingling is crapy lor !
✖ Kindly ignore me awhile , 100% no mood , 100% dont wanna talk says:

&& we're crapping. LOL xD

February 09, 2008 || 6:36 PM

Third day of CNY was superrrrrr boring =x
Morning woke up at 8+ ;D .
Then was watching tv..etc
Then went to market && blahblahh~
Momma fren came. SIAN DIAO =x.
Then was on phone withh zx, then jocelyn called O.O
was talking && laughing lo. xD
Later korkor they all de frens coming to bai nian. haix. sian diao =x.
Dunno panda , yangmehmeh they all got c0me marhhs.

current mode ; SIAN SIAN SIAN! >.<

February 08, 2008 || 6:52 PM

OMG! i just found out that i forgot to post smth =x

`Pass alL exams
`Smile everyday ;D
{ cannot think liao =x }

i wan i wan i wanna get those wishes ;D . NOT forgetting my wishlist items too =x ;D .

|| 6:15 PM

WEETS!. hmms, woke up at 8+ . early worh xD . watching tv && nth to do =[ . Then was watching d0raemon , zx suddenly called. O.O . Chatted. Irene auntie and her family came after that. They bought loads of food can? KFC , CHICKEN RICE and DUMPLINGGGGGG SOUPPPPP! <33>
OMG. this pic suck alot =[
My hair is messy =[
Auntie irene de d0gg
Flora dunno d0ing wad O.O" TONGUE OUT xD weird =x
Flora lo0king 0ut. kpo. =x
Auntie irene derhh d0ggiie xD

IN THE END.. flora fell aslp in marmie's arm. too tired lerh =.= .

February 07, 2008 || 9:30 PM

Today woke up arnd 11+ =x . Not everyone wake up. First person i saw is eldest korkor. He wake up so early =x. Then around 1 , went to aunt house. 2nd kor dint go as he needa go work..haix.. po0r thing =x. Go aunt house.. brought flora al0ng ;D . Flora super agitated.xD . went aunt house.. hahs. to0k pictures and all that.
I drank ANYTHING && i got PEPSI ;D
Erm.. flora ?

Me && daddy ;D

After that.. went to find yanjie { aunt de neighbour } , hahs. was playing with yanjie de hamster. At first so scary luhs.. but.. ITS CUTE ;D .

Went back to aunt house. Had lunch ;D .
At cousin ro0m. to0k this pic. ;D
My hand! ;D pink ; purple ; pink ; purple de nail polish. ;D

Cousin then said she wanna go downstairs de playground.. near there.. play the bball =.= . hahs! fun ;D

Waiting for the lift ;D
We are throwing the bball into this thingy.. got three holes for dha ball to drop out ;D .

Then cousin said wanna compete see who can shoot 10 balls inside first wins ;D



Then played in the playground. =x . okays. lame.. && childish..but so what? xD . Went back to cousin house.. played the comp. && my elder cousin sis helped me put her nail polish. && decor it ;D . I washed away the pink && purple one .. and she helped me to decor my nails ;D

NICE lehs =x. Hahs. then blah blahs.. then just went to MAC. for dinner. dint finish.. to0 fulL up =x . ate too much tidbits && SWEETs i guess LOL. Okays.. done for the pics && all that. Tomorrow got m0re de worhh. ;D .


February 06, 2008 || 12:22 PM

Tags replies:

YINGJIE ; . relink-edd
Vivian ; ily to0:D
DESIREE ; chiobuH!
eunice ; where got?
Jiahui ; hahas. nice tuhh see eur BIGBIG tag also! imiss jiajia!
Vernice ; Hellos junior! thnks for the tag! :D

CROSS-COUNTRY! eww! . Morning chiong down to take bus. went sko0l and

=====================================skipskip= ======================================

went for cr0ss-country. before that got gastric pain sia! OMG?!? . Then run .. OMG. halfway { when running across me house } , omg..felt superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr giddy =[ . Then i cannot tahan.. stopped =x . OMG LAHS!. LOL. all the while was slow jog .. like im walking instead of running cans? but dunno why also. finished.. reached sko0L, sian! LOLOL. mr leong got us go to the sci ro0m for a small party. Late for meeting kelvin =[ . but .. called mdm ong && she said that everyone in zps left lerhh =[ . AWWW! SAD LAHS! home!! ;D . sian.. after cny ,, all the stupid tests comes =[ . but anyway.....


February 05, 2008 || 5:44 PM

{ huijuan jiejie && ME! }
{ME; HuiJuan ; Yin la0shi!}
Morning 2nd kor brought me tuhh sko0L . -.- . He was crapping alot.. buey tahan -.-" . BLAHBLAH!. Chinese.. haix. xD . Huijuan jie sabo-ed me.. ask me stay back with her help yin na do the thingy.. @ Y.O hub.. sian diao. We both were siao char bor-s! ;D. me && jie was in charge of the weird weird game. Then aloysius they all came . OMG? hah! used the stamp && kip stamping al0ysius de hand ;D . purple tiggerr! XD . Huijuan jie worst. She go stamp on weiming de face. LOL! Then walked to bus stop with zx n0rhh..
&& omg omg omg! lols. tmr meeting kelvin tuhh go back zps xDD