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January 31, 2008 || 1:59 PM

Morning got daddy bring me to scho0l. Quite early =[
Then, wasted half an hour on the briefing on the cr0ss-country. sian!. almost fell asleep .
super boring de cans? Then, went for chemistry.. lol. MR ALAN WONG SUPER BO LIAO. his lesson very "INTERESTING" de cans? almost sleep also. keep crapping that his st0ries very interesting etc. But he quite funny luhs. LOLOL. Biology, nth much i guess. Chinese.. sian diao. LOL. i tot today got test.. yin na suddenly say bo . darn it. changed to monday =[ . Laughed like mad today. LOL. Recess, didnt really eat much. no appetite.WAA. i guess i gonna go crazy liao. lolol. nowadays dint eat much lehs. lols. can go die lerh =x . Then, english. lol. sian diao. stupid nalloo. got those who nve finish hw.. cont. doing.. the rest sit there slack for whole period, the boys hadda cont. their speech LOLOL. Weird. everyday sure got ppl gi siao nalloo de xDxD. Went home after that.. cuz not in the PAP group :D. sian diao.. LOL. so b0red luhhs! >.<
sian.. think of tmr got health screening O.O". 99% quite sure that i needa have my specs. changed again. LOL. every year liddat. EXCEPT FOR LAST YEAR! xD. && siah lahs! lols. nowadays can wanna fall aslp during lessons && its NOT because of nve have enuf rest. its the teachers' lesson TOO "INTERESTING" le. =x .

January 30, 2008 || 7:38 PM

Just to0k it! the fish tank. momma just did it up. so ugly =x. LOL. hahs. Just to update pictures.
My dinner. O.O. disgusted. LOL. but stilL nve finish up LOLOL


|| 4:39 PM

O.O. Morning, sian diao.. nth much.
--skips! --
First lesson , maths. Mr leongggg dint come ... so CANTEEN time! At canteen arent great at all. Tio sabo-ed . LOL. that dunno wad female la0shi kip scolding me for screaming,but its thanks to my gi -gi sia0 sia0 friends did to me. Wenxin weird luhhs. I got no comments =x
Then, art. sian sian sian! SUPER boring de lahs! . Then i went for P.E . Si j0evenn, sabo-ed me by getting mr darren tan to put my name on the list for the top 5 gurls to run in cross-country T_T. dunno to laugh or cry. I cant run long distances well =[ . Then, recess. dint eat much. I super unwell after running two rounds && sprinting somemore okays. O.O. i dunno how long nve sprint for long distances le. =x . Then, history next. oh my tians. me , yingjie , vonne && joce- all gonna slp liao lo.. jocelyn can even slp off =[ . Then, when gonna be dismissed, darren tan go push the carboard, && my head was leaning on it okay! then BANG!, my head tio knocked. && darren tan still can ask me " are you still alive ??? ". OMG lahs! Then, went to buy takeaway. LOL. walked all the way to keming pri. skool there to take bus again =[ . Leg pain + whether so hot = eww! . lol. Sians. Then, reached home , sian diao. ate lunch, then packing my things in my ro0m, super messy =x. Muahahs xD. Today, no difference, dint eat much also =[ . Whats the freaking matter with me nowadays? roarr~. .

Tags replies:
yuexi ; thanks for tagging =]
YINGJIE ; yup. okaiies :D
Benjamin ; O.O. okaiies. thnks :D
JASON ; yaya.. i like.. cannot ar? stupid luhhs. Talk back. lols. follow lil-mouse luhh u.. nvr die b4. LOL. BLAHHS!
*^_^* ; Hahs. Hello ms teh :D. Okays. sure ;D
Vernice ; hahas. okaiies.

January 29, 2008 || 4:08 PM

Today, went skool by bus.
--skip skip --
Then, first period, HOME ECONS. sian diao.Joevenn kip gi siao >< . Then, when gonna leave, weiming's key drop into the dustbin O.O . hahs. Then, wen xin came into the classroom=.=". call me.. waved that shouted some craps O.o". Then, maths nxt. sian diao. almost fell aslp. When i almost fell aslp, jocelyn sure will call me de =.= . Then, yvonne better still , fell aslp totally luhhs xD . Then physics. Sian! brought the wrong exercise bo0k , hadda write 30 lines. O.O . alot of ppl hadda write too.. LOL. all nve bring xD . Recess.. nth much. dint eat alot much. today also weird. nowadays i like go siao liao.. eat very little. O.O. History.. omg? so b0ring.. almost fell aslp. darren tan like talking to himself cans?
Then, english. O.O . really gonna slp luhhs! nalloo got the class do one page with 10 questions de grammar exercise for whole lesson && she let others do the speech. so sian! Then, by ryte is after scho0l .. but whole class needa go for detention thanks to our fren , BRIAN. >< . Then, mr lee even marked attendance. But from 1 hr 30 min, he deducted until detention for 20 mins xDxD. Then, was bored.. played tic-tac-toe with yvonne. i won won won! xD. Then, went out skool de kopitiam for lunch. nve eat much. Yvonne finished up for me =x. Then, went back skool. Met priya.. then, met remya.. went into bio lab.. funny luhhs. priya used the long long ruler chased jocelyn hahs! then discussed the thingoos. DONE!and went home :D. xD.

January 28, 2008 || 5:04 PM

Today morning woke up abit late xD . Daddy to0k miie tuhh skool :D. PW , sian diao.. mrs soh like.. only know how to crap.. yuck! cannot stand her luhhs. eww><.
Went for literature.. something happened && whole class innocent lehhs.. the all must go for stupid detention >< . 1HR 30 MIN. ohmyg0dd luhhs. >.< . I dont wanna detentions! hurhur. T_T.
Went for recess, dint ate much today. Dont know why luhhs... no appetite =[ . Ate less than half O.O . Home economics nxt.. O.O . sian =.=" . Joevenn kip disturb me O.O". Then, 3E2 i guess, got their recess, suddenly ____ , look into dha window asked who is qingling && i bent down my head, lols. stupid weiming && that twinnie yingjie go point @ me.. RARR! . Then whole class saying me agains =[ . T_T . why my life so ke lian de? so many weird weird rumours. RARR! . Then, english lesson. Funny luhhs Had english test.O.O". sian. Almost fell aslp while reading the passage =x . suddenly got assembly.. sian. OMG ! the sec 1s darn daring luhhs. Mr adam got them stand and sit dunno how many times.. they kip shouting & all that. Pro luhhs! xD. Went home , stress-ed! so many thingys undone =[

January 27, 2008 || 4:21 PM

Eww! i look sucky. =.=". Last evening, me and momma took bus 173 to west mall for dinner. Saw shaun lau ! O.O . he dint see me at first. Then he saw me.. he msg-ed me. O.O . telling me craps. LOLOL. Morning, woke up, no breakfast?!? . Had maths tuition again. Had been crapping && doing homeworks muahah xD. Then, took bus 963 to market with momma, met aunt, uncle and my two cousin sisters again :D. Ate @ blk 283.. O.O. So sian de lar.. almost everyday go market eat >< . Then went walk walk , bought myself a mini pouch or smth, to put my handphone in. Actually i saw many cuter ones, but my N73 too fat or big, then cannot dint buy =[ . regrets luhhs! Then took bus 963 home again. Did my english h0mework && here am i , blogging :D .okays. That's all :D

January 26, 2008 || 3:29 PM


Since yesterday, i've been asking around people this question :
What do you think you're lack of in your life. Or wad thingy would you hope that you have ? Something to be able to help help helps people.
But unfortunately, everybody tell me , i dunno ><
Morning, went to market, ate fishball noodles :D. yummy~.
Went walk walk in the flea thingy =.= . went home after that.
was talking on the phone with jocelyn.. and its sooooo boring lahs! O.O
I hate weekends , so does in weekdays cuz i have to go see stupid tchers .
Had been trying to find another blogskin , but cannot find any which suits me D:
s0b. Had been trying to get some inspirations.. but cannot lehs yuck.
just went friendstering about.. && found out that the pictures me , steffie laogong & gina twinnie took in my house was still in twinnie de frenster. yuck. && i suck luhhs ><. {CHINESE DANCERS} {DARE DANCERS}

Just went to youtube again. watched the video of my ex-pri skool chinese dancers performing @ bugis junction last year. I went along.. and my juniors really done great! hahas. Recalling that on that day.. me , songning meiis , xenia && weeli were soo zilian cans? kip taking many many pictures xD . I miss primary skool! . CNY anyone going back??? . I wanna go back for just the stupid && lame reason of FUN :D. Go back kak-chiao0 teachers && juniors.xDxD. The videos were uploaded by weeli xD . I missed the days we go crazy luhhs xD . Not like in secondary.. not all teachers even bother bout u.. && somemore.. only know how to biase ><>

January 25, 2008 || 9:39 PM

Nowadays dont even have that much mood to blogg, even when there are things to say about. Feeling that my life's screwed-- by so many thingys >< . Havent summ-ed up all my subject teachers uhhs?

English ; ms nalloo {YUCK!}

Mathematics ; mr leong

Chemistry; Mr alan wong

Biology ; ms lim :D

Physics ; mrs chiam/ms poh

Home econ ; dunno her name =x

Chinese ; Ms/Mdm yin na

History ; Mr darren tan { >.< }

P.E ; Mr darren tan ^ {>.<}

Art ; Mrs zaki :)

Music ; Mr seah {O.O}

Nowadays so many homework . Maths got most. History very rushy , Life science,, ROARRR.. pekchek lahs. i dont wanna do le lahs! So stress lahs. Its like..i got alot problems.. kept in my deep deep heart.. refusing to say out.. and think of it.. i wanna cry lerhs ><. Maths test did badly, history also no hope lerhs. So many tests , so many stress , so many projects. Feel like dying. People always say that mommas are dha best person u can rely on. lols. Oh c'mon , real mehs? =.=" . Friends, haix.. nth much to comment on. Lost with words.. dont know wad to say luhhs. stupid rumours~ , stupid comments like blah blahs~. =.= . I find that its kindda unfair lor.. if you guys are reading.. i dont wanna pick up a quarrel al'rite. spread with all you want , but kindly dont call me a flirt or playgurl luhs.. its like.. you all started it , then why giv me such bitchy names? Its like.. so insulting cans? as if im a BITCH lorhs. stupid rumours u wanna spread.. go do these childish acts, but .. CALLING ME THOSE BITCHY NAMES LIKE wadever shits, i cant take it de al'rite. My patience are limited de al'right. After holidays, i find that i dont have much mood to study. Had been feeling tired everyday.. dark eye rings

{&& i call them panda eyes } , all come out le.. ee.. >< . Changed this URL simply just wanna bid farewell to my dearest smiLes :D. so.. hmms.. end of my rubbish . :D

|| 3:28 PM

I dont know wad im unhappy about..
The leaders are kind,helpful and great,
but i dont know why i felt a big big stress.. just like a.. big big stone lying on me
Issit becuz in my deep deep heart, im biased with the person im grouped with ?
or issit becuz of the tcher who might help in my group?
Maybe when time goes by, i might change my view of them,
and i know.. im still new to this project.. and i know that time can change everything.. including my views..
but why why why ? What am i still unhappy about?
What am i still upset about?
I felt like.. so stress and dont even wanna bother about this project.
It needs time to adapt.. >< .
I guess.. after sometime , i would be okay? O.O

January 24, 2008 || 5:45 PM

Changed URL && changed back to my previous blogskin!

January 21, 2008 || 2:32 PM

WEETS! . Nowadays skool SUCK ><. Got so many last minute tests ><. Today had mathematics test && its difficult lahs >< . Tomorow duno got history mahhs , tomorrow havinqq home ec0n0miics test .. ee =.=" . anyways.. might not be able tuhh come blogging for few days. miss me uhhs readers! LOL!

January 19, 2008 || 7:13 PM

Today nth much to say :D.
Monday having maths test ><
YINGJIE: ehhs.. pls lahs. u dont so dog cans? i told u DONT BE DOG . nve say u dog mahs =x. u degraded? hahs.
andre : hellos! (:
DESIREE: hahas. There isn't any needs lahs.
Baoru: hellos! thnkx forhh tagging!

January 18, 2008 || 5:59 PM

Hellos!. Morning went skool, then wanted to take bus 963 , then , smth happened, gt daddy to bring me to skool :D. Went skool , found out that needa do a compo {50-words} && i dunno =x. chiong last minute. Chinese for first period. Dint bring dictionary. Then, used lao shi dhees =D. finished my compo. && went to meet yvonne && joce && yingjie. With yvonne , together waiting for yingjie & joce- de class to end, i was helping yvonne with her work then suddenly that STUPID LI YAN BING DRANK HIS FREAKING WATER INTO HIS MOUTH, THEN SPIT OUT ON MY HAIR AND HANDS. FREAKED OUT SIAH! THEN DARN ANGRY. KIP APOLOGISING FOR WAD? IF U WANNA APOLOGISE THEN WAD THE SHITTY HELL SPIT ON ME? U BLOODY ASSHOLE. I SHOULDNT HAD HELPED U ASSHOLE. cried, then, iie went forhhs biology :D. Then, chemistry.. really funny lahx xoxo. Then, went for recess, after skool lerhx. Accompanied joce- to take bus , then me , vonne, YJ- went back skool. Took bus 106 to dunno where.. then .. took cab. go to S.P {singapore poly } for he lecturee thingy.. then makan , went home :D


January 17, 2008 || 2:53 PM

Today went skool, took bus 963 && darn squeezy! yuck!. Then, went skool tio suan liao EE. Then P.E .. KHO WX. so wad n0rh. WHO WAN U TO LET ME>< . Played captains ball ; frisbee { captain's frisbee?} , soccer. HAH. MY GROUP WONNNNNN~!! . lols. English.. sian diao...
Art, =.=". Chinese.. haix.. RECESS.. boring. Was on sms and saw the stupid soccer coach.. ran off .. cuz of me not tucking in shirt and all that.. OH COME ON. Then, free period, talking with azwani about pri. skool life MUAHAH. Then, home sweet home :DDD.

dunno why,so.. O.O, nowadays so luan..dunno wad i really want. Nowadays, maybe its due to slack to much? had been wanting to slack? Everyone's changed, changing bit by bit.. I missed class '06. The funs and laughters :D. But dunno why, i just dislike being used. I dont understand. i seem-ed to have lost something .. =[

January 16, 2008 || 5:09 PM

Meihong ; Hellos! ;D
gina ; lols. u bo lia0 uhhs?
joce ; helLos! hahs. YARPOOS!
jing; ohoh. HELLOS!
yvonne ; huhs?

Three days dint get to use comp. && it suck! Nowadays aren't happy at all ><. Ng Wei Ming for nothing kip wanna find trouble with wo =.= . pls lahs WHO CARES? i cried for NOT becuz of that stupid number okays? its u kip finding trouble with me && zheng wo kays!. PATIENCE GOT LIMIT al'rite?
Today arent great too. ><. I took bus 963 to skool. Then , had been suan by smeone =.=". Tio scoldings && why dint u say yourself? Hmms? Then, history no test!?!? RARR! I KIP STUDYING N0RHS! . Then, home economics de mini quiz is OPEN BOOK! but nxt lesson is real test T.T
Hmms, gonna do my home economics research lerhs.CYA!


January 12, 2008 || 4:43 PM

Morning woke up @ 7am. ;DDD. Then when joce- called, went down && board bus 963. Then headed skool. Went to skool booth, met the seniors && Ms Lim , told that we gotta wait tilL 11 am >< . Went to dha caltex , with joce they all , bought old chang kee && choco TIMEOUT :D . Then , headed back skooL. Started to giv out brochures && sweets =] . Had fun luhhs. Then, went to the HOMEC room 2 after packing up. Peiling they all together withh ms Lim were doing the yogurt thingy ;] . Then , we're called to be testers =x. I dint go && eat it lahs =x. Results not bad , i think.

{ Left bottom of our board }
{Top left of board }
{ Our brochures }
{ Dha project thingy which our seniors done }
{Bottom right of board }
{top right of board}

{ Homec room de oven }
{Dha thingy they're baking }
{Last year ,during dha coursework thingy , i was using this table }

{ dunno who so lame.. go carve this dog prints && roadside } .
{ I advise you guys to not try to read it norhs. It doesnt helps. it harms :D. , but for sure, no vulgarities }

January 11, 2008 || 8:14 PM

Hellos! LOL.!! Hmms.. morning went school , blablas. Then went for art lesson =.=" . Nth much ;X . Then went for english && suck lahs ! Met that ms or mrs dunnno was la.. name is nalloo =D. 'balloon!' hahas =x . Then, went for recess :DDDDDD. Mother tongue next , did the dunno wad thing =.='' . cheers for huijuan chiobuh for helping our grp. to win WEETS~!. Then assembly BORINGGGGGGG :D . Then wanted to go put bags && then go outside de kopitiam eat de.. suddenly got one tcher ask we all to go help paste the papers for tommorrow cca day :D. REWARDS IS A CUPPIE OF ROOT BEER && BOX OF CHOCOLATE. Joce- ate many. ;X. I ate 3 only. The rest was shared among some tchers && yingjie, vonne && JOCE. lols. Then was full up =x . Then went to the kopitiam, then went to the playground X0X0 .


me @ school .


{Hey guys , if you think that becuz being friends with me again makes you embarrased for becuz those bastards calling you guys dogs or wadever asses , seriously, you can break friendships with me. I wont blame you, becuz i know we're different. I'll understand it. I wont even give a damn to it al'rite! }

January 10, 2008 || 5:19 PM

Hellos!. I guess im starting to dislike history lerhs! Even how well i used to score, definitely no more confidence. I dont even get wad that Darren Tan is saying>.< . Then maths, donno wad's direct proportion! so confusing! blah x.x . Gonna ask lin lao shi on sunday :DDD. Then, chinese went to Y.O hub! hahs. so cold! For PAP , im not in choir , not in drama, not in band , IN MUSIC! lols. >< . I wanna go band to play clarinet. =.=. Hahs. Forget it.. its a fact already. Now trying to revise history. DONT EVEN UNDERSTAND ONE BIT AT ALL!!! .

Sang Nila Utama was a prince in sn island near Singapore. While trying to ge to Singapore,he was caught in a terrible storm and had to throw his crown into the sea to prevent the ship he was on from sinking. He saw a beautiful creature when he reached the island and was was entralled by its beauty.He was told by one of his ministers that it was a lion. This was how Singapore got itys name "SINGAPURA" or "LION CITY" .

Thats wad i got! lols :DD

January 09, 2008 || 7:37 PM

For a few days, i dint came blogging. So sorry bout that.
weiming ; bernard ; nicholas ; yanbinqq : If you guys wanna say me, kindly dont even insult my friends? If insulting lets you guys lurve it so muchh, i'll call u a PERVERT! For nth go insult me && my friends. Does insulting makes u happy? Does having a backup { u know who im saying } , makes you GREAT && SCARY!?!? Does doing silly && childish actions makes you CUTE and CLEVER? Why get these heads? Let me tell you, it arent great , arent clever, arent cute && wad ever shit. IT SUCKS. Dont tell me that in the rest of the days or wadever hells, you lil-kids wanna cont. these thingoos? && THE ONE IM TRYING TO SAY , BY INSULTING OTHERS && JUDGING OTHERS DOESNT MEAN YOU'RE GREAT AL'RITE? HOW WOULD YOU FEEL WHEN OTHERS JUDGE YOU WITH A PESSIMIST VIEW? HOW WOULD YOU FEEL WHEN OTHERS INSULT YOU AND WORDS HURTS MORE THAN TO ACTIONS GOT IT? NO PEEPS TAUGHT YOU? NOW I TELL U ! U DONT LEARN, THAT BRAIN OF YOURS REALLY CNT WORK LE ARH?. =.=". dont wanna to waste time scolding {YOU!} !.

after sko0l, took bus 963 && headed to causeway point. ;D . Bought a new mini short :DDDDDDD! . Then went home n0rhxx . 0.0 . rarR! tomorrow meeting that history laoshi twice >< . with P.E . SUCK LAHS! lols

January 07, 2008 || 9:36 PM

Today morning was cold! I dint brought my jacket, hence, i was freezing ! Went for art lesson for first period :D. Then physics next or? so-so for that. Did experiments. Ng wei ming darn wad siah.. krishna also.. kip saying me.. then they both dont do =.= . Then chinese lesson. Waited @ chinese SLC for a while, YIN NA CAME .. got us go CL RM. 2 . && joce they all said i remain-ed in band 2 class; =] . Then went for a dumb && kiddy lesson cans? Class rules was alot. =.= , BAI CHI! Then, went next door, waiting for joce- they all , hmms? joce- saw me && shouted me as a PLAYGURL. =.=" i was freak-ed out cans? its like, they wanna go anyhow start a rumour about me , than kip saying i playgurl. FREAK-ED OUT! Its like.. you guys can joke bout me.. BUT THERE IS A LIMIT. Can u imagine if i did dha same to u ? I guess you'll be crying or we're arent fwrens lerhs. I freak-ed out.. then ignored them. I really needa cool down cans? Its like.. people gib wo de impression is .. IM A PLAYGURL, IM A SHAMELESS BITCH cans?!? . Then went for eng. stupid cher. taLK so soft && dun even know how to teach cans? She copied everything in dha book into the whiteboard. =.=" . Then ppl ask question , she said go see the whiteboard urself?!? omg? She dunno just say dunno lah! =.= . Then, went for math. =.= . lala.. nth to say. Went to the blck 283 ate, with joce they all.. walk-ed back to skool . Then wraped dha sweets && left??:D .


January 06, 2008 || 7:39 PM

tag replies:

STEFFIE:laogong! <3>


chewmeii : hellos ! i'll link ya asap!

*^_^*: Ms teh ? hahs. Yea.. dint get to meet && have a nice lil- chat lerhs!happy new year too!

Yesterday nth to blog. LOL. Today morning had maths tuition . Headed to West Mall to meet aunt , uncle , cousin jie && meii. LOL. Then makan, walk walk. Bought new clothes :D . Came back, watched COFFEE PRINCE. lols. the start not nice de.. ee. LOL.
Tmr gonna be Joevenn korkor de bday. :D . so.. i hereby wish u a HAPPY BE'EARLY BDAY KOR! . Hope ur wishes come true && um.. stay happy forever! yay! . lols :D

January 04, 2008 || 8:54 PM

Okok.. extra post for today, I just found out today's ryan k0r de bday :x . LOLS
anyways.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY uhs! wish u dont grow too tall {jk } && you're already very talL! !!! && erms... wishes come true? =D .

|| 6:13 PM

I dunno am i to cry or to smile al'rites!
Oh c'mon ! What's the matter withh school nowadays? Suddenly change-d form teacher from Mrs zaki to MR LEONGGGG! omg?!? Mr Lee as Literature teacher.. i've got no comments on it. && Heard from mr lee that there'll be 6 projects in total for different subjects TOGETHER. >< . First day of school learnt bout the Vodcast thingy. =.=. Not interested. O.O .
Then had CCA meeting .. =.= . Peiling was norminated as The new chairman of LSS && priya the vice- . Hahs. No comments. =x.
But so many extra thingy came out of my life. SHIT! Can i just return to pri 6 where all smiles && funs were all there? Even though there's PSLE. ?!?!???? .

January 03, 2008 || 4:40 PM

{ Gift from twinnie'02 yesterday }
{ MUAHAH! I got her pic before she got mine }
{ she tried to runaway from joce && yingji camera.. but she forgotten bout mine }

Heyhey! WELLS!.
Im blogging agaiN! Just got home =)
Today morning 2nd kor drove me to scho0l. Then, met jasra && yingjie . Hmms? Then went hall for MORNING assembly.
By right we should start the audition first de { after assembly} , suddenly, change-d in the plans =.= . Gotta go for normal lessons till recess. Hmms? Then mother tongue lesson was first. No teacher =.=. Then , we hadda sit outside for long :D. Then, physics lesson next. Mrs chiam, our new physics laoshi =] . She's fierceee! lols . Then, biology next.No teacher came && the boys { i think } , went to find .. && found out 2E1 had their recess && said its recess time. No choice? everyone left.. so me and the girls hadda go along. Then after we bought food,zay ngein they all said :"orhh horhh! u all dint go to bio there" WTH! they are the ones telling us go recess.. then suddenly say we dint go! Then, Ms Lim { bio laoshi } mark-ed attendance somemore RARR! Then i suan lerhs. we're aren't informed- . Then, went for band audition. Guess i dint got in. Break time till 3. hmms? Went for choir de ... omg? yay!! out too!. So does it for drama. I guess i'll get into normal musiic less0n?!? :D . Hmms.. went home after that teehee*


January 02, 2008 || 5:37 PM

Omg? School re-opened. Hmms? I remembered that time visited school website, hmms? they mentioned that there'll be 5 sec 1 express classes. It turned out to be 3 express classes, 4 normal acad. lehhs. =.= . Hmms? Today went to school quite early. So scary cans? everybody looking @ me when i got off the car . YUCK! Found jasra then found Yingjie. Hmms? Then, found out that there's a new express class in our level - 2E4. =.=. Alot of foreign people. ( i guess ). Our class came a new boyy too. He looks like a china kid but joce- they all say he looked like a singaporean. Hahs. Mrs zaki , last year our ART teacher, is our this year's form teacher :DDDDDD
Mathematics teacher? MR LEONGGGGG! omg?!? hahs. =.= . dunno to smile or cry for helps? LOLS. hmms.. Had a lil-briefing on the proj. we gonna have && the aesthetics thingoo. =.=" .

Took @ bus-stop!

January 01, 2008 || 6:00 PM

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DESIREE : Hahs. yeps. The gongzhuxiaomeii DVD now is withh my k0rk0r's friend lehhs =x.
Jinghui : Sorry but you are?
HUIJUAN: hahas.sowwie luuhhs :D. chiobuh is u .. CHIOBUHH!

Morning, woke up. Suddenly yingjie twinne && joce- called me for conf ? OMG?
Then, chatted && went out to west mall. ARR! I gonna die liaos! My chinese project undone. && IM HATING IT. Tomorrow school re-opening and i dont wanna go back school. RAR!