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December 31, 2007 || 6:17 PM

WAA! Must congratz me lerhs ! Today is New Year's EVE && currently, this post, is my 100th post! :D.
Hmms.. Our {romantic princess} DVD, 2nd kor dunno bring where? Cant findd.. i wanted to re-watch. Its really nice okays! Now listening to ALL the songs of it :D. Hmms.. Just wnt to to watch it.
Before that, Irene auntie && her family bringing her dog came to our house. Went to poolside with her son, swimming. Hmms? Then went back home.. ate pizza. [= . They just left ;D.
So bore-d . ><. School is gonna re-opening && i despo for LONGER HOLIDAYS =[ . Chinese project.. did badly.. no needa say . SHIT!. T.T. Hmms.. hair damn dry.. T.T .
Lil-worm ; Thanks for your choco! :D. Though rabbit havent gave wo! hahs. [= .

December 30, 2007 || 9:59 PM

Went to look @ the bulletins at friendster and saw this quiz. Hmms? Lets see.. My brain leads __% Male && ___% Female!

[ ] In the winter you love hoodies.
[x] Dogs are better than cats.
[ ] its hilarious when people get hurt.
[x] You've played with/against boys inateam.
[ ] Shopping is torture.
[ ] Sad movies stink.
[ ] You own(ed) an XBox / XBox 360.
[ ] Wanted/played with Hotwheel carsas a kid.
[ ] At some point in time you wantedto be a firefighter.
[ ] You own(ed) a PS2, PSP or Sega.
[x] You used to be obsessed with PowerRangers
[ ]You watch sports on TV.
[ ] Gory movies are cool.
[ ] You only go to your dad foradvice.
[ ] You own like a trillion baseballcaps.
[ ] You like going to football games.
[ ] You used to/do collect baseballcards.
[x] Its kinda weird to have sleep overs with a bunch of people
[x] Green, black, red. blue or silverare one of your favourite colours
[x] You love to go crazy and not carewhat people think.
[x] Sports are fun too.
[x] You Talk with food in your mouth.
[ ] Wear boxers/shorts to bed.
[ ] Sleep with your socks on at night.
Total: 8
Multiply the total by 10
Score = 80%
GIRLS PART:: (no matter if you're agirl or a guy)
[x] You wear lip gloss.
[ ] You have worn eyeliner.
[ ] You have some of the same shirtsin different colors.
[x] You wear the color pink.
[ ] you only go to a female foradvice.
[ ] You hate wearing the color black.
[x] You love shopping.
[x] You wear jewelry , earrings etc.
[x] skirts are a part of yourwardrobe.
[x] you don't like the movie Star Wars.
[ ] It takes you at least 1 hour toshower/get dressed/put on make-up &get ready.
[x] You smile a lot more than youshould.
[x] You have more than 5 pairs ofshoes.
[x] You care about what you look like.
[ ] You like wearing dresses when youcan.
[x] You love movies.
[x] Used to play with dolls as alittle kid.
[x] Like putting make-up on someone else for the joy of it.
[x]Like taking pictures of yourselfwhen you're bored.
Total: 12
multiply by 10Score = 120%

Therefore, my brain leads :
80% MALE && 120% FEMALE!

December 29, 2007 || 5:15 PM

Hello everybody. =]. Anyone has the full 'set' of songs of ROMANTIC PRINCESS? Hahs. I dint really use the comp. just to come bloqqiinqq && check emails, then i went off. [= . I was busy watching ROMANTIC PRINCESS. Really touchinqq && episode 7 very funny ;D .

Dha DVD box

Tags replies:

yingjie , szeqin , qianyi : Merry BE'LATE x'mas!
DESIREEE : Loves meiiiii muchhiies!
jy: euu to0hs worrhhs my lil- lamb
VIVI : hahas. okaiies, i'll go take a look!

December 27, 2007 || 6:37 PM

Hellos everybody !
Today im unable to upload pictures as im using my eldest k0r dherrs computer [= .
Hmms.. dont feel like blogging much =x .
School re-opening && my chinese recordiinqq pr0ject is still undone =x. I've slack-ed && dunno how to do them either. SHIT. l0ls. T.T
Replying tags in my nxt p0st al'rites.

December 25, 2007 || 11:30 PM

dha time now is 11:45. , lols. Hmms, 15 mins more to bid farewell to X'mas'07 ! hahs. Hmms, yesterday only at nine then dadoo && momma brought me go makan. Went to bukit timah plaza i think, dha PIZZA HUT there to eat. took pictures. Hmms, cuz the shops there all close-d, only got pizza to eat >< . So-so lahs. Then went to warehouse, daddoo wanna go there do smth. Hmms? Then morning, korkor dunno do wad, make momma shout about. ><><. Then , brought flora along && WALK to aunt house there, ate, went up. me && cousin went to playground meet someone I DONNO to play. =.=" . I may be lame [= . Play-ed poison ball && catch. LOLS. i HURT my TOES =x . T_T . Then, went back, { to aunt house } , watch-ed SONRIO PASTA. [= . We lent the DVD to them, [= . Hahs. Met AN QI after dinner. lols. Then , tom-pang their car home, with flora . Momma still at aunt house. =.= . Hahs!
{ Dha picture of DVD }
{ Dha leftovers Pizza && speghetti }

{ Took This @ warehouse }

{ My new wallet'01 , still have one more.. }
{ Dha cheese && chilli seasonings @ pizzaaaa hut }
{ My cup of ICE WATER }
{ My bowl of Chicken soup. }
{ MELT-ED/COOK-ED sugar , hahas? }

December 24, 2007 || 8:07 PM

Merry Christmas EVE everybody ♥ .
Parents && aunt told me this , you're third-theen, hence, a biqq gurl && no m0re christmasyy presents. =[ . LOL. but momma still bought me a hello kitty baqq && SOMETHING WOW! . Aunt gave us a pkt of chocolates && 2 pkts of TANGYUAN [= . LOLS. Hahs. too bad, third-theen years old.. RARR! Cant iie just dont grow up =x. lols. So hungry now. Havent eat dinner T_T . Watch-ed SONRIO PASTA { wei xiao pasta } , DVD. lols. RE-WATCH. =x. Nice && funny ;D. okays, diao! lols. no more... &&

December 23, 2007 || 2:15 PM

Tags replies:

shereen: hahas. imu too

yingjie: hahas. u all so >.< . =.=

jaslin: huhs?

amandaching: hahas. yeaps!

vivi: hellos ku. yeaps. seeya in sko0l!
eunice: O.O?


Okaiies. Yesterday dint come blogging cuz went out, came back dont feel like going online [=. Then today! Morning 8am. momma got me wake up. Then saw shelly && Jie yinqq ♥ ;D . Then ate instand noodles, had tuition with LIN LAO SHI ♥♥. `Hahas. Now just went down to the market meet aunt & cousin(S) again. lols. taking bus 173 (: . Just came back, then now blogging n0rhs!.

{My messy tuition table} ; {my new hello kitty bag logo} ; {Lin Lao Shi}

December 21, 2007 || 5:45 PM

Tags replies:
tong : hahas. ;D
amanda : hahas. thanks! sweetie!
jiamin : hahas. thnks jiies!
rachiiee : hahas. Nopes!
vivi: hahas. ku. ilu && imu!
desiree: hahas. OKAIIEs sweetyy!

Today, girlfriends && twinnie came to my house. First , i went west mall to meet Yingjie && want-ed to get myself a wallet. Then in the end dint get wad i wan.. so went to meet yvonne. Then we took bus 173 back to my house. lols. bad && scary thingys happen-ed . Next , worst thing, joce- call-ed and i told her when the bus she is in , turn-ed to hillview that side, call me. A bus appear-ed and i tot it was 963 so joce- call-ed me and i told her to get off. Omg ? the bus turn-ed out to be 176. LOL. Then too late when i told her. Then no choice, hadda walk-ed with twinnie'02 && vonne vonne to find joce. hahs. SORRY al'rite. Then, went to my house. lols. Flora bark-ed && its normal isnt it? Then yingjie want-ed to climb in-between the mini table && chair, but she cant' and its funny, joce- ran && yvonne stand thr like nth happen-ed? hahas. cute luhhs. Then, ate mac. which me and twinnie'02 && vonne took away. Then boohoohoo. ate finish, went to 7-eleven! lols. bought drinks , joce && twinnie'02 dunno they both siah.. want buy instant noodle then dont wanna buy =.=". Then , back home again, then we went downstairs, the swimming pool there, did our project. My stupid cassette lah! cannot record =x. Then , dint do that. Took pictures && do posters niia. =x. {pictures below} hahs =D. Went back home.. play-ed TRUE OR DARE ;D. hahas. fun.. ate biscuit and sent girlfriends to bus-stop and that's all?hahas.


{vonne && joce, doing their posters && bookmarks}
{ joce playing her PSP }
{ twiinie'02 [yingjie] trying to get away from my camera}


{Me && jocelyn zi-lian-ing!}
{ vonne trying to wear her spec ;D }
{ =] }
{ She want-ed to take this pic.. WISH GRANT-ED! }
{ teehees }
{ This shot ee! }

{ at the lift && the other twooh gurls hiding behind }
{ Who's shadow? ans: ʍopɐɥs sˌuʎךǝɔoſ puɐ ǝɯ }

{ Can see people? the small small de.. twiiniie'02 && vonne trying to run away from my capture!}


December 20, 2007 || 4:05 PM

Steffie laogong♥ got me to do this.. oh well , i'll just follow ;D

List the top 5 presents you wish for ;

1. Loves && concerns

2. New handphone

3. Smiles

4. Meet'up 6kohsix-rians

5. Own comp.

1.The person who tag you is : Steffie ♥

2.Your relationship with her is : Great friends!

3.Your five impression of her :Funny, pretty, cute, clever, cheerful

4.Most memorable thing she had done for you : Alot!

5.Most memorable words she said : Alot?

6.If she becomes your lover, you will : we're not lesbians. even though we call-ed each other laogong && laoporhhs al'rytes!

7.If she becomes your lover, she will have to improve on: ouhh c'mon, i've said we're not LESBIANS!

8.If she becomes your enemy, the reason will be: I dont know, but it wont happen isnt it?

9.Most desires thing you want to do for her : I , myself dont know?

10.Your overall impression of her: CHEERFUL && CUTE!

Pass this quiz to 10 people which you wish to know how they feel about you :

1. Yingjie

2. Desiree

3. Serene

4. Gina

5. Brendan

6. Shelly

7. Rachel Lee

8. Jane

9. JieYing

10. Xi Tong

1. Who is 6 having relationship with?- MOOMOO ;D

2. Is 9 a female or male? - A female

3. If 7 & 10 are together, will it be a good thing? - They're not lesbians && dont know each other.

4. What is 2 studying about? Wad do u think? What everyone is studying in school!

- 5. When was the last time when you have a chat with 3? - erms.. not sure?

6. What kind of music band does 8 likes? - Im not sure.. i think [ALL] kinds?

7. Does 1 have any siblings? - uh-huh! 2 lil-sistars

8. Would you woo 3? - Of cuz nopes. WE'RE ARENT LESBIANS!

9. How about 7? - NONONO! we're arent lesbians , im saying for the last time

10. Is 4 single? - nopes. she's attach-ed!

11. What is the surname of 5? –Ng i think =x

12. What is the name of 10? - Xi Tong

13. What is the hobby of 4? - dunno? talking back && *BITING*

14. Does 5 & 9 get along well? –They dont even know each other

15. Where is 2 studying at? –YISS ; same as me!

16. Where is 9 staying now? - SINGAPORE =D

17. What colour does 4 likes? - violet ? pink? forget lerhs

18. Are 5 & 1 best friend? - Oh c'mon, they dunno each other.

19. Does 7 likes 2? –They dont each other.

20. Does 1 have any pets at home? - Nopes. =D.

Im not replying tags today ;D. Okays.. morning woke up.. thanks to my eldest brother shouting && shouting non-stop. so =.=" . Then went to market with momma meet aunt and cousin. ;D . Cousin sis came along (the elder one) . Had lunch together. Bought many jeans. :D. Then before that, momma bought me one sling bag { hello kitty } kindda normal lahs.. it dont look so childish as you think al'rytes! Then if im not wrong, i've met Mingxian. At first i dint notice.. then saw him again @ kopitiam =x. Then i tot i see wrong person. Then came back, online.. he told me.. then i comfirm-ed its him =D. hahas. dunno why.. go where also see him >.< . Hahas. Then went home , =D . && can you believe it? nxt year got 5 express classes for SEC.1 . roar! unbelievable >.< . RAAR!

twinnie finally update-d =D. We took this when im sending them down to my house downstairs {at lift} , remember? hahas.

December 19, 2007 || 4:05 PM

If you peepoos notice-d , i've changed blogskin l0ls. hahas. Nth to do.. just went crunchyroll to watch WHEN RULES TURN LOOSE.

Tag replies:
ying* : wa.. so easy enjoy then i damn shiok los!
WoRmY: lols.. choco? T.T .
tere : hellos dearie. hahas.
eunice : WAAA ! NVE TELL ME.
Rachel : okays. jiie. relink-ed.
eunice: of cuz lahs! dont care! HMPHHS
STEFFIE: ♥ LAOGONG ! imu && i♥u too!

December 18, 2007 || 5:01 PM

Ni hao everybody =] .

I'll reply tags in my nxt post. ;D

for i dunno wad ur name is.. neither i know how to spell al'rite. >.< .
Hmms.. QW t0ld miie iie madee euu SUPER BUEY SONG && PISS-ED =x. okaiies.. iim bad. =x . =] . but iie was just playiinqq al0nqq withh euu al'ritee ;D. so..

if you've felt offend-ed [= .

hms.. morning woke up .. then.. watchh-ed tv-ee . && went to LOT -ON3 =] . L0ls. Then iie go buyy milo. T.T. Then .. daddy came .. fetchh miie && m0mma g0 tuhhs the market kopitiam aunt , uncle && cousiin. Lols. Then , ate.. walk walk.. went home. =D . nth else.. having gastric paiin again.. T_T .

December 17, 2007 || 3:50 PM

gina : wa .. u evil siahs.. T.T
wynne : hahas. its 0kaiies. hahas. i dint really talk to u in zps =x
gina: nty. i dont need them =]
koonhua : dont care dont care! ehh... u yesterday hit me.. OWE ME ONE APOLOGY!
wenxin: hellos cutie! hahas. thnks for tagiinqq!
Joleen: hahas. okaiis =]
shereen: chiobuh! imu tooh!

Yesterday alone at home.. had been watching WHY WHY LOVE? =] . hahas. nice =] . hahas. Then dad call-ed in the evening. Then fed flora all that.. went out =]. Hahs. took pics with zoo-peepoos ;D . EEE GIRAFFE.. U BAD. =] . Then had been talking with rabbit =] . l0lx. Talk-ed bout YI =] . lols..T.T . Then morning have gastric pain until now T_T. lols . Hmms.. hahas. reach-ed home @ about 3+ T.T . rahh! ROARRR!

Yang mehhmehh , me,, shelloo

December 14, 2007 || 8:05 PM

Tags replies:
VIVI : waaa! kuku ilu tooooo!
yingjie: so wad?!? ROARR
gina: u go mad i also havent !
jaslin : hell0s meiis [=
TONG: hahs. u too!
yingjie: hahas. THURSDAY [=
STEFFIE : hahas. yeaps!'
Lisi : hahas. Hellos junior :D
KoonHua : lols. NO CHOCO =]

Today nth much .. SO SIAN! ROARR

December 13, 2007 || 4:30 PM

WEE~. Hellos. early today, i went out with momma to lot one again to change the shoes for flora. Change-d && had lunch there. BEEF PEPPER RICE =]

i dint took well =x
Then walk walk.. went home. Oh my.. Flora dunno is cant wear well or dunno how to wear n0rhs. Walk so funny lahs.. i was laughing like mad.. hohos. Then me && momma chiong back to lot one change. Lol .. this time nve change shoes , but change-d a bigbig comfortable bed =]. Hahas. Then
went to MR BEAN. there to buy this! soya bean milk with pearls [= . hahs. Then went home . =[ . Today was so warm lahs ! on air-con in my room. . Hahas. today gotta do stupid assesments T_T . WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~~.

December 12, 2007 || 9:03 PM

Woke up @ 8.22 am dhees. Felt that its kindda too early ,, went back to bed =x. Then woke up @ 12+ opps? hahas. I've been slacking during the whole of holidays ><. pr0j. n0t d0ne.. ROARR.. && tuition hw. suddenly say have homework && undone T.T . helppps!
Then went to lot 1 withh m0mma. =] . Went to the THIS FASHION. Bought 2 jackets for myself && 2 clothings for momma herself. =] .
Then went to the lot one shopping mall inside de kopitiam ate BEEF PEPPER RICE. first time eating && its YUMMY!! . hahas. Then went to the PET LOVERS CENTRE shop, bought a new toy for flora && shoes =]. Hahas. M0mma say must get her small-est size but i told her its to small.. she dont believe && went home.. oh my di ! the shoes is too small for flora.. wakakas =x . Hahs. took these pics below =] .

Dha pink && white jacket .

Dha black && white jacket.

This tea SUCK ><