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Musiic lyriics 02.
November 30, 2007 || 8:28 PM

Song Lyrics:
Everyday ;

Once in a lifetime

means there`s no second chance

so I believe that you and me

should grab it while we can

Make it last forever

and never give it back

It`s our turn, and I`m loving`

where we`re at

Because this moment`s really

all we have


of our lives,

wanna find you there, wanna hold on tight

Gonna run

From right now,'

gonna use our voices and scream out loud

Take my hand;

together we

will celebrate,

Oh, ev`ryday

They say that you should follow

and chase down what you dream,

but if you get lost and lose yourself

what does is really mean?

No matter where we`re going,

it starts from where we are.

There`s more to life when we listen to our hearts

and because of you, I`ve got the strength to start
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Everydayof our lives,

wanna find you there, wanna hold on tight

Gonna runwhile we`re youngand keep the faith.

from right now,

gonna use our voices and scream out loud

Take my hand;

together we will celebrate

Oh, ev`ryday

We`re taking it back,

we`re doing it here


It`s better like that,and stronger now

than ever!

We`re not gonna lose.

`Cause we get to choose.

That`s how it`s gonna be!


of our lives,

wanna find you there, wanna hold on tight.

Gonna run

while we`re young

And keep the faith

Keep the faith!


of our lives,

wanna find you there, wanna hold on tight.

Gonna run

while we`re young

and keep the faith

from right now,

gonna use our voices and scream out loud

Take my hand;

together we

will celebrate,


Live ev`ry day!

Love ev`ryday!

Live ev`ryday!

Love ev`ryday!









Musiic lyriics
|| 8:26 PM

Hellos peepiies(= .
Hmms.. Today didnt broke record=x. woke up @ 11+ . keke*.
Then iie &amp;&amp; m0mma to0k bus 963 to the market , fiind c0usiin =.= . Had iie kn0w iie wont wake up s0 early as iie f0rce-d myself wake up for my SHOW. T_T .
Then ate , as m0mma dunno why s0 kan-chii0nqq to go home, she saidd wad g0t peepOO comiinqq =D. Then rush-ed cab. =)) . So... hmms. C0usiin stayiinqq 0vernight @ 0urr h0use. =D . Hurhas. Dunno where she gonna slp. hmmm.... ..
Then went f0r swimmiinqq . =D. so many freaky creatures. =D
Just watch-ed HSM2 . =)) . Hmms.. just listen the songs nia okays.

Tags replies:

Ying* : hahas. its not WILL ,, Its MUST~!
Eunice: told ya its FORCE =x
yingjie : go out? LOLs. where? when? =.=
eunice: gibb wo a dateline
yingjie: harhs?
Desiree: Hellos sweetie~!

Song Lyrics:
All for one ;

The summer that we wanted,

[Ryan] Yeah, we finally got it!

[Chad] Now's the time we get to share

[Sharpay] Each day we'll be together

[Taylor] Now until forever,

[Gabriella] So everybody, everywhere

[Troy, Chad, and Ryan] Let's take it to the beach

Take it together

[Gabriella, Sharpay, and Taylor]

Let's celebrate today 'cause there'll never be another

[Troy, Chad, and Ryan] We're stronger this time,

been there for each other

[Gabriella, Sharpay, and Taylor] Everything's just right

[All] Everybody all for one,

A real summer has just begun!

Let's rock and roll and just let go,

feel the rhythm of the drums

We're gonna have fun in the sun

Now that all the hard work, work is done!

Everybody, one for all and all for one!

All for one, one!

[Sharpay] Summertime together,

[Taylor] Now we're even closer

[Gabriella] That's the way it's meant to be

[Chad] Oh, we're just getting started

[Ryan] Come and join the party

[Troy] You deserve it, same as me

[Troy, Chad, and Ryan] Let's take it to the beach

Take it together

[Gabriella, Sharpay, and Taylor] Let's celebrate today 'cause there'll never be another

[Troy, Chad, and Ryan] We're stronger this time,

been there for each other

[Gabriella, Sharpay, and Taylor] Everything's just right

[All] Everybody all for one,

A real summer has just begun!

Let's rock and roll and just let go,

feel the rhythm of the drums

We're gonna have fun in the sun

Now that all the hard work, work is done!

Everybody, one for all and all for one!

[Guys] Everybody up!

[Girls] Everybody rock it!

[Guys] Take it from the top!

[Girls] And never ever stop it!

[Guys] It's not about the future

[Girls] It's not about the past

[All] It's makin' every single day Last and last and last!

[Troy and Gabriella] Fun and sun

What could be better?

Let's have fun

Everyone together now!

Everybody, e-everybody now!

This is where our summer really begins

The very last time it's ever gonna be like this

[all] It's the party you don't wanna miss!

[Guys] Guys rise! Show 'em we can make some moves, hey!

[Girls] Girls! Show 'em we know how to groove, oh!

[Guys] Here

[Girls] and now

[Guys] Let's turn the party

[Girls] Out!

[Guys and Girls] Everybody jump in!

[All] Everybody all for one,

A real summer has just begun!

Let's rock and roll and just let go,

feel the rhythm of the drums

We're gonna have fun in the sun

Now that all the hard work, work is done!

Everybody, one for all, everybody all for one,

A real summer has just begun!

Let's rock and roll and just let go,

feel the rhythm of the drums

We're gonna have fun in the sun

Now that all the hard work, work is done!

Come on, everyone let's dance!

We can't let this moment pass!

Let's make this party last!

All for one!




|| 2:54 PM

Hello guys. =D
s0b***** . T_T
Yesterday as i mention-ed, cousin sis stay-ed overnight here. && I let her slept on my beddie. Then it air-con. is so cold, i must say. O.O . Then I cant go to sleep. The mattress so HARD. roarrrrr... ><
Then finally morning can get to slp lerh.. cousin hp kip ringing.. *smack!* . Then i pek-chek lah. Then she talk on phone so LOUD okays. Then i buey tahan , wake up lols. >.< . Then iie watch-ed tv =x . No programme in 7+ . ROARRRRRRR~!
Then just went out for lunch+breakfast. Oh nono , its after i went to YISS .. went back schoolto collect the stupid books >< . Hmms, i super sway lahs! >.<. Met So many peepoos that i dont wanna & didnt expect to see them .. *cry* .
Hmms, now cousiin && aunt went to cousin scho0l go collect her books too.. hahas! hmms.. so bore-d RARR.

*lenalee ; well. I didnt made this blogskin myself. Im not so clever to do that =x. U can get it @ If u wan i help u check && gib euu the url?

November 28, 2007 || 6:03 PM

Change-d blogskiiniie (= .
Waiting for my new blogskin which wad still on process by rabbit (= .
Hmms? Today i broke record for the year . =)
Woke up @ 10+ today. Well, start of holiday till now (this yr) , i broke the record of waking up early! =x.
Then went out makan etc.? hmms. Eldest korkor is sick. =.= . All i can say is , why do u have to eat instant noodles, tom yum de everyday as lunch or breakfast? This is your result. Face it (: .
Well , so sian lahs! shit! . Then now 2nd kor fren came . =.= . LOLS. hmms.. i wanna drink my cambelle - hot and sour soup && my vege- kangkong. ><

November 27, 2007 || 5:53 PM

Hello again~!
well, I'll be replying tags on my nxt post =)
Hmms.. today very bore-d lahs. nth to say ; nth to do >.<

hmms.. I'm so bore-d . Here is the list of the song - MAKE YOU MINE, sang by Vanessa Hudgens (: .
Its really nice =D

(All I want to do is stand close to you)
(All I want to do is stand close to you)
I'll be the one to tell everyone I'm gone
I've fallen in
To a place I can begin to understand.
I'm just happy you're here to hold my hand
All I want to do is stand close to you
Be by your side
All I want to do is make the world revolve
Around you and I
What I would give up
What I would go through
To get it right
All I want to do in this lifetime is make you mine
All I want to do in this lifetime is make you mine
My secret's out
It's been hidden in my heart
That's over now
I want everyone to know I found it all
You're the everything I've never had
And baby I got it bad
And it's far too hard to see (to see)
What the future will be
Everywhere I go (everywhere I go)
Everywhere I go now you're with me
(Make you mine)
(All I want to do is stand close to you)
(Make you mine)
(All I want to do is stand close to you)
Na na na na, na na na na na,
Yeah Na na na na, na na na na na,
Make you mine
Na na na na, na na na na na,
YeahNa na na na, na na na na na,
Make you mine
Na na na na, na na na na na,
YeahNa na na na, na na na na na,
Make you mine
Na na na na, na na na na na,
YeahNa na na na, na na na na na,
Hey heyNa na na na, na na na na na,
Yeah (make you mine)
Na na na na, na na na na na,
Make you mine
Na na na na, na na na na na,
YeahNa na na na...

November 26, 2007 || 5:59 PM

Tags replies:
Eunice ; LOLS. Human also animal. LOLs. still got YOU CHOOSE DERH MEH?=)
melissa ;yea.. okays i'll link ya.
Eline; ~=D

awwww. Im bore-d. Hmms? Today woke up at 12.20pm. Cousin call made me woke up. STUPID CALL~!. Went to fajar nxt. hehe. Ate && bought items Then was walking to the Fajar LRT station.. waiting for cab. to come by? Then saw Zhen Han cycling across the road to the court there. joining frens? Hahs. I dont wanna stay at home =(

November 25, 2007 || 11:15 PM

Tag replies :
eunice : hehes. okays. i'll link euu =D
susan : hahaa. you to0h!
jiesi : i'm always "nice" =D

I'm happy ; yet im unhappy as well =x .

morning ;
Call-ed to wake up && suddenly , momma they all saying that me &&
Flora shall go to aunt house later about 11+ . Play-ed comp ; watch-ed tv lols. Then korkor came back && got him cook me some instant no0dles =D .

Noon ;

Went out to West Mall shopping centre with aunt ; uncle & cousin again. Hmms? Ate lunch && went to the arcade play play . Then me && cousin went to find aunt. Then go find uncle in the shop BOSSINI =D , then go to B1 , bengawang-solo ( dunno how to spell ) . Then me && cousin went to buy bubble tea && i also bough TEA EGGS =D. yummy~ .

Evening && night;

well , went back to aunt house then flora was making a din. >< . She

weewee* on the floor as there isn't spaces in the newpaper thr >< . No choice, i hadda clean it? I almost wanna vomit && this feeling arent great okays. Then play-ed with cousin UNO~ =D. Then 2nd kor call-ed and me && aunt taking flora went downstairs && saw kor driving car thr. Then i saw RABBIT deardear (JaNe) =D. She's scared of doggies? OH MY DI~. I don't believe it lols. =D. She was scared till sit so slant-ed that its like she almost PUSH-ED OPEN THE CARDOOR =.=". Jane just came to our house.. hahas.. scared of my dog till.. haix! Then i brought her to my ro0m , let her feel safe .. *jane, u muz thnk me for this worrhs! *

Then kor now sending her home =) .


Lil. mouse ; i've just read eur blog && found out that you're no longer working in S.T . T.T . awwwww~
No mouse = No fun = no play = no entertainments = miss = sad = cry = ke lian = zoo peepies sad && cry && get DEPRESS?
aww.. i cant bear to leave u lehs! U wont abandon ZOO-ORGANIZATION-CLUB wont u?!?
haix. I cant do anything.. but to ..
wish u good luck!~

November 24, 2007 || 6:26 PM

I just went to youtube , && i decided to see the updates of my primary scho0l - zhps. Hah. found this video , taken by weeli , tat time me ; xenia && weeli went to help-ed out too. Its fun and juniors did great jobs! hahas (:

|| 5:25 PM

Happy birthday MEIYU~~
hmms, guess-ed we knew each other since. ..
primary 1 ??? hahs. Having such a caring && intelligent friend is my honour~<3

Happy birthday UNCLE~

ROARR~ . today gonna decompose @ home again. not going out , not going anywhere , nth~ . sobs.

Tags replies :
jiahui ; sobs. im not a doll =D
yingjie ; but u ask-ed me questions that is common sense de lehs =.=
yvonne; dunno to smile or angry >< . hehe (:
songning ; hellos mei (: . okays. i'll relink you~
oink ; i know =X . * i so thick-faced =xx
tong ; euu to0 ba0beis muacks~
lenaleex ; hahas , of cuz i dont mind~! sure , i'll link you.

Ro0m sring cleaning.
November 23, 2007 || 5:07 PM

G00d afterno0n peepiies. ~ !
Hmms. Woke up @ 11.50+ am. LOL. Then I went home. hahs. As momma FINALLY got me a bookshelf.. me && momma pack-ed and clean-ed my ro0m took bout hours? =x
Then came to online .. blogblog && play runescape n0rhx
Happy be'early beday! && vivi~ is @ malaysia. hmms? Have fun!

November 22, 2007 || 5:33 PM

Tags replies :
Brendan : Dont worry. I will! =D . Hmms.. i also donno how to say =x
vivi : loves ya to0hs! tc'
jaslin mei : nve link-ed? oh my di?!? . link-ed =D. thnks for the tag .

Today went out to Plaza Singapura. wee~ .
Went walk walk && walk with Irene Auntie (momma fwren)
Then ate chicken chop + speghetti . BOOHOOHOO. Its not nice! ><
Then went shop shop n0rhx. Hmms? Bought clothes @ This Fashion. Ohoh!
*giraffe ; i have to tell you, on my way to plaza singapura, got one MRT STATION thr , In front of Doughby gaut lahs.. the mrt station.. out the place , GOT A GIRAFFE! lols.
Then here i am, back! teehee*
My knee super painful. *s0bs* .

November 21, 2007 || 11:00 PM

Among these three pictures, the last pic is the best ( to me ) .
hmms? Today momma got me awake? Went Lot0ne. =D
Then suddenly daddiie call-ed && want-ed momma to help him at w0rk.
So I follow-ed Aunt to her house n0rhs =)
Then with cousin && aunt, brought cousin to her scho0l forh her CCA - Chinese Dance.. weehee* ~
Then use-d cousin's comp. by doing some rubbish! =x
Then iie follow-ed aunt go fetch cousin back. s0b* .
Play-ed with cousin && momma came ! =DD
Then went to have dinner with momma ; aunt && cousin && went back home.
2nd Kor came back.. oh my di? HIS HAIR LIKE ROOSTER !! *faint*
Cat ; lil. worm (SHENGRONG) ; junhong ; dickson ; && one more dunno who came. Just went off. LOLS. force-d them to eat popc0rns =x .
teehee* .

November 20, 2007 || 8:13 PM

Tags replies :
vivi : thanks ! <33
gina : thnks for tagging!
Brendan : O.O" .. sure.. tagg-ed ya! tc'
jy : YAY!!!

Okays. Today been FORCE-D to study .. sob*
Talk-ed on phone with joce- . oh my god? Been laughing lahs!
hahs, so bore-d hmms

November 19, 2007 || 5:16 PM

Im so bored T.T
Today nth much happen .. * s0bs.
Im so bore-d cans? ><
dunno watta do now. blahhss

Decomposing @ home

November 18, 2007 || 9:21 PM

Early morning whole family went out working. SOB* .
Suddenly woke up . lols. its about 11.07 am. Jump-ed up =X . Fed Flora with its lunch ((: . Then left home to find aunt, uncle && cousin. Had breakfast;lunch ;D . Then suddenly they want-ed to bring me out too? Freak-ed out. Then i like.. die die also dont wanna go. But daddy said he dont wanna let me stay at home alone. Then went to Jurong East.Me && cousin took neoprints! :D
suck siah the machine. only can take 4 pics && choosing only 2 !! freak it lahs. Its a card. so.. no choice? . Uncle && aunt go walk walk lols. Then go to Jurong point . had dinner. :D. went back to aunt house.. saw 2 rabbits. Yanyan wanna
give it aways. It's from her friend. She's giving it away as the rabbits ( parent )
gave birth to to0 many rabbits && came back home.. get korkor wake up. :p

Thats all for today!
tata~ !

* vivi- , thnks for that comfort. Hahas. You're so great.. comforting me && advising me so much when i really need it . Thanks ((:

November 17, 2007 || 10:28 PM

I was kindda piss-ed ?
Flora today dint wanna eat its lunch && dinner. No choice , momma hadda force-d flora to eat its dinner. Then suddenly.. Flora vomit-ed. Its red in colour , looks like blo0d?!? . Then momma immediately shouted? LOLs? Ask-ed eldest kor take us ( with flora) to the nearest animal clinic. Oh my gosh? My brother looks more concern to his stupid game than to the dog? Cannot stand it lahs! . Then the vet said its nothing serious. HENG....~

Then daddy call-ed . Brother like piss-ed when he heard that daddy wanna him go to the warehouse go carry items. =.= . Then blablas.
Then brother pekchek && like.. go piss-ed dad?

November 16, 2007 || 4:46 PM

Omg? Hello peepoos. ((:
Today went BPP just now heehee. Then before me && momma came back , bought a doggie food - cheese roll . Flora love-d it loads? She kept barking when i deliberately dont giv her. hahas. && Now i'm piss-ed.
Momma kip getting me to study && do all those sec. 2 assesments. ! T.T . come on? Holidays dont let me relax de lehs! SOB...

Happy Birthday KorKor!
November 15, 2007 || 11:51 AM

Happy Birthday Eldest Kor! wee~
hahas. Okays.I know i havent got u any prezzie. Im not bad .. Im just busy :x . Okays. Although sometimes , i really dislikes some actions of yours.. but to0 bad.. you're born to be my bro , i'm born to dislike it && be eur lil. sis ((: .
Yesterday did many many blogs. First i did panda's (shelly ) ; next moomoo (melvin) ; && back to shelly again.:x well , *shelly, your blog so sorry, im unable to help you change the font to bigbig :x
&& iie help-ed froggie kor too. (: . I'm good ehs? teehee* . ^.^ . those need to be link-ed or re-linked , will be link-ed && relinked :D

November 14, 2007 || 6:11 PM

Tag replies:
wenxin : heloo cutie!thnks for eur taqq!
tong : ((: . Aww.. thnks tong.. ily muacks!
andre : hmms.. yea lo? ok lorhh.. wiin lerhhs! :D
yingjie :hahs. al'rite!
vivi : ya .. do come! :D
rachiee : okays!
oink : erms.. i guess-ed its the codes?
Heloo peepoos! :D
hahs. Today nth much happen-ed T.T .
woke up at 12+ :x . Dhen went to meet aunt && cousin for lunch :D
Hahs. Then went home.. studie-d the books a while. ate seaweeds... Yesterday nite , eldest kor ask-ed me , how did you make blog && all that.. and ask-ed me to help him & he say .. later.. dhen i busy ..
ask me do ,, i free , say later? LOL !!

November 13, 2007 || 4:12 PM

Today so sian. Woke up @ 11.13am. :X. gonna be a pig soon. :x . okays. Went out just now for breakfast ; lunch :D . Here iem back! teehee* . So bore-d nowadays. T.T
On the way on bus to aunt house just now , i saw a guy , so familiar .. if iem not wrong , he's the guy which is the assistant of my ex-cca (chinese dance) instructor. hahas. :D . Dint went to say hello's as im not sure if it was him :x
iem so UNHAPPY ; iem so BORE-D !

Just went down to the pool with dad && 2nd kor .. wee~
Dhen momma brought flora down to call us go back up for dinner. dhen me & daddy swimming one last round , flora sitting there crying && screaming? LOL? haish.. today so sian.. T.T

November 12, 2007 || 8:03 PM

Early today hadda go out with daddy && momma .. (: . On the van , i was sitting behind && took some pictures :

birds! ( the dots )

this is bought from genting , 2nd kor went genting with his fwrens && got this for me ((:
the ferris wheel i guess?
that's all for today!

November 11, 2007 || 5:50 PM

Okays ,, today ,, early m0rninh came to aunt house (: . Flora went out to the neighbour thr..m play && slept. ;D

cousin freakiinqq guailan derh al'rite ? She almost-ed ruin the blogger? Freakiinqq buey tahan.. , iie bo kaobei you why kaobei me ? kak-chia0 me ferhhs? . Chatt-ed withh joce- ,, laugiinqq about lahs! hahs.


November 10, 2007 || 10:38 PM

Today went to market with momma ((: . && had lunchh , bought some things @ the FLEA~ market ((: . held on today && tmr. ((: . Bought the water dispenser .. small small derh teehee* . Dhen rush-ed home . Then momma && 2nd kor donno for why shouting @ each other ?? . Then went to fetch aunt , uncle && cousin to Bugis , going to the temple ;D . Dhen went to have laksa at about 4.30 + ? dhen walk walk && went to the ice monster shop to have the durian-mango ice ((: . Dhen walk or a while && went to chinatown. waiting for bus & saw dad's car . HAHS! so we chase-d , LOL?? And saw mo0mo0 inside. dhen they say they needa go mustafa , && i wanna follow- && cousin kip complaining tt. she'll be alone ,, aunt && momma pull-ed me out the the van. SUCK LAH. Dhen @ chinatown i also lonely .. cousin reading the doraemon comic.. dhen still say i pangseh her , leaving her lonely,, she also wad. Dhen i freakiinqq buey tahan alrite? Dhen FINALLY .. after dinner , went home ((: . hahs ... tmr gonna go aunt house till night with Flora.. woahh.. donno how iem gonna survive thr? :X

Daddy's bday celebration!
November 09, 2007 || 4:42 PM


Ready to sing a bday song?
Happy bday to u ........

Blowiinqq candles!
CHIONG ARH! Food on the tabyy! ( mac && kfc )
Flora , most excited in the house!

All passing out && sharing food ((:
Giraffe trying to feed tt. donno who mash potato .. like so kelian eh?
frm left , the 3rd one ishh zhixin .. i call-ed him uncle! ;D . hahs. Guess-ed i dont call him uncle lerh.. call him uncle ROOSTER . Force-d porcupine to take this pic ((:
Giraffe && wolf , ( the big big liar !!)

Mo0 mo0 && giraffe
Flora @ kitchen , yearning for some cake cake!
They're eating && chatting about!
Flora askiinqq daddy to gibb her some chicken ! omg?

Chatting about ?

i donno wad im doing.. just TAKE!
look @ my greedy flora .. one dont giv her food , go look for another one!

Giraffe doing wad?

hahs. GIRAFFE! hmms? he like no pose-s!?

and they all play so long? && me && momma slept first ((: . Dhen today 12+ woke up . Saw moomoo , giraffe , porcupine , wolf .. they all stay-ed overnight .. hahs. dhen momma went down bought nasi brani ferh them. And me && momma go fajar find auntiie Jenny ((: . ate lunch && went BPP . bought many things! LOL ? My legs tio blisters. T.T . so pain.. RAHH. . thanks to the shoes i bought yesterday POOPOO!

November 08, 2007 || 5:07 PM

Happy Birthday DADDY! <33 loves ya loaddiieeees! <3
Happy 01 mth zo0 peepoos!
Okays. Yesterday night momma brought me to west mall meet aunt && cousin ,, dhen went sakae sushi for dinner && saw shelly , moomoo && froggie ((: . Dhen me && cousin walk-ed around the mall , trying to buy a prezzie forhh daddy , dhen i bought him a pen , & it engraves his name on it ;D . cousin didnt manage to find one ?? I dhen accompanied her to CROCODILE shop , saw s nice lil. t-shirt && almost gonna buy but ,, it cost $72.90 .OMG? . dhen left the shop immediately.. ;X . dhen momma bought items too.. laughing like mad.. dhen at bus also ,, go home too .((: .
Dhen morning was dragg-ed . momma go siao? cnortt tahan her. i was freakiingg dulan. yesterday she herself spoil-ed the stupid fridge thingy && said my fault? saying me JIAN? i was dulan lah!! Darn kaobei siah.. dhen went meet aunt , uncle && cousin && went home? Irene auntie && steven && uncle* came ((: . Just went for a swim downstairs ((: . Came back eat pizzaaaaaa! <33
Maybe later or tmr upload the pictures taken @ night al'rite?

can iie just ask smth? ISSIT TRUE that teens. in Express Stream should get pressures which they couldnt accept? issit true that express student must be a bookworm? issit a must for an express student to score all A1s ? So what if i get full marks for my subjects? my parents arent happy about it .. so why must i study so hard for those idiot tests && examinations? During holidays also dont let me relax.. issit wan me like p6 having psle period tt. time? monday , tuesday , wednesday , thursday , friday , saturday && sunday .. EVERYDAY GET TUITIONS? Thinking about it , i always lie to tuition teachers that i forget to bring my homeworks. it dont feel good. && somemore ,, iie finish school homework , no time to complete tuition homework , everytime either nve do or write rubbish? I dont wanna study in EXPRESS STREAM !!! Why peepoos in express stream no stress but i got stupid stress? I HATE STUDYING!

November 07, 2007 || 5:55 PM

Okays.. im back to normal ((: .
links would be relink-ed ((: .
Okays. yesterday at night went out to aunt house , with momma && flora ((: . dhen daddy brought me && flora home.. was watching tv withh daddy && saw the show got ppl hold the rat && i immediately took the pic && upload && saw lil. mouse online && sent her ((: . chat-ted with mouse , panda && yang mehmeh ((: . dhen dont wanna chat with lil. mouse.. she like .. long long reply derh.. shelly offline so fast && chat-ted withh yang mehmeh ;D .
suddenly she tio leg cramp hahs. dhen iie made this entertainment :

called the vet for her.. number xxxxxxxx~
"hellos?" vet QL
"erms.. i would like to corl for help as my lil. pet lamb is suffering from leg cramp " Bambi
"okays giv me the add " vet QL
"cnort see eurself arh? oh.. no nid liao , my pet okay lerh ;X " Bambi
(angry && slam the phone ((: ) .
hahas. ;D . very funny siah! lol?!? daddy cook-ed 2 half-boiled eggs for me as im super hungry! froggie say must 12am dhen can makan.. pekchek? so ate the eggs ((:

recounting the past..
|| 2:22 PM

Okays. Today not replying tags. Had been thinking of somethings recently ... i guess-ed i'll share it out. ..

guys,dont blame me for recounting the past ((:. Yesterday evening went to 6kohsix blog .. glearnt that xx xxx was diagnos-ed with leukemia? LOL? Last time was _____ got illness , now xx xxx. For although we use-d to hate xx xx,x , but again , we're still once frens , should i say , we are ?Lets hope he'll get well. ((: .The feeling of losing a fren for life is really.. ... words just cant express it.. Once a 6kohsix-rians , forever 6kohsix-rians. Its fate that let us know each other && all that. Hms? I learnt that sometimes peepos are like that , only when we lose one so that we can learn how to cherish-ed one another? After learning so much , seeing incidents and watching news , why cant we just learnt from other peeps . mistakes and we only have to see it with our own eyes so that we'll learn our lesson?Lets hope he'll be al'right eh?

November 06, 2007 || 3:57 PM

T.T. im so bore-d :(
Yesterday morning work up , went to korkor ro0m , wanted to find flora dhen saw another fwren of froggie sleeping , dhen the fwren woke up, so familiar? dhen found out tt. he's POCUPINE ((:
Dhen met uncle patrick , he came to our house ((: . Dhen rot at home . Today m0rning woke up && aunt came to find us && went makan. ((: . froggie went thr to find us after his lesson (:
Dhen froggie bought DURIANS!! ;D . 4 pkt. 1 pkt for aunt and 3 forhh our family :X . Teehee * .
so sian lahs today >< .
Today went to order cake for daddy's bday ;D . dont know wad to buy for him siah T.T ...

November 05, 2007 || 4:24 PM

Tag Replies :
shereen ; I miss you to0 deariie! <33
Koon Hua ; Wad's the problem nerhhs?
Andre ; :D
Jasmine ; lol. not nice mehs?
vivi ; teehee *.* . ily to0h
anonymous ; i dont need your comments && your judgements ((: , btw , wanna spam why dun wanna put your BIG name? This is my blog , the person to **** off should be euu isnt it? Dislike here or me? Kindly just SCRAM luh.. i dont need those un-needed judgements unless you know me WELL ..

so sian lah today , today 100% to be stay-ed at home , nve leave the house 1 step >< . I'm DECOMPOSING!

November 04, 2007 || 4:36 PM

Thank you Rachel jie forhh this w0nderful blogskin ((:

Okays. At night.. so happy.. nve got rotten ;D . Me and kor went downstair , wanted to take the car go find momma they all , suddenly no bat lol? Daddy came back and re-charged ;D . Dhen follow-ed daddy go find m0mma , and my zoo-peeps. deardears :)

They l0ok-ed bored. ): . Dhen iie Go entertain-ed them again! ;D . Took many pictures.. (: :

2nd kor derh pic dunno whn taken ;x But rabbit deardear send me dhen i take lorhs. took pic with panda deardear && rabbit deardear


|| 1:55 PM

Until night , i guess i'll be decompose-d at home? Everyone went w0rk early m0rninqq , m0mma siao siao , woke me up && said i stay @ home??? i freakiinqq tired siah! Dhen,play-ed comp .. only Junjie (zss derh) online? dhen sk online.. dhen follow by tze rong..etc..
I'm desperate-d forhh some entertainments! Just took bus 173 to the market near my aunt house, dhen, ate .. dhen here i am ;D
Flora ,, had been really n0tty! Guess she's scared being alone? she bite all the tissues! LOL? wad the hell isnt it? At market , cousin siao?she want-ed to play c0mputer , but she knew she cant , dhen kip attitude ppl =.= . CRAPP-Oo! Dhen got one guy, dunno who said some things bout going oversea with scho0l , kindda w0rth lorh.. should i say REALLY WORTH ? dhen cousiin kip shouting like a lil. baby liddat =.= . cnortt tahan.. kip shouting @ me.. i wanted to shout out vulgarities lorhh...guai lan siah ,, not my fault ryte? Dhen at night kork0r g0nna briinqq me g0 fiindd m0mma ;D
but for now

November 03, 2007 || 12:01 PM

Happy Birthday Lil. mouse!! Hahs. 1 year older lerhhx.. so...old or young adult mouse ;D
Stay cute && pweety && many manyy!

November 02, 2007 || 11:02 PM

Had a haircut? :D .

Okays. tmr ishh Lil. mouse bday , so did up a lil. art for her.. Hope she'll like it??

Today freaking bored , hmms? daddy wanna use his lappy lerh.. byes~

*little mouse ,guess we got to know each other not so long , but working with you so happy ;D . You're so cute de okays! Playing && chatting and making you is kindda fun , but , tmr ishh your birthday , i still wish you a happy birthday! stay cute always! Enjoy yourself tmr al'right? Stay pweety && cute && many many luh! i did this pic :

iis becuz iie wanna let you know that you're love-d by our zoo~organization a.k.a zoo family <33.

November 01, 2007 || 8:33 PM

Tag replies :
giraffe ; who ask euu so easy bully ,, just like mo0mo0? No choice , all of you sure tio make fun , my job is to create entertainments! :D
gina ; O.O . sowwie lurh.. nxt time i everyday tag :X
emily ; hello emily , take care of yourself too, enjoy eur holidays :D

Freaking bored now >< . LOL. Help-ed shelly with her pictures with her && mo0mo0 :D
Today super boring , SOMEONE ENTERTAIN ME !! >.<