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October 31, 2007 || 3:17 PM

guess-ed we knew each other for 10 months. :D
Though quarrels do come between us, but in the end , it's solve-d isnt it?wishing ya happy bday ! stay cute ya! <3

October 30, 2007 || 8:25 PM

Tag replies:
Nadiah : kays .. re-linking asap :D
gina : o.o . paiseh luh!
huijuan : yupps..
tong: aw.. just think positively ((: . cheerups!

Celebrate-d yingjie's bday..shuld be tmr derh..but nid go LSS >.< . Excite-d forhh the freedom i've got today, can't sleep yesterday nite. Today morning 8am liddat woke up . Watch tv , chat on phone and prepare the thingos. 2nd kor drove me to plaza to meet jocelyn. At there, bought myself a pair of earrings.Dhen when we chiong to LOT 1 , found out tt. Yvonne was "missing"?? Yingjie couldnt find her .. >.< . Dhen me && jocelyn was still waiting thr lorh... like so sian! . Dhen were' talking bout vonne vonne why dun wan come lot 1 find us first .. dhen suddenly got someone hold my hand.. turn-ed around and saw face-less with straight hair,, first reaction -> tot i saw a PONTIANA. LOL!! Dhen Jocelyn turn-ed also,, she shout-ed darn high-pitch de okays!. ppl all looking @ us.( MALU!!) dhen she also say she saw someone without face :D , worse of all , tot someone gonna kipnap her siah! omg?!? Dhen, laugh-ed and laugh-ed.. Then came YINGJIE!:D . dhen go book-ed seats for the movie. Dhen go take neoprints. its simply imperfect! . Had mac-donalds for lunch. Met weeli. lol. finish-ed eating.. go to the "scoop" lol. lost my wallet! omg? dhen go back mac. and found it. thanks guys for helping me to find! . Dhen, Went back the "scoop" , won 3 candies :X . Dhen super boring, go to the library take picture :D . Dhen go buy food && drinks and got into the cinema. so lil. peeps >.< . The show - brothers super confusing? dunno wad happening okays!. Dhen, went homd afterwards :D .


October 29, 2007 || 6:08 PM

i dint expect tt. flora wuld lo0k @ me for a lil. pic of her!
check out my soft toys ((:. still got derh.. but lazy go find :X
drew by me!
done by shelly:D

phone test
|| 5:56 PM

1. Grab your phone. you have a camera phone? if so , who's the 3rd picture? *yurps..Giraffe's picture

3.what's your ringtone? *jian dan ai

.4 . Who's the first person who comes upunder the letter M? *mo0mo0?

.5. Who's the last person you called? *yvonne

.6. Who was your last missed callfrom?* jocelyn

.7. Who's the 3rd person who comes upunder C? *Cherly

.8. Who's your speed dial number 2? * nve put lehs

9 . Who's the 3rd person who comes up under J?* Joevenn ?

1 0 . Who was your last received call from? *Jocelyn

.11 . Who's speed dial number 4? * no speed dial

1 2 . What does your wallpaper says? * it doesnt says anything

.1 3. How many messages are currently in~your inbox?what is your screensaver about.? *44. a guy && gurlgurl watching stars... :D

15. Who's speed dial number 1? *no speed dial lah!

1 6 . Who is the 5th message from your inbox? *jocelyn

October 28, 2007 || 11:47 PM

Okays. Today super sianz!

Woke up , saw mo0mo0. Guess-ed he stay-ed overnight @ my house? Dhen went out with m0mma go find aunt , cousin & uncle for breakfast dhen daddy call-ed and got me go to 2nd kor workplace.Today a little special,, moomoo && giraffe nve work with us. Met shelly's sister today. She quite fun larhx ((: . Dhen I was given a name "pink doraemon ".. thanks to tt. hippopotamus MC. >< . He saw me wearing a pink clothe and he call-ed me tt. >.< . Totally siao? Oh forget one thing , met jane (rabbit) , was told by her that she was from YISS to0h! Last year just graduate-d ? She is super cute de lah! :D . Dhen went bought some tid-bits ((: . share-d with the peeps. ((: .


Dunno which bastard , go steal a sample hp.? CHEAP-SKATE is all i can say. sucker siah. * mouse, dun feel so bad bout it, you didnt expect it to happen too ((:

MAC. forhh dinner! <3>


October 27, 2007 || 11:32 PM

tag replies:
jiesi: opps. i bu xiao xin erase it lahs :X
vivi : yurpps. i guess so. heard frm them lurhs
yingjie: hahs. thanks. you to0!

Today morning alone @ new house. >.< . ke lian uh? watch-ed tv and ate many snacks :X . At noon , daddy went to fetch little mouse to our house && she gave me a scare? Took 2nd kor car to go to his work-place. :D
Then when reach-ed, met panda and mo0mo0. Dhen daddy , uncle Patrick , Me , Froggie 2nd kor && little mouse went to the nearest mac. to have lunch ((: . Giraffe suddenly call-ed me.. got a shock siah.. . Dhen he ask-ed 2nd kor to help buy him a drink.. LOL. Then when we go back , we met a liar.. okays. I call-ed him a liar becuz.. HE LIED. He said he's fifteen and i told him if i found out tt. he lied he is gonna get it. Dhen i met giraffe , i ask-ed him && he told me that the liar was nine-teen. I was gonna go mad and i just said some words like "t.m.d , k.n.n"? And i went back & shouted at tt. liar :D . Dhen me , shelly all slack-ed .. and then went back to the opposite side. Met Jieying and her twinnie bro. ((: . His brother is evil de lorh... kip talking back to me! >.< . Dhen got to know many people. :D . Our ZOO~FAMILY aka ZOO-ORGANISATION-CLUB got more ppl. Got turtle (JY) , Bat , pocupine, WOLF( the liar ) and etc. hahs. Dhen play till sian dia0, go back to find 2nd kor && mo0mo0 . At there, took many pics. Me and shelly meddle-d with Mo0mo0 , Giraffe's hair. Made them look like gurl gurl and put hairclip on it! hahs. so fun lahs. Play-ed the game - speed && cheat with Giraffe's card :D . So ke lian.. tio bullied lah!>.< . always i kenna de. Went to eat dinner , with kor && Giraffe. I cant finish-ed my carrot cake && g0t Giraffe to help me finish-ed it.
Had loadsa fun today! Pictures i took were with melvin.. when he upload-ed dhen upload on blog uh! <3
My Comments to zoo~peeps!:
Panda ; you ishh cute one okays! got a shock-ed frm me and jump-ed hahs!
Mouse ; lol. Today to0k derh pic. help me upload uh cutie!
Mo0mo0 ; Okays. I admit-ed you're easily being bullied. But you kip expos-ing me && mouse forh wanting to scare you guys.. evil! >.<
Giraffe ; okays. Funny siah. 24 yr derh l.k.k , mind still like little boy..oh.. i mean.. young Giraffe!
Wolf ; OKAYS.. YOU BIG BIG LIAR! dont bother to giv comments!
Turtle ; Hahs. lil. mouse twiinnie , hahs. tç'
Bat ; hey you! bully me! talk back uh! notty!
pocupine ; okays. You're simply ... rahh~

*actually still have.. but forget or didnt bother bout it!! <3

October 26, 2007 || 8:32 PM

Taqq replies:
yingjie: hahs. fwrens forever! <3 href="">

vivi : hao! ni lehs? hahs. <3 face="verdana" color="#ffcc66">Today last day of sko0l , cant bear to leave my friends , those who are transferring sko0l. Nxt year Mrs. barnwell not teaching us lerh. for although we had loads of comments bout her , but, think about it, sometimes her blastings , we do deserve-d it eh?
posting my sucking results :
English :B3
Chinese : B4
Mathematics: C5
Science: A2
Geography : A1
History: A1
Literature: A1
D&T: B3
Home Economics: A1
Visual arts : B4

I know i did badly for this semester >.<
Today , had assembly.. totally boring derh okays! dhen had recess , nxt was taking of report books. Mrs barnwell bought cakes for E3. Dhen , had a class photo :D . loves 1E3! <3
Wednesday was yingjie bday.. so sway.. got LSS workshop.. wad the hell.. :(( . Kindda disappointed lahs. Heard frm dad , maybe sun. can go find mouse , panda they all ( shelly ..etc.. ) :D . lo0king forward to meet them && make stupid entertain-ments! :D

chose this color forh euu ,, yellow = giraffe! <3
for although kip bully you.. but also wish euu a happy bday lahs :D

October 25, 2007 || 2:53 PM

Taq replies:
Brendan : relink-ed ((:
yingjie: okays..
vivi : Loves <3
❤嘉敏: hehe..jiejie! <3
Eline : opps..iie link-ed wrongly.

Okays. Today quite late reach scho0l. Wasn't feeling like to go sch lah! but dragg-ed myself go thr. Things wasn't as good either. Assembly super boring. Went for english afterwards , nxt year maybe not gonna see mrs barnwell liaos , she isnt teaching us lerhx >.< . oh.. do tc' mrs barnwell! <3.>< . nxt kenna basketball hit me at my forehead , thnks to yj- =.- . poor lil. bambi! >.< . Dhen recess. hahs. dhen mother tongue. Today super special.. chinese-s learning malay language frm the malay teachers && malays learning chinese language frm the chinese teachers. this course took 3 HOURS. rahh~ . the cher. quite good .. gave us 15. min . break. smth happened , dun wanna say. dhen super angry with some stupid thingos. >< . cried , the only way to relieve stress ((: .

* yingjie , yvonne , jocelyn.. you guys might think-ed i've changed into a petty && a crying-lover . yes, i noticed it too. but what can i do? sometimes , im really unhappy over some things. In the past , i always tell myself , tolerate.. but my patience are limit-ed. dont think anything.. im not trying to do anything. You guys were disappoint-ed with me && i know. But i dunn wanna regret. Its really a torture to do smth i can nve do it.. wo zuo bu dao. i know , you three shall no longer trust me.. i can tell you , its okay with me .. since you think that im a bigmouth, spreading things you all told me? But i hope you can all recall , have i ever betrayed ya?? whatever thingos you told me , have i told out? If you think so , i'll shut up , but if there isn't trust between friends , what am i to you?

If you guys feel offend-ed , i apologise... sorry...

October 24, 2007 || 3:50 PM

Today was an upsetting day lurh. Had P.E . was kindda angry over some prob. totally mad?? dhen went forhh english with mrs barnwell. nth happened luh.showed class position && level position. im 17th in class and 52th in the level :X
Recess , ate speghetti with cheese :P
dhen learnt tt. recess was 1 hour!? . chat with rachel they all . ___ was angry for _______________. Had a quarrel with joce- , dunno wad she thinking? dhen suddenly recouncil?? Mrs Lai's lesson nxt >.< . so diao! showed our subjects ranks :D
dhen Mr yusri took our class. had fun lah.. dhen went home?? to0k takaway food dhen walked home ((: . Today was super boring!!

October 23, 2007 || 5:34 PM

Hey!! okays. Today went for the CCA enrichment thingyy ,, GOLF! . okays. over thr was sooooo tiring .My fingers gonna break? dhen joce- they all kip saying me && _____ . pekchek lahs! . Dhen went back sko0l! FINALLY...
Went for CIP ~SPCA!!! . I've been looking forward to it && its here!! . When we reached there , we went for some briefing. omg?Now then i know, many animals were abused , abandon-ed. Once you've choose to keep a pet , you are responsible for it. Animals need loves && concerns too. You cant just take care and give it attention in the first place and then ignore them. You mustn't just think of yourself , but the pets too. Then went to look @ the animals... omg? The doqs so cute!! As we can all go into the cage ( big big de ) , maximum 4 ppl ,i got into one first and the dog ish pervert de lorh. dhen it suddenly hug my leg >< . siao? 2nd cage , go see the dog , the dog BITE MY SKIRT??!! . wa lao! like tt. also can siah!. dhen third dog.. lol. the doq very ke lian , bark till no voice , haishh. && dhen , went to see cats , rabbits. the kitten, so cute, at first no guts , dun dare touch , but slowly dare le. aww.. as time flies... its time to go back sko0l. bought a batch ( with mirror ) && d0qqiie p0ster.
aww. I really enjoyed myself. poor little kittiies && pups! , hope you will all find a right owner , :D

Happy Birthday Yvonne!
October 22, 2007 || 5:06 PM

Happy Birthday Yvonne! ~ . Wishing you a very Happy Birthday , Stay cute , funny , pweety always al'rite! . These 10 months, we've been friends for TEN months.OMG? anyways. <3>

Tag replies:
serene: o.o . :X . okays. shall be changing blogskin!
vivi : KUKU!
Edgar : opps :X
ying* : dun worry..xiao lao shushu..:X . i'll definitely go find and play with u all :X

Vents of anger!
|| 3:48 PM

Today im officially gonna go mad. Today went to Sugei Buloh forh the IT research. blablaas.. dhen i was concentrating to capture the pic. of the barcode && nicholas they all go kaobei me.. go whack my head with the stupid map. dhen i ignore liaos. dhen THE BLOODY ASSHOLE NICHOLAS GO KIK MY HEAD. wth.. i nve provoke him siah.cnortt stand it && cried? dhen the dunno wad cher. asked nicholas apologise && i freakiinqq irritated and diao-ed him. wth! he isnt sincere nvm lerh, but no nid act ryte?? And somemore.. the cher. gave him tw0 chioces.. 1 is to pacify me , or to go meet mr.adam. Dhen when we walk-ed away , i asked yj- to help pass the msg to nicholas that in school we go meet DM. together! dhen he kept apologising. c'mon , wad is this? suddenly so humji??? Dhen @ school, had a little quarrel with joce- bcuz of nicholas. wad do u mean? its like.. she didnt even think frm my place.. why cant put eurself into my shoe??? I dunno where am i wrong , seriously. everytime you see it with your eyes how nicholas make me.. and all you do is sit down thr and do nth?? while i had always help-ed you when i can?? i'm puzzled. seriously. What are FRIENDS??
just now peiyong gave me a conv. wanted to apologise ? C'MON . you made me felt so insult-ed . having enough fun liao dhen come apologise? What do u think i am? Who do you think you are? If euu know i would diao you , you should had stop-ped.

hey people. i said all these. but seriously , NO OFFENCE!

October 20, 2007 || 3:24 PM

Taqq replies:
jaslin mei : O.o no la.. iie so ugly.. who will juii?
Giraffe : O.O. okays. ((: . so fast :X
oink : xD

Today really tired. Early morning late f0rh school. going to Jurong Pri. to promote school mahs. dhen @ thr , the school which was using the classroom beside us like dulan with we all? cuz we took all the parents and pupils frm them to our booth:X . Met syamsiah && ahmadd. their school made the music with drums and all tt. ., so loud that everyone couldnt hear their own voice rhhx. Ms Ang or Mdm Ang ordered pizza f0rhh us. but i didnt ate.. dun feel like to?

October 19, 2007 || 2:43 PM

Hello readers!
Today went to Yakult factory.O.O. quite fun :D
dhen went forhh lifescience final briefing meeting dhen say CANCELLED???
dhen 2nd k0r came fetch me by car && went makan. just saw moomoo :D

October 18, 2007 || 6:48 PM

Happy birthday to WENXIN CUTIE! lol. stay cute && cheerful ! <3

taqqs replies:
yingjie : once bitten , twice shyy. ((: . okays. gonna be relink-ed asap :D
ying* : okays .. good good!
shereen : HELLO
Unknown : you're ?? LOL.

October 17, 2007 || 3:13 PM

me && shelly
shelly, melvin , k0r , me
aiying ( dunno do wad ), shelly , melin , k0r , me
same peeps.!
2nd k0r was meddling with my hair and in the end my hair turned MESSY!

Me shoutiinqq ab0ut!
Lao shu , me , panda!
aiying , me , shelly ((:
aiying(mouse) , shelly (panda) , melvin ( c0w) , 2nd k0r(fr0qq ) , me!

iie drew this f0rhh kaixiang k0rk0r ( i think liddat spell ) ,

iie drew this c0w f0rhh melvin :D
Lao Shu jiejie derh idea ( to draw the cow poo poo , urine... ) :X . dhen ie drew it eatiinqq grass ((:

Happy Birthday SongNing
October 16, 2007 || 6:13 PM

wish you a very happy birthday && stay cute && chio + acheive good results f0rhh eur PSLE!

|| 5:59 PM

Tag replies:
vivi : ((:
gina : iie very guai derh h0rhh,, what dye-d hair :X
WEELI: o.o ,, iie miss euu to0h!
ms teh : cuz i recalled wad u told me ((: . well,it really d0es. i have started to do sec. 2 assesments :D
desiree : nono.. no chiobu , euu dhen ishh!thanks honeyy!
yingjie : ((:
Today mr adam @ assembly so wad siah.. kip askiinqq we all to sing the national anthem >.<
dhen went f0r maths. went to SLC. so sian. =.- . aesthetics become go english slc go take paper 2 and do the poster. grouped with yvonne. dhen went f0rhh recess dhen pe. so sian! felt giddy and wanted to vomit?
went f0rhh english less0n.. SIAN! dhen go forhh chinese. watched "pao ba hai zi" dhen go forhh PC. dhen assembly. DIAO! sian larh, after scho0l g0 eat porridge.. but nortt feeling well, so didnt ate much. dhen went forhh CCA. dhen went home , ate instant noodles , n0w kindda giddy. LOL. nth lia0s. gtg , byees.

Happy Bday PHOEBE!
October 14, 2007 || 3:08 PM

Happy birthday phoebe!! <> . Stay cute && funny && happy okays! well, nve g0 to eur chalet darn regret? but nxt time meet up g0 0urtt barh :D

October 13, 2007 || 4:08 PM

me and billah. i TOOK SO LONG,since march holidays :X
me and hui yu ! also took so long as above!
took it recently :D
hmms? HAPPY BE-EARLY BDAY PHOEBE AKA BABY DUCKIIE! :D . today she h0stiinqq chalet , but nve go , ps uh! nxt time meet out barhh!
was darn angry with my 2nd k0r lorh . was t0ld to get him wake up dhen he alm0st gave me a slap? ka0bei.. iie was t0ld to do that also wad. bef0re that my d0ggiie she g0 poo-poo on the fl0or, ii wanted to get him ask him help clean see if he dare ,, guailan lorh him , dhen buey tahan, slam-med the room door. ><>.<
okays lurh, nth liao, bye!

Tags replies:

rachiee : O.O , euu nve givbme web.?

*^_^* : MISS TEH ryte?? well.. play now? my mum b0ught sec. 2 assesments for me to do lerh. i just finished doing eng & science ><

ying* : havent upload :X

October 12, 2007 || 2:12 PM

O.O p0stiinqq me stupidd results?
English :
paper 1: still dunno ( gonna post on tue. )
paper 2: 33/50
Chinese :
paper 1 : 44.5/70
paper 2: 32/70
overall: 61/100
paper 1: 23/50
paper 2: 23/50
Chemistry: 32
Physics : 28
Biology : 24
Geography: 63/100
History: 77/100
Literature: 70/100

Im such a dumbass! fail-ed mathematics. >.< . Geography also dr0p-ed. IM A FAILURE. hmms? went westmall saw trevor , chengyi they all? well , was so annoyed by nicholas lau && ng wei ming && bernard kay. cant we just have a deal - you three dun kak-chaio0 me ,, iie dun kak-chaio0 euu three ?? suckers larh. well , momma knew my results dhen straight away go POPULAR buy assesments. so manyy siah! how to do? >.< . dhen after recess nid assemble marh. dhen when adam abt. to finishh the talk , suddenly ELSON TAN ( bird lay eqqs - in chinese ) go talk so loud sayiinqq a guy like me. dhen go tell AHEM and another biqm0uth dhen i like tt. guy seh . woah d0qq? c'mon ? i dun even know that guy n0rhhx! lols. dhen cousiin haviinqq tuition hah. go0diie! n0 ppl kak-chaio0 me lerh :X
Tags replies:
yvonne: but i still didbadly!!
STEFFIE(: : Laogong! hahas.ily to0hs!
yingjie: Its OnGpEiYoNg!!

October 11, 2007 || 4:12 PM

when i get all the results dhen shall post it . dui bu qi ms teh lerh! DID SO BADLY FOR PHYSICS! >.<
mathematics also , dui bu qi LIN LAO SHI lerh (my ex-tutor )
o.o .
hmms..? Geography drop so much waaa!!!
criied f0rhh geog , criied f0rhh maths! waaaa!!!

Taqq Replies :
baoru : HELLO! :D
ying* : hahas. STILL ANGRY UH! hahs. really wad. u ask me to guess. :X kay lorh. but its a fact tt. you're CUTE!
oink : o.o , i changiinqq agaiN!
gina : :D

October 10, 2007 || 4:33 PM

Me && Shelly jiejie
Actually still g0rtt take withh aiying jiejie derh ,, but havent upl0ad :X
okays , changed blogskin :D .
heard that for the subject- physics , our class got 11 failures ? so worried that one of them is me ? ><
just had a chat on phone with jocelyn. laughed and shout and many many hahs! i played digisonline today . ><>
today darn bored larhs. ><>
just got another song - I DO , sang by cyndi :D
jieying : hahas. wont f0rget euu derh :D
ying* : CUTIE LAO SHU! xD
tong : hahas. :D
yingjie : will taqq de ! ((:
DESIREE : euu dhen ishh chiobu lurh! i n0rtt chiobu 0kays! <3

got it frm fwrenster
October 09, 2007 || 4:39 PM

[x] I love at least one shade of pink.
[x] I don't like being messy.
[ ] My belongings are organized.
[ ] I don't like rock music.
[x] I like wearing accessories.
[x] Bright colors amaze me.
[ ] I hate black.
[ ] I go to the saloon once a week.
[x] I comb my hair almost all the time.
[x] I bring my phone with me Everywhere.
add up all your marks and multiply it by 10. you are __% girly. } 60 percent
[ ] I wear baggy pants.
[x] I play video games.
[x] I listen to boy bands like My Chemical Romance, Yellowcard,Switch foot, etc.
[x] I like wearing jackets with hoods.
[x] I'm too lazy to do chores
[ ] I don't like shopping.
[ ] I like to go bungee jumping.
[ ] I like being sweaty.
[ ] I'm a big fan of marvel heroes.
[x] I barely wear perfume.
add up all your marks and multiply itby 10. you are __% boyish. } 50%
[ ] I always carry a pen in my purse or pocket.
[ ] I enjoy studying.
[x] I wear glasses.
[ ] I'm a straight-A student.
[x] I've never skipped any class in mywhole life
.[ ] I like my shirt tucked in.
[ ] My favorite subject is science.
[ ] I enjoy reading books.
[ ] My assignments are passed up on time.
[ ] I correct people with their grammar.

add up all your marks and multiply itby 10. you are __% nerdy. }10 %
[x] I love the color black.
[ ] I always sit at the corner.
[x] One side of my hair is coveringone of my eyes.
[ ] I like listening to metal rock music.
[x ] I have a lot of problems in mylife.
[ ] I'm not much of a loud person.
[ ] I don't talk much.
[ ] I don't have that much friends.
[ ] I barely have fun.
[ ] I barely go out with my folks or friends.
add up all your marks and multiply itby 10. you are __% emo. }30%
[ ] I am open to my parents.
[x] I sleep with a stuff toy.
[x] I watch cartoons.
[x] I don't like watching horror movies.
[x] I sleep with a night light.
[ ] My parents are the ones who choose my outfit.
[ ] I'm scared of roller coasters.
[ ] I like being with my family relatives.
[x] I take bubble baths.
[ ] I've ran around the house in my underwear.
add up all your marks and multiply it by 10. you are __% childish. }50%

October 08, 2007 || 11:34 AM

Tag replies:
rachiie: hahas. yo!
emily: haha. thanks emily dear! hahas. good luck ferr eur fye too !
yingjie : hahas
eline : hahas. euu also uh chiobu!
desiree : i look like a stupid idiot ! not like u DUA CHIOBU!
oink : XD tqq! <3
eline : okayys ! :D
END OF YEAR examination is officially over!
well.,, heard that mr selvam left? o.o
hahas. actually his
not bad larh.. just tt. i dun really like his method of teaching? o.o
okays. recess time mr lee suddenly walk towards me and ask :"QingLing , are you worried about eur history paper? "
i was surprised dhen said harh?
dhen he say whole class passed the exam.. no nid worry. mrs chuah also say biology all pass :D
i miss blogging larh! ><
so many unhappy thingos happened and i wuld like to make this comment ( no offence ) bernard ! if euu dislike here && me ,kindly just scram . i dunno why.. just got this feeling that you'll come kak-chiao? o.o
kays. tts all :D

October 04, 2007 || 12:22 PM

the poor lil. kitten!

together with ms TEH! <3 href="">

i fell down ><>