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September 28, 2007 || 8:09 PM

Tags replies:
amanda : i've nth to say...
desiree : CHIOBUH! <33
yingjie : kk.. relinked!
baoru : linked :D
emily : EMILY! <33
piggie : HAHA .. piggiie! :D

unable to put up my pictures? ><
upload nxt time when free! omg? I CAN UPLOAD PICTURES WITH MY "NEW" HP ( NOT N73!) !!

September 22, 2007 || 7:40 PM

September 21, 2007 || 4:16 PM

Yo! :D
taqqs replies :
yingjie : shall link euu asap !
vivi : iie knew tt. trevor told euu those stuffos.. but we didnt! if u dun believe i cant do anythingoo...and i didnt even know wad really makes this matter so meano && baddiie TO MAKE OUR FRIENDSHIP DETORIATE..

nth to post.. nxt post thn post pictures.. buaiix

September 20, 2007 || 6:33 PM

okayys. today pissed ?
yesterday had a tiff-ed with vivi-an. LOL.. dunno why trevor say those shiats to her?? me && joce- die also mai admit! >< . its true wad. she said tt. i said she badmouth-ed us? when did i ?
oh.. forh eur info.. nid to tell u ,, maybe we aren't fwrens.. but i wunt say out thingos u used to tell me ,, all the thingos that shouldn't be told.
today ! hmms?
mother tongue presentation? O.O was malign for some thingos.. >< my conscience is clear! believe or not eur shitty prob.
>< . ohs. yingjie.. shall relink ya asap uh :D

Happy bday rachee-iie
September 19, 2007 || 6:14 PM

Tags replies:


stay sweet && cute kays. so regreted forh not bringing eur preziie ><

anyways.. HAPPY BDAY KAYS! <3

September 18, 2007 || 5:05 PM

Tags replies:

YAHOO! okays. Today went for chinese PBL. :D

erms... nth much happen larh. nicholas in english class damn evil meanie.

Cuz he go attidude mrs .B dhen he go talk back && defy && say many meanie thingos.made mrs. B. upset & she shouted so scaryy && cried? dhen Mrs barnwell told adi to go look forhh mr adam? dhen when adam come. nicholas like scared diao? dhen he demanded nicholas to tell him the whole thingo happened? dhen nicholas so scared ( like ) ,, but mr adam d=knew wad happen liao lorh.. but he asked nicholas again,. guess he wanted to noe if nicholas noe wad he doing? dhen he said he knocked down 3 chairs. dhen he even showed mr adam?!? dhen mr adam said wad u wan see my chair fly .. blabla.. LOL. whole class damn scared && shocked? quickly tuck-ed in our P.E shirt. :x

Pc. time joevenn kor lost his hp? dhen he like still so happy sia =.-

went home and so SIAN. later gonna study the geog.

well. dunno why,,, no confi. in remaining Express? ><

September 17, 2007 || 3:11 PM

Tags replies :
vivi- : forget larhx. sowwiie .
yingjie: xD

Woahh kuku baddoo day. ><
hmms. nth much to say klerh. yingjiejie bo on9. ><
no photos agn! :X

September 15, 2007 || 2:34 PM

Hello people! <3
back to blogging.
there will be a few days i wont blog as my FYE coming in 2 weeks. omg? so worried bout it larh.! ><
hahas. yingjie havent send me the photos. sobo update.":D

September 13, 2007 || 4:56 PM

Happy Birthday Mummy! <3

Today gonna get to eat PIZZA! <3>

I decided to give momma tmr :D

2nd kor dunno giv wad larhs!
Today is an unhappy day. That's all what i can say ...

September 12, 2007 || 10:04 PM

Gotta post this real fast okays! loll./ today nth muchh happen lurhs. just tt. was so O.O . had LSS. today. slacked slacked. dhen dhen got scolded by benjamin. =.= . wasnt afraid lorhs. =.= . as if he's O.O scaryy?DIAO! lols. tmr got maths. SUCK! physics also. gonna slack && sleep!! :D

September 11, 2007 || 5:40 PM

Hello ppl! okays. i'll start postinqq yesterday derh. History was first. omg. TIME FLIES!
dhen Maths nxt. wad the hell , nicholas they all damn guailan. kak-chiao0 me by threwinqq water bottle @ me. hurt alot siah. cried.. dhen tt. stupid bangala cher. sided nicholas larh! say we 3 gurls too much ,, JUST BCUZ NICHOLAS SAID WE STARTED FIRST. BLOODY ASSHOLE! WE BO KAKCHIAO0 EUU Sia. dhen joce- ,, yingjie shouted : why u always believed them? ,, bangala diam diao. =.- . stupid bangala . when he turned away.. i just said out vulgars . he SUCK OKAYS. guai lan sehs. dhen was pissed. okays. dhen went forh recess.. etc.

today was so wad kays. unhappy day ><
P.E , dun havb , cuz raiiniinqq. dhen HOME ECON. okays. SUCK LARH! i was cooking happilyy dhen suddenly alethea go mixed my speghetti gravy with her uncooked noodle . wad the heck. she damn guailan. apologised so wad? =.=
dhen hadd recess. bo makan. =.= .
dhen went forhh englishh. xD . LOL. dhen went forh physics. WANNA SLP LIAO LARHS. see tt. mr leong derh face also pekchek . =.= . dhen chemistry. lol . mr chow kip yuckiinqq me =.-
dhen went forhh PC / class interaction . wad the hell , changee seat ,, seat with peiyong , junjie , magesh! ARH! shyts! dhen got new proj. mrs barnwell ask we all to giv our table a country name. dhen peiyong go say BANGALA DESH! LOL. =.= . dhen "upgraded " to EGYPT ><
haish. euu say lehs. not feeling well to day. gastric pain paiin paiinie! ><
ate a slice black forestt cakee nia ><

im officially back to bloqqiinqq
September 09, 2007 || 3:49 PM

Hey people! I'm back to blogging! :D . lols. well. woke up. missed the show doraemon. okays i noe im lame. ><
Then watch the shows den i went to the market ate.. walk walk .. brought flora along. yay!
lols. i gotta go lerhx. bye.